Why do American blacks vote for democrats?

Aren’t republicans racist?

I believe there are 2 reasons people believe this. One is that we are told that in 1969 racists went from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. The other is that republicans have not courted blacks as blatantly as democrats have.

In 2016 Hillary said that the middle class was deplorable meaning they were racists. Yet these same people had voted for Obama for 8 years. The mental incoherence of democrats on full display. They also have this bizarre idea that insulting potential voters was good because they think you can intimidate voters to vote for them by insulting them, screaming at them and accusing them of being racist.

The republican ethos is based on the same ethos that Abraham Lincoln founded the party to believe back in 1860. President Lincoln believed that blacks should be freed and in all ways legally equal to anybody else but he didn’t necessarily believe we should favor blacks or any race just as we shouldn’t disfavor them.

This is the same message as Martin Luther King who preached for a color blind society.

After freeing the blacks the democrats started passing laws to make blacks unequal. Republicans had to repeatedly fight those laws for 100 years with constitutional amendments and other means.

Democrats don’t want a color blind society. They have decided the way to get 90% of black votes is to pander to blacks and other identities. They specifically don’t want color blind.

Every minute you hear democrats saying black this, white this black that. This gay, that lesbian . On and on with all these identities. I am so sick of it. Why aren’t people just people?

I prefer to look at each person and ignore everything about them but actual actions and accomplishments not their identity.

This is the historic culture of America. The most inclusive and accepting culture in the world. It is not because America is extra nice to Irish that they came here and prospered. It’s because America didn’t care about anything except your ideas and work not your country of origin, your sexual orientation or your skin color.

The proof of this is stunningly obvious. More people come to America from all over the world from every religion, race or anything than the combined immigration of the rest of the world. That is just the legal immigration.

It is astonishing that blacks vote for democrats at all

For the 100 years prior to Lincoln the democrats were historically the party that supported slavery in the south. In 1860 when Lincoln was elected the democrats elected a person who debated Lincoln and argued why the idea of freeing the slaves was stupid.

Lincoln won even though most of the nation knew that we were on the verge of the most horrible conflict in history. Lincoln wanted to avoid this war but the democrats wouldn’t concede even the smallest point.

Lincoln drew a line in the sand. He wouldn’t go to war and kill 6 million Americans to free the slaves as long as the democrat states would agree to not let slavery spread to any new states. (In 1860 the population of America was 1/11th the current population of America so 600,000 was like 6 million to us today.)

The democrats wouldn’t accept that. Like today’s democrats they were absolutely convinced and not very negotiating. They wanted their slavery and they believed in it.

They felt slavery would be imperiled if it wasn’t allowed to grow. They wanted more slave owners to get more slave promoting voters like illegal immigrants today.

Lincoln went to war and adjusted for population 6 million Americans died. Even if you don’t adjust for population the number who died in the war is more than the sum of all American deaths in all wars since.

The devastation was horrendous. One of the generals in the north practiced a burn it to the ground policy that denuded whole cities. The south was crushed.

It’s important to note that the South and democrat states were poorer than the Republican states. Slavery was not a big economic benefit to the US. On the contrary slavery let the democrats be lazy and have people who they paid less to do their farming, clean their homes and cook for them but it didn’t generate wealth. Cotton was not a big industry compared to the industries in the north.

In a similar way democrats like illegal immigrants because they vote more for democrats but also because they do their lawns and clean their homes cheaper. If you doubt it just google some quotes of democrats even in recent years why we need illegal immigration.

After the civil war democrats continued to fight against equality for blacks

For 100 years the democrats staged a rear guard action seeking to keep blacks subservient and doing their bidding.

They passed laws to limit black peoples ability to vote, to sit on the front of the bus, to own land, to rent apartments, to go to the same schools and many other things.

If anyone owes black people reparations it is these democrats.

Given this history of democrats it is stunning that the Democratic Party continues to exist. Shouldn’t it be disbanded? We are tearing down statues, removing names of historically racist people and institutions so why not destroy the Democratic Party? It is slavery and was the principal advocate of slavery. They also were heavily involved in passing racist laws, hanging blacks and many republicans who opposed the democrats.

Why would anyone want to be part of a party that was historically so critical and central to the whole effort to enslave and repress blacks?

