If you don’t know what the problem is you can’t solve it except by pure chance.

This is the problem with the Democrats.  They have created false narratives they use to bash the opposition and empower their identity group base but since these narratives are false they don’t actually know what the problems are.

Democrats agenda in 2016

In 2016 the Democrats told us we had no problems, everything was going fine.  We needed to refine Obamacare.  The economy was growing fine at 2% and unemployment was great.

We needed to solve global warming issues, give a trillion dollars to poor countries, deal with latent racism of cops, let in lots of illegal immigrants who were all great people and benefited the US.  We needed more free trade deals and more free movement of labor.

The main message of Democrats seemed to be that Donald Trump was pure evil dangerous man who was a agent of the Soviet Union and wouldn’t accept the result of the election.

Donald Trump’s agenda

Donald Trump said our problems were in the middle class being hollowed out by bad trade deals and competition from illegal immigrants who were pouring in and were more criminal than normal Americans.

He said our problems are from spending money on foreign wars that resulted in no benefit for the US, that our European allies in NATO were not contributing enough to the defense of the world.

He said that we could grow much faster and become much richer and rebuild our infrastructure.  He promised to build a wall.

What are the problems that Donald Trump is addressing?  Are they real?

Well, it turns out the Democrats had no answer to higher growth.  They said specifically that growth above 2% was not possible and that middle class jobs especially jobs in energy or manufacturing would never come back.   That it would take a magic wand to do that and Trump didn’t have it.

The only way to raise middle class wages and reduce the severe problems that the middle class proved existed by their voting for Trump was to increase growth of the economy to provide jobs for the middle of the country.

Donald Trump has put up trade barriers especially to foreign countries that have demonstrably hollowed American industry and the middle class over the last 30 years.  He was right.  This was not something the Democrats even recognized as a problem.   Only now do they seem to acknowledge that indeed unfair trade was a severe problem that was hurting American workers.

Donald Trump passed a tax cut which has repatriated trillions of dollars.  His trade policies are forcing companies to move factories back to the US and wages for the first time have risen for middle class in decades.

The growth in jobs is finally pulling people off the “not participating” list who had gone on it during the “Obama recovery non-recovery.”

During the 8 years of Obama he averaged 1.5% growth.  The participation rate fell 3% and the unemployment rate fell 2.9% almost perfectly balancing each other.  In other words after 8 years we still had nearly 8% real unemployment.

During the 8 Obama years the population of the US surged from 306 to 325 million people.  19 million new people but jobs only climbed from 154 million to 159.5 million meaning we created one job for every 4 new Americans which is half the rate we did historically.   This led to the collapse of the participation rate.

The Democrats ignored this and didn’t even see it as a problem.  They never mentioned the wage growth problems and collapsing middle class wealth and income.  They never mentioned the low participation rate and low growth which was less than half the 3.5% average growth rate for the 25 years prior to the recession of 2008.

They didn’t mention that the country had provided only half the normal number of jobs for the 19 million new people in the country.

Instead Democrats focus on Global Warming saying that we needed to destroy our energy industry and develop a new one based on renewables that was bankrupting Europe.  Hillary Clinton talked about cutting the energy industry.  Today under Trump the energy industry is bigger than it has ever been in the US and in 2 short years we have become the largest energy producer in the world.   Remarkably we have also cut CO2 emissions more than Europe or any other country in the world.

The Democrats think it is no problem to accept as many legal or illegal people into our country regardless of the facts that we had added 19 million in the 8 years of Obamas legacy but only created 5.5 million jobs leaving large numbers of people with far less income and work.

It might be fine to take in or grow 19 million people if you have a very rapidly growing economy but to grow your population arbitrarily fast and grow your economy arbitrarily slowly is a recipe for SUICIDE.

Yet the Democrats didn’t see any of these things as problems.  They accuse Trump of xenophobia and racism but his policies have created the best economic situation for blacks and hispanics ever and disproportionate benefit for those people even over whites.   He has risen wages and jobs the Democrats said were IMPOSSIBLE to fix.

In the meantime their self-created narratives that Donald Trump was a spy for the Soviet Union has spent almost 3 years now being investigated and not produced any evidence except that the Democrats employed the CIA, FBI, NSA and DOJ in an elaborate scheme to tarnish Trump with this made up fantasy.

