**I’ve updated this to reflect latest

The democrats have claimed that Donald Trump has brought the economy to a new low.


We all agreed to shutdown the economy to slow down the virus. This was a joint decision by everyone. We voluntarily decided together to chop our head off temporarily.

Liberals cannot blame Trump for the loss of 16 million jobs because we jointly agreed with this. If democrats are saying they were against the shutdown they should have said something because it seems to me everything they are saying is they want to keep the shutdown going not have never done it.

In fact astonishingly we are not officially in a recession because a recession is 2 quarters in a row down. Recessions have to last longer than a quarter slowdown.

We are coming out of this blip faster than many thought. In fact one of the most stunning facts is that the May jobs number was off by 10 million jobs. Instead of losing 7.5 million jobs we gained 2.5 million jobs. We are in a massive comeback that is so fast it can’t qualify as a recession.

The Democrats have said the President is a mortal and present danger to the republic. What they mean is that he is a danger to their plans because he is going to win the presidency and accomplish more things that make them look really bad and he will likely uncover more crimes that they the liberals have been involved in.

They claim he was trying to unfairly use foreign influence like in 2016 to defeat them.

Except he didn’t use foreign influence in 2016 to defeat them and the more they repeat that may make them feel morally superior and give them some justification to impeach doesn’t make it more true. The fact they can’t construct articles of impeachment around the Mueller report says they actually can’t make the case he cheated in 2016. But they repeat it to themselves endlessly anyway because they’ve told themselves it wasn’t their fault they lost in 2016.

In fact, it suggests they are trying to hide from investigating why Joe Biden seemed to give Burisma several huge favors while his son worked there making $8.4 million for 5 years ($83,333/month and a $3.4 million bonus) when he had no apparent knowledge of the industry and in fact was in drug and alcohol rehab for most of the 5 years.

** the president of burisma was indicted months after Biden left the board. The best $8 million spent by a company to get influence

The Democrats didn’t lose in 2016 because of foreign influence. There is not a single voter that can be attributed to have voted for Trump because of something they heard that turned out to be from Russia.

In fact, 900 Democrats lost seats at the federal and state level in 2016. The voter disgust with Democrats was huge and Trump was merely one of 900 Republicans who rode into power because Democrats mismanaged the economy for 8 years especially for the middle class. Russia did not make Hillary lose or any of the other 899 democrats who lost seats to Republicans in 2016.

The longer it takes for Democrats to recognize this and the longer they keep arguing it was Russia or some other moronic reason the longer before they ever regain power.

Foreign influence can’t affect an election much as Obama himself said. Democrats need to understand there is a lot of foreign influence in fact during 2016 Alexandra Chalupa paid by the DNC and Ukraine was digging up dirt that forced Trump to fire Manafort. It was called the black ledgers.

Hillary Clinton believed foreign influence could affect elections so she hired Perkins Coie who hired Fusion GPS who hired Christopher Steele to generate dirt on Trump during the campaign. In other words it is Democrats who generated foreign influence dirt to damage Donald Trump not the other way around.

This dossier (report) by Steele was then pushed on the press and to the FBI to help destroy Trump with allegations of sexual misconduct and generate an investigation of Trump. This was important to both getting the FBI, CIA, DOJ and NSA spying on Trump to dig up more dirt and to frame his employees.

The remarkable thing is Trump was blithely uninterested in pursuing dirt on Hillary of this nature. He did joke about how the Russians might release her 35,000 illegally deleted emails but he didn’t seriously expect that they would. Nor did they. The Chinese hold those emails not the Russians. (A virus on her computer was funneling her emails to a Chinese company.)

In 2020 there is no chance that Ukranians or Russians again or others motivated by “dirt” uncovered by Ukraine or Russia will pull the lever to vote for Trump.

The Democrats seem to think that people listening to junk from social media go out and vote Republican. They don’t. These people already were going to vote Trump or Hillary and any social media on either side generated locally or outside the country might confirm the reasons for their voting the way they did but it doesn’t change votes. I have shown this in many ways.

Suffice it to say the dems control social media largely and Hillary and her pacs spent $2.5 billion on media of all types and they lost. It is very hard to change votes.

