This may seem incredible prediction. In fact it is the opposite of what many people are saying.

Let me explain.

Donald Trump will be impeached

This is inevitable.

The Democrats despise Donald Trump viscerally. He has hurt them. They speak constantly in hateful ways toward Trump. They have no respect.

Make no mistake the Democrats will not lose the opportunity to besmirch Donald Trump. They want the moniker that he has been impeached next to his name so that for all of history the presidency of Donald Trump will be slandered with the “impeached” label.

I don’t know what reason they will use. It could be the Cohen accusations or something in the Mueller report or some event that happens that they spin into an outrage that justifies them impeaching him.

So, let us not deceive ourselves Donald Trump will be impeached. He will. They won’t go for 2 years and not take the opportunity to tar Donald Trump with every attack they can and impeachment is way too tempting. They won’t be able to stop themselves.

This will happen with nearly 100% surety.

Impeachment is simply the process of a majority of the house voting to say Donald Trump is impeached.

The removal of a President by impeachment has never happened in 250 years. In order to actually remove president Trump you need 2/3 of the senate. That isn’t happening even if the evidence was extraordinary.

First, the crimes against Donald Trump that could possibly be charged don’t rise to significance enough that you could get 2/3 to vote for removing Trump even if they were utterly true and proved.

This is especially true after the midterm where the nevertrumpers were removed. There is no way to get that many republicans to vote against Trump even if the evidence was strong of incidental but inconsequential crimes.

The US constitution is designed with what is called a balance of power. This means the founders imagined a fight between the branches and they weren’t keen on the idea that it would be easy to stop or remove people from any of the branches.

This tension between the branches is a key element of how we maintain democracy and honesty and keep each person or group in line. It is a complex method that insures the will of the people will be carried out.

The Congress cannot remove a president and reverse what the people of the United States decided in 2016 without overwhelming evidence of extreme malfeasance. There is simply nothing close to that Trump is being accused of by anybody.

Trump will be impeached with 95% surety. He will also not be removed from office with 95% surety.

These are logical conclusions in my opinion that can’t really be debated.

Mueller will exonerate Trump

This may be the more surprising conclusion I have deduced.

It is clear after 3 years of investigation that there is nothing to the Russia collusion allegation.

Very few people think that Mueller will deliver evidence of collusion or other significant charges with evidence.

It is clear that the entire accusation of Trump colluding with Russia was an invention of Democrats from the very beginning. It could have been Hillary herself, John Brennan, Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS or a Lawyer at Perkins Coie or some other FBI operative like McCabe or Strozek or Bruce Ohr. But some Democrat came up with this idea not Trump or any associate of Trump’s. There was never a scintilla of evidence to support this investigation.

Using an accusation they invented they have then empowered an almost godlike investigation that can go anywhere, do anything to find something anything on Donald Trump.

So they were looking for evidence of their fantasy. I believe you raped a woman. I have no evidence of that. I just hate you and think that you might have raped a woman.

I go and investigate every woman you’ve ever met. I bring them to court and try to force them to admit you raped them. I bring charges of lying to my investigation to force you to admit you were raped. That’s basically what the Mueller and Russia investigation is about.

It never had a chance to find evidence because it was a fantasy from the beginning. Unfortunately, this is true of many Democrat accusations on virtually everything they say.

I invent the charge and then I spend 3 years harassing every person you’ve ever known to prove my fantasy is correct and if by chance along the way I can find something to get you I will jump on that.

It’s so clear. This investigation from the beginning was never about Russia because he never even talked to the Russian woman who is accused to have given information to Donald Trump Jr to get Hillary.

The special prosecutor report cannot reference the Donald Trump jr meeting because this meeting was a construction of the Democratic operatives. The woman was picked by Fusion GPS. Donald Trump Jr was invited by someone who was told to do so by Fusion GPS. The woman was briefed and prep’d the day before the DT jr Trump tower meeting over dinner with Fusion GPS. The information handed to DT jr as “Russian intelligence” to get Hillary was provided by Fusion GPS. The meeting had Fusion gps associates in it. The day after the meeting she was debriefed by Fusion GPS.

If Mueller brings this meeting or anything to do with this meeting he will be running into the hornets nest of the Hillary conspiracy to destroy Donald Trump and the governments perfidious plan to destroy Donald Trump. He obviously won’t want to invite more investigation of that meeting.

He might try to use the Papdopoulis meetings with US spies to implicate or allege something but the fact is Papadapoulis never took the bait provided by the US spies or the money.

Nobody in the Trump campaign seemed at all interested in Russia. Despite at least a dozen meetings being set up by Democrats to try to implicate Republicans he can’t use those. He can’t bring up that Papadapoulis met with Putin’s daughter because we now know that this was arranged by US spies.

