I have been stunned to see how the Democrats or liberals in general have been able to push narratives with almost no evidence to back them up for years and years.

My first experience with this was with the Climate Change scam.  The stunning thing is how the perpetrators of this have been able to keep promoting this theory in spite of robust failures that everyone can see.

I actually believed this one when it first came out. After I studied it I saw huge problems. I don’t believe there is a scientist who can argue the validity of this but that is a scientific debate. What about people who don’t understand the science?

Frankly, I believe the Climate Change people are barking with no one listening anymore.  Climate Change is no longer promoted seriously by the Democratic Party.  In the last election they didn’t bring it up in any of the debates and when you do polls of Climate Change as a serious worry it always falls to near the LOWEST priority of all in any survey.

This is because in my opinion nobody believes it anymore although they won’t admit it.   People are so scared of being called out as a denier and being for the destruction of the planet that everyone is brow beaten into simply nodding their heads when the topic comes up and running from the room as soon as they can to avoid any discussion.

It’s very useful to have these canards like Climate Change for entrepreneurs and others to justify almost anything.  It’s like saying what we called motherhood and apple pie. With more storms people will need this or that more.

So, how do you see that in fact Climate Change is a scam if you are not educated in the science and haven’t looked at the data and the predictions?  I think there are meta-ways you can see how Democrats argue that shows what is a scam and what is real.

This applies not only to climate science but to other scams they promulgate:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Russia Collusion
  3. White Supremacy/Racism
  4. Illegal Immigration
  5. Donald Trump is the most evil person ever
  6. Obamacare is a great success
  7. Donald Trump is the cause of hate

Do you see arguments from only advocating the meme?

This is a major thing that I am surprised people don’t pick up on.  Maybe they do.

If you will notice the media NEVER reports a story critical of Climate Change theory.  Every single story that is allowed to get to the consumer passes a filter to insure its conformance to the story line.

The only people allowed to say anything contrary must be castigated as evil and disparaged.

If you see characteristics of a proposition and there is only one side and all stories are always conforming to the meme you have to question if you are being scammed.

This is common sense.  If you are told an investment can only be great.  There is no downside.  Nobody has ever lost money in this investment you can be 100% sure you are being scammed.

You never see these stories on global warming in the press:

“How amazing but temperatures of the Earth have been stable for 18 years refuting global warming theory.”

“Remember we told you that storms would be increasing because of Climate Change.  Well, the amazing thing is the US hasn’t had a tropical storm hit the US in 12 years a new record.”

“Remember how we told you those polar bears would be dead by now or severely malnourished and in bad shape.  Never mind.  Polar bears are now 7 times as populous as when we told you that.”

Remember 30 years ago we told you that sea level rise would bury the islands of Tuvulu in the pacific?  Never mind.  The islands are bigger than they were back then and there is no evidence of any loss of land.”

“A third scandal in the Climate Science field happened this year when a whistleblower from the NOAA who worked for years says that the latest data has been monkeyed with and is not reproducible.”

“A lancet study of 74 million people showed that 23 times more people died from a 1 degree colder temperature than a degree warmer temperature.  It’s not clear what is the perfect temperature for the Earth but we know that 15% more people die in winter than summer.”

“NASA in 2 separate studies has shown the planet has greened by nearly 30% in the last 50 years and much of this may be attributable to the increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere”

You never see stories like that.

Just as with the White Supremacy you never see a correction

“Antifa claimed this group was fascist and beat them up with clubs but we couldn’t find any evidence of them being fascist or white supremacists.”

“Surprisingly only 20 people showed up to the white supremacist rally in Washington that was supposed to have 200 people show up.  The Antifa and BLM protestors against the white supremacists brought mace, clubs and accused police of being fascists for protecting the fascists from being beaten up.”

“Breitbart is accused of being white supremacist by SPLC but Breitbart is run by a Jewish person and its main editor is a brown skinned middle eastern muslim.  Not only that but no one was able to find a single article that even talked about white supremacy or appeared racist.  Oh well.”

“Illegal immigrants are found to be 25% of the population of federal prisons bringing some doubt to the claim that illegal immigrants are less criminal than regular americans.”

“Nevada detailed study found that illegal immigrants in Nevada are twice as likely to commit crimes in any category including murder.”

“Illegal immigrants because of being illegal are constantly in fear of being deported, can’t act as regular citizens and are basically like a slave class in America constantly in fear of being ripped off, given away to ICE or authorities.”

“Under Donald Trump blacks and hispanics have seen outsized and better performance than whites.  Their unemployment has fallen faster and their wages risen faster than whites.”

“Donald Trump felt it was unfair that a black woman was sentenced to unreasonable term and pardoned her and wants to reform prison sentences to give blacks and others who commit non-violent crimes a better outcome.”

“Black Americans are the most successful blacks in the world.  There are more black millionaires in the US than almost all other countries in the world combined.  A black made it to be President 2 times. While racism may still exist in every society and that includes America we are doing pretty good.”

“Since Obamacare has gone into effect lifespans of Americans have been dropping.  This is paradoxical since the principal argument of Obamacare is that by having millions more insured people who were dying because of pre-existing conditions or lack of health care would live longer boosting our lifespans.  In fact, they have reversed for the first time in 40 years and the first time ever for 3 years in a row.”