The Democrats in the congress and elsewhere have spent the last 2 years trying to stop Donald Trump anyway they could.  Even as the country has soared they have spent every minute of every day trying to remove him in spite of the fact he has done more for America in 2 years that President Obama did in 8 years by far.

The Russia conspiracy is the perfect example of how Democrats deflect from real problems and go after problems that don’t exist.  The entire Russia conspiracy was a Hillary fantasy.  There was never a shred of evidence for it, yet we are told that we must protect the fruit of the poisoned tree no matter what and we spend untold millions even billions in wasted time and energy plus time of our congress and people on a fairy tale that they invented.

In the meantime they deflect from the biggest scandal in US history.  The federal governments law enforcement and spy agencies were turned against a candidate to the Presidency of the US.  This was the most incredible crime committed in America and the biggest corruption EVER in US history.  We had spies of the CIA trying to frame President Trump’s campaign officials.  We had the FBI spending all their time conducting false investigations and not performing their job in the worst scandal in FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA history.  Our FISA court was abused and led to thousands of felony abuses of privacy of Americans.   Yet the Democrats want the special prosecutor who has found nothing and can’t find anything to be protected at all costs when he should have been dismissed a year ago when we discovered the entire affair was a fabrication of the Hillary campaign.

The Democrats told us illegal immigration was not a problem.  Illegal immigrants benefit America.

Once again the Democrats do everything to obscure the scale of the problem or the facts.  Determining the number of illegals has been a problem with liberals saying there are 11 million.  A recent MIT Yale study demonstrated there are between 22 and 30 million illegals in the US.  The difference is enormous.  How could such a large number be so far off?  Because it is liberal fantasyland.  They literally have no idea.

What is the crime rate of illegal immigrants?  They don’t know.  If pressed they say they are less criminal than average Americans.  What they do they conflate legal immigrants with illegal immigrants.  The difference is huge.  Legal immigrants almost never commit crimes.  By the time you’ve spent thousands of dollars, spent years and learned all you need to become a citizen you aren’t about to commit crimes.   Legal immigrants almost never commit crimes.

On the other hand illegal immigrants start off by committing the crime of remaining in the US.  They also are forced to commit crimes of not reporting their income, not paying some taxes.  Sometimes they might steal a SSN and report some income but we have no idea what they are paying and what they should pay unlike every other American.  They violate crimes constantly of driving without licenses, not having car insurance.  They are irresponsible by not having health insurance.

A Nevada study demonstrated that illegal immigrants commit twice as much crime as regular Americans including violent crime like homicide.  This is buttressed by the fact that 25% of federal prisons are full of illegals.  Some 80% of the women who come up illegally claim they were raped on the way.  There is human trafficking occurring.  There is drug running occurring.  There are MS13 and other gang members who come up.

We were told that the caravan was not an invasion.   We were told they wouldn’t show up.  That the problem didn’t exist and was a scare strategy.

Now people in Tijuana are rioting against the non-existent caravan and the mayor says many in the non-existent caravan are criminals.  Our border patrol has said they have identified at least 500 known criminals in the non-existent caravan.

Trump told the caravan NOT to come to the border. He told them we wouldn’t let them in.  He knew this problem would happen.  He tried to prevent it.   The liberals said the problem didn’t exist.  Now the problem exists and is getting worse every day.

What is the problem with illegal immigrants?  Is it crime or not paying taxes?  Is it their hidden second class citizenship that is the problem?  Is it the social services they use?

Actually I believe the biggest thing that Donald Trump thinks is that they are taking jobs that he is spending a lot of time and energy creating for Americans.  If the jobs he creates with the tax cuts and other deregulation ends up going to illegal immigrants then what’s the point of creating the jobs in the first place?

The whole point was to create these jobs to boost wages and bring the millions who are “not participating” in the workforce.

If millions pour in and take those jobs it is pointless to create them.  Donald Trump’s plan to help the middle class and poor class will fail.   So, his primary goal is to stop the huge flow that is making it hard to get wages up.

From 2009 to 2017 the US population rose from 306 to 325 million people or 19 million people.  Obama only increased the number of employed Americans from 154 million to 159.5 million in that time.  In other words only 1 in 4 of these new Americans got a job.   There are too many Americans arriving or becoming part of the labor force to be supported by the jobs we created.

