The answer: Maybe in 2140.

According to a new scare we are being told that people in Pakistan and India in 2140 might see water shortages as glaciers in the high mountains will have melted by then.

Glaciers are melting all over the world except for the Antarctic. The Antarctic is actually gaining snow and ice. In fact it is gaining so much that it almost completely reverses all the melting everywhere else.

You might ask how could this be? It’s simple actually. The temperatures in the antarctic are close to -70F to -100F. Even if temperatures climb 20 degrees they are still nowhere near melting temperature.

What happens is as waters close to the coast of Antarctic melt they cool the water near the arctic but it also creates more evaporation and more rain that condenses to snow in Antarctica that is GROWING the antarctic ice cover. It is actually thickening as the edges of it melt.

During the 1990s and up until 2005 or so alarmed environmentalists were traveling all over the world to track the melting rate of glaciers locked inland on mountaintops. They estimated the flow of these glacier flows and estimated a staggering amount of melting.

This is a classic case of experimenter bias. They looked only at Glaciers they found seemed to be melting fast. After we ran a satellite which measured mass of the glaciers and the land we found they had overestimated the melting of land locked glaciers by 900%!!!! This is also called confirmation bias. Climate Warming alarmists do this ALL THE TIME.

I have no doubt that the 30 out of 32 adjustments they have made to the temperature record that show increasing the size of the global warming since 1880 are more evidence of massive and criminal confirmation bias. There is a one in a billion probability that 30 of 32 corrections would turn out to enhance global warming. In other words we know the adjustments are fake.

Back to melting glaciers in India and Pakistan

This prediction of the glaciers in these 2 countries is mitigated by the fact that up until 2140 the 2 states will see dramatically increased water as the runoff from the glaciers supplies them with more water not less.

In other words the actual prediction is that India and Pakistan will have MORE water not less for 120 years. Then the prediction is that things will get worse 120 years from now.

I have an extreme skepticism that we know anything about what life will be like 120 years from now. Consider that 120 years ago we knew virtually nothing about the world, healthcare, physics and almost all science was in its infancy.

CRT displays and computers were still 50 years from being invented. Phones had just been invented and cars were first appearing and horses were still the main form of transit for day to day transportation.

The idea we have any idea what will be the conditions anywhere in the world in 80 or 120 years is ludicrous especially considering our track record and especially the track record of liberal predictions which are proven wrong 10 years after they make them typically.

What’s interesting is that like a lot of things in Climate Science they neglect to mention that for the next 60 or so years things will actually be better for a lot of things and then they predict it gets worse.

Such predictions are not believable and the constant use of these kinds of predictions is evidence of the weakness and deception of climate science.