James Cromwell to me is best known for acting in the Star Trek movie First Contact.

Since then I saw him as one of the principal actors in an ad that called for the destruction of American Democracy.

Lately he has been famous for saying that the streets will be filled with blood if Democrats don’t regain power.

Looking up his wikipedia history shows Cromwell has been involved in demonstrations against power plants presumably because they produce CO2 the most beneficial substance in the world for life.

This amazing man has fought to overturn democracy in America by calling for the representatives who each represent 600,000 voters to ignore their constituents wishes and vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

If electors had followed his advice and the advice of several other moronic Hollywood actors the United States would have destroyed its democracy. Once the voters realized their votes were irrelevant and actors from hollywood were directing our democracy there truly would have been blood on the streets.

Fortunately more electors defected from Hillary than Donald Trump. As usual with the left their suicidal brain dead ideas die a miserable failure.

The power plants James protested were built.

If blood hits the streets after the Democrats continuing failures it will be evidence the left has completely lost the path.

Democrats no longer believe they should win power by appealing to voters with reasons why they would benefit from Democrats rule because they know that nobody with half a mind believe that Democrats would benefit anybody but the extreme rich. That’s what happened under Obama and the Democrats like Cromwell could care a whit about you or me. All they care about is the device in his brain that tells him to robotically parrott Democrat talking points.

Cromwell is a communist stooge. I know people like him. I can safely say he and my brother would have been perfect friends. My brother blamed white people for most of the problems of the world and wished nothing more than the death of 95% of white people.

Actually, I think my brother didn’t really care about people at all. He cared more for rocks or insects than humans let alone Americans. The self-loathing of the left is so detestable it is hard to understand.

Cromwell has pretty much said the same things as my brother. He has blamed his white privilege for much of the world’s problems.

James Cromwell is the perfect filter bubble moronic robot.

Cromwell like Hillary Clinton believes that Democrats regain power by threatening America with incivility and blood in the streets. Elect us or we riot.

Oh yeah, that’s compelling. Yeah, let’s vote for people that threaten us with violence. Let’s vote for people that call for our vote to be meaningless. Let’s vote for people that wish our own destruction.