Mueller knows that Trump can and probably will release all the documents about the Democrats plan to destroy his campaign. So Mueller cannot refer to the things the FBI investigated as part of that plan to destroy Trump.

Guess what? The fact is if you investigate anyone for 3 years you are almost certainly get some dirt that can be used to crucify you. I think they gave up on trying to get Trump on collusion or obstruction or using any evidence obtained as part of the insurance policy to destroy Donald Trump.

They have been really hoping to find something else to pin on Trump. That’s why they raided Cohen’s office. They got millions of documents on top of the thousands of phone calls they spied on and the attacks on anyone ever affiliated with Donald Trump in 40 years. The most amazing thing is that in spite of this incredible effort to crush Donald he has turned it around and is winning on every front.

The Democrats have put an army to work to find something to pin on Donald Trump. They have put a special prosecutor who has unlimited budget and unlimited power to accuse and go after people and they have crushed all kinds of people sometimes with some merit but frequently with no merit.

It is astonishing that the most important figures in the Mueller investigation have been charged with things that didn’t happen before the election and are accusations that someone did something to the Mueller team itself!!! Other charges have to do with things that happened 15 years before Donald Trump became President.

The government has used its incredible power to spy on the entire world to look at every conversation of Trump and his staff and other people. There are numerous nevertrumpers who would criticize and backstab Donald Trump on a moments notice.

For 3 years this has gone on and we see that Mueller has not gotten anything from Cohen, Flynn, Papadopoulis, Carter Page, Manafort, Corsi, Gates or anyone else. We would have some idea by now.

The NYTimes elaborate look at his finances for 40 years has turned up nothing.

The fact is it can’t be denied Donald Trump has run a clean ship. Trump’s team has been focused on purpose and not distracted even as the Hillary team was spending apparently vast amounts of time garnering information from Russians to attack Trump and using between 4 and 6 US related spies to target and seduce his team to work with Russians they didn’t take the bait.

It’s rather amazing actually.

What can Mueller say in his report?

Can an investigator allege crime but not have enough evidence to recommend indictment?


Could Mueller’s report provide lots of “accusations, hearsay, allegations and highly circumstantial evidence?”


The job of an investigator is not to discredit people with allegations they haven’t proved.

If that were the case people under investigation would see all this crap about things they may have done. We don’t see that.

The constitution of the US makes clear you have the right to face your accusers in court. The implication is that if the accusations aren’t proven you shouldn’t be “destroyed” by accusations at least not by the government.

We have the idea you are innocent until proven guilty. An investigator who can’t prove a case against someone is required to keep the material facts of the investigation under wraps.

I realize that this hasn’t been done here and we know everything but the idea that Mueller’s report would consist of accusations that he didn’t believe enough to recommend indictment but are literally like a political document maligning Donald Trump is wrong and stupid.

I realize some will say that the Democrats will do and say anything but Mueller is an investigator and he knows he would be discredited if he came out with a document after spending $75 million of our dollars and 2 years of time with a document full of unproven accusations.

He either has a case that Donald Trump knew about and participated in the Wikileaks attack on democracy by providing Americans with true emails that disclosed corruption of Democrats. Or he doesn’t.

If he doesn’t he will not be able to allege it with less than convictable evidence.

The common belief is that the Mueller report will try to paint a story that somehow Donald Trump or his associates somehow did something really nefarious.

The White House is reportedly preparing a document to attack the document that Mueller will produce.

The fact is if Mueller has nothing or not enough to convict he should not release the report. We know he will do it is incumbent on him to make sure the document is bullet proof.

Those thinking the Mueller report will have poorly evidenced accusations that wacko liberals can use to attack Trump cannot happen.

The FBI and DOJ, CIA and NSA reputation have been destroyed in the last 2 years as we have discovered that these agencies were involved in a conspiracy against a campaign of the competitive party.

Mueller cannot contribute to this besmirchment by producing less than a rock solid document with evidence for every statement made. It has to be.

Even though Mueller is under tremendous pressure to provide a document that will justify impeaching Donald Trump the FBI cannot afford a document that turns out to be full of accusations that turn out false after we go through a senate trial.

What I’m saying is that it is extremely unlikely that Mueller is so biased and full of acrimony he produces another piece of evidence that the FBI is a pathetic left wing Democratic SuperPAC.

So, unless Mueller has somehow something that seems impossible which is evidence nobody has come out with so far or even hinted at Mueller cannot produce a document that indicts Trump.

So the fact is that even if Mueller’s document does paint a picture that could show some circumstantial evidence it will essentially exonerate President Trump.

It has to be.