People have a tendency not to be partisan and to label this as “white Americans” that did this but it was the Democrats. Republicans were the ones fighting it. If not for those republicans the black people in America would never have been freed or gotten voting rights or many other things that had to be fought. Many white republicans were killed by democrats even after the end of the civil war who were called sympathizers.

Nancy Pelosi recently wanted to remove 3 posters of democrats who were founders who were pro-slavery. The fact is Pelosi should remove posters of all democrats from congress and everywhere. The democrat party has been responsible for all the anti-black legislation. Every single one of the democrats until recently has been a racist or supported racist policies and people who supported racists.

Again, why doesn’t this basic fact that is indisputable matter?

One reason is that America is a forgiving country. Lincoln himself after the war sought to help the south recover and he sought reconciliation. After WWII the US unlike any country in history paid 6% of its GDP for a decade to rebuild Europe. A Europe that killed 250,000 Americans and sought to impose dictatorship on us and was deeply racist. Hitler not only killing Jews but blacks too.

The democrats as late as the 60s had major representatives and senators in the US congress who were leaders in the KKK.

Today democrats say that there are white supremacists in the US and a movement of white supremacy. They point to for instance Richard Spencer and his gang of 20 followers.

There is a huge difference between white supremacists who are leaders and run organizations such as the KKK while in the senate and could pass laws and Richard Spencer who have no power, no money and no following and has no voice. Have you ever heard a speech by Richard Spencer? I haven’t. These people either don’t exist or they have zero influence on the US today.

Back in the 60s and before that the democrats and their racist members had enormous influence. If other democrats didn’t agree with them by staying in a party which did all these racist things they were complicit. So, the white supremacists had real power, influence and could affect blacks lives.

All democrats prior to 1969 need to be purged from our history and all their pictures, books, statues need to be burned and torn down. At least if we are going to be consistent and destroy everything based entirely on whether they were racist or supported racists ever in their life. So let the burning begin. Let us destroy everything democrat.

From 1875 to 1969 democrats passed what we call Jim Crow laws. These laws limited blacks. Every single one had to be fought one at a time in state after state. Republicans always were the ones leading the charge to oppose these laws.

In 1919 riots across the country led to charges that blacks were trying to overthrow their white masters. Blacks who graduated college in the south found they couldn’t get jobs in democrat dominated southern states. So, they were encouraged to leave the south.

Interestingly, southern democrats sought to stop the migration of blacks and made it illegal to read such materials,. Their hatred is like the cancel culture was about more than denying rights but trying to punish blacks who didn’t agree with their thinking.

They couldn’t just let blacks leave and live their lives. They wanted to keep them in the south destitute and punish them. Just like democrats today. If you are a Hispanic person who has built a business and is very successful but you support Trump you have to be destroyed. They need you to conform and if you don’t then you have to be cancelled. The same thinking alive in democrats today.

The southern democrats formed mobs that would go around and hang blacks that disagreed with them or anyone. Many many republicans and white people who defended blacks were hanged too. The Democratic Party is expert at violent mobs.

In 1964 we had to pass the 24th amendment to the constitution. It was a long hard fought battle. For 50 years republicans had tried to get the limitations on blacks voting ended.

In 1946 democrat Mississippi Senator Theodore Bilbo declared, “If the poll tax bill passes, the next step will be an effort to remove the registration qualification, the educational qualification of Negroes. If that is done we will have no way of preventing the Negroes from voting.”

The first state to pass the 24th amendment was Illinois the home state of Lincoln. Only 3 of the 38 states needed to pass the amendment were southern democrat dominated states. Even after the 24th amendment was passed numerous states in the south kept poll taxes and other limitations on voting. They had to each be challenged in court to have their laws rescinded.

Those blacks who could vote between 1860 and 1969 voted for republicans.

In 1964 besides the 24th amendment was the passage of the civil rights act. This legislation outlawed remaining forms of discrimination in all aspects of life. More republicans voted for the civil rights act than democrats.

In 1968 Congress later passed the Civil Rights Act of 1968, also known as the Fair Housing Act. It initially passed the House in a 327-93 vote, with 68 percent support from Democrats and 87 percent support from Republicans. It then went to the Senate, where it was amended and voted upon, passing in a 71-20 vote in which 42 Democrats (66 percent) and 29 Republicans (81 percent) voted in favor.

