Of all the Democratic candidates I’ve heard the only one who consistently talks about the middle class is Elizabeth Warren.

Others are focused on racism, having the right genetic code to be President like Kamala Harris. She is qualified apparently because she ticks the boxes for her genetic makeup. Her policies? Who cares.

Elizabeth Warren might have tried to be the first native American president until it was found out she wasn’t native American at all. How she is a candidate is shocking. If the left cared about identity politics like it says then why isn’t Elizabeth Warren a criminal in their eyes?

She used a false claim of indian heritage to gain positions at Harvard and other places. To get jobs and to advance her career. In doing so she made a mockery of the very people she was claiming to be part of and denying some minority a position. I would think if you cared about these minorities one of the worst crimes would be to abscond with that identity to benefit yourself and hurt someone who otherwise would have gotten the benefit.

Nonetheless, she is still kicking. She announced this last weekend.

Her platform is remarkable in that it is not quite as hyperbolically ranting against Donald Trump as her competitors. Her biggest attack on Donald Trump was that he is the most corrupt administration in history.

Warren’s appeal is that she represents the working class. Fine. Donald Trump is a billionaire and he appealed to the working class. He is doing lots of things to help the groups and follow up on his campaign promises.

He has energized the economy doubling our growth rate from the slowest in a century under Obama to the more traditional 3%. He may yet do better but 3% will help the middle class especially if we control our immigration. We will keep pulling people off the non-participating, keep lowering unemployment, pushing employers to pay higher wages and to give better benefits to middle class and lower class workers. So far he has done far more for blacks, hispanic, women than he has done even for whites or males.

As I’ve mentioned before but is always worth repeating the US gained 19 million people in the 8 years of the Obama period but because of his anti-business policies did not get the economy growing enough to prevent 3% of the working population to be shed from the workforce. His 3% cut in unemployment during his administration and 5.5 million jobs created left the net unemployment at 7.8% at the end of his terms (only 0.1% lower than when he started) and the middle class with 40% of their wealth decimated and many working 2 or 3 jobs to keep ends together. The worst economic performance since the great depression 90 years ago.

So, it is my belief no Democrat can win the 2020 election if the economy stays above 2.4% growth. That is a 60 year track record of predictions that are correct. I believe Americans don’t vote based on people’s rhetoric or positions on Syria or their personality or anything to do with abortion or guns. Americans rationalize any argument for who they choose based on the fact of whether they are doing better and have hope of doing better. That is entirely based on their own personal financial benefit and if they don’t think the current party or president is producing sufficient returns they will vote against them. If they are they will keep them. End of story.

Nonetheless, let’s look at what Warren thinks will help the middle class. She is a leftist like Ocasio OAC (as some like to refer). She endorsed the New Green Deal. She wants to institute higher taxes to bring us back to Obama era taxes and worse.

She wants to implement massive subsidies for green initiatives and she has not spoken about trade issues. She is a believer in more open borders.

So, like other Democrats their plea that they are for the middle class is totally opposite of the policies she would invoke which would devastate the middle class again.

It is important to understand that the triple whammy that Trump has invoked to get the middle class in better shape and growing better would never have been done by any Democrat.

Donald Trump: 1) Cut regulation, lowered taxes which boosted the economy growth rate so it could absorb the workers coming into the economy which the Democrats couldn’t do. He also put incentives for middle America and for the heartland to grow faster than the coasts or high tax states.

2) He turned our energy industry into the biggest in the world generating massive numbers of high paying jobs.

3) He has initiated huge efforts to impose tarrifs and force trade deals which will increase US exports ultimately or eventually force companies to build in America and buy American more. He has created 400,000 manufacturing jobs that didn’t exist.

4) He has tried to cut the number of illegal immigrants and legitimize a large fraction of the remaining already resident illegal immigrants so they can start paying taxes and becoming integrated. He is trying to prevent the large scale influx of more illegals as he grows the economy faster.


These are tangible things which will work and are working to improve the lot of the average American more than any Democrat has done recently at least.

Warren’s plans like the Democrats economic programs are fantasy socialist pipe dreams. The idea the government can mandate better wages by simply forcing companies to pay more. The idea that there could be a net economic benefit from trashing trillion dollar highly profitable industries and promoting money losing uneconomic industries the government has to subsidize to replace them.

The Democrats plans are even worse than socialist policies. They are on the whole destructive. They are contradictory and would put America back into the position of being the sucker to China and many foreign countries that take advantage, steal our intellectual property.

They are suggesting we hobble ourselves and not only increase our costs and make ourselves less competitive worldwide but then having us re-enroll in the paris accords which would have America subsidize our foreign competition by the trillions to support their energy conversion.

The average American recently was asked if they wanted to do something about Climate Change. They said they did. They then asked how much they were willing to spend to do that. The answer was $10 maybe.

In other words practically nothing. Does this mean they are insincere? Maybe. Everytime they ask how important climate change is compared to 49 other issues Climate Change shows up at the bottom or near the bottom. People do NOT see it as a major issue.

This is because the average person understands that the left has incredibly overhyped the climate issue. People know it’s become totally political. They will say they believe it because they are badgered to say it but they aren’t willing to do anything.

In the 2016 election Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump never debated Climate Change. Hillary did not bring it up maybe because she knew when she did bring it up and said she needed to eliminate all the coal workers jobs and the fracking workers jobs and eventually lots of other jobs they didn’t believe she or her husbands failed promises to replace them with good jobs because they never did that with trade policies.

The middle class has been decimated not just by Obama, but over the last 30-40 years by trade policies that crushed manufacturing and other middle of the country jobs. The result is that these people have given up on the Democrats and no longer believe their lies. They sit there and argue for our competitors in the world like China and European corporations not American corporations and workers. They are globalists and don’t have fealty to America but to higher principals of world billionaires and their need for cheap labor in order to fund their campaigns.

Warren’s policies like her fellow Democrats are the obvious approach they would take.

When faced with a humming capitlist system they know they can’t run it better than Trump. They turn to the thing they have, the only answer they have. The idea of government force to make happen and to government jobs, government direction of the economy, government handouts to entice you to believe that a few trinkets and shiny words will convince you to vote for them another time.

As I said above I believe the American people will never fall for it. Unless the economy tanks between now and 2020 Donald Trump will defeat Elizabeth Warren or any other Democrat just as he did in 2016 because they failed us. The Democrats have no ideas to make the kinds of improvements Donald Trump has and promises from failed past promises won’t cut it against a highly functioning president doing the right things for the American people.

Everything the Democrats do is designed to hurt business. Business is the basis for the jobs that pay $100K and up, or for employment in general. 80% of all people work in private business. You can’t hurt private business and expect to help the workers who work for those businesses. This is the contradiction of the Democrats in one sentence.

Our only possible answer is to improve business. Clinton at one point understood that. (Bill) but Democrats don’t seem to have a clue about how Capitalism works anymore. They are so enamored with shiny government legislation to force people and businesses to do things they don’t understand this doesn’t help business and therefore doesn’t help workers who depend on the health of those businesses to have higher wages and a better life.

Government can never replace business. No benefits of taxing business can possibly produce more for workers than the businesses themselves can give their workers. We are the richest country in the world not because we have the most government handouts but because our capitalist system works. Destroying or hobbling it won’t help the average American.