I have listed some of the areas that Donald Trump has teed up as important priorities for America to deal with.

1. Immigration

2. Trade problems

3. Middle Class income and wealth

4. Regulation and Climate Change

5. Over involvement in foreign conflicts

Traditionally both parties resist to some extent

Traditionally Democrats might want to oppose everything a Republican administration would want to do. Just as Republicans have done but this is not a good trend. Resistance for the sake of resistance because you aren’t in power is wrong and voters should punish parties that do that.

There are honest differences in priorities of the parties and different ways they would solve problems. The purpose of the parties is not to resist everything the other party wants to do but to have different solutions and offer those solutions as competition for the voters to choose. Opposition simply to gain power should be looked at as crass and corrupt.

Listening to the left today is like listening to a nagging complainer. You didn’t pick up your cup. You left your pants on the dresser, you didn’t do the dishes like you said. You didn’t say god bless you when I sneeze. The unemployment rate isn’t zero. Wages haven’t risen enough.

The complainer’s position is an easy one. Finding flaws, risks, problems with anything is trivial. Nothing is perfect and nobody makes every decision or every statement from your mouth perfectly.

So, if the Democrats think complaining is the way they keep a check on the president or get elected then they are sorely mistaken. People ignore complainers. In business one is looking not for the problems as much as the opportunities and how to win, not how to avoid loss. Loss is inevitable. We all make mistakes and lose here and there. The critical thing is to win in the big picture.

When Republicans were out of power after the 2008 election they resisted but they also talked about new programs and ideas that they believed would win. It worked. They won a majority in the house and senate. Overwhelming majorities that allowed them to stymie Obama policies effectively.

I will repeat that the Democrats did NOT win the midterms. I say this because:

1) They didn’t regain the senate, in fact lost seats

2) They have a razor thin majority in the house which is amazing considering 40 Republican house members dropped out leaving their districts vulnerable.

3) The people voted out or left were neverTrumpers leaving President Trump with a more aligned congress to him.

4) Democrats elected in many cases are not enemies of Donald Trump. They could never win in those districts and they will have to work with the President. Not resist.

This will be evident when the new congress comes to power. The media likes to call this midterm a huge win for the Democrats but to put this in perspective the Democrats already in a weak position in the house and senate lost 900 seats nationally including governorships, statehouses, congress and the presidency.

In the midterm they recovered 360 of the 900. They are still down by 540 seats compared to 2016 and they don’t have a majority of governors, statehouses and the only place they have significant power is in the house and it is a razor thin majority that is half the majority the Republicans held for the last 8 years. A slight departure of some Democrats from resist will give Trump significant legislative pressure.

Now that they have the majority in the house they no longer can simply complain. They will have to negotiate with the President otherwise nothing will get done for the next 2 years. I mean nothing. If they and the president cannot agree and they obstruct then they will literally stall the government and bring us to a crisis every day.

They have to work with Trump. Something they called normalizing him. We can’t talk to him because it gives the appearance like he is a legitimate leader. Well, guess what. The voters put them in the position they have no choice. They have to work with him. They have to normalize him and agree with him on some things. Every day they will now have to do this. They can’t just sit back and complain about everything.

I believe this is what the voters and our democracy intentionally or not put in place.

The Democrats are divided and sooner or later Pelosi will not be able to keep the house aligned

If Trump had truly lost the midterms then candidates would have campaigned against him across the country and nevertrumpers would have been grown in power. This did not happen. No matter how you look at it the voters put the democrats in a precarious position where they have to start working with Trump but not enough power to actually implement any of their policies.

With a razor thin majority in the house the Democrats will not be able to push the senate or the president to sign anything. They will always be in the position of either being babies and resisting everything Republicans want to do or compromising and trying to get something in bills to reflect their positions. They will not be able to dictate $5 billion or $0 for the wall. Trump will get money because there is no way any bill will ever pass without some wall and the Democrats cannot get a bill to pass with no wall over the new more aligned senate and the President. It’s not clear if they will be able to keep their own house aligned.

The Democrats are not uniting like the Republicans behind Trump. Instead, they are fracturing along lines of whether they believe in capitalism or not, free borders or not and how much they should push climate legislation etc. They don’t know if they are for the middle class or for globalists. They don’t know what they think on trade policies. The Democrats have no consistent message and no leader who represents a unified view or position on issues. In fact, they seem incredibly confused. On the one hand many members get up speaking about they believe in borders but on the other hand numerous members are doing everything they can to stop any effective curb on illegal immigration.


During Obama’s 8 years almost everything in America went sideways or south. This is reflected in polls which said 76% of people thought the country was going in the wrong direction. They thought this because in spite of the claims of robust employment and strong economy they knew it wasn’t so.

