About a year ago Robert Mueller heard from the IG in the DOJ that his lead investigator Peter Strozek had very damaging text messages on his cell phone.

Peter Strozek is the FBI official who opened the original intelligence investigation into the Trump collusion allegation. He opened this investigation after texting his lover Lisa Page that he would take action to stop Trump from winning the election.

During interrogation by the house intelligence committee Peter Strozek said that he had no interviews or other evidence other than the Steele Dossier to open this investigation. Certainly Peter Strozek knew that the dossier was being produced by Fusion GPS who Christopher Steele worked for and that the effort was a political hit job by Hillary Clinton and her campaign to destroy Donald Trump by fabricating evidence against him.

He had to know this because his principal source on this was Bruce Ohr whose wife worked for Fusion GPS on the dossier with Steele. Bruce Ohr worked directly with Peter Strozek on the scheme to frame Trump and destroy him and his team.

Peter knew the allegations against Trump from the Steele and Nellie Ohr Dossier were false. He never attempted to validate the charges made in the dossier provided by Fusion GPS and Hillary’s campaign. Later he texted Lisa Page and said “as we know the charges against Trump there is no there there.”

Mueller after perusing these text messages provided by the IG he decided to remove Peter Strozek from his team and put him in the FBI HR organization.

The public did not learn of Mueller removing Peter Strozek, his lead investigator from his investigation till 4 months later.

Amazingly, during interrogation by the house intelligence committee Peter Strozek said that Mueller did not ask him about the text messages and didn’t ask him what he meant by “preventing Donald Trump from becoming President.” Mueller did not ask Peter Strozek what he meant by “an insurance policy” against Trump. He didn’t ask Strozek if he was biased. He did not ask Strozek if he started the original Russia Trump collusion investigation on false basis. He didn’t ask what the basis for the investigation was.

Mueller didn’t want to know if the entire basis of his investigation which was a continuation of the investigation started by Strozek was based on poor information. He didn’t care that the entire basis of his investigation was allegations made by Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Trump not based on any independent and or other information that any conspiracy or collusion had actually taken place.

Sometime between the time Mueller discovered that the IG had discovered the Strozek cell phone with 50,000 texts that included extremely damaging information and questionable texts Mueller’s team deleted and reset the phones that Strozek and Lisa Page used.

That’s right. An investigator of the most serious crime against the Democracy of the US by the Russians deleted and reset the phones of the principal investigator after he was informed those phones contained damaging information about one of Mueller’s lead personnel.

This is a severe violation of FBI code and DOJ code. All pertient evidence has to be retained. Willful destruction of information that could be relevant to the investigation would be a crime.

Robert Mueller didn’t ask his lead investigator any questions according to Peter Strozek. He then scrubbed Peter’s phone and Lisa’s. He never questioned the basis for the investigation he was working on.

We are still missing thousands of texts that were never recovered and may never be recovered from Peter Strozek and Lisa Page’s phones. Possibly others as well.

What did Mueller really know about Peter Strozek’s motivations and evidence of collusion?

This is the first direct physical evidence of Mueller commiting crimes like Strozek and others have to hide evidence and fabricate evidence to attack the President.

What else has come out recently?

There is an allegation that Cohen’s phone was seen in Prague in the summer of 2016. Cohen has denied that he went to Prague during the summer of 2016 to discuss the proposal of real estate promoter Alex Slater to build a Trump branded property in Moscow.

Cohen had vehemently denied he was ever in Prague. My guess is that there are 2 possibilities.

  1. The phone report in Prague is an error
  2. The phone report was faked by US CIA agents trying to frame President Trump’s campaign.

You may ask how could I think #2? Well,. we now know that the CIA agents employed by John Brennan who tried to spy and frame Trump had done a number of things to set up meetings with Russians and Trump’s associates and create problematic situations for the Trump campaign.

They had setup Russians and Flynn at conferences and even coordinating their seats to make them close so that people would wonder what Flynn was talking about.

They had set up a meeting with a woman who claimed to be Putin’s niece to implicate George Papadopoulis to say he was close to Putin when he knew no russians before. We know that they offered Carter Page and George Papadapoulis $10,000 in cash and $30,000/month for consulting with Russians to implicate them as taking money from Russians.

The agents set up the entire meeting of the Trump tower with Donald Trump Jr and the Russian lawyer. Fusion GPS provided the negative information about Hillary that the Russian lawyer offered to DT Jr and threw away.

So, it isn’t completely bizarre that our CIA would be able to plant cell phone signals in foreign countries to implicate Cohen.


In summary we have learned again that the attempt to destroy Donald Trump has active participants including Robert Mueller who appears to have committed serious crimes now.