In this article you can read more detail.

The article passed peer review even though the results were blatantly bogus.  The press picked up on it in a major way touting that climate change was happening faster which was ALSO not true even if the article had been correct.

To compound the 2 prior errors the media above have NOT pointed out the article is now proved to be false.

This is an example of how climate scientists are ALWAYS deceiving you and the media and leftists go along with it.

This happens ALL the time.  So many of the studies they quote in these papers are completely bogus.  Of course I understand everyone wants a headline and warning of disaster is the yellow journalists dream.  Just proof we don’t have journalism in America anymore.  We have propaganda.

Unfortunately this seems to be more and more true of academic  journals too.  As many have read more than 50% of academic articles are irreproducible.  I have a feeling the climate science articles are more like 90%.

More reasons to read my article on how to notice if something you read is part of a scam.

Update: now there is this article confirming that the article was crap.

They claim this proves science is working. If this skeptic had not discovered this the scientists would never have discovered it. They never discovered Michael Mann’s errors in his graphs. They colluded in fact with him to publish his falsified “hockey stick”. I have seen so many times over the years that skeptics will look into an article and discover all kinds of blatant errors and they never discover these things because they always assume it’s getting hotter. This demonstrates their bias.

You never see them publish a correction that is downward. Never. That’s why 30 of 32 adjustments to the temperature record make climate change worse. They never think of a reason it could be lower.