Actual unemployment (taking into account non-participating Americans) changed nearly 0%. The unemployment rate fell by 2.9% but the participation rate fell by 2.8%. The net result 0.1% change in 8 years. Wages had not risen and many people were in part time and multiple temporary jobs which did not pay as well as the full time job they had. The cost of healthcare doubled and many employers sought to avoid full time employment so they didn’t have to provide medical plans. Deductibles became so large that people stopped seeing doctors. The longevity rate for the first time in 50 years started falling. The economy was growing too slowly to accommodate the increasing legal and illegal immigration which was pumping 2 million people/year into the population but not generating near enough jobs.

Similarly failures in foreign policy were leading to 500% higher terrorism, the growth of ISIS to 29 countries and countries such as Iran using the 150 billion we gave them to finance terrorists worldwide. Obama’s race policies were causing massive unrest in America leading to a 30% increase in homicides and near 200% increase in the death of cops.

In fact literally everything domestically and foreign was falling apart. Democrats ideas weren’t working. We seemed to be committing suicide en masse and this was literally happening as suicides were soaring.

Democrats still think they lost because of Russia but the fact they lost 900 seats in 2016 and only recovered 350 in 2018 means voters are not at all convinced Democrats have any answers.

I have explained how Democrats policies are incredibly stupid to the point of suicidal. The idea we can add 19 million people every 8 years and only add 5.5 million jobs will lead to incredible levels of discord and collapse of the middle class. This is not a political statement. It is a fact that we were driving our middle class to poverty. You can argue the solutions but if you don’t acknowledge that the policies made no sense then you are just an idiot. You can’t have 19 million people added and only 5.5 million jobs created (many of them part time and poorly paying) without a revolt or massive change in Americans standard of living.

We have to reduce the immigration some and increase our growth rate or some combination but you cannot keep the anemic <2% growth rate with high immigration. This is simply economic fact, not moral argument. Facts which Democrats paper over with moral arguments about immigration being written in the constitution or walls are immoral or other absurd statements that are suicidal.

This is the central problem of our time making the other 4 look trivial by comparison. Who cares if we are in Syria or not? The country has been a disaster for centuries and nothing we have done or will do will change anything. In fact, all the meddling in 8 wars over the Middle East in the last 10 years has done is make more refugees and more trouble for the whole world and nothing better for any of those countries. Another example of the policies of the Democrats that have miserably failed.

Donald Trump’s initiatives are not overtly political or controversial

All that Donald Trump seems to be proposing are apolitical policies that Democrats themselves espoused at some time. We are not talking about whether there should be clean air or water. Donald Trump’s admin has actually fixed the Flint Michigan water supply unlike Obama. He has lowered co2 emissions of the US without a Paris accord by letting the free market choose LNG over other fuels. He has raised the growth rate into the 3% + range which is actually normal for the US and in spite of the fact the unemployment numbers look good the actual fact is counting non-participation we are not anywhere near historic lows in actual unemployment. We have chopped more than a million people from the non-participating lot but we are still far from reaching the levels of employment we had before the last recession.

Nothing Donald Trump is doing is even remotely controversial. No president in history except Obama had wars for all 8 years of his presidency. Donald Trump withdrawing us from these pointless conflicts simply returns the US to the position we have had for many years before we started trying to help every country in the world including our enemies.

That’s another thing. Americans realized for years that 50% of the world was dictatorships and much of the rest was highly flawed democracies. We don’t have the liberty to simply eschew all leaders because we don’t like them. During the Cold War we dealt with many distasteful regimes. Many countries are truly sh**holes. Unfortunately, it appears America is not really able to change these countries. It is up to the people themselves and if all the disaffected move to America it doesn’t solve any problems.

President Trump’s economy and budget is liberal in many ways. He is funding many government programs at higher than many traditional Republicans want. He is proposing infrastructure projects that are more liberal than conservative. He has passed legislation that makes it easier for criminals to get out of jail if they have not committed violent crimes. All this is more liberal than traditional Republican.

As many have pointed out many liberals talked about the need for walls and even voted to fund the building the hundreds of miles of wall in place now. They are not and have never been morally opposed to walls.

President Trump has proposed 12 million of the 22 million illegals in the US be eventually made citizens. Something Republicans have opposed for years.

Donald Trump is not proposing radical or even partisan politics. It is not politics that is evil or immoral.

So, Democrats by definition if they oppose everything Trump does or wants are putting themselves into a very small corner trying to argue that we can’t do anything substantial to actually stop illegal immigrants or curb our current immigration policy that lets in too many unqualified immigrants.

