Like so many liberal talking points liberals want to make irrelevant things top and center and the most important things irrelevant.

However, even many conservatives agree they don’t like Donald Trump’s style.

Donald Trump’s style is transparent.  He tells us what he thinks. What he believes is true. He may be wrong but what they call a lie is usually a disagreement.

Jim Acosta said the caravan wasn’t an invasion. As all to often has happened what they call a lie or point to as false is actually totally correct. Trump pointed out the caravan people weren’t actors. The Webster’s definition of invasion clearly indicates trump was right but the liberal media tries to vilify truth.

Saying some of the people coming from these illegals are rapists is factually correct. 80% of the female women and children who get trafficked up to us through the illegal immigration path are raped according to their own surveys. Unless I’m somehow not understanding clearly some of the people are rapists. In fact a far large number than normally exists in a population.

Trump said he was being spied upon. They call it a lie. We now know that 3000 fisa uncoverings were done on the campaign, transition and Trump presidency. That 4 cia and US allies spies were trying to frame Trump campaign and spying on him and his campaign.

It’s so obvious the MSM is engaged in a massive propaganda effort that calls everything Donald trump says or does a lie, a mistake, evil. Yet somehow in spite of his constantly being wrong and lying he is actually the one constantly winning and the American people. I would suggest it is impossible the president could be wrong on everything and the American people, economy could be soaring and that he would be winning over and over.

This is not to say Trunp has not made mistakes or that some things haven’t been successful so far but his detractors need to understand the game isn’t over and he’ll never give up. He just won’t. It’s not in his DNA.

If he is mad at someone he lets us know.  if he doesn’t like something he lets us know. He’s changed his mind and we know that. You may not agree with him but we know what he thinks.

The Democrats don’t like transparency.  They want us to always say things nice even if they are lies. They want us to refrain from speaking what we think.  Why?

Probably because they are scared if they say what they think they will get the criticism like Donald Trump.

The generation of liberals we have and even conservatives are raised by facebook and social media to fear the truth.   If you speak what you think and people don’t like it you will get destroyed in front of your friends.  

A moment of enlightenment

I remember when I posted something to facebook contradicting one of my old friends for his political views.  I was as rational and unaccusing as I could be.  I didn’t blame him or try to embarrass him.  I simply stated what were the facts, the unassailable facts that turned out utterly true.  

I said things like the economy was hurting and the middle class would elect Trump because of the pain.  I was attacked left right and center.   I decided that it was hopeless and that my friends on facebook absolutely did not see my point. 

However, I was not convinced.  Their arguments made no sense at all.  I dropped off.  I have not posted since.  I am very happy I stopped my short career posting on facebook.  

What is interesting is the reaction of some people I talked to who watched the interchanges.   They seemed to think that I should be upset and embarrassed.  Like I was injured somehow.  I was confused by this reaction.  I think I understand it now.  They think that I was embarrassed by my friends disagreeing with me.  They assumed this lowered everyone’s impression of me.  

I had no feeling of embarrassment.  Frankly, I felt sincerely embarrassed for my friends but I realize people have different viewpoints.  They did not go down in my estimation and I did not go down in my estimation.   They seemed to think that the idea that I would be challenged was hurting me.

The thought never occurred to me.   I do not in any way take other people’s estimation of me as a determinant of my own estimation of my self-worth.  I am quite confidant that I was speaking the truth and what I sincerely believed and I see no reason to be embarrassed about that.

I especially don’t feel embarrassed because every single thing I said was 100% correct to the letter and everything they said in response was literally wrong.   I don’t say this because I am some kind of egotistical person.   I say it because Donald Trump did get elected and it was precisely for the reasons I tried to tell them.  They simply didn’t want to hear it.

What has happened is that a vast number of Americans have now been brainwashed by social media to be frightened to death of saying what they mean or what they think unless it is precisely the liberal talking points.  Liberals maintain a strict social media abhorrence for anything contrary to their message.  You will be “ejected” from the polite society if you are found out.

Since most of us depend on our friends for support and many consider the facebook friends to be central to their id or ego they cannot afford to have themselves criticized on facebook.  They might as well commit suicide as face the withering criticism and loss of faith that comes from saying something odd.

The Business / Real world is different

I have always believed that to be successful in business or life you need to understand the truth.  My quest in physics is about this fundamental desire to know the truth.  The truth of reality.  

This is not easy.   I have written numerous blogs talking about this and other problems with understanding reality.