This is important

It is Republicans who have led the charge to free and confronted Democrats who were always for slavery and the abuse of black people’s rights.

I think many republicans today have accepted the constant insinuation of democrats that republicans are the racists far too lightly. The fact is that democrats have really done nothing for people of color in America.

The republicans initiated and voted in all of the civil rights acts and amendment and other tangible acts that have put an end to democrats perfidy on enslaving and denying blacks in America and other groups. I showed how more republicans than democrats voted on these last big initiatives.

So what have democrats done since? They tried to push affirmative action which tried to give preference to blacks in some areas like with education. The Supreme Court has struck down such efforts to color our laws again.

You see whatever law that is written that could favor blacks could then be used to justify laws that favor whites again. The Supreme Court has rightly outlawed any laws like this.

So, all that can be done is to find ways to help blacks or other people who are seeing unequal results by looking at the injustice itself. For instance, if blacks have poor education fund programs that help all people who have poor school districts not just “black” school districts.

If you want to enable higher acceptance in college for blacks then find the characteristic that is the problem and pass a law that affects everyone with that issue. That’s the only fair way to do this.

It is true there are a lot of poor white people too. Laws shouldn’t be written that give preference to blacks but to people who are impoverished. Presumably if a larger fraction of blacks fit into this they will be helped along with other needy people.

This is why Obama apparently wasn’t able to help blacks. He could never pass laws to help blacks and Trump if he was a racist couldn’t pass laws to hurt blacks. The courts have ruled this is the interpretation of the constitution and the laws that have passed.

Trump has found a way to help blacks and others that are poor and middle class more. Tariffs and tax policies can be written to support jobs. More jobs will increase demand and eventually wages. It was already working well before covid.

This policy depends on being able to hold down illegal immigration or the benefits intended to help the black and other lower wage workers benefit will not work if many of the new jobs are taken by illegal immigrants rushing in. So, a central part of the strategy is to create growth that will increase jobs and put pressure on wages and drive companies to hire Americans.

So, if you understand what Trump was trying to do you understand why it worked and how it helped minorities and middle class make gains at least until covid hit.

This was more than Obama ever came up with. Obama’s policies were mixed in with globalists policies that wanted him to sacrifice America to the rest of the world. We were going to continue to hemorrhage jobs to China and other countries. We were going to give away trillions and hobble our energy industry which pays good middle class wages to millions.

So, Obama’s policies were conflicted with other goals. The middle class and lower classes seemed to recognize that there was a conflict in democrats agenda. They were pushing unlimited illegal immigration, sacrifice of our business and jobs to international conglomerates.

Issues like climate change which would cause her to have to tell people in good paying jobs she was going to destroy their jobs but she would replace them, an empty promise they hadn’t kept in decades.

So, even Obama didn’t help blacks because he was dragged by the left into other issues as more important just as he left the middle class hanging. Hillary seemed to complete the abuse of the middle class when calling them deplorable racists she was saying she saw no way to help them.

A lot of blacks are middle class so she and Obama may not have realized how much they hurt lower and middle class people. During Obama’s term the rich way outpaced the poor and middle class. The middle class lost jobs and wealth. They saw a 40% drop in wealth during the Obama years.

Many democrats won’t even know these facts. They are so headstrong in their emotional outrage over this and that they have no idea how to fix or do things only how to scream about things. Riots rose during Obama’s terms. Terrorism rose. During the last 2 years homicides and crime rose.

The growth rate during Obama’s terms was the slowest from a recovery in a century. Democrats know how to scream and complain but they have no idea how to actually fix anything.

I think people assume democrats intend well but their failure could be intentional when you consider that their strategy of supporting globalism hurts all Americans. The billionaires that fund the democrats now and control the party are not socialists.

The Democratic Party tries to talk out all sides of its mouth. They are for black people, middle class, the environment, globalism, unlimited immigration and socialism they say. Except these things are contradictory. If you are for the middle class you cannot be globalist.

This article points out how the democrats have not been sincere in their desire to help black people now or in the past. If you are a Latino that owns a successful business then you’d think they would hold you up as an example of identity politics working well. They don’t. If you are a Trump supporter then you are like a black person of 1860 to them. Someone to destroy and intimidate.

