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What we don’t know

What we don’t know We are really just at the very beginning of our understanding.   The fact is there is limit to what science knows today.   This is not a matter of a problem. It’s a feature.  It’s exciting.   There is a lot of fun discovery ahead, possibly an infinite amount.   There… Continue reading What we don’t know

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Sometimes we have to understand what we don’t know

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You will find it hard to find someone as enthusiastic about the potential of science and how it could benefit us.    However, there are several things I think everyone should be aware of in spite of our amazing advances. Our knowledge is recent in most fields.   Something I say…

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Longevity? Are you programmed to die?

Keeping your hearing, sight, mobility, flexibility, sex life are all aspects of having a quality of life.  This article is about what supplements are associated with some of these other aspects rather than about disease prevention like cancer or immunity or heart disease. I fear being like people you see who are walking crouched over, taking… Continue reading Longevity? Are you programmed to die?


Genetics thoughts

Genetics bothers me for several reasons: How many chemicals does the body process that are raw vs are produced by the body? How does the body/cell regulate the quantities of various chemicals to maintain homeostasis? How does the body / cell decide which genes to activate in which quantity when? What are the subsegments of… Continue reading Genetics thoughts