When Democrats speak as if immigration is a “right” or written into the constitution they are ignoring economic reality.  You can’t keep importing 19 million people in 8 years and creating only 5.5 million jobs.  It will take only a few decades to utterly destroy the American economy and turn us into a third world country.  Work out the math yourself.   This is not a matter of human rights.  We simply cannot absorb 2.3 million new people / year without creating more jobs than we have and having higher growth rate.

What the Democrats need to understand is reality.  Economic reality.  We have 25 million illegals now.  If we let in another 25 million and don’t change policies we will have 15% or more of the American population illegal people who don’t pay taxes, use massive social insurance, don’t buy insurances, driving without licenses and committing twice as many crimes as the rest.

More important, 50 million people who don’t know anything about America, its culture and are hidden.   This is not an America that can survive.  Long before another 25 million get in illegally the US will be destroyed.

This is the problem with Democrats inability to face real problems and their continued obfuscation and denial of problems.  We can’t accept vastly more illegals.  It’s simply a fact.  The system has to be changed.  It is not a matter of being racist.  We can’t take this number of illegals and we may have to cut at least temporarily the number of legal immigrants.  These are far less of a problem but this is economics.  How many jobs can we create and how many people do we take in, how many turn 18 and need a job?  How many people retire?  All these factor in to how we maintain a healthy economy.

It is in the interests of every American to have a viable economy.  Ignoring our problems is a sure fire strategy to suicide.  That is the problem with the Democrats denial of our problems.  After a while these problems start to really impact.  Like the caravan, ignoring and trying to deny the problem doesn’t help.

The Democrats tell us the problems of America are that we are TOO racist, too xenophobic, our healthcare sucks we need socialist medicine, that we are careening into a CO2 problem that will destroy the Earth and that Donald Trump speaks too roughly and is racist.

America is the least racist country on Earth.  There are more black millionaires in the US than the rest of the world combined.   We had a black president elected 2 times.  We may not be perfect but there is NO OTHER country in the world dealing with race issues as well as the US.   The best performing of all immigrants are black immigrants coming to America.

America now has nearly 20% of its people foreign born.  This is incredibly high for most established countries and is twice the level of 20 years ago.  We let legally immigrate into the US 1.7 million people last year more than the combined immigration of all other countries on Earth.  In addition we let in 250,000 illegal immigrants to top off the 25 million illegals here already.

The last thing in the world you could call America is racist or xenophobic.  We are the most generous country in every regard imaginable and easily the most diverse country in the world.  How can people call us Nazi even if Donald Trump were to reduce immigration we would still be the most diverse and immigrating country in the world?   The narrative cast by Democrats is transparently stupid.  The US is not racist or xenophobic.

Democrats told us a serious problem was cops who killed blacks unnecessarily. After Obama issued rules to cities such as Chicago to pull cops back the death rate in those cities climbed in some cases 100% and the US death rate from crime rose 30% in the last 2 years of Obama’s term.

Obama told us Obamacare would get more people insured which should lower the death rate and increase longevity for millions who weren’t receiving care.

However, immediately after Obamacare became effective the death rate in the US soared and longevity plunged for Americans.  Our most serious problems now are huge deductibles, soaring premiums and declining longevity from overprescribing opioids and suicide and who knows what else.   Our health has declined dramatically since Obamacare and now we are looking at socialized medicine as the answer by Democrats.

Donald Trump’s support among African Americans and hispanics after the election has soared as the effects of his policies have had the most beneficial impact on these communities.  Donald Trump is now strongly supported by 25% of blacks and somewhat supported by another 15% bringing him to almost parity with Democrats.

We were told that we needed free uninhibited trade.  China was no problem.   Donald Trump has pointed out how China has been destroying US jobs unfairly using prisoners as labor, defiling their country with pollution and paying people nothing as well as stealing $50 billion in IP every year.  Their trade practices have had an incredible effect on this country and the Democrats didn’t even mention them as a problem.

They said we needed to give a trillion dollars to poor countries to build power plants and compete with us.  They said we had to accept as much labor as wanted.  Don’t worry.  The US has always been generous.