They haven’t changed. All their methods and thinking is the same. They are authoritarian in nature. Socialism, globalism, identity politics are not democratic. These are things like environmental extremism that destroy and are built on government control by elites who know what is best not by the average joe.

So, the democrats are the same enslavers as before. They want illegal immigrants doing their lawns and they scream and throw mob violence around to get their way. They argue race all the time just changing which race they attack. They don’t believe in color blind America.

They want to force compliance to force a result but that never works.

Democrats are the ones who have moral certainty when they are enslaving blacks, when they are stringing up people, when they are funneling illegal immigrants slaves from their rapist human trafficking mules to do their lawns and clean their kitchens. Liberals are certain of their purity and scream today about their righteousness as much today as they did when they were stringing up blacks.

Now it is cops. They are beating up and killing cops just as righteously as they did conservative speakers coming to berkeley or Andy Gno, a journalist or they scream at a 14 year old kid.

They call everyone else the racists to deflect from their own racism. They say they support your identity except if you are a republican. Then they want to cancel and destroy you for deserting your race just like they did republicans after the civil war. These are people who are certain of their moral rectitude and perfection and certain of your evil and imperfectness.

They employ the mob to get the vindication and results if the law and the constitution won’t. They are the same. At least we can say that. Democrats are the same people, they just changed who they string up and attack.

Democrats have attacked the history of America because possibly they don’t like their role in that history.

Their guilt for leading the effort to deny blacks rights for 200 years has led them to try and push their guilt onto republicans. They roll their eyes in disgust at republicans but consider who should be rolling their eyes. They make the claim they are not the racists, republicans are. Yet all these racist incidents happen in democrat controlled areas.

Literally blacks would still be in slavery and held by the south without Republicans. Republicans fought all the Jim Crow laws meaning that there would still be all these restrictions on blacks today without the constant fighting by republicans to turn back these laws. Blacks should understand that this wasn’t all of America that wanted them held down. Without republicans all the progress blacks have made wouldn’t have been made.

Republicans have died to free the slaves. About 10% of the lynchings that happened in the south were white republican sympathizers who protected blacks or fought for blacks. Republicans put their lives on the line over and over to try to correct this historic problem. We have not been passive on the issue of human rights. We have never been the enemies of black aspirations.

Democrats have completely “alinsky-ed” republicans trying to paint with hate a party and people who have historically been the party that has aligned with blacks to fight for their rights for over 160 years consistently.

We have fought for 150 years since the creation of the party as the party to abolish slavery. We fought all the Jim Crow laws. If not for republicans all those laws would still be in place.

Republicans are not the racists. How could that be? We are the party that fought racism from our inception and fought it alone against the democrats. There is zero evidence that racist democrats moved to the Republican Party ever. It has always been democrats.

1969 changed none of that. We aren’t the home of confederates. Confederates if they continue to exist would hate identifying with the republican party since republicans were the ones who sacrificed our nation to destroy the confederacy and lost 600,000 lives to win.

Democrats are very good at the hating game. Republicans not so much. We don’t even hate the democrats who insinuate all these hateful things at us. The biggest negative I can say about Republicans is we are more timid, more forgiving and more calm and practical than democrats. Sometimes that means we don’t yell and scream but in the end the republicans are the backbone of the liberty of blacks and other people in America.

What happened in 1969?

The war in Vietnam came to a head. The democrats under Kennedy had gotten us into the war and then after Kennedy was killed President Johnson continued and grew our presence in Vietnam.

People’s opposition to the war became the focus of the democrat party and the emotional democrats became the protagonists for eliminating the policies that kept blacks in the back of the bus as well as free love and marijuana.

I was young at the time and this is the Democratic Party i remember which were opposed to real things. There was a war in vietnam. People were dying. There was segregation.

Republicans didn’t resist outlawing segregation. The resistance was focused on the remaining segregationists in the Democratic Party. Strom Thurmond a democrat from the south fillibustered the passage of the civil rights act.

In 1968 the democrats held a national convention. This convention devolved into riots and was the watershed for racism and the Democratic Party. The racists were ejected from the Democratic Party ostensibly.