“Paradoxically even though more people have insurance more people are not using health care due to high deductibles making Obamacare result in worse outcomes not more health care which was the principal reason and benefit for Obamacare.”

“A commentator contradicted himself in a single sentence: The Democrats at first agreeing to negotiate on immigration with Trump decided to back out because he wanted to reform immigration.”

“Hillary Clinton said 3 days ago we can’t be civil until we win the house or senate. But 3 days later is now saying we have to be civil.  Vote for Democrats to reduce the hate.”

“Commentator on CNN said Donald Trump is the instigator of hate and then went on a 30 minute hate filled rampage against Trump and his supporters calling most of America racist.”

“Democrats call for Matthew Whitaker to recuse himself when Comey, McCabe, Strozek, Page, Rosenstein, Preistap and others never recused themselves.  Even though McCabe for instance received $700,000 from Clinton for his wife’s campaign he says he can do the investigation into Hillary without bias.  He never talks to his wife.”

Intimidation Intimidation Intimidation

If you see moralizing that is over the top and casting anyone that doesn’t accept the meme 100% as a denier, a racist, an evil person then you can be pretty sure that it is a scam.

If you are on the side of truth it is obvious.  I frequently point out physicists embrace skeptics because that is how they create new and interesting science.  That is how we learn.

When you see people immediately jumping to discredit and can’t defend their meme then you can be pretty sure they don’t know what they are talking about and most likely what they are saying is a scam.

Punish the non-believers

When you see that anyone who questions the meme is immediately fired, they suddenly become persona-nongrata for simply saying they disagree or don’t accept the meme 100% then you can be pretty sure it is a scam.

Physicists for instance don’t punish skeptics.  They don’t need to.  If Physics is right you can build bridges and buildings and design cars with 95 mpg efficiency.    You don’t need to tear down and punish people who have alternative theories.  They punish themselves by going bankrupt.

When someone feels the need to punish someone just because they don’t agree this is evidence that they don’t know what they are talking about and whatever they are saying is probably wrong.

The proponents won’t debate

When people say:  These experts agree this is true what that means is the person telling you that doesn’t know and is telling you that these other people do.   Go listen to them not the person telling you what to believe.  They don’t know anything, that’s why they are referring you to other people.

There are very few things in this world you cannot figure out yourself.   Climate Science might seem like a complicated field but I have several relatively simple proofs it can’t be right. ( See my other blogs on this topic.)

If people refuse to debate any point in depth this reflects they don’t actually know anything or are lying.  They will use intimidation tactics to avoid debate.  That is evidence they are lying or misinformed themselves.  Be careful accepting any argument without cogent data and arguments to back it up.

Disregard all accusations.  Simply stating accusations is useless information.  Without data and debate with give and take and plus and minuses an accusation is zero information and you should learn to ignore and disregard accusations that aren’t backed up by your own research or good arguments that don’t depend on circular reasoning or calling to authorities (94% said…)

I believe if you follow these rules above you can determine the truth without having to resort to studying whatever is being said.

At the minimum you should be extremely skeptical of anything you hear and the more insistent you believe it then you should question it more.   What I like to do when I hear a meme of any kind is to remember in my head along with the statement that it is questionable until I look into it more.

The Astrologers way of thinking

Many things liberals push with these failed memes is what I call Astrology thinking.   Astrology thinking is when someone tells you 20 things as statements of fact but only one turns out true.

An Astrologer thinking person will point to the one thing that was right and conclude that they ought to believe what the person says next.

A science oriented person who wants to know the truth has to realize that a single instance of untruth is damning.  In physics one experiment that doesn’t conform is enough to repudiate a theory entirely unless you can explain why the theory failed.

Simply ignoring your failed statements is proof you don’t actually know anything.  Astrologers never go back and explain why they were wrong about this or that.  They are counting on the idea that you are so amazed they got anything right that they can keep guessing.

People who think this way are easily duped because you can simply toss out ideas and they never notice the failures.

These are the people who listen to CNN and MSNBC etc because these networks spend 99% of every day saying things that 3 days later prove to be false.  They just hope you forget that they ever said the arctic would be melted by now or that Donald Trump did something to help blacks yesterday or that this organization is not white supremacist even though they accused them yesterday.

These people on the media have made so many statements that have proven false I am amazed that anyone believes anything they say. They said Trump would destroy the economy and start wars. They said a million things would happen. They said he was guilty of this or that. 3 years later it is Trump that was right and they were wrong on everything.

They said there was Russian collusion by Trump 3 years later there is still no evidence about Trump but there is massive evidence and indictments related to the Democrats who conspired and colluded with Russians to take down a competitor for President. We have text messages and IG reports and names of CIA agents and meetings set up by Democrats used to set up Republicans. We have money exchanging hands with Hillary operatives offering money but you never see stories on that in the MSM media.

If you see a lot of failed logic which are things like circular logic.  For instance, the FISA application used the Yahoo article on the dossier as evidence backing the dossier itself although the Yahoo reporter used only the dossier to construct his story.

Try to think skeptically of everything you hear.  Don’t accept anything at first blush.  If you see the arguments follow the path above where you never see counter examples, you see intimidating behavior or refusal to engage in debate you want to tag that idea as probably false.