Numerous republicans have criticized the demonstrations yesterday as unAmerican. In fact, it’s precisely the opposite.

This was this summer as protesters tried to burn down St Johns across from the White House.

As we were told this summer protesting is something so American that it doesn’t make any difference if it breaks the covid rules and spreads covid to millions. It doesn’t matter if buildings and businesses are burned down. It doesn’t make any difference if police stations are burned and removed. It doesn’t make any difference if they loot, burn and destroy and steal.

Protesting is sacred.

The mostly peaceful demonstrations that resulted in 14 deaths and $500 million in property damage by sacred protesters.

I don’t agree but protesting is protected and very American thing to do as demonstrated by 8 months this summer of unfettered violent protests that killed many many people and destroyed 500 million dollars in property.

We even saw the church across from the White House burned and democrats told us clearing the protesters was Nazi germany and evidence of dictatorship.

Woman Shot: Ashli Babbitt, business woman in 30s unarmed shot to death as she tried to occupy the house where illegal certification was about to take place

Now protesters occupy the center of power, the capital building but they didn’t burn anything. In fact protesters were seen filing peacefully in the guide ropes of the statue room of the capital. What violent protesters follow the guide ropes?

A women, unarmed Ashli Babbitt was shot by a police guard when she stormed the chambers of the house. If police had shot a protester this summer for rioting we would have had 8 more months of riots. Instead republicans don’t seem to care that an innocent defenseless young business woman protesting a stolen election was shot as she tried to gain entrance to the very place that atrocities were about to occur.

500,000 to 1,000,000 people who came to protest the stealing of a US election by a corrupt party. Notice no burning. No Antifa baseball bats.
Waving flags not baseball bats or kicking people to death as democrats did this summer

The senate and house was in the process of certifying an election that 70 million people at least in America think was stolen. Polling places had observers removed. Impossible statistical improbabilities happened and the congress was about to certify the results.

Some protesters filing within guide ropes. Did Antifa do this?

The republicans pathetic response to a stolen election was to beg the democrats to allow a committee to do a 10 day investigation into election irregularities. Something we can guess given democrats intransigence and criminality would never happen or if it happened which it would never have would have been a joke.

The republicans say let the system work.

For 5 years the people have waited for the system to work. For blatant bias in the FBI, DOJ and other organizations to be fixed and they haven’t. In a similar way we’ve seen impossible things and clearly unconstitutional changes made that have caused an impossible election result. A completely idiotic criminal named Joe Biden somehow won the presidency without even campaigning. As if he knew it was rigged from the beginning.

Joe Biden’s son denied his hooker girlfriend’s child support. He lied about his income then showed up with $500,000 out of nowhere after declaring he didn’t have any money and no income. He has a multi-million dollar a year cocaine habit that he has spent nearly all the last 5 years in rehab 8 times he admitted. Yet, he made at least 10 million if not 15 or 20 million in the last 5 years for which we have actual wire transfer details and evidence.

Hunter Bidens parter with Joe Biden in a massive China deal we know was corrupt because one of the other partners witnessed Hunter Biden withdraw $5 million given by the Chinese political organizations intended for investment and transferred it to himself probably to pay off a coke dealer.

That’s when Bobalinsky quit the organization because it was apparent to him this was nothing but a Chinese government pass through to the Bidens to curry favor. Favor they got in the form of incredible trade deals, overlooking IP theft by the trillions and the loss of 4 million US jobs.

So, is it so unAmerican that Americans finally fed up with Republicans constant calls to wait for justice after 4 years has spilled over into a mostly peaceful demonstration in the capital?

The republicans answer to a stolen election is to talk in the house and senate for 8 hours and beg for a commission to look into it. That’s not good enough, republicans. The republican mob and mob it surely was decided to take back our capital and I can’t fault them for it.

Will the legislature finally realize that CNN’s statements over and over that there was nothing wrong with the election finally be shown to be false? Will people realize we won’t take it and we will take back our democracy if they don’t fix it.

Ashli Bobbitt’s name should be repeated a million billion times. She should be a hero. She died trying to recover American democracy. She was a business woman who wanted justice. She was shot dead for storming the capital unarmed. This is the hero we have been looking for. Ashli Babbitt’s name should be revered and we should all pray that everyone recognizes the courage of a woman who wanted American Democracy to be restored and the corrupt brought to justice.

So far, the republicans are taking the opposite tack. I predict this will change. The rank and file American Republicans have had it with waiting. We want definitive action to bring our election system and justice back to America. We are sick of the 2 types of justice, one for democrats who can riot and destroy and cheat and rob and hide ballots from counters and another for republicans who have to sit quietly and wait for corrupt judges to rule in our favor.

This riot was the first demonstration but I predict as Biden takes power and his corrupt gang starts fucking over the American people again we won’t get the tea party. We will get a new activist Republican Party which will take back this country.

Fuck Twitter. #hatetwitter #twitterdies #twitterend

I have moved off social media. I have deactivated both my personal and corporate facebook and stopped using Twitter except to post hate twitter posts. Google is evil. We must all stop using google although this is more difficult than facebook, twitter and other social media. Move to Parler. I have.

I don’t believe anymore the system works. Especially with the democrats in control it is the end of hoping the system will work. We have to operate differently. When republicans say this is not how republicans act they are wrong.

It is totally American to protest and even occupy the capital building. It is a fitting protest. They could do business elsewhere. This building is where the perfidy is taking place so it is utterly appropriate that we take it over.

The republican legislatures have got to realize that their members are mad and that being out of power they have no way to meet the needs of their constituency so they better not criticize us.

Democrats stick together. When Biden commits crimes they look the other way and say it is nothing. When their rioters destroy, pillage and kill they say it was mostly peaceful protesting and it’s fine. When Democrats kill people in nursing homes democrats look the other way and blame TRUMP.

I’ve had it with republican methods. We’ve waited 4 years for American justice to work. It isn’t. They can’t tell us to wait longer when they are out of power and have no way to make anything they say happen.