It is bizarre to imagine that the networks of the media on the left are actually complaining about more information being released. Talk about an upside down world. I feel lately like I’ve been transported to an alternate reality. These people cannot be saying these things!

In no time in my life have I ever heard a news person say that a release of government information before was bad, not only bad but the ultimate.

We heard the trope again last night that this was the worst. It was like the other nightly worsts for nearly three years calling whatever they imagine he’s done is the worst. The last straw. The end of his candidacy, his presidency. It’s getting a little stale guys. Everything cannot be the end, the worst.

MSNBC claimed it was a breach of confidentiality of sources and methods

MSNBC claimed that the security apparatus could revolt

John Brennan claimed the CIA and such should defy the president

MSNBC claimed the President did this for selfish reasons

MSNBC claimed it was selective leaking

MSNBC claimed it was an effort to undermine Muellers investigation

MSNBC claimed that the government had already reviewed and decided the stuff couldn’t be released.

At no point did they address the idea that possibly people in the FBI, DOJ, NSA or CIA were acting outside their approved bounds or inappropriately.

This is in spite of the report produced already by the IG of the FBI and DOJ showing 550 pages of small type ethical violations, violations of FBI and DOJ policy committed by almost all the senior staff of the FBI, DOJ. A second and third report is due from the IG documenting inappropriate and criminal behavior related to the Russia probe done by the FBI and DOJ, CIA and NSA as well as another report on the FISA court spying on the president and other spying.

The other bizarre thing about the media’s over the top response is it is BEFORE the information is released meaning that they don’t really know what is in the various things the President has asked to be released. As in so many cases they jump the gun and assume the worst, project evil intent, lambast, predict failure before he’s done anything.

The media is a joke

They started 3 years ago saying he would destroy the world and the nonstop prediction of doom has been going on without ever waiting to see if the world did end or if anything they said he would do he would do he did or if the consequence was bad. No matter how many times their predictions, their projections of the consequences have been utterly wrong they still do it the next day and never go back and apologize for being wrong.

As a simple example of the hundreds of incidents like this they told us the Republicans memo out of the house would contain damaging security information. It didn’t. They told us that N Korea would go back to launching Missiles they didn’t. They said the tax cuts wouldn’t help anybody and many would have taxes increase: wrong. They said the travel ban would increase terrorism. Terrorism has dropped.

Nothing they say is right. There is a reason the media has a 10% trust rating. Nobody believes them. Do they understand they are a joke? These people get up there and act all intelligent and serious and say these things day after day when yesterday they were saying things that today look stupid yet with faces that look so serious they make more accusations and expect anyone to take them seriously. They claim to know the mood of the President, the intent of the President. They know he’s racist, that he has no loyalty to anyone and on and on. Please give it a break morons. We’re laughing at you.

No interest as the FBI, DOJ, CIA and NSA FISA are rocked by unprecedented scandal

Nearly everyone in the FBI and DOJ senior leadership is documented by the IG report to have made lapses in judgement, ethical violations and violated the rules of these agencies and nearly everyone has been fired or demoted and some are in investigation for prosecution. Some 16 people who were appointed by Obama or his cronies. A grand jury has been called to indict people in the probe.

First, this is not Trump’s doing. Trump has been unable to involve himself in any of this. This is all being done as part of the normal IG and ethics processes of the FBI and DOJ so far. This is being done by supposed independent people who assess the ethical rules independent of party.

In fact it is hard to argue. McCabe was fired for 4 leaks he did without authorization. He is now being indicted for his crimes. Comey is not far behind. These are allegations but they are allegations not made like the Russian scandal with no evidence. These are allegations after thousands of text messages and a thorough investigation by the Inspector General.

Incredibly the “journalists” at MSNBC have virtually no interest in this scandal. I don’t think I’ve seen a single segment on CNN or MSNBC talking AT ALL about the entire scandal or giving it the slightest credence. This is stunning and unseen before in journalism in my life. This complete lack of interest in the senior leadership of our justice divisions being corrupt and unethical doesn’t bother them in the slightest. Not worth 10 minutes.

Yet they are leaking themselves like a sieve

However, they hang on every word of Robert Mueller and follow the 14 year old tax evasion of Paul Manafort without hesitation. They put on segment after segment on Stormy Daniels and one time sexual incident 13 years ago. They talk incessantly about the size of the President’s penis or if he had 2 scoops of ice cream or one.