Again, remember 900 Democrats lost their seats in 2016. The Russians didn’t target these 900 people. It’s stupid.

Changing people’s votes is a hard thing to do as Hillary can attest having spent 5 or 7 times what Trump spent and still lost. Even with all the foreign influence and the security and justice services of the US attempting to frame and screw President Trump he won.

Maybe Trump would have won by a larger number if the media, the social media establishment didn’t work tirelessly to manipulate people into voting for liberals. They failed miserably and if they had any effect it only means the Democrats were destined to lose by even bigger numbers.

The point of this is that elections are decided as Donald Trump believed by convincing voters to have faith that you can make their lives better chiefly by improving the economy. That is shown in study after study and it is common sense that eludes Democrats who try to employ every scare tactic and scandal and manipulative ploy including using third countries.

Joe Biden says foreign leaders beg him to run. He says foreign leaders are for him. Is that foreign influence? The Democrats are so hypocritical it’s insane. As they claim they don’t want foreign influence they are the ones claiming that foreign leaders want them and also spending $12 million to dig up dirt on Trump in 2016 which Trump didn’t do and begging Russians to send naked Trump pics. They are the ones who sought foreign influence.

In fact, they are trying to use Trump’s request to investigate their past interference against him as using foreign influence. This presumes they are guilty of doing this because otherwise if Ukraine didn’t meddle in the election why are they so scared he will find dirt on Democrats.

It’s obvious they are frightened to hell by the idea of someone investigating in Ukraine. What are they scared of? Is there real stuff they did that is criminal? It seems like it must be so otherwise why are they so insanely worried he will find something and screw up their chances in 2020? Why are they panicking to impeach him because he asked a simple question that everyone in America should want to know the answer for.

Because they are guilty and this is a tactic to delay and misdirect people from the criminal conduct they did. To uncover this and prosecute them will take another year or 2. I don’t know all the answers but it’s perfectly obvious that there is some serious dirt in Ukraine that has Democrats scared like shifty Schiff the man who had incontrovertible evidence Trump colluded with Russia in 2016.

The Democrats claim Trump is seeking dirt on Biden. In fact, Shifty Schiff just a couple years ago was desperate to get naked Trump pics. Was this evidence of a crime that Trump committed? No. Schiff stupidly asked to get the naked Trump pics from the Russian joke radio station because Democrats are looking for dirt on Trump from foreign sources to corrupt our election all the time. The Russians seeing the insanity of Democrats more than Democrats used Schiff’s lust for dirt on Trump to make him beg for the nude pics of Trump.

So, it is Democrats who are seeking to interfere in the election in 2020 by finding nude pics on Trump like they did in 2016 with Fusion GPS, James Comey, Peter Strozek and John Brennan committing the worst election crime in US history. Conspiring to take out a candidate and later the President in a coup using foreign dirt Hillary dug up in Ukraine and Russia. The hypocrisy and irony is sweet.

All Trump wanted to find out was if Hunter Biden was paid $8 million while he was in rehab and if it was really his father the Vice President was the one working for a corrupt gas company in Ukraine. That’s blatant violation of corruption laws and the constitution if he did. We want to know was the Vice President of the US bought by a corrupt, violent and evil oligarch owned Ukrainian gas firm. Why did VP Biden push for Burisma to get $1.8 in loan guarantees that they lost. Why did the prosecutor who was about to raid the Burisma President’s house and offices have to be fired while VP Biden sat on the tarmac demanding they do it or they wouldn’t get $1 billion?

Let me tell you a secret

All these shenanigans of the left are pointless. Like in 2016 all these accusations of foreign influence have zero impact on voters. Voters are going to make up their mind like they did in 2016 because the candidates explain why they will make their life better in the near future not because of social media. The left is obsessed with social media. Frightened of it.

The election is already decided. It is decided based on past analysis of how elections work and it all comes down as it should to whether the current president’s policies are working to help the voters financially. Will they have a job in 2 years? Will their wages be up?

Everything else is completely irrelevant and what I call proximate reasons why people will say they vote the way they do not the reason they end up voting one way or another.