Democrats are opposing rationality because they want to deny President Trump any wins but by doing this I think they condemn themselves to failure and the American people will never trust them with the handles of government until they can propose rational policies that actually will work or have the chance of working. People are not dumb.

What are President Trump’s policies to solve the above problems I listed

He is boosting the economy with regulation cuts, tax cuts, trade improvements to get our trading partners to buy more from us, protecting american workers, reducing illegal immigration and proposing overhaul to our existing immigration, trying to legalize otherwise illegal people. Helping people get out of prison and into productive lives, getting us out of pointless wars and conflicts we can’t realistically do anything to help. Getting the world to pay more for their own defense and putting our most severe enemies on notice that we are wanting change.

What are Democrats solutions to the above problems?

Eliminating ICE? A higher minimum wage? More Obamacare mandates and restoration of a failed system? Keeping us in conflicts and encouraging more conflicts. Making excuses why the US should pay more for the defense of other nations and justifying trade policies that have wreaked havoc on our working class citizens.

They have proposed new regulations to slow the economy, new policies to crush our energy industry and promote inefficient and costly unproven yet alternative energies.

They have proposed leaving us clueless about immigration and treating it as a right for foreigners to come to the US while at the same time putting in roadblocks to US industry. They support sanctuaries for criminals and special rights for illegals. They have argued that we need to be involved all over the world and oppose all kinds of new regimes we had a decent relationship with.

Actually it is impossible to come up with any consensus view of what Democrats positions are because they have been so locked into their negativity and accusations and investigations of President Trump.

Now they propose what Americans need is to expand the investigations of Trump that have gone on for going on 3 years including the one that started before he even won the Presidency. They have proposed massive increase in investigations of everything in Donald Trump’s existence. From his record 50 years ago around the Vietnam war to more and more investigation of everything in his campaign 2 years ago to discover anything he might have reported wrongly. They want to see his tax returns and find flaws with them if they can. They want to know everyone he talks to and everyone he has talked to and interview them to see if there is anything they can pin on him blame him for or accuse him of.

They hate him. The policies they eschew are insane and irrational and their solutions are stupid and are suicidal.

They aren’t ready to take power. They are acting like irresponsible people who don’t give a damn about any of the real problems of American citizens and seem locked into thinking about foreigners concerns whether they are illegal immigrants, foreign powers or Russia in particular. They seem to want war with Russia.

They argue the case of foreign governments that the US should spend more money on them and less on itself and its people. They argue for the trade practices of our competitors and against US industry and workers. They propose giving away trillions in grants to our competitors around the world to build their economies and protect their borders and condemn efforts by President Trump to help our people and corporations.


I have tried to explain how the idea of a perfect economic system is elusive. Capitalism achieves a greater degree of success but comes with problems. The main reason it continues is because its problems appear to be far less than the alternatives so far constructed. Part of the reason for this is that capitalism takes advantage of changing situations better than other systems.

Democracy suffers a similar problem. It is so far better than any other system. Both systems have worked well for 250 years in America and it would be wise not to decimate either one overnight until there is the weight of evidence that something else would work. I have many theoretical arguments why capitalism and democracy work together well. Both adapt to change fast and are dynamic and allow for competition.

People are very competitive. Trying to remove competition is counter to the human basic need to win and compete.

I have noticed as have other people that sometimes the party who opposes a cause can be most effective in getting it done. For instance, Republicans were generally against regulations of business for environment. In early 1970s Richard Nixon signed the clean air act. This act has been the reason that air and sea in America have been purged of 99% of their toxic pollutants over the last 40 years.

The reason a Republican could pursue a liberal issue better than a Democratic administration could was that Democrats would try to do something that was good for the most radical in their group. Republicans would naturally oppose a radical proposal and thus nothing gets done. At the same time a republican administration if it embraces a liberal issue will come up with an acceptable compromise that can pass.

Thus it is said that only Nixon could go to China because a liberal going to China at the time would have been seen as caving to communists, Nixon going was seen as more honest and real. He would hold the Chinese to rules and not be taken advantage of.

Yet in most years of this democracy the parties are able to compromise and pass legislation.

Democrats have gone insane not President Trump. They continue to operate as obstinate losers and people who don’t actually care about Americans real problems but focus too much on foreign interests as if they’ve been bribed. It is time for the American people to make it certain to Democrats that they work for the CITIZENS of the US not the global world elite or other countries.

This is not crass or evil to be nationalist. It is what ALL countries do. Maybe Democrats want to work in the UN or something? Maybe they should. The US government like each state government and city government operates for the benefit of its citizens and when they don’t then it is our right to put in someone who will.