I am a big believer in free speech and debate. I believe strongly that the people given all the information will make the right decision and if they fail they will make the right decision the next time. I’m not scared of media bias excessively or white supremacists.

We’ve advanced to the most tolerant and least racist nation on earth without filtering from Facebook and with the KKK still having some chapters and with a wacko in Pennsylvania preaching white supremacy.

The argument could be made that Obama was elected twice because of not in spite of free speech. Expressing bad ideas leads to those ideas being rejected. Not expressing those ideas leads to closet beliefs that don’t change anyone’s opinion.

We need diverse opinions. We need people to hear different views. However, purely negative views that are clearly propaganda as the majority of the media engage is unpatriotic and deceptive. There are illegal connections between the Democratic Party and media that were exposed by Wikileaks that I believe have only gotten worse.

But as the election in 2016 and 2018 show they can scream and spend 10 times as much on media and dominate social media and still be near the lowest level of power in American history. It’s not helping them. They regained only 350 of 900 seats they lost around the country in 2016. So they are still at a very low point and almost entirely out of power in the vast majority of the countries states.

So their belief in social media filtering and suppressing free speech and google tampering isn’t working. They are losing and have lost over and over and polls show nobody believes the media so their huge bias doesn’t convince anybody except the people who are already believers.

538 documented cases of violence directed at Republicans by Democrats and faked hate crimes by liberals points out that they can incite their moronic filter bubble followers into a frenzy of hate. That works. They can get people to yell and scream at Republicans and prevent people from telling you their real opinion but it’s not working to actually change anyone’s opinion in spite of spending vast billions on the effort to program us.

We can have free speech but we should know and set standards for journalism again. We need to ask media to be more unbiased. They should do this for their own benefit. They need to delineate between opinion programs and journalism. Today almost everything on msm media is not journalism. It is just propaganda.

We also need to dissallow the social media from making decisions about content unless they apply it neutrally and can prove they are neutral. Otherwise we need them to become content providers and subject to campaign finance rules for disclosure and tax consequences.

When Donald Trump calls the media the enemy of the people he is not talking about every media. He is talking about the MSM that Harvard and others have shown are 96% biased. He is right unfortunately.

It is possible like Democrats have alleged that there are actors outside the US who want to encourage the US to vote against their own interests.

I believe what I’m saying is something everyone can agree is best for democracy. There shouldn’t be a political argument about journalism or the following things.

Being unpatriotic is not treason. It simply means you are saying things which don’t support American interests.

A lot of what Trump is doing is not political. For instance, arguing against securing our border is difficult to understand. How could anyone argue against it? It’s not political.

It is suicide for a rich country to have an open border. This should be plain to anyone with an IQ above 85. Some people try to argue they aren’t for open borders but on the other hand allow loopholes to let people come in almost arbitrarily. Some will argue that if someone makes it past the border patrol they should be legalized. These are stupid ideas that are clearly just another way of implementing open borders.

Some people try to argue that illegal immigrants add to our country. This is not sensible. I have pointed out nearly a dozen reasons why illegal immigrants create massive problems in the US.

The US already takes in 1.7 million legal immigrants a year. How can one argue that it is okay to have millions of people come here illegally too? Securing the border is common sense. It’s suicidal to argue otherwise.

It’s impossible illegal immigrants are net positive and I’ve explained why. Some have argued that by the 3rd generation illegals start contributing. That may be but the short term costs are enormous and everyone should admit that.

There are so many negatives beside the fact that illegals are essentially a second class of slave citizen.

Donald Trump by stopping people at the border is simply exposing the ridiculous situation and how crazy what has been going on for 30 years is.

Every day more than 1000 people cross illegally into the US. We now have 25 million illegals here according to an MIT/Yale study. Not 11 million as some have said.

This should be shocking as the liberals have been undercounting this problem by 14 million. Everyday on the liberal media they quote 11 million which is utterly wrong.

It should be shocking to realize so many people are undocumented which means they are an underclass and they are not paying all their taxes and they are violating laws all the time. They can’t help it but that doesn’t make it okay.

They are forced into an irresponsible position and that is immoral but there is no way to change that without granting them some form of legality.

Liberals are now saying this is a problem and finally seem to be agreeing that we need to change our immigration policies. Donald Trump tried to do this last year and now we see even more clearly why we have to do this and why the Democrats have been trying to extend this problem against the interests of the people of the US and frankly against the interests of people who are being subjected to a second class of citizenship.

The result of that illegality is that these people get subjected to more abuse. The fact that liberals are scared we might export theses people that they purposely advocate policies which obscure as much as possible who these people are, how many they are, what problems they are causing. They refuse to acknowledge that this obscuration is harmful because we don’t know anything but these people also suffer because they don’t get an equal experience in the US.

Some will argue that we need these illegal workers because our industry needs them to keep wages down and because they claim these people can’t be found.

