Fruit of the poisoned tree – The Genesis

We have learned everything we need to know about the Russia collusion effort with Donald Trump.  There was none and no evidence exists.  Why are we still even talking about this?  It blows my mind that without a scintilla of evidence they continue to think that Robert Mueller is actually going to find anything. 

I believe they are desperate to keep Mueller investigating so they can say Donald Trump is being investigated.  They need that morale support that they can say he is under investigation.  After all, they accuse Donald of everything. 

This is similar to the impeachment.  They will impeach Donald Trump.  They will do this if for no other reason than to be able to say he was impeached.  They can’t let the most evil most criminal president according to them get away without impeaching him even if they have nothing on him.  Democrats are spiteful hateful assholes.  They are the type of people who invent accusations so nothing will stop them from doing what they do.  Which is to accuse Donald Trump of crimes.  That’s what they do to take people down like Kavanaugh.  They find people, pay people, expose people do anything to destroy people.  That’s who they are.  They are scum.   

People like Adam Schitt.  Just last year Adam Schitt told us the Nunes memo had top secret methods and names in it.  That releasing it would sacrifice national security.  When we saw the memo there wasn’t a scintilla of secret information.  The fact he lied totally is looked over because Democrats lie CONSTANTLY.  Literally everything they say is a conscious lie or a lie because they are morons.  They don’t care because for them you are just citizens and you knowing the truth is irrelevant. 

What is important to Democrats is to gain power so they can continue to milk billions in graft for their billionaire donors and themselves.  They will lie, scream, beat up people, send ricin in the mail and then say Republicans are the ones inciting violence even as 538 documented incidents of violence against Republicans by Democrats.  

Hillary Clinton, her team including Steele, Perkins Coie and Glenn Simpson along with possibly John Brennan invented the idea of implicating Donald Trump with the false narrative he was involved with Russians.  It will be interesting when we finally learn how this was started exactly and who was the instigator of the worst corruption crime in US history.

The Genesis

The genesis of this idea was probably after they learned that the Russians had penetrated the DNC server in summer of 2015.  It took 10 months after the CIA informed the DNC they were penetrated for them to turn over dumps of those servers to the CIA and NSA.

The DNC decided somehow that they would have a company called CrowdStrike look at the servers instead of the CIA or NSA.   Normally it would be expected that the servers would have been turned over and even subpoenaed to the security services of the US.  Why they would choose Crowdstrike over the CIA is very unclear.

It is very possible to forge those dumps that were handed to the CIA.  In fact, the Pakistani spy that Wasserman Schultz was using to manage the servers of her office and possibly the DNC was indicted initially on forging dumps for a server subpoenaed to the FBI.  So, the democrats had done this contemporaneously with the DNC attack.  It is inconceivable how they got away with this.  No doubt this is another example of the disgusting and criminal political nature of the disgraced FBI and DOJ during this period that they got away without having to turn over the servers that they claimed committed the biggest attack on US democracy.

During this period after the servers were broken into the scheme to frame Donald Trump was conceived. 

They may have suspected Trump was involved but this was entirely based on their own imaginations.  They had no evidence of this.  To this day we don’t have a shred of evidence that Donald Trump or anyone on his team knew anything about the DNC server that it was hacked or that the Russians had emails until Wikileaks released them.   

In fact, George Papadapoulis when asked about the emails thought they were talking about Hillary’s private server emails.  He didn’t even know the DNC or John Podesta’s email accounts had  also been penetrated.

It is clear that Brennan had to be involved in all this because the strategy they invested was  to create a scheme which could be kept under the cloak of international secret investigation so that their workings and methods would be kept secret from all but a few individuals.   A intelligence investigation is ideal.  Nobody but top secure people can look at anything thus making the entire scam impossible for people to look into even if they suspected.

4 CIA agents were employed in this scheme so it is impossible that Brennan wasn’t involved deeply in planning and overseeing it.  Brennan’s constant defense of Hillary and attacks of Trump blatantly demonstrates he was part of this scheme.  You will notice anytime anything happens related to discovering or releasing anything about the intelligence investigation Brennan comes out to attack Donald Trump or whoever.   He is frightened to hell that he will be discovered.  He had to be involved.

We know that as the CIA spies and the investigation proceeded Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS was added as a private company that got access to the spies reports and probably had the ability to influence the spies activities.  So, Fusion GPS was actively involved in the plan.  We know that the FBI was getting feedback and possibly direction from Fusion GPS who I suspect was running the whole operation.  Somebody had to tell the spies what to do, authorize giving money to Papadapoulis and Page.  Payoff all the people needed.  Somebody had to coordinate all the activities.  It’s either Brennan or Brennan and Fusion GPS.  

It is important to repeat this.  There never was a single scintilla of evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign had any clue that Russia had done anything.  Hillary, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA invented the entire narrative from the beginning.   They never had any evidence and just invented the accusation to attack and spy on Donald Trump.  