Over the last 2 years the MSM media have never hesitated to jump on leaked information. They have published transcripts of conversations of the president with leaders of foreign countries. They have accused the President of every perfidy possible and assumed the worst at every point in time of his motives and his purpose. They have not just taken every leak with the excitement of a Stormy Daniels looking at a penis but they have fabricated news with abandon no matter how damaging to the US or it’s security apparatus.

The fact we know Halper and Mifsud were US spies is because of them. They have gone into hiding and new identities. They did this. So what else can be leaked that is national security? Nothing.

The media is a DNC organ of propaganda

So, it’s not really a surprise. They are biased. They claim to be journalists but they clearly are not. This is just ridiculous. There is no objectivity. This is partly why they don’t see the bias in the government corrupt officials because they are so biased themselves. The corrupt officials were blind apparently to their bias. Peter Strozek claimed with a straight face he never did a biased thing in his 22 years at the FBI even as he is showed to have bent over backwards to defend Hillary and acted with unhesitating ferociousness at the mere allegation of something someone said that someone said the President might have done.

He started the Russian investigation as Trey Goudy discovered without the slightest shred of solid evidence, not a single interview and as his lover Lisa Page said with nothing that showed the President or his staff during the campaign or later ever discussed anything with the Russians about the election.

He did this even though the CIA had planted spies (Mifsud and Halper) to lure the Trump campaign into such behavior. They had given Papadapoulis information on the emails that the Russians took. Papadapoulis thought they were talking about the deleted emails from Hillarys server. He didn’t even know about the DNC emails. They did this twice with agent Mifsud and agent Halper both of whom have been given new identities and disappeared.

This was an operation conducted on domestic people by US spies something that is EXPLICITLY forbidden in the CIA charter. The idea the CIA and NSA would be spying on US citizens without basis and doing domestic spying is counter to the charter of the CIA and is probably a crime by itself. The CIA was not going after Russian spies. They weren’t going after Russian people. They were going after US citizens who were working for a candidate to the US presidency.

This alone is criminal and unremarked by MSNBC and CNN.

Let us look at the objections of MSNBC on Brian Williams show last night:

MSNBC claimed it will be a breach of confidentiality of sources and methods

We have to realize that the Clinton campaign and Obama administration chose a “Russia strategy” because it gave the cover of “intelligence operation.” This gave them the ability to claim that everything was secret.

The problem is that this was a domestic election campaign.

How do you destroy a candidate using the power of the government? You use an international investigation because you can claim everything you do and all your plans and activities are secret and without anybody being able to tell you otherwise because they can’t see it you can claim it will breach sources and methods.

They have used this to effectively keep redacting and refusing to release anything. Everytime they’ve done this and we’ve been able to actually see what is behind it we find it wasn’t secret. How could it be? This was a domestic election campaign and the spying was done on US citizens not foreigners explicitly in contravention to the entire purpose and rules of the CIA and FBI regarding intelligence investigations.

Everyone involved is a US citizen. The subject of the investigation was a domestic person and was related to a domestic campaign. No conversations of Russians or anyone else foreign was involved. Therefore, there can be NO secret information.

The House committee on intelligence oversight tried to release a memo outlining the lack of basis of the FISA grant that the White House got 4 times. The minority led by Adam Schiff insisted and screamed and screamed that it would release secret information. They had read the memo. They knew every word of it. When the memo was released it contained NO secret information. The minority LIED. There is no doubt. They were covering up and lying. They said something they knew for a fact was untrue.

The only Russian involved was a clueless Russian lawyer

The only international people involved was a Russian spy lawyer who was living in Germany. The amazing thing is she was acting as an agent of the US government not the Russians. The information she got to give to DT Jr to supposedly harm Hillary Clinton came from Fusion GPS and Hillary Clinton not from the Russians. She was given a visa which she shouldn’t have been allowed to have by the Obama government to meet with DT Jr.

The CIA spy Halper was instrumental in setting up the meeting as well as Fusion GPS. The thing was a frame job from beginning to end. Veselatskaya was interviewed and prepared and debriefed by Fusion GPS a day before and after the meeting and key Fusion GPS personnel were in the meeting with DT Jr. Glenn Simpson himself had dinner with the woman before and after the meeting. The woman claims she had nothing on Hillary Clinton but the meeting was setup on the pretext that she did. Key Fusion GPS personnel worked to get the entertainer friend of the Trumps to insist on the meeting with the Russian.

