Guess what. The biggest problems in America are not:

  1. Millions of illegal immigrants being attracted and flowing into the United States who don’t pay taxes, have twice the criminality, avoid responsibility and 70% of whom are on social assistance that we pay for.   The rapes and deaths and drug smuggling, the reentry of criminals and human trafficking of prostitutes.
  2. China stealing $50 billion from US corporations in IP, violating our trade laws and practices, destroying hundreds of thousands of American middle class jobs every year.
  3. North Korea or Iran getting nuclear bombs which could be used against US or US allies causing millions of lost lives and trillions in wealth overnight.
  4. Efforts to reform criminal sentencing to find a way to help thousands of lower income and destitute hopeless people to rejoin our economy?
  5. Boosting the economy to get millions of people who dropped off the participating workers in America and create enough labor pressure to raise wages for middle class people and restore the American dream.
  6. The corruption of our security and justice government departments by zealous political hacks who performed secret intelligence sting operations using the most powerful and reputable organizations in our government and sullying their reputation. Spying on a candidate to the presidency to win an election in favor of the other candidate during an election and remove him after he was elected.

No.  It’s none of those things.   MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN NEVER TALK ABOUT THOSE ISSUES. The Democrats never talk about them. For Democrats and liberals there is only one problem in America that focuses 110% of their attention. Donald Trump. The pure evil who threatens their power.

The biggest issues in America are according to them;

  1. Did Donald Trump purposely avoid campaign election laws by paying out of his own money to hush women who were extorting him for the purpose of convincing voters he didn’t have sex with them so voters would vote for him.
  2. Whether during the transition 2 years ago General Michael Flynn who served nearly 30 years putting his life on the line for Americans lied about whether he talked to Russian Ambassador about Syria or not which is irrelevant to anything.
  3. The gasing of people attempting to storm our border who threw rocks and injured border patrol. Tear gas not poison gas but they don’t mention that.
  4. Russia Russia Russia they can never get enough Russia Ollie

The Democrats have now got 6 “investigations” going on President Trump at the same time.   They are clearly focused on one thing.  Getting Donald Trump. That’s clearly the most important thing because clearly ….. tada …

Donald Trump is bad. Way bad.

They obviously believe the most important thing in America is to remove or stop Donald Trump from succeeding.   

The 6 investigations are nothing in comparison to what the Democrats have been doing for the last 3 years. 

They have literally millions of obsessed desperate people to find something to stop Donald Trump from helping black people, hispanics, boosting the middle class, raising wages for middle class and poor workers, destroying ISIS, fighting for American workers with our trading partners to get better trade deals and stop China from stealing from the US and its companies and workers. Creating more effective enhanced investment zones and prison reform to help the poorest in America. Stopping illegals from crossing our border who are not good for us and take jobs from other Americans.

They told us  that Donald Trump would cause wars (nuclear wars!) , Muslims would hate us more.  They told us he would crash the stock market, that he had no magic wand to save middle class people or the manufacturung jobs. They said that the economy would never grow at 3% again. They said he would kill blacks, was a racist that hated blacks hispanics and others.

They didn’t mention that blacks and Hispanics would do the best in history under Trump. They never mentioned that wages for the middle and poor class would be rising for the first time in 20 or 30 years.

They were wrong about everything.  Literally everything. They never said he would crush ISIS in months when Obama failed for 8 years and terrorism rose by 500% in his terms. Now terrorism is 3rd page.

He has done nothing to hurt anybody and in fact everything in America is going better. As discussed above on every measure you can measure using rational statistics and facts the country is getting materially richer and our situation is improving.

This is contrary to Obama who during his 8 years reduced the real unemployment rate by only 0.1% after accounting for the lower participation and there was no wage change in 8 years.  He did nothing as China raped the US people, economy and companies. 

During Obama’s administration he did nothing about the issue of illegal immigrants. The Democrats punted on every issue of importance to Americans. After the disastrous Obamacare in his first 2 years Americans rejected Obama and put in Republican majorities that stopped his policies. The only thing Obama accomplished was Obamacare which this week was declared unconstitutional. The US longevity rate has fallen now 4 years in a row under Obamacare. A colossal failure that has massively increased the cost of healthcare in America.

Democrats don’t acknowledge any of the problems that are the real problems of America that Donald Trump is working to fix.

In fact the opposite they seem to be intent to use every penny and resource they can to stop him from helping us.

They are determined to derail everything Président Donald Trump is doing.

Today on MSNBC and CNN they are gleeful that the President is going to be tied up in their investigations. At least they hope he is.

It’s so obvious their goal is to stop Trump and any method or tactic is okay and it’s clearly political.Launching into constant criticism of anything he does even as he succeeds in improving our lives.

They fight every improvement as if they are against our country. As if they were foreigners more interested in sucking America dry.

The Resistance to change is always enormous.  Change is hard.

There are several possible explanations for this subversive behavior. I believe at least some of this is the resistance to change.

Elites and other forces in this county and all countries are determined to keep power, money and control.

This is the way most countries in the world are locked in poverty forever. They can’t change. The powerful forces resist change that will subvert and corrupt the Government to stop any attempt to subvert their wealth and power. They will do anything to stop change.

These oligopolies exert enormous power in most countries that prevent the advance of their societies. The US has escaped this because of free speech and equal protection under the law and our monopoly laws.