As I explained in the prior blog if you don’t understand reality you can’t solve the problems, you can’t succeed.  I think businessmen know this.  This is why a lot of CEO’s I’ve talked to are very frank and blunt and have personalities not unlike Trump.

There is another reason.   You don’t become a CEO of a major company and walk around doubting yourself or being wrong a lot.  You tend to be extremely frank.   There has also been a movement in the business world to transparency.  Business people prefer people who tell them what they think, not offer a lot of fluff and weak “but but” statements.

This is different than politicians.  It is not surprising that liberals complained that Trump coming directly from the business world was not qualified.  They consider people who know how to say things politically correct as being the proper leaders. 

Our founders didn’t think Presidents should come from any class or have any specific qualifications other than you are 35 years old and a native born citizen of the US.  I think they imagined business or other leaders would be Presidents.   I think they expected that citizens would be the leaders just as they were locally.  They believed in the common man.

In essence what liberals are telling us is that even if Trump manages to get our economy soaring employing millions of people who didn’t have jobs before, even if he lifts the wages and cuts taxes for millions and improves the lives of blacks and hispanics more than they ever that this is irrelevant.

In the liberal mind it is not reality that is important but the perception. 

They believe in social media as being important.  They think for instance that a few million dollars by Russians in 2016 swayed 2 million voters away from Hillary even though they can’t point to a single person who would say their vote was changed by any Russian propaganda. 

They say this in spite of the fact they spent $2.5 billion or 1,000 times as much as the Russians and 5-7 times as much as Trump on social media, advertising and media and they lost. Clearly social media does not have a high impact. They are simply wrong. People are a lot smarter than liberals give them credit.

Liberals believe it is more important to have a right speaking person like Obama who speaks like a swan talking about change and social justice.  It’s not important to actually deliver anything or to solve any problems.  He never did solve any problems.  After he created the disaster called Obamacare the voters rejected his “nice talking” rhetoric and elected a Republican opposition for 6 years preventing him from accomplishing anything more.

We will see if Donald Trump’s rough talking is being rejected by voters through the “blue wave” that just happened.  In my opinion they did not.   Trump has a bigger majority in the senate but more important  40 nevertrumpers in the house and 3 or 4 nevertrumpers in the senate all left.  What came in are people who are strong Trump supporters.  Even the Democrats who were elected claimed they weren’t crazy dems and would work with Trump.   

So, it is my belief that Trump has a much more solid base in congress.  The proof of this is that he felt confident to fire Jeff Sessions the morning after the election.  He didn’t worry that nevertrumpers would turn on him and start an impeachment process.   He put in an Attorney General who had criticized the special counsel before.   The Democrats have asked for legislation to protect the special counsel.  So far they have not done this.  

If Donald Trump’s position was weaker after the election and if it was a rejection of his leadership then people who oppose Trump would have been elected.  In reality, the people in the congress are now more pro-trump and the nevertrumpers are gone.   He will be in a powerful position to pressure democrats to compromise and to get legislation done.  The Democrats will have a hard time corraling these more Trump supporting members and keeping the resist movement going.

In my opinion this means Trump really won the midterm even though he theoretically lost the house.  If he can get more done and pass immigration reform for instance then it will prove again he is more powerful after the election than before.

They hate Trump

It is obvious that they hate him.  It really makes no difference what he says or does they will attack and criticize him.  Everything he does is wrong, terrible.  Everything he says is evil and hateful.

However, his support among blacks has risen to 25% strong support and 15% support or 40% which is higher than any Republican in decades.

If you listen to the media you hear that they hate him.  The way they talk makes this obvious.  When someone blames everything on somebody it’s pretty obvious they have lost all objectivity.  They hate him.  They will never admit he does something good.  They will never praise him or give you honest truthful information because their entire motivation is clearly driven by their hate. 

Anybody who has seen people who hate can recognize this behavior.  They are locked into a deep seated hatred.  They are willing to lose money, lose friends, they are willing to lie or do anything to take down Trump. Nothing they say can be believed.  It is all designed to make you think Trump is wrong and the true evil they hate.  

Trump doesn’t care

Liberals are always wrong about Trump.  Nonetheless they feel like they know him intimately.  They constantly have insight into his inner feelings and thoughts.  They know he is depressed, morose, brooding, hateful, despondent and they predict he will give up any minute.

This is really wrong.  They don’t know his mood.  They don’t know what he is thinking or if he is racist.  They don’t seem to understand he will NEVER give up.  That is his most obvious characteristic which they should have been fearful of from the beginning.  Trump is relentless and won’t give up.  If you think that, please forget it.  He will try and try again until he wins.  He is not depressed or morose.  He is actually quite funny and happy guy.  