Trump knew this as well as past Democrats. The New Democrats think people can be manipulated by social media and intimidation, threats, disgracing the president, accusations and digging up foreign dirt. Nope.

So, what has Donald Trump done that will enable him to win in 2020 by a landslide of 40 states to 10 that I predict?

President Trump throws all practices out the window and doesn’t focus on one issue but manages to move forward multiple issues at the same time even while combating Democrats stalling and debilitating for any other President.

I have called it the Berlusconi strategy but it involves creating so much flack against the enemy that they cannot formulate their own strategy. Essentially Trump’s outbursts and tweets distract and disorganize the left far more than they do to him with all their investigations and personal attacks.

The Democrats need to learn an important thing that comes down to succeeding for the American people. If you can do this or convince voters you can help them then they will grant you more power. Not because you are more moral than your opponent or you have dirt on your opponent.

Trump will win handily. I say this confidently not out of bluster but because I have predicted correctly 96% of elections in the last 60 years based on a simple scheme using the economic argument above. It comes down to the growth rate of the economy in the election year and prospect for future prosperity.

I also predict over the next year we will hear endless charges that Trump is a racist. Trump is now polling 30-35% support among blacks which is 4 times what he did in 2016. Democrats need to keep those black voters hating Trump so they will accuse him of racism in increasing volume as it becomes clear he is winning a significant black vote.

Trump ripped the middle class from Democrats in 2016. Trump is ripping more voters from Democrats like blacks, Hispanic and Jewish voters who are realizing Trump will make their lives better NOT Democrats. So, he will extend his reach substantially into the Democratic base.