This is the purest form of the corruption that forces most countries to a perpetual state of enforced poverty and class . More than 50% of the world is crushed because of this kind of corruption. The elite will resist change and any people who try to challenge that authority are destroyed.

They will do anything to prevent change and clearly Donald Trump is changing things. They have tried everything to stop him they can. This is important to understand. The people who want to preserve the status quo will do anything. Much of what we see as democratic irrationally and resistance is simply existing power resisting change.

You have to understand this. It’s very important to understand this because it is the an important element ( maybe the primary ) to understand why we get such insanity and resistance.

You will be surprised by how much people who support illegal immigrants make. All the way from teachers in failing school districts to lawyers who represent these people they make billions from the programs that support these policies.

People who make billions in academic research for global warming or have stakes in new ventures based on certain liberal narratives. Consider the people whose lives are built around ensuring diversity and blaming white males for all the problems in the world.

Do you think these people will easily accept that white boy’s aren’t spending every minute trying to oppress minorities? What if Jewish people weren’t controlling the world? What would it mean to liberal ideas of Palestinian repression? What if Jewish people weren’t equal to dogs?

We live in a world where lots of people have built their life around the idea that white males are the source of all evil in the world. What if they aren’t? What if they were the same as everyone else? How would these people make a living?

Many people in America are complainers. What this means is they don’t have any solutions. They find they gain advantage by complaining and blaming others. These are people who complain about everything bad that happens from our immigration hell we have created but don’t want to offer any solutions. They just want to complain.

They prefer policies that create more and more problems because they gain income and wealth from complaining about our problems not fixing them. They don’t want to establish a system that reduces problems to solutions. They literally don’t care a whit about American citizens.

They only care about their special interests. They might not even be Americans themselves. We are talking about a truly subversive class that hates regular Americans.These are people who work for extranational organizations sometimes funded by anarchists like George Soros who want to reduce the US to international 3rd world status and globalists who want to make Americans like Venezuela or Cuba.

These people seriously don’t care about the problems of ordinary Americans. They care more for the problems of illegal immigrants suffering to try and get past our border. They don’t care one whit about the generations of dependency some of these people create or the costs to you and me to support them for 50 years or that they don’t pay taxes or are twice as criminal or don’t pay for their education and aren’t responsible when accidents happen.

They steal resources from the very people that liberal claim they want to help. We don’t know how much they make and they have access to our social services even if they don’t qualify. They get free education. Liberals don’t care about the middle class.

They gave this up in the Clinton era. They focused on free trade and empowering China and other counties that paid them huge amounts of money. Hillary and bills foundation made billions from these counties including Russia. They made $140 million from Russian actors. They were the kings of Russia collusion.

They don’t care if Americans get better jobs and higher paying jobs. They want the jobs or benefits in other more deserving countries. Screw America. They want our money, our wealth and Americans are not deserving. Screw the American people.

They want us to pay for everything and to buy everything from them. They want us to be willing to let anyone come to America to work legally or illegally. They don’t care. If Americans aren’t willing to work for $2 an hour then retire.

According to the elires our jobs have to be fungible to keep wages down. They would prefer that we have a lecturing society that says America doesn’t work, is broken and socialism is necessary.

They don’t like it if they don’t have all these illegal immigrants to care for or provide benefits for and lobby for. They like the corruption payouts from China and may have vested interests in other countries that make them not care a whit for Americans.

We talk about Russian corruption but it’s nothing compared to these other countries corruption and influence on the American political system. Listen every night to Mexican and foreign advocates of illegal immigration. What if we had Russians on ever night arguing for their interests? Russia has 1/1000th the influence of Mexicans and South Americans or middle easterners or Asians on American politics.

We should actually be giving everyone who wants to come to the US first class air flights. Why should they have to walk 3000 miles and find water bottles left by raping mules. No, we should open our arms and let hundreds of millions of people in. That’s what MSNBC is advocating.

They decry the death of a 7 year old Guatemalan. This never happened before. No American 7 year olds die. The media cares about a 7 year old from Guatemala more than the pathetic dregs and deplorable in America. They never cover the deaths of American innocent victims of illegal immigrants.

The Media is not talking about the real issues

The media is focused on things that are completely irrelevant to Americans. Hours and hours spent talking about hush payments that might be a campaign violation although they never spent 2 seconds mentioning that Obama had $2 million or 10 times the violations Trump is accused of. Obama was fined more than the contributions and it’s not clear at all the Trump hush payments are campaign contributions.

Should Obama have been impeached in 2009 from $2 million in election violations?Let’s take the wall.

The Democrats have been fighting this wall more than life itself? Why? Because they care about $5 billion? The US spends 1000 times that every year. This is 0.1% of the federal budget. They spend $5 billion in 2 minutes. They couldn’t care about the cost. They say the wall won’t work. The proof they are scared the wall might work is their irrational resistance to the wall.

Why fight this wall so hard?  Simply because they don’t think it will work? We could try it. It might work or not? Why put the DACA people’s lives at risk in the US over a wall they don’t think will work. If it won’t work why fight it?

They want these immigrants to come in. So, if it won’t work they should be happy the President is wasting time building a wall that won’t work. The fact they so vehemently oppose the wall is the biggest proof they think the wall will work. Otherwise why oppose it so strongly? Why do they even care? If they think the wall won’t work why not let trump have his wall? Because they obviously think it will work.

This is the rhetoric of power elites who fear change. We are talking about people who want to preserve the status quo and just complain and stop change. These are the corrupt people protecting their entrenched interests.