So they created the idea that Trump was involved.  They then needed to back up this accusation so they needed to manufacture evidence of this collusion.  They worked hard to get Trump’s campaign implicated.   The amazing thing is that the CIA and DOJ, FBI with all their resources, spies couldn’t get anybody in Trump campaign to do it.

Thus the bizarre thing is that given that there was never a single piece of evidence and that we know the Democrats through Hillary completely invented this idea and fantasy; CNN, MSNBC and other networks continue to talk about what Mueller is discovering or the Russia investigation 3 years after they invented this idea as if there was any actual concern or reason to believe that Trump was involved.  

They never had a single piece of evidence and after hundreds of millions of dollars and unbelievable amount of time has been spent talking about this complete fantasy that these corrupt officials invented we are still talking about if their fantasy is possible.

What if I invented a fantasy that you were a rapist.  I have no evidence you are a rapist but nevertheless I am powerful enough to spend years putting you under investigation to find out if you raped anyone.   I send in CIA agents to frame you in rape.  I introduce you to women and get them to claim you raped them. 

We discover I invented the fantasy, that I manufactured evidence and that I attempted to frame you.   Years later we still are talking about did you rape someone.  We are not talking about the fact I tried to destroy you.   It’s insane.  The media is blatantly deceiving the American people.

The founders of our republic knew this was the kind of thing that Kings did to their enemies.  Dictators do exactly what Democrats did all the time.   They would invent crimes and jail or disgrace people.  That is WHY WE HAVE DUE process in the US.  The founders created the constitution to prevent this kind of abuse to target political opponents.   This is exactly the thing the founders feared most from a powerful central government.  

We have the notion of fruit of the poisoned tree which is the idea that if the original basis of an investigation turns out to be corrupt then anything that results from that investigation is poisoned and can’t be prosecuted.

This is exactly the situation here.  This investigation was started on a fraudulent basis.  All the evidence of Trump Russia connections was fabricated by Richard Steele and the CIA operatives who planted information and set up Trump officials.  

After the scheme was launched the CIA operatives tried to frame Trump officials

We now know that up to 4 CIA agents were used to try and frame Trump officials.  The Trump officials they tried to frame are Popadapoulis and Carter Page.

The 2 best known spies are Mifsud and Halper.  They talked to these and possibly other Trump officials and gave them information about the Russian emails.  They then provided them with information how to contact Russian officials.   

To buttress the Trump associates having Russian associations (especially Papadapoulis who didn’t know any Russians) they arranged meetings with Russians for these people. Amazingly after arranging these meetings they surfaced the narrative that Trump officials were meeting with Russians.  The Democrats set up many of those meetings.  They would even place Russian officials in seats near the Trump officials.   Then they would say isn’t it implicating that Trump officials are at meetings with Russians.  

They set up the Russians who met Papadopoulis including someone they claimed was Putin’s niece.  Fusion GPS arranged the Russian spy lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr.     They set up the players, they used a friend to invite DT Jr, they gave the lawyer the information to tell DT Jr.

Yet we still have Democrats talking about the DT Jr meeting when they were the ones who set this all up.  It’s incredible.  They should be embarrassed to bring up the DT Jr meeting because everyone should know by now that Velatskaya met with Fusion before and after the meeting and was provided with the Hillary attack information that was given to DT Jr.  

Papadapoulis was setup by Mifsud with someone he was told was Putin’s niece.  She wasn’t Putin’s niece but it was important that Papadapoulis be shown to have a connection to Putin somehow.  So they set it up.   That way they could later say “Papadapoulis met with Putin’s niece.”   The CIA agents set up this meeting.  Papadapoulis had no idea why he was meeting this woman.  

These US CIA spies or British spies then tried to get these hapless Trump officials setup to be paid.   Papadapoulis describes how an agent handed him $10,000 and Mifsud offered to pay him $30,000/month.  The idea was clearly to be able to accuse these two innocent people as on the Russian payroll.   

They tried to get Papadapoulis at customs with the $10,000 they gave him and charge him but Papadapoulis was smart enough to give the money to his lawyer telling him this was dirty money, probably marked bills.  He knew something funny was up.  The agents weren’t that good.  They failed every time to get Page or Papadapoulis. 

They also worked to get Donald Trump Jr.   Halper worked with Fusion to find an entertainer to ask DT Jr to have a meeting with a Russian lawyer.  They found this Russian Lawyer.  They brought her to the US somehow even though she shouldn’t have been able.  She met with Fusion GPS and got informed what to tell Trump Jr about Hillary.  After the meeting they had dinner again.  They were sad to find out that DT Jr didn’t take the bait either.

