The Dems great respect for the FBI and DOJ seems to have evaporated

Just a year ago we heard the FBI and DOJ were full of upstanding people and attacking them was attacking our nation and the fine agencies these people work for. That Donald Trump was destroying the FBI, not the FBI itself with its partisanship and bias.

Now we see that it is if it is their political hack operatives such as Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Strozek, Page, Ohr, McCabe etc that it is a crime to attack them. Democrats staged incredible efforts to protect these FBI agents when they testified to congress.

They tried every political and rules of order approach they could to derail the questioning of those agents who the IG of the FBI has implicated in conduct inconsistent with FBI and DOJ rules. They called them HEROES. They yelled and people in the audience sent in by Democratic operatives heckled the questioning of these democratic operatives in the deep state.

When Whitaker was questioned yesterday the Democrats instead were pulling out all the stops to defame him and they have tried to get him removed from the Mueller case. What happened to the fine traditions and great agencies full of people we were supposed to admire and treat with kid gloves?

The Democrats seem to know who is a Dem and a Republican and they treat them utterly like protected entities that they will do and say anything to protect and when it’s a Republican they will resort to harassment and name calling saying anything to defame and descredit them.

It has nothing to do with the agency and whether or not it is good. Just as in the past when the Democrats had no problem attacking our security services they suddenly have become absolute defenders of our services until those services aren’t full of Democratic operatives performing important tasks at stopping President Trump or uncovering dirt on him. When they aren’t doing that then these organizations are all ripe for the assault of dems.

It’s so blatant and obvious. How can anybody actually believe these are not just political hackers. There doesn’t seem to be a single democrat who isn’t a political animal completely without any principals and driven to regain power at any cost. Literally any cost.

They are so obvious in their hypocrisy it can’t be denied.

What happened to you have to believe the woman?

Just a few months ago we heard about Kavanaugh and how a woman “had to be believed.” Now we see that if the woman is attacking a republican then she must be believed.

Now that a second woman has accused Fairfax of assault, this time rape we still have almost no Democrats interested in this. The liberal media is not interested. There are no hordes of people banging on the Governor’s or Deputy Governor’s office demanding the woman be believed.

Many Democrats have done the exact opposite accusing the first woman and second woman of having lied. Although these incidents happened 20 years ago and they told others at the same time who corroborated what they said and even though these women have NO political reason to lie unlike Ford who attacked Kavanaugh Democrats aren’t outraged and banging down doors. They aren’t covering it and they aren’t demanding in droves he resign.

Just a few days ago we heard that blackface was hate speech and racist.

Many Democrats jumped immediately on the governor of Virginia for having gone blackface. We heard it’s totally unacceptable. Now the same people who said this we find out are Democrats who did this themselves.

Have you ever heard the phrase: “He who screams the loudest is the guiltiest.” This is what we see with Democrats. Everytime we get these preachy exclamations of outrage it turns out these Democrats actually did it.

We have discovered that Hillary Clinton spent $12 million during the campaign working with the Russians to discredit and destroy Donald Trump. Yet, the accusation they make is that Donald Trump was colluding to attack her. After the campaign Shifty Schiff can be heard taking a call from a joke Russian radio station offering naked Donald Trump pics and sending his secretary to get the pics to use against Donald Trump.

They do what they claim about Donald Trump.

What happened to walls are immoral?

As many have probably heard Obama, Clinton and others were all for a wall a decade ago. Now we understand walls are immoral, inefficient.

Democrats are all about power. They don’t care about any principal and thus they don’t care about you.

When you see the Green New Deal or hear any Democrat promising they will give fair wages, give you jobs, give you better anything remember: They lie and they only care about power.

During Obama’s years he said he was about change. He promised all kinds of things but the reason Donald Trump was elected is because he didn’t deliver. During his term every factor of quality of life of Americans declined. Terrorism up 500%. Unemployment down a net 0.1% after 8 years. Half the growth rate of the last 25 years before.

The only group that got benefit under Obama was the rich. Exactly the opposite of what they said.

They claimed Donald Trump was a racist but under Trump blacks, hispanics and women are doing better than white men and much better than under Obama. What kind of racist is freeing black women and men from prison? The mental discontinuity of believing Democrat talking points is hard to understand.

They claim to believe in woman and supporting women but really if you are a Republican woman they don’t support you at all. It is not women they support. They support Democrats. The same is true of black conservatives. If you are black conservative Democrats will go to any length to destroy you. A conservative woman they will trash you, boycott your business, do anything to destroy you. They won’t laud your success. They don’t care that you are a women. They only care if you are a Democrat.

The same with sex abuse. If you are a Democrat you need many women going after you or you will escape. If you are a Republican if someone claims from 40 years ago you took them on a date then you are a pervert and not acceptable but if a Democrat did the same thing it is totally uninteresting.

They claim to be the ones protecting women from abusers but they are overwhelmingly the ones accused of abuse. 9 out of 10 of the abusers uncovered are Democrats. It’s true. I realize Republicans can do these things but the vast majority of people who retired and accused were Democrats. They are the ones abusing lecturing Republicans not to abuse and believe the women. It makes no sense until you understand this is a mental condition and all lies.

The Democrats are unbelievable

The fact Democrats do these things should make you worry about everything they say because you realize like Eric Holder said when caught lying: “It worked, didn’t it?”

Nothing that comes from a Democrats mouth can be believed. Every single person I’ve seen on media and in social media are the same duplicitous and lying morons that don’t care about the truth.

Consider that during the 2016 campaign true emails were disclosed by Wikileaks. The Democrats still consider the release of true information to be a crime against them. Putin did us a favor if he released truth. Democracy thrives on truth. Knowing that Podesta, Clinton, the press were in league and committing all kinds of crimes is good. Why should only Russian oligarchs know the corruption of our leaders? Putin did us a solid. Not because it distorted our election by giving us false information but because he gave us truth something that is utterly missing from the Democratic Party and politicians, social media propagandists.

Democrats say they want to help you but assuming they are even believing what they say they have no idea how to accomplish anything they say. The more likely case is unfortunately that they only care about power and not about you whether you are black, white, brown, native Indian, woman.

They only care about power so they can be in power and lecture us and make huge gobs of money selling their influence.

They don’t care if America does better, if we are safer. They don’t care about the children, the women, blacks. Everything they say is intended solely to get your vote so they can get power and benefit themselves.

OAC is supposed to be the new champion of concern for the middle class and poor. She has offered the answer Democrats have always had to the capitalist system. They can’t tell us they will run our system better than Trump so they’ve gone the other way spouting the lies of socialism and the feel good ideas that have never worked and never will work.

They spout a conflicting set of ideas that would cancel or hurt each other if enacted.

Free borders brings in lots of low skill workers who lower wages. Free trade they espouse hurts the middle class. Saying you want to eliminate the oil and fossil energy industry will not help the middle class. It will crush them. Yet they say they are for the middle class yet all their policies would hurt the middle class.

The fact they can’t just admit they have given up the middle class and are for identity groups and special interests and the global elite means they are lying. They won’t help you. They are planning to make billions from foreign governments like China who gave Biden’s sons huge billion dollar contracts. How Clinton’s made hundreds of millions from Arab governments, Russia.

We see that Democrats have no credibility, no consistency, no honesty, no real believable positions on anything because they don’t give us any way of believing anything they claim is achievable.

Obama may have tried to have change but he was utterly incompetent at getting change. Donald Trump has gotten change and he is pressing to get more change. Real change that is helping America and the middle class. Yes, the left is fighting him but every day they discredit themselves with their hypocrisy, their dishonesty and their incompetence and corruption.