Here are Trump’s accomplishments


  • Unemployment: Record low unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, women and other minorities. (This is tempered by the rising participation rate which was down 3-4% when Trump took over.)
  • Participation rate climbing. While not fully recovered a half point rise in participation rate signals a significant claw back to pre-Obama levels. What this means is that people who gave up looking for work during the abysmally slow Obama recovery are finally looking to go back to work.
  • Wages rising – for the first time in decades wages rising for the middle class and poor. Last year wages for the poorest outpaced the richest in a very rare occurrence rising 4 and a half percent.
  • Productivity rising. An important but obscure statistic that is necessary to produce rising wages without stimulating inflation. Our productivity has been rising in the last few years breaking the record for decades again.
  • Growth rate hits 3% again. Obama’s economy averaged 1.5% over the 8 years. Trump is doing about twice Obama’s growth rate. Closer to the historic rate of 3% for the 25 years prior to Obama.
  • Investment in the US rising. Last year a trillion dollars was invested in the US by foreigners. More than a trillion has been repatriated of profits by domestic companies that have stashed their money away in the previous 8 years due to stultifying tax rates. A lot of this has gone into building manufacturing in the US something the prior administration said was impossible.
  • Stock market up 10,000 points. Unbelievable.
  • The US is the fastest growing country in the world now. A stunning achievement for the largest economy in the world by far. The US has grown from 1/5th the world economy to 1/4 the world economy in Trump’s 3 short years.
  • Heartland revived. Tax policies and incentives have pushed interest back to investing in the middle of America. Factories and other industries reinvigorating the middle of the country long neglected and abused by policies centered around liberal centers of population.
  • Energy independence. In a stunning and unexpected development the US is now the largest oil producer and the largest energy producer altogether. We now have energy independence a catch phrase that eluded us for 50 years now achieved in less than 3 years.
  • Manufacturing coming back. More than 500,000 manufacturing jobs created when Democrats said it was impossible. We lost 4 million jobs just to the Chinese from trade policies. So, 500,000 is a drop in the bucket but the trend is good.
  • Illegal immigration down – not in absolute terms but both Trump and I predicted massive increase in illegal immigration if his policies succeeded. A surging US economy would create massive force to drive illegal immigration. The Democrats claimed it was a non-problem then finally forced to admit it was a big problem have tried to paint it as evil that Trump is stopping people from entering the US. Immigration control is critical or all Trump’s policies of helping the middle class can be destroyed. He would be creating jobs for illegal immigrants not displaced American workers which he promised.
  • Wall being built. The biggest pushback it seems the left has tried on Donald Trump is to hobble his ability to build the wall. They have partially succeeded in that after 3 years only a small part has been rebuilt or newly built. Nonetheless it is getting built and he is doing it cheaper.
  • China confronted. While the Dems were complicit in China walking all over us passing and pushing for more free trade deals and not calling China to task for any of its egregious crimes against the US Trump has finally pulled the plug on the dangerous Chinese government that not only was stealing trillions in IP and other trade violations but is killing its own citizens and staging up its military not as an ally but as competition to us.
  • Caliphate defeated. I didn’t believe he would accomplish this as fast as he did. 10 months in and the caliphate was almost entirely destroyed. Astonishing success.
  • Nafta renogotiated. Trump successfully renogotiated NAFTA and the result by independent economic analysis will be the biggest boost to the US economy by any trade deal in history. Yahoo.
  • China agreement. Trump will sign phase 1 in January ensuring many many billions in farm sales and improvements in areas while keeping most of the existing tariffs in place. Inflation is 0%. The treasury is $100 billion richer and thousands of companies are moving to the US from china.
  • Japan agreement.
  • Military rebuilt
  • NATO invigorated and strengthened. NATO has added more than $100 billion to its budget and 22 of 26 nations including Germany are now saying they will meet the 2% minimum requirement for NATO membership.
  • Regulations decline
  • Court appointments. The president has appointed 2 Supreme Court justices and 148 other high level judges breaking the record of any other president.
  • Campus free speech. He has passed executive order providing sanctions against colleges which don’t enforce free speech.
  • Religious freedom.
  • Drug prices down
  • Obamacare mandate removed
  • Justice reform
  • Child tax credits
  • Withdrawal from world conflicts and endless wars
  • Exposing the real Russia conspiracy and the crimes of Democrats
  • Cleaning out some of the swamp. Reform of the FBI, CIA, NSA and DOJ on the way after IG reports and Durham indictments and trials complete.
  • Enterprise zones
  • Brexit win
  • Israel strengthened. Besides moving our embassy to Jerusalem Trump has bolstered Israel with powerful UN rebuffing to Jew hating nations and beat down the measures targeting Israel. He has supported Israel taking over additional lands that were in dispute and passed religious freedom measures.
  • middle class tax cuts. While low on this list it has been the centerpiece of producing the gains of the economy over the last 2 years. It is driving business back to America, reinvigorating the heartland and providing a break to the middle and lower classes.
  • Massive regulatory reform reducing costs to businesses
  • 3 IG reports, 1 or 2 more pending outlining the corruption of our most important security and justice departments
  • Barr AG – restoring competent leadership to the DOJ and cleaning up the swamp
  • Escape the Paris agreement. The Paris agreement would have cost the US trillions as we were required to help countries with their energy by helping build competitive industry in foreign countries.
  • Iran under pressure
  • Soleimani killed
  • Delivered all the venitilators, PPE, hospital beds needed by every state. Every governor admitted it even liberals
  • Delivered aid to small business that resulted in 10 million more jobs in May than analysts expected
  • Pushing to open the economy so we can get a V shaped recovery which will generate jobs America needs to get back
  • Delivered testing that exceeds the combined testing of the rest of the world.
  • Shepherding the drug companies to produce various drugs and the vaccine companies. Developing program warp speed which will be able to deliver vaccines to every American by the end of the year
  • Implemented drug pricing scheme that drug companies cannot charge Americans more than other countries which will save Americans a trillion dollars over 10 years
  • America has the lowest case death rate in the world and fewer deaths than Europe in spite of egregious errors by blue states
  • A peace deal between UAE and Israel that establishes alliance for first time with a major rich Arab country and Israel.
  • N Korea stopped nuclear weapons testing and long distance missiles.
  • He has negotiated the return of 53 Americans imprisoned in horrible countries.
  • Durable multi-year funding for historically black colleges at record levels.
  • Cleaned the air and water to record low levels of pollution.
  • Prevented Russia from gaining more land and imposing sanctions on Russia that have crippled it.

This is an incredible list of accomplishments especially in light of the House of Representatives spending 99% of its time trying to impeach and stop President Trump from accomplishing anything.