In all of this the only Russian mentioned anywhere in anything is this woman lawyer living in Germany who had no contact with Putin or any Russian government for all we know. She was interested in adoptions not helping Trump win the election. She was picked by Fusion GPS not the Russian government.

So, what secret methods or things could be revealed in these documents? Nothing that hasn’t already come out. We know the spies the CIA and Brennan picked. Halper and Mifsud. We know what they did by planting information and arranging meetings with Papadopoulis and Page.

The biggest thing I learned is how the CIA may use a lot of academics as spies. They probably have the primateur of being independent and curious. Good idea. Didn’t occur to me but this cat is out of the bag.

In other words the idea that these texts and documents will somehow give our enemies an idea of how we do FISA grants or the spying apparatus is absurd. We have seen that the FISA court grants 99% of all requests. All we have learned about the FISA court is that it is a rubber stamp. They didn’t even bother having a hearing on spying on the campaign of a candidate to a US presidential election.

We know that using these FISA warrants the Obama administration spied on dozens of Trump personnel not just Carter Page. Carter Page was a useful foil. They had no real interest in him or belief he had any contact with Russians about the election. Carter Page had helped the FBI uncover Russian spies in a previous operation. He is a loyalist and would never have been a spy for Russia and they haven’t accused him to this day in spite of getting 4 warrants in his name.

They simply used the fact he worked in the energy industry and knew Russians from his work at financial firms to get the application then used the application to do up to 2 or 3 thousand uncoverings of dozens of Trump associates looking at strategic sessions for Trump’s campaign, hiring meetings, planning for the campaign. This has all been described now by people who have seen the scope of the use of the FISA warrant. Something the media hasn’t caught up with yet.

We know that the FISA application didn’t mention that the Yahoo article included was based on the Steele documents but instead insisted that it was independent corroboration of the Steele dossier. They didn’t mention that they didn’t verify the Steele dossier in spite of the fact they are required to present only information that has been verified. They didn’t mention that Fusion GPS was being paid $12 million for the dossier and leading this effort to get Trump in spite of the fact Bruce Ohr and Nellie, his wife were constantly communicating with Steele and Simpson and that Nellie worked for Fusion GPS.

We know that on the spying operations of Halper and Mifsud that Fusion GPS was listed as a private corporation that should get copies of all communications from the spies and then later have access to uncoverings under the FISA warrant. Fusion GPS was being paid $12 million to destroy Donald Trump and they were listed as a private company that got all the intelligence.

Talk about method. Did you know a private company could be getting this information from our spies and intelligence? I didn’t think such a thing would be possible. At least not explicitly granted access.

After getting the warrants we know the Obama administration increased the uncoverings under this warrant by 100% equal to several thousand additional uncoverings. Samantha Powers alone has her name on nearly a thousand but she claims they were all forged. She claims she never did this. This alone is an incredible crime implying that Obama and justice personnel were forging Samantha Powers name in order to spy on the Trump campaign and using the most sensitive personal information outlawed by law and supposedly protected by a court. Forgeries. Thousand forgeries. No comment? No interest MSNBC?

Over and over we have been told that redacted information was secret when it wasn’t. It couldn’t be. This is a domestic election we are talking about. So far no one except this Russian lawyer has been mentioned who doesn’t have a US passport. (Oh wait and maybe Downer the Australian spy who paid $25 million to Hillary’s foundation and for the planted information in Papadapoulis to spill it to the FBI so they could start the investigation.

What secret stuff is MSNBC worried about? What could it possibly be? This was a domestic election of a US president and the spy agencies of America were weaponized to get one of the candidates and frame him. There is no international secrets involved. It’s entirely a domestic operation run as an international investigation so they could use the secret cover and we see everytime they claim it turns out bogus because of course there were no international people involved.

Trey Goudy who is the Republican who has been allowed to see all these materials unredacted says that NOTHING in the material will damage US security. Frankly, how could it? There were no international people involved.

MSNBC claimed that the security apparatus could revolt

I suppose we could have a revolt. However, that is incredibly unlikely. It is clear that Rosenstein and Chris Wray are opposed to unredacting or releasing anything more. It is only through Tom Fitton and his FOIA requests that we have gotten more stuff and each time these are things Rosenstein and Wray have refused the house intelligence committee. It is only through the courts that we have been able to unlock the non-secret secrets of this plot to get Trump.

The president has ultimate authority to decide what is secret. If there are aliens living on earth and the president wants to release it all the security personnel in the world couldn’t and shouldn’t be able to stop him. He is elected to decide what is secret and what is not. This is his authority. He is the only one.