The problem is that these policies are suicidal just as Obamacare is because they completely ignore the REAL problems America had.  We were taking in too many people and creating too few jobs and our middle class was crying out in pain and the Democrats called them RACISTS instead of dealing with their problems.

Now you see Democrats saying our problem is we don’t have enough socialism and government benefits.  Why not settle for medicare?  What problem does that solve?

They have said we have to destroy or restructure ICE.  What problem does that solve?

The Democrats problems are all fantasies

Global Warming

Jerry Brown blames global warming for the fires in California.  This is the most irresponsible thing he has said in a long time.

Global warming didn’t cause the fires, but more importantly global warming has led to complete irresponsibility by Brown and Obama for our forests.   During the Obama administration the forest service had only 15% of its budget for forest management and fire prevention.   Amazingly Trump raised that to 50% of their budget in the last year.

If he had one more year maybe  these fires would never have happened or been vastly less.

What’s amazing to me is that Trump is turning out to be more of an environmentalist than the Democrats.  Donald Trump has reduced CO2 more than Obama,  he has fixed the water system in Flint Michigan.

By focusing on Global warming as a problem they completely ignored forest management which we had done for years.

The result, fires go out of control because they have too much fuel.

President Obama yesterday said we need to fix the world.  He was talking about Global Warming.  Germany focused on climate change.  They are now in a great energy disaster.   They are paying 4 times as much for energy as us, they had 40,000 energy poverty deaths last year and they now have to build dozens and dozens of coal plants to replace the failed renewable energy plans they had drastically increasing their co2 output.

They are not reducing CO2 output and they promised to.  Why?  Because economically it is killing them to continue so they’ve made the tradeoff to build coal plants and increase co2.   If Germany won’t step up to the table and the poor world consisting of 5 billion out of the 7 billion won’t do anything to cut co2 who is supposed to do this?  This is even assuming you believe that co2 is a danger (which it isn’t.) .

The US reduced CO2 output more than any other country in the world for the last few years, i.e. under Trump.  We are doing more than anybody else and nobody is keeping the promises they made under the Paris accord. (Surprise surprise. )

President Obama doesn’t care about the middle class or frankly his own black people because they are just now getting a better deal finally from the American economy thanks to Trump.  Obama wants to return to policies that killed black people and hurt them economically and get more black people on food stamps from what I can see.   Obama is the one that told us you could never get manufacturing jobs back, you couldn’t get the growth rate over 2% and it was all evil rich people’s fault even as his policies made the rich fabulously richer while leaving the poor and middle class collapsing and desperate voting him out of office.

When you call Russia responsible for Election meddling when it wasn’t and don’t upgrade the machines or care about the election supervisors intelligence you end up with Florida.

When you rail about racism and white supremacy it deflects from finding solutions to helping blacks, hispanics and the middle class in general.   

You don’t even see the problem or solution to economic and crime problems because they are so obsessed with Richard Spencer and David Duke. 

Prior to the election the Democrats didn’t think there was even a problem with the middle class.  If they did they had no clue what to do about it but call everyone a racist and turning to their billionaire globalist donor class.

When you rail about global warming and spend every penny you have on trying to stop CO2 you don’t take care of forests and California forest fires happen.  You destroy jobs of Americans left and right.

The US has become the largest energy supplier in the world in 2 short years.  It’s amazing.  This has resulted in thousands of jobs that pay $100K or more.  Jobs that don’t require 2 jobs to make a living.  Jobs that people can raise a family and take care of their children and their retirement with.

These are jobs that Hillary Clinton poo-pooed.  She said her husband would help them find new jobs to replace their jobs she was going to eliminate.

You can’t be for the middle class and the poor and say you want to destroy jobs, grow the economy at 1.5% and import 19 million people every 8 years while also subsidizing our competitors in the market and enabling free trade policies that are designed against the American worker and are stealing 50-100 billion in American IP every year.

The Democrats didn’t see the problem of China.  They said Trump was crazy to go after them and to raise tariffs.   These things are protecting American jobs and making many companies grow and build companies in America.  His tax policies and deregulation as well as the repatriation of trillions in US assets is boosting this country.  They did not even think this was possible or desirable.

The Democrats don’t see real problems.  They see fake problems that they invent.  I will leave it to you why they do this but it is absolutely true and indisputable.