Democrats today claim that in 1969 what happened is that the racists in the Democratic Party moved to the Republican Party.

There is no evidence of this. Storm Thurmond, Robert Byrd never switched parties. Robert Byrd a former KKK leader stayed a democrat until he retired from the senate in 2010. Biden called Byrd a mentor.

Biden was one of the most outspoken opponents of busing.

Byrd claimed to have recanted his racist beliefs.

I think what happened is that democrats made a more determined effort to get blacks in cities to vote for them. I know there was a feeling that republicans while not overtly racist were uncomfortable with blacks more than democrats but I personally never met a republican racist.

The south turned against the Democratic Party in the 1970s and after. While the party members didn’t move the south did become more republican which means their representatives were voted into the Republican Party and to power.

I have never spent much time in the south. I feel completely unaware of how things are in the south or how the people talk or act down there. I can’t say if racism persists down there or could have infected some republicans but i personally have never seen evidence of that or talked to anyone in the Republican Party who was racist.

So, the outsize voting by blacks for democrats and against republicans feels manufactured by me. Republicans have in general opposed laws or actions that would have established a race basis for laws.

It is likely that many blacks preferred the democrats who espoused ideas that were blatantly racist whereas republicans favored laws that didn’t have a racial bias in them. The Supreme Court has made it clear that laws that favor or disfavor based on race are illegal.

I presume this advocating racist laws that favored blacks is what has garnered more black support for democrats than republicans in recent years.

There remains a persistent inequity in the black population. I have written numerous articles about this but the democrats enjoy this large percentage vote by blacks which culminated in 2008 with president Obama who got 99% of the black vote.

I have made the point that in 2016 the republicans had 2 hispanics, a white guy and a black guy as the 4 largest holders of electors after the primaries. In 2020 the democrats ended up with 3 old white men as their candidates. How is the Democratic Party less racist?

Democrats have made an effort every election to paint republicans as racist and evil. In fact the home of racism is the Democratic Party.

The home of identity politics is the Democratic Party. The democrats have made a decision to go after segmenting the US into different colors and sexual proclivities and try to gain hatred against republicans by painting them against anybody of color or different sexuality or …

None of that is true.

I don’t believe in identity politics. The democrats are trying to tell us there is black, brown, white, yellow i guess red, lgbtqiamnop and a bunch of other identities I have not been schooled in.

The problem nobody is any of those things. You can take any person who is black, gay or Native American and find they are different in other ways.

Many people are from families that are a combination of this or that. Some are conservative or liberal and believe widely different things.

The democrats claim to be for these identity groups but recently we see that they want to cancel GOYA foods. GOYA foods is run by a Latin American who supports President Trump. As soon as democrats learned that this man was a republican supporter of Trump the cancel identity culture came alive. Except he is Latin.

He is a successful Latin American. You would think he would be a poster child of successful identity politics. No. For democrats they don’t actually support any of these identity groups. They only support people who are democrats and support the mass media mob.

If you are Hispanic, a women, Jewish or any identity but you are a Republican you no longer deserve support. This is proof that liberals lie about their identity politics support. They actually don’t support any of these groups. They only support them if you support democrats because the whole purpose of identity politics is to get outsize democrat voting.

If you aren’t a democrat then they don’t want you in the identity group.

But the problem with identity politics is not only that it is divisive and that it is a lie but that it isn’t good for identities. The best thing for identities is for them to adopt the successful culture of American culture. Keep your identity culture for your private life.

Another big thing I said above is that nobody is in these categories. Every person is unique. I would rather learn about every person than learn about what you are supposed to be like because you are part of an identity group when I know everyone is unique.

They say that I can’t understand someone from this identity or that identity. Well, they can’t understand me either just because I am white. I also think it is racist to assume someone has some experiences just because of their identity or color.

There are lots of middle class blacks raised in intact families that look more like an average white family. There are lots of gay people who are conservative. I refuse to accept the idea that people should be grouped into these categories.

No racist will feel at home in the Republican Party. No confederate supporter will feel comfortable in the party that fought confederates and killed 6,000,000 americans to defeat the confederacy. It’s absurd.

If anyone should want to take down confederate flags or confederate statues it is republicans. It’s absurd to think that republicans or Trump wants to support confederates or flags or any of these absurd democratic talking points or symbology.