Who would be responsible if it wasn’t the President? Who would have the ability to decide and what would be his criteria? Who decides what is for the benefit of the US or not? The President. He decides foreign policy and our strategy for success in the world. His authority regarding secrets is absolute and total for a reason. Nobody else could possibly be responsible without utterly circumventing the entire notion of Democracy.

This is unbelievable and is sedition and a high crime if anyone should deny the President of the US’s authority to decide this. It doesn’t matter what the content is. It doesn’t matter how damaging some might think it might be. All they can do is inform the President of their advice but he ultimately can make the decision to release ANYTHING.

The President has ultimate authority to decide what is secret and what is not virtually by definition. It can’t be any other way.

There is no way around this. If the President wants he can see anything he wants and he can release anything he wants. Everybody in the executive department works solely and exclusively to serve the President who is the embodiment of the responsibility and idea of Democracy. He will pay at the polls if he does something wrong. That is the only way this can be resolved.

Some might say he could be impeached. He CANNOT be impeached for doing things that are 100% within his authority to do.

The fact is that if it is discovered that this investigation by Comey and the CIA was not an investigation of a foreign power or foreign people it jumps the shark. It means the CIA was using operatives to spy on domestic people for the purpose of prosecuting domestic candidate of the US Presidency not to get Russians. Not to get nefarious people collecting or selling stuff to the US or undermining the US but to get Domestic people. That is a violation of the purpose of the CIA and for intelligence operations which are expressly forbidden from crossing into being used against American citizens.

Any CIA or other operative of the US government that defies the orders of the president in whole or part is subject not only to being fired but for being prosecuted for the very crime they accuse Donald Trump of.

John Brennan claimed the CIA and such should defy the president

Clearly we know John Brennan was involved in this spying operation on the President and his staff, the sting and framing action of his spies. The FBI and DOJ are not allowed by law to have spies or to manage spies. This is the purview of the CIA. Thus Brennan had to know everything. If nefarious purpose or activity was involved he had to be in the know and possibly planned this.

So, it is not surprising he jumped the shark yesterday and called for outright sedition of the US government and a coup. This crosses the line between criticism and active attempts to subvert the government of the US.

Brennan must know he is going to be found out. He is being investigated by the IG in the new report due on the Russia investigation and there is no doubt that he is in the crosshairs as well.  He has been freaking out for months.  He is desperate somehow to stop Donald Trump and this investigation.

Why would a former spy chief care about the release of documents related to the election of 2016? Because of Russia? Give me a break. Liking tweets on facebook is not a national risk. It influenced no votes.

Brennan wasn’t interested apparently in the fact that Hillary’s server in her basement had a virus on it that sent a copy of every emails she sent to a Chinese company which sent it undoubtedly to the Chinese government. Why?

Will we find that as this goes along and Brennan is charged that he makes his way to China to be given protection at some point?

Brennan was easily the worst CIA director in US history. During his watch ISIS spread to 29 countries. China stole a trillion dollars in US IP. He did nothing. Benghazi happened and we saw chaos all over the Mideast and Brennan did nothing. He is easily the worst CIA director ever. He also is clearly involved in the plan to stop Donald Trump. For all we know he may have been the creator.

MSNBC claimed the President did this for selfish reasons

Sure. However, never in history has the FBI, DOJ, NSA and CIA been so attacked. We are in a national crisis. Maybe Democrats think it is perfectly fine for the ethical violations and firing, demotion and prosecution of nearly the entire Obama security and justice department heads but I can’t believe any Americans actually think so.

The FBI has never been distrusted as much as it is now. Why? Because of Strozek and Comey and McCabe and Ohr all these people who showed incredible bias as demonstrated in the 550 page IG report. The IG said that FBI and DOJ policies had been violated over and over again. Why? Why all these mistakes, lapses in judgement? Why all the firings and leaks and so much more?

Whether Democrats believe that everything is fine with elections being tampered with in the US by our senior most officials of our most powerful agencies but Republicans don’t believe it and we think the justice and security apparatus of the US government has been nearly destroyed at the top in its credibility.

Every time Rosenstein redacts a document and we find out it was simply the cost of Andy McCabe’s desk that was considered top secret we know that he is not acting with the interests of the US people. Rosenstein claims to be a Republican like Comey did. If he thinks he is he still deserves to be fired and prosecuted for lying and misusing the government to protect the agency above the interests of the US people.

