I have talked about the suicidal policies of Democrats like having a low growth rate and simultaneously taking in 2 million immigrants a year resulting in a falling participation rate and 40% drop in wealth of the middle class and poor.

How about identity politics as suicidal? How to learn to hate your diversity and notice every irrelevant thing about yourself and people around you which is your immutable characteristics when you are trying to create a society that is simultaneously fair to everyone equally.

How about wishing for a recession or to kill the President of the US or favor suicidal open border policies just because you want power so bad you are willing to hurt the US and its people to get that power.

How about coming up with plans to protect black lives by restraining cops from killing or confronting black criminals so blacks can kill each other in record numbers and let gangs take over the streets.

How about advocating socialism just as capitalism is driving the fastest growth in America in the world and driving wages up for people for the first time in decades and unemployment in all categories down to record lows especially in black, hispanic and women groups.

How about Obamacare, the plan to give Americans cheap health insurance that doubled our rates, increased our deductibles so high that now everyone is dying for 3 years in a row earlier.

This is the most amazing thing. We passed this law which restructured health care, limited options for people and somehow caused insurance rates to spike unbelievably. Simultaneously to combat rising rates insurance companies raised deductibles so now people had to pay thousands of dollars before seeing any benefit. Now the death rate is climbing and longevity is dropping again.

For the 3rd or 4th year in a row (if you are a male) ever since Obamacare came into being Americans have been dying younger and younger.

Suicide, opioid abuse, pneumonia and wide array of causes Americans are dying younger.

This is amazing because for 4 decades the longevity rate kept climbing. We grew to expect that year to year we would live longer. I imagined that by the time I got another 10 years older I would gain 1 year just because our medical system had improved.

No more. We’re dying younger like the Soviets in communist Russia, like in Venezuela.

Democrats are crying for more Obamacare. Save it. They want Medicare for all which will bankrupt Medicare and possibly crush the older people who depend on it by bringing millions of new people in to abuse it. Illegal immigrants, impoverished people who currently don’t qualify will be added in some blue states.

Good luck with that. Medicare survives by the largesse of the other health care plans. Every medical provider I’ve ever talked to complains that Medicare pays less than any other plan and they only take it because they are more or less forced to.

Expect that Medicare will suffer as the program is expanded.

Democrats plans are suicidal. Literally.

Yeah, let’s solve our illegal immigrant problem by eliminating those mean ICE agents.

Let’s take care of our middle class by letting China and other countries rape our economy.

Let’s raise corporate rates again so businesses drop their investment plans, leave the US and put all their money outside the US again.

Let’s take care of our middle class by letting millions of illegals pour in to take their jobs or compete for them.

We can take only so many liberal policy ideas before we commit collective suicide. Drink the cool aid kids. Socialism is the answer. Obamacare. Open borders. Free trade. Tax tax tax and give the people food stamps and Medicare.

That’s the future.