Along with the meme that the world is getting warmer is the one that the world is getting wetter.

How wet? A recent article I read analyzed the data from the KNMI modeler. It shows a trend over 100 years of slightly less than 12″ annual rainfall per century.

The interesting part of this analysis is that it debunks the climate theorists claims that the earth is getting wetter in the wetter regions and drier in the dry regions. In fact pretty much all regions are getting more rain.

The climate fanatics use computer models to predict what they think will happen and then broadcast predictions of doom and gloom.

This is just one example of how their predictions and reality are far apart. They claim drier regions will get drier but so far it hasn’t happened. They will reply but they will get drier. Our computer models predict it but the computer models already predicted it should be getting drier and it isn’t in the drier regions as a whole.

The question should be if it hasn’t so far when will this suddenly switch from everyone getting wetter to just the wet regions getting wetter? Also will the dry regions still be wetter than they are now because so far they are getting wetter.

This is a familiar story to those watching the climate fanatics claims. They are always claiming dread only to push off the day of reckoning as the climate continues to disappoint them.

Each storm or bad weather we get is followed by a long series of stories on how they predicted it and every series of contradictory weather they remain silent.

In the end the average over longer periods shows a much smaller effect that they claim.

I have no doubt that if climate scientists look into the rain data they will find reasons to adjust the data as they have for temperature.

Pretty soon after they have suitably modified the data with their adjustments we will find that floods and droughts never happened before and are a consequence now of global warming. Just as they have eliminated the 1940s heat waves and the MWP LIA and other events in history with temperature.

The biggest problem with all this is that we don’t know really why any of this is happening or if anything is happening. The changes are so small and the unknowns so huge.

My biggest problem that turned me away from climate science was the gross assumptions they made that were utterly unjustified. They claimed the ocean was static. The ocean has 1000 times the heat capacity of the atmosphere and the slightest modification of ocean temperatures could cause massive changes in temperature and precipitation that would dwarf any co2 effect.

We knew almost nothing about the ocean before 2000 and know only a slight amount more now. Fully 50% of the ocean is still not measured or seen by anyone even today. We don’t know what affects ocean temperatures and the discovery of 100 times as many underground ocean fissures as we knew about to the mantle since 2000.

The recent tsunami by the volcano in Indonesia probably was linked to underground fissures as well and helped cause the tsunami. These fissures and volcanoes as well as earthquakes are linked to deformations of the Earth by gravity from close by objects.

Such deformations were probably enhanced during the periodic motions of the Earth known as Milankovic cycles and may be the main cause of ice ages and for things like warming oceans and cooling oceans.

The last 100 years of data has debunked Hansen’s theory that co2 was the main cause of the ice ages. The response of the temperature to increasing co2 has not been nearly sufficient to explain the ice ages which means his main theory is dead. Other things still unknown caused the ice ages which means there is a lot we still don’t understand and aren’t measuring.

Therefore we don’t really know if the increased rain is a result of co2 even indirectly or warmer oceans or other phenomenon with the sun and of the effect will persist and we will continue to rain more and more.

For all we know the Earth could have less rain in 2100 than today. We really don’t know. What they have are models that have been debunked. They keep going back to them because they provide the fear mongering fodder they need to keep people wondering.

The fact is that we should keep studying this stuff but it should not be in the form of social justice. It should be real science looking at real causes, effects and learning more not for the purpose of beating people over the head with what they think they know.

We should have serious science that tries to understand what’s happening fundamentally. We don’t have that now. We have a science on a mission. A mission to prove they are right and the world is doomed if we don’t kill ourselves soon.

Climate science must become a science and stop being a political tool.