The democrats are doing something truly evil here. They are turning real actions into irrelavancies and turning irrelevant symbols into important things when they aren’t.

Democrats are big on these symbols like color and flags and masks and chokeholds and aok symbols and insinuating that if you oppose remove statues then you are white supremacist.

The issue is what will help black people. Democrats think that symbols and words and statues are holding blacks back. Republicans and Trump thinks that real things like jobs and family and criminal conduct are what will make a difference in blacks lives.

Democrats use their media to paint symbols like statues and flags are insulting and this somehow hurts blacks. No, what hurts blacks is laws that prevent blacks from getting jobs or voting not a statue.

No black person’s life will improve if statues are removed or if a flag or finger movement or nooses are removed everywhere. Not a single black person’s life will improve from anything the democrats have suggested. Yet they claim to be the advocates of black people because they advocate for these cultural symbols.

The democrats are big on these emotional and irrelevant symbolic things that actually mean nothing. A flag or statue or piece of art means what you want it to mean. If you want it to be offensive it is offensive. If you want it to be a lesson of evil things or people it is about that. But in no case is your life and future of your life changed by the piece of art. It is your own personal interpretation of it that affects you.

We can spend a lot of money constantly coming up with things we decide are offensive or evil and removing them. All we are doing is destroying stuff. It has no positive purpose. We can spend a lot of energy and time and do nothing to improve anything.

Is that what democrats want? Maybe they don’t want to actually help blacks. Looking at their history if I was a black person I would be skeptical of democrat proposals to cut off funding for police as a way to help black people.

Rising crime will destroy the inner cities. Destroy opportunity. Destroy families. It will destroy lives.

The democrats solutions almost sound like proposals to keep blacks down. They offer irrelevant things like tearing down statues and eliminating a chokehold that will do nothing to improve a single persons life and then advocating real actions which will actually destroy the lives of many Americans like defunding the police.

Fortunately the American people don’t vote on symbols. Studies of elections show that people always decide who to vote for based on fundamental things like their prospects for employment and increased income.

The American people never vote on emotional issues like flags, chokeholds, individual murders or statues. They may get upset and not like this or that but when it comes to voting in the end the American voters will vote on if their lives will be tangibly be better not symbolically better not if they are offended less.

I strongly believe identity politics is a serious mistake for democrats. In the end these cultural and symbolic outrages they push all the time that don’t affect people’s real lives and divide us.

They also end up supporting these identity groups even when those groups have cultural problems such as high crime rates or low family cohesiveness. It means they cannot admit the problems that really are causing the identity groups to fail not white supremacists.

That means they end up voting for solutions that don’t actually solve anything.


American blacks should vote for Trump and there is some evidence that it may happen in 2020. Polls of black voters, especially males shows more support for republicans and Trump specifically than in decades.

I am worried that the democrats with their riots over the Floyd murder have poisoned not so much black voters to Trump as the cops.

The damage to civil society has been enormous and focused almost entirely on black America. If the gains Trump made in black progress are reversed will they also give up on Trump?

This may have been the strategy of democrats. Maybe seeing that Trump made progress decided they needed to put black people down again so no such uprising and decay of black voting behavior like Trump got with the middle class in 2016 will occur.

I don’t know how blacks will respond. There is evidence not all blacks are on board with the police cuts and the riots. Trump would never get 50% of blacks in one election. It will take longer for the progress to change the habits of blacks. But the bar is low. If Trump can get 15% of black vote it makes it impossible for democrats to win.

That is why they race bait and go bananas accusing republicans and why Biden says you aren’t black if you vote republican. They need 90%+ black support or they lose. So they do anything to try to convince people that there is racism and that this means you have to vote for democrats because republicans are racist.

This is why the noose in the garage at NASCAR had to be racist. This is why they are committing hate crimes on themselves to try and convince people that racism is real and Trump is evil. They need this so bad they are creating mass hysteria and paranoia and doing what they do every 4 years baiting race to get blacks to vote for democrats.

It’s obvious and repeated and predictable. I predicted there would be such racial incidents. Also wait for the sex accusations again. The Dems identity politics machines need to create more outrage against the identities.

Expect more faked incidents, more accusations and more hate speech. It’s the only way democrats know how to win.