The problem is that liberals either purposely or because they are stupid don’t get him and misinterpret what he is saying all the time.

Trump is worth billions of dollars.  We used to call this fuck you money.   This means I don’t have to care what you think anymore.  Such people aren’t necessarily honest or truthful.  Frequently such people are also insecure about the impression that others have of them.  Trump doesn’t.

Trump’s quite certain he knows what the objectives of his presidency are.  He is not derailed easily and he is very focused.  This is typical of leaders.  

It is actually quite surprising that Trump seems focused on helping the middle class and to help America.  Many businessmen are hyper focused on their own success and they will say anything (even if they want truth from other people.) .   Donald Trump seems to have abandoned concern for his own situation and has focused on success of his platform and the American people.  This should be quite laudable and is surprising because I am not sure other President’s have been as focused.  At least some recent Presidents.

In my experience most high level business people are quite truthful.  They have strong opinions and they expect you to concede their points not to argue with them but they also listen.  

Donald Trump’s style is actually not that rare.  I recognized almost instantly the NYC high powered financial executive attitude.  I have seen this manner before.  

Donald Trump is a bargainer.  His strategy is actually quite transparent.  He says nice things about you even if you are detestable to get a deal.  If you reject the deal he will systematically apply pressure including verbal abuse.  

He is quite brilliant about applying pressure.  He does this in various ways and applies enormous pressure and stress.  He is not afraid to create a lot of stress.  This helps force you to the bargaining table.   Once you get to the bargaining table he is suddenly peaches and cream.  You are the greatest and he is trying to get you to negotiate.  If that fails it’s back to the pressure and name calling, pressure applied in new ways, more forceful.  

This continues until you concede.  He will negotiate but he won’t give up.  He won’t give up on any of his objectives.  If liberals think he has they are wrong and don’t understand him again.

Is his rhetoric necessary?

It actually is.   He employs verbal attacks along with other pressure to force you to the bargaining table and to win.  It is a part of his bargaining strategy.  It is not something that he can change.  He feels it is important to apply pressure this way as well as through economic and other means.  

What’s important to Donald Trump is achieving his objectives.  He is absolutely focused and he is relentless.  He says things to get you uncomfortable for a purpose.    

Change is hard

Here is another important point I can’t stress enough.   Experience has shown that this statement above is critical to understand everything that is happening.

The reality is that there are many forces who are interested in maintaining the status quo.   

Even if you are talking about illegal immigration there are people who are in the business of helping illegal immigrants.  These people are highly motivated to keep the flow going.  There are people in social services and schools who look at the flow of kids or people who don’t speak english and constantly need services who are dependent on this illegal immigration.  There are people who want more votes for Democrats and don’t care if they are good or bad for America as long as they get more voters.  

These people cannot come out and say I want to continue the flow of illegal immigrants because I profit from this.   They will have to act behind the scenes.  They will arrange rallies and use other excuses.  They will talk about the children separated from parents.  They will do anything to stop the wall which will stop the flow.  

This is true of all things you try to change.  Thus change is very very hard.  People will fight it tooth and nail.   I am not joking.  Obama discovered this.  He only got Obamacare through and it turned out to be a compromise of horror.  Everybody won but the consumer.  

Change is hard.

Change is hard.

People will fight you.  They will say anything.  They will spend money and create all kinds of other issues.  They will make your life hell and they will do anything to stop change.  This is a huge point because it is the central problem in the world in most countries who have oligarchies that retain power and resist change.

Change is hard and in order to do it you should expect that no matter how nicely Donald Trump spoke they would come at him, attack him, try to destroy him.  Donald Trump is trying to change lots of things.  he is facing incredible forces of resistance to change.

Thus I am not surprised he has a full time mob attacking him trying to stop him and unseat him every minute.  What is amazing is not that there is resistance, but that he survives!   They have tried to do this for 3 years and they have failed.  He is more powerful than ever and he is in a better position to create change now than he was at anypoint in the past.  

Yes, Donald Trump needs to say the things he says.  You have to understand this is not a one way street.  They have been trying to stop him for 3 years.  They started this.  They laughed and called him names, reduced him, accused him of false charges, sic’d the FBI and CIA after him.  They have applied relentless 24×7 pressure worth billions in airtime to attack him.  

They expect him to lay back and take it.  They get to destroy him 24 hours a day and he is not supposed to get to defend himself.   Not happening.  

I hope this helps you understand Donald Trump.