In fact labor and capital are fungible. Especially today. If there is a shortage of workers it will cause business to use automation and capital to replace the workers. In fact more and more low wage workers can’t do the jobs that are needed today. The manufacturing jobs need to be done by robots anyway for quality, because the parts are too small and other reasons.

We also find that our technology is starting to replace more and more low skill jobs. We don’t need more low skill jobs but even if that weren’t true we also shouldn’t be using illegal immigrants as a solution to this for all the reasons I’ve talked about above and more.

To me there is no possible reason you can argue we should have such a scale of illegal immigration. In other words it is beyond stupid to argue for illegal immigrants. It is unpatriotic.

I should also mention that the way the illegal migration happens is deeply harmful in many other ways to those people and to the US. ITS SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE TO CONTINUE THIS.

Some individuals may find due to various reasons they want illegal immigrants. However neither party should consider immigration to be a political issue. We can argue how many immigrants to let in and what requirements to become a citizen. Maybe we have a work program for temporary visas but arguing we need illegals is immoral and unpatriotic. It’s suicidal.

How can liberals argue against the wall?

The wall clearly will work and the recent use of the wire fence demonstrates this. Policy and use of that wire fence along only a small part of the border already has caused a backlog of 5000 going on to 10,000 and 15,000 in just a couple days.

Without a wall people clearly thought that they could get across. The problem was hidden. Now we see the scale of the problem. We are starting to see who these people are. Some are decent but a lot aren’t. Too many. Also they are circumventing the line that 1.7 million people last year were perfectly capable of going through. It’s unfair dangerous and stupid idea to have a porous border.

Liberals by arguing against the wall are telling people south of the border that it is okay to cross illegally. After we have taken in 30+% of the entire populations of numerous countries south of the border we have to realize this is a huge problem. Surveys show that just in the countries south of the border 50% of the remaining people in many of those countries want to move to the US.

As our economy strengthens many of those people may decide to make the journey. We could easily end up with another 25-50 million people. This is fact because it happened and it will happen again if we get our economy growing again which we are.

Already we take in 1.7 million / year legally. Even if we reduced that to 1 million you could not argue the US was being nazi. We are and always will be the most diverse country and the most accepting but that acceptance depends on people acting in good faith.

You can kill the golden goose by allowing too much abuse

Liberals do this horrible thing a lot. They advocate suicidal policies that actually destroy the golden goose.

Hillary actually admitted this just a few days ago. She was in Europe and admitted that liberal refugee policies have caused liberals to lose power all over Europe and creating massive division and pain.

She was willing to say this to Europeans. They can control their border and control who comes in apparently because when she sees her liberal friends in Europe being slaughtered it is self-survival. You can’t keep arguing for suicide as being the moral answer. Eventually you will be voted out of office.

The same happened in the US. The US took in 19 million people from 2009-2017. We only created 5.5 million jobs. Check bureau of labor statistics and the government census sites. This reduced our participation rate by 3%-4% during the period 2009-2017 which effectively cancelled all the gains in the economy over that period.

Obama in effect didn’t cut the unemployment rate at all during his entire term. That is because he let in too many people and grew the economy too slowly.

I have pointed out over and over that this crushed the middle class and poor. It was not Russia. It was the middle class being destroyed that caused them to abandon the Democratic Party.

If you grow the economy slowly but massively explode the population it is suicidal. Either you have high growth like we had prior to 2008 (3.5% / year average before 2008 1.5% after) or you cut immigration. You can’t do both and have low growth and high immigration.

High immigration only makes sense if you have a high growth economy.

Also if we don’t fix the border the high growth economy Trump has finally made happen again in America will induce millions of illegals to pour into this country like they did during the previous 30 years after Reagan launched us into a high growth period of 25 years.

Either we continue the high growth and then we can let in more people but it will also mean depressed wages. During the 10-20 years before 2009 the growth of wages stagnated. Some of that is abusive policies by some trading partners and some is from low wage illegal immigrants.

These are facts. It’s not political. Arguing against facts and underlying realities is suicide. Just like Hillary admitted in Europe you can only deceive the people so long and eventually suicide will be obvious and everybody will reject it. ( at least if you still have democracy.)

In 80 years if we continued the Obama policies and liberal policies we would have at least 520 million people in the US. The number of illegals would be at least 60 million. 60 million illegals means more illegals than citizens in many countries.

Liberals like to do these projections of global warming 80 years in advance. The consequences of 60+ million illegals in the US as slave citizens who are constantly in fear of being exported don’t pay taxes and commit twice as many crimes and who don’t know anything about America would be suicide. The US would be impoverished and most middle class and poor would be on the streets. We would have a 100 million homeless people in the US.

As long as the Democrats support policies that encourage mass immigration legal and illegal and for free trade policies that crush middle class jobs, slow growth and allow foreigners to steal IP from the US and other policies that crush the average person in America the democrats are advocating policies that are suicidal.

Hillary was willing to see that these policies are truly suicidal in the case of Europe she sees that liberals will be destroyed in Europe if they continue to argue these policies.

