If you listen to the MSM and the idiots in the media we see a very superficial explanation of what happened in 2018 election.

Let us look at the stats. The Democrats lost 900 seats in 2016. They were at a 90 year low in political representation. They lost 33 of the governorships and 32 of the statehouses of the country and were left in losing position in the senate, house and the presidency of course.

The Republicans were in such a powerful position they could literally have run a constitutional convention and rewrite the constitution without any Democrats being able to stop them!!!

They have denied their loss talking about Russia as if the only thing was the presidency and blaming it on Russia even though they were pushed out of the country in massive losses.

After a party wins a presidential election that changes party the record is very clear. In only 2 elections in nearly 200 years has the party that gained power subsequently gained seats in the midterm.

If the Republicans had won seats in the midterm given this incredibly low position the Democrats were in and given the switch it would have meant the Democratic Party would have been effectively destroyed as a party in the US.

On top of the statistical problems for the Republicans to gain in the midterms about 40 Republican #nevertrumpers quit the house and 4 or 5 quit the senate. The Democrats had an incredible tailwind.

One has to understand that if the Democrats had not won seats in the midterm this would have been literally the end of the Democratic Party. I am serious. It would be an incredible repudiation that meant the population had abandoned all hope the Democratic Party had any right to say anything about anything at any level of government in the US. The Democrats would have been completely destroyed.

As I predicted this didn’t happen.

This doesn’t mean that since the Democrats recovered 350 seats in the midterms across the country and 39 seats in the house that they “had a victory.”

In my opinion if it were true that the American people were telling the congress and Trump that they didn’t like the direction of the country the Democrats would have recovered at least 600-900 seats across the country. They would have recovered at least 70-90 seats in the house and they would have gained the senate or at least held the Republicans to their very slim majority.

It would also have been the case that the nevertrumpers wouldn’t have resigned. Also, even more important the people who replaced them and the Democrats in the areas that are Trump strongholds would have been denouncing Trump. In fact the Republican replacements and the Democrats who won were pro-Trump. They said they would work with Trump. They said they weren’t crazy Democrats. They said they had guns, were for border security and wanted Pelosi not to be the speaker of the house.

So, the people who got in to replace the people who left were more pro-Trump.

This is why Trump was able to fire Sessions the morning after the election. Just the day before if Trump had fired Sessions the #nevertrumpers and Democrats said they would impeach Trump and they would stop him and this would be over the line. After the election Trump fired Sessions and there was no effort to do anything about it.

This is proof positive that Trump is in a MORE powerful position after the election than before. In other words, he won.

I know this is not what you hear on the MSM or even FOX news. They look at the sheer fact that Democrats won 39 seats in the house but they don’t mention (nor does Nancy Pelosi) that they SHOULD HAVE WON 90 seats not 39. If what they say happened they should have seen a big turnover. They should have seen people winning on the basis of being anti-Trump not saying they were going to work with him.

I predict solidly that Trump will be able to demonstrate this increased power. He will be able to pass legislation he couldn’t get done in the first 2 years. The Democrats will have big problems keeping their party in line because it is more diverse and more pro-Trump than the Democratic Party before November 6, 2016.

I am certain of this. The narrative of the Democrats is that they won but the fact is if they really had any kind of victory they would have won way more than the 40 resigned Republican congresspeople. It’s actually pretty clearly a loss because they didn’t gain even the average gain in a similar election historically.

The makeup is also crucial. Donald Trump has more support in the house and senate. The Nevertrumpers are gone and you can see this. The MSM can’t get Republican senators or congressman to criticize Trump like they did before the election.

What happened was far far less of that.