They failed.  Neither Papadapoulis or Carter Page or DT Jr took the money or information from the US CIA spies.  They didn’t contact the Russians to talk about emails.   When all that failed they arranged a meeting of Papadapoulis with Andrew Downer (A Clinton ally from Australia.)

Downer provided the FBI with the basis for the official investigation and to get FISA approval for Carter Page.  He said that Papadapoulis knew of the emails.  Of course he did.  Mifsud and Halper had told him about them.   

Once they had the FISA approval they were able to do thousands of uncoverings of Trump officials doubling the use of the NSA’s evesdropping on every conversation in the world from 2015 to 2016.   They were clearly trying to find something on Trump.  Anything.  They did thousands of illegal uncoverings using the Carter Page FISA warrant as the basis and spied on dozens of Trump officials not Carter Page.

The point of all this is that there never was a scintilla of evidence that anyone on the Trump campaign ever talked to a Russian about anything to do with the election.  None.  Yet we sit here nearly 3 years later and hundreds of millions of dollars in expenses still talking about is there any evidence.

This is how Democrats roll.  Even after a narrative has been completely disproven whether it is Kavanaugh involved in rape gangs, global warming, russian conspiracy, racism of Donald Trump they never stop accusing.  Evidence is totally unnecessary.  Facts make no difference to them.   We could investigate this for a century and Democrats will still want to continue to investigate.  They are morons.  They are just deceitful people who want to hate and hurt and they don’t care about facts and even when those facts directly accuse them of exactly what they accuse Republicans of they simply step up the rhetoric and accusations.

It has been said that to have a strong defense you should have a strong offense.  That is a primary Democrat method.  For everything they do that is criminal or evil they accuse Republicans of it and the more the evidence points at Democrats and there is no evidence of Republican criminality the more they scream how the Republicans are guilty.  This is their method.  The only thing that will stop them is to finally be put in jail.  They have to be prosecuted and jailed because until then they see no downside to continuing to do this lying and disrespecting the people and doing propaganda.  We have to put these people in jail and prosecute them.  It can’t be allowed to be treated as the far past and who cares?  If they don’t get punished they will keep lying.

If there was any evidence of Republican knowledge or any discussion of any Republican with Russians about the election it clearly would have been leaked.  They have everything.  The NSA records every kind of communication.  If there was anything we would know it.   

Everything that was incriminating in any way about Republicans was leaked.   When they uncovered Flynn talking to Russians they leaked the information and got him fired.  When they got conversations with anyone that could be used against Trump or his campaign or administration they leaked it.  We know they looked at everything.  They tried to get him. 

This entire thing started in the summer of 2015, 3 1/2 years ago.

Hillary and her cronies invented the idea that they could get Trump as an insurance policy by implicating him in working with Russia.  

They tried to frame Trump.  They never had any evidence.  They tried to manufacture the evidence.  Amazingly it didn’t work.  Donald Trump and his team never took their focus off winning the election and talking to the American people.  They didn’t care about Russia one bit.  Only Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Glenn Simpson, Peter Strozek, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, the CIA spies involved and possibly the Ohr’s were working with Russians and subverting Democracy in America.  

Yet the Democrats keep talking about the Russia investigation when the last thing it is doing is looking at Russians or how this whole conspiracy happened.   Mueller indicted 13 Russians and Russian companies and then another 15 Russian military perssonel.   These people were all identified by the house and senate intelligence committees.   Mueller did not come up with these.  He simply issued the indictments. 

Mueller’s main targets have been former Trump campaign aides in order to pressure them into implicating Trump on anything. The problem is Trump never talked to Russians.  No one in his campaign talked to Russians about anything to do with the election.  We know this because they abused the CIA and NSA to uncover thousands of conversations.  If anyone talked we would already know it.

So there is zero possibility Mueller will find anything.  In the meantime he has been a coconspirator with the Democrats in the biggest crime against Democracy in American history.  

The Democrats continue to milk Mueller.  When 9 months ago they realized they would never find anything and that Rod Rosenstein might be impeached they took another unprecedented step.  They raided the law office of Cohen, Trump’s lawyer to get at over 1 million documents that might uncover something they could use against Trump.

They have tried every aspect of the legal and government power to get Trump.  They have raided lawyers offices, used CIA officials, CIA agents, the FBI and DOJ and the most privacy violations in US history abusing our FISA system massively.  All to get Trump.  They have pulled out the stops.  They have done anything.  They say anything.  

The remarkable thing is Trump is more powerful and his approval is higher than ever.  They have failed utterly.  All we are waiting for is justice to finally come and put all these people in jail for their crimes against the US.

We have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.   We have Donald Trump as President and democracy is working.  We are learning the real truth and the crimes of Democrats are being uncovered.  

We have to be grateful for Donald Trump is President because none of this would be known if he wasn’t President.  We would not be working on this nations real problems.  We would be doing what we did under Obama and the nation would be falling into destruction and chaos.