The same is true in the US but liberals are still arguing suicide. SUICIDE IS UNPATRIOTIC.

The same is true of trade policies

It is suicidal to argue we should allow countries to hollow the US and steal.

It is not Democrat or Republican. It is simply unpatriotic to argue we should continue to let countries abuse us.

If Donald Trump is successful which he will be then it will mean hundreds of billions in new income for Americans. This cannot be bad and is not political. Everybody should be for America winning unless you are unpatriotic.

Trump putting a line in the sand with China to stop them stealing is not Republican or Democrat. We shouldn’t have media fighting the president on every issue when those issues are not political.

It’s unpatriotic or suicidal to argue against the US’s best interests.

The same is true of NATO

We are paying for 70% of the defense of Europe. Whether you are Democrat or Republican it makes no difference. A Europe that pays more for its own defense and depends less on us is not political.

If you argue the US should just pay for other countries defense 70 years after we defeated them or won a war with them you are simply arguing a European position not the US. YOU ARE ARGUING UNPATRIOTIC THING.

The same is true of the corruption of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA by the Obama / Clinton administration

The Democrats can not argue that it is okay for one party to spy on the other during a campaign. The sheer fact that we’ve learned that an investigation of the form the Democrats did is treasonous. It is utterly unconstitutional and it is wrong.

Every democrat should be appalled their party did this. They should not be defending James Comey, Peter Strozek, John Brennan and the long list of characters who have been disgraced in our justice and security services and are heading to prosecution.

This was the biggest corruption and act of treason ever in the US. Democrats need to come to their senses and admit this and help put these people behind bars.

Do you want Republicans to do this to you next election? Wake up. This is not acceptable. Otherwise it will happen to you. Read about this. It makes the Russian interference look stupid by comparison.

Russian Interference

If the Russians did actually interfere in our election in any serious way then of course this would be something we should fight.

The fact is Democrats have not proven this.

From what has been discovered so far there are 2 ways Russia may have tried to interfere.

They had private citizens possibly under direction from Putin to place millions in ads in social media.

The problem with this is that it is so small that nobody could believe or prove that any person even one changed their vote because of this pitiful effort. Compared to the billions and billions of campaign funded media and the coverage of the regular media the Russian interference could not possibly have had any effect at all. Zero.

This argument is buttressed by the fact the Democrats spent billions more than Trump and his allies and they lost anyway. Russia’s million in ads could not possibly have influenced and significant number of people and in fact no agency has shown anyone changed their vote. Not one person.

We could argue that we should fight and tell Russia not to do this but let’s not fantasize stupid things like the Russians affected our election. The democrats who have suggested this are hurting the Democratic Party because it is denying the blatantly obvious reason they lost which is the middle class.

Stop lying to yourselves. It only hurts you.

It is also known that Russia was likely instrumental in releasing DNC emails and John Podesta emails. The DNC should take heat and responsibility for truly horrifically bad security practices that led to this break in.

It is also the fact that all Russia did was to release true emails.

Truth is not an attack on democracy.

I have argued I want Republican emails released too but truth however voters get it is not bad for democracy or an attack on democracy.

To characterize it this way is to suggest voters should not know. I fundamentally don’t agree and I will never agree with this.

It should never be the case that foreign leaders know more about the crimes and corruption of our leaders than we do.

Democrats outrage over Russia is completely misplaced. Surely Russia shouldn’t try to interfere but they will and everyone does. We get Chinese influence and Arab influence and Israeli influence and European influence. Influence is not by itself wrong. It should be understood what that influence is so voters know that some information they see has a certain source just like they should know about all political information.

The actual effect of Russia was fortunately small like these other players and we should be vigilant to our voting systems and the information voters get. We can improve these systems but Russia didn’t affect the election and no information has been uncovered that they did.

By making the Russians into pure evil the democrats are deceiving themselves and unnecessarily creating animosity with Russia. We don’t need this.

The media’s bias has gone too far

There can be no question that the major media of CNN MSNBC ABC ETC are incredibly biased to the point of being propaganda.

Wikileaks showed there was illegal connection between Democrats and the media with them literally handing questions to one candidate and not another. They did illegal fund raising together. They conspired.

Opinion media is different. If the democrats or liberal media want to have opinion media terrific but to call themselves journalists and then be 96% biased is propaganda.

Objective sources like Harvard and other sources have shown that Fox Is 50% biased. They have people who argue both sides. People like Chris Wallace are hardly Trump stalwarts. There is virtually nobody in the mainstream media anymore that can be called a journalist in the traditional American sense of being fair and unbiased yet they advertise themselves as that.

It’s a joke. Everybody knows they are biased. The result is we have a gated media and trust in media has dropped to 1/4 of Donald Trumps support. Even liberals don’t trust the media.

Why should they? Virtually everything they’ve said for the last 3 years has been wrong. They have projected that the President was quitting on his last breath. They have called him every name possible. They continue to operate as pure hate mongers and as an arm of the Democratic Party. It’s obvious. Denying it only seems stupid.