I honestly had no idea anyone could withstand the investigations that Trump has been through. The media and the congress, local prosecutors across this nation and activist judges have been investigating and trying to find dirt on Donald Trump for 4 years.

They did find he slept with a hooker once at least, they got 16 women to claim he touched them paying them $50,000 each if they would come forth prior to the election. 13 have since retracted their claims.

The NYT did an extensive analysis of all publicly available financial and other records of DT. Detailing 30+ years before the presidency looking at his failures in the gambling industry in Atlantic City. They have gone back to his first business activities to try and find something to nail him with.

At least 100 people and institutions have been subpoenaed and his own lawyers office was raided for millions of documents.

They have found nothing to get him with. So, I thank President Trump for being one of the most honest people in US history. You can’t say they haven’t tried. It is their obsession to investigate President Trump. They have done nothing else for 4 years even going to foreign countries to dig up any accusation they could.

Trump is an extraordinary person in his ability to operate many priorities simultaneously. His ideas are out of the box frequently challenging conventional wisdom and creating massive blowback which he is able to repulse with amazing ease. He cares little what other people think and their advice unless he finds it useful especially his enemies.

Trump is probably the greatest President since Reagan. It is hard to value if the destruction of communism worldwide and the reversal of the US economy that Reagan brought can be measured against the more voluminous but less consequential achievements of Trump but of course he hasn’t finished one term yet.

The democrats freak out over Trump may be justified in the sense that he is truly making changes in America that are benefitting everyone. In this sense he is repeating the Reagan legacy. I believe that Trump will win in 2020 and that someone in the Republican Party will carry his mantle into 2024. Thus the democrats will be frozen out of the Presidency for 8 more years at least.

What happened back in 1992 is that the Democrats adopted the Reagan policies. A similar thing will happen here. Over the next 8 years the Democrats will change and will recognize they can’t win on ideas that don’t match the electorates views on issues such as immigration, trade, Iran and others.

They will evolve to find a candidate who is sufficiently Trumpian that they can convince the electorate they will follow most of the same policies but with a democratic spin. If the economy slows it is possible in 2028 that the Democrats can be elected to the Presidency. That is the first window.

I predict that the first Democrat president whether in 2028 or 2032 will be impeached as payback for the Trump impeachment. In fact, impeachment of every President may be standard from now on since it has become a political impeachment now. If Republicans control the house and senate they may be able to actually remove the Democrat from office for the first time in history.

I also believe the Trump impeachment will be looked at in history as a major mistake of the Democrat party leading to a decade out of power and as damaging the constitution. They say it is a permanent stain on Donald Trump’s presidency but it is actually a permanent stain on the Democratic Party and its pathetic obsession with Trump.

** The Democrats are doing everything they can to stop the economy and to extend the pain of covid. Hoping they can pin economic pain Americans feel and deaths on the president but I don’t believe they will succeed.

The virus can kill more Americans only if we don’t protect the at risk people. We have to do that and we will. The deaths will have to decline and we have to open the economy.

The democrats told the president he did a good job giving them everything they needed. The doctors like Fauci and Brix have said the president did everything they asked. So the argument the president has done poorly is impossible to justify.

It’s important to note that there is no reason to believe democrats would do better since they never had relevant advice at any point during the crisis. They told us not to close when we closed. They told us to stay closed even as they argued millions of people could riot safely. They have not had any ideas to help us other than arguing president Trump didn’t wear his mask enough and that masks would save us when there is no evidence for that.

Most important now they have been arguing to crush the disease which is a terrible policy that will extend the pain and result in the worst outcomes. It is not clear we should even try to restrict the diseases spread among low risk individuals.

I have shown that factually if we had listened to democrats advice we would have 300,000 deaths in America not 160,000. They would not have closed the country to the Chinese early. They would have sent old people into nursing homes across the nation not just in their states. They would have rioted and spread it even more. These are facts.

Why would people think democrats would have handled it better when the democrat governors showed 88% of all the deaths in America? This is crazy.

NY did worse than Italy which was the worst in Europe. 3 times worse. Democrats have been practically criminal and I don’t like to politicize things like this but they leave no alternative because they accuse the president. We have to look at it and the facts are terribly against them.