Obama himself passed an executive order saying that it was utterly illegal to redact or hide information which is simply damaging to an agency and not really secret. This is important. I have no doubt that Rosenstein is part of the deep state. He is the last bulwark, the last firewall trying to protect the deep state and in hiding and stopping the oversight he is committing crime after crime according to Obama’s own executive order.

The Preisdent is the President. This whole affair concerns the interference in his election in 2016 by the US government itself. This is beyond important. The American people HAVE TO know what happened. This is America. This is a democracy.  The people of this country rule not unelected FBI heads. They don’t get to have decision making authority except to the extent granted by the President.  You may not like Trump but he has every right to release everything and even if it is selfish which it isn’t. He can do it and they must follow his orders or be fired or resign.

More important our Democracy was more in jeopardy by McCabe and Comey than by the Russians. They were destroying Democracy not the Russians. They are destroying our intelligence and justice departments. They are hiding stuff for obvious reasons and it is collapsing. The firewalls are collapsing and it is just a matter of time before Simpson, Ohr, Strozek, Brennan and Clapper are all brought to justice and the plan is revealed that tried to destroy a candidate.

When you consider the “influence” of Russia in the election vs the effort by the most senior officials of our security and justice departments working not as incredibly unbiased ultra methodical practitioners of their craft but instead as ultra partisan operatives of one party who tried to stop a candidate, then defrock the President of the US, spied on his campaign trying to frame his team and leaked information to damage him RUSSIA IS SIMPLY A JOKE.  Russia was a tool used by Hillary and her team to put together an intelligence operation to destroy a candidate.  If any of the people who participated in this plan think they can get away with it or if this isn’t uncovered we have the greatest damage to our democracy in 250 years easily.

Since when does a news organization decry the release of leaks or information as selfish? Especially when we are talking about the virtual destruction of some of the most important functions of the US government and a scandal as incredibly damaging as this they have no interest and call Donald Trump selfish.

They leak all the time. They use sources who are selfish all the time. This claim is so ridiculous. If they think it is selective then let’s release it all. None of this can be secret. It’s about a US domestic election. Russia has nothing but incidental purpose in this. They were useful as was Carter Page as pretext to spy and destroy.

MSNBC claimed it will be selective leaking

What else do the media think could be released that would balance these information? Why is it selective? What are they saying?

We understood that the house committee on intelligence released the memo. The minority with Schiff as leader said that it was selective. They eventually released their own memo but it didn’t show that the Republican memo was selective or wrong.

This is an attack. What difference if it is selective. All leaks are selective. I am sure if they have other sources or information that is exculpatory for McCabe or Brennan it will be released eventually too. Everything should come out. The American people can’t trust their government anymore. We need to see it all and make the truthful judgement of what happened. That’s the only solution. The idea that we can trust Rosenstein or the FBI or DOJ to give us the truth is absurd given the 550 page IG report. These people are incredibly biased. Even if they say they didn’t do anything wrong there is the appearance of bias.

The only way out is to release and for the American people to see it all.

MSNBC claimed it will be an effort to undermine Muellers investigation

Mueller’s investigation was started on the most bizarre of charges. No crime was alleged. Under the special prosecutor statute some crime has to be alleged and presumably some evidence of that crime.  This is ding one.

Ding One: There was no crime even alleged from the beginning to investigate

If Donald Trump had worked with the Russians it would not be a crime. You might say this is horrible. However, it is foreign policy. The President has every right to engage with foreign powers and decide what is in the interest of the US people. Donald Trump was clear he wanted to give Putin a chance. He has since apparently decided that Putin is not worth giving a chance but he has shown an interest in trying to mend relations with Russia.

Obama did the same 4 years earlier.

Democrats will say well he might have gotten information damaging to Hillary. Well, the Democrats did this themselves in this election. They paid $12 million to get Russian crap on Donald and they did everything they could to paint Donald with it. Furthermore they then tried to accuse Donald of doing what they were doing.

At worst Donald could be guilty of doing what the Democrats did which was opposition research. Some say if the information was helpful it could be considered a gift and violate campaign contribution laws. If so, then Hillary doing the same would be the same crime. She also hid her effort and lied to the FEC about her spending on Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie and its purpose. She also used DNC funds in violation of campaign contribution limits.

The point is that there is no crime.

Listening cannot be a crime

You cannot interpret value to a conversation or to information of this nature. The Democrats themselves call it oppo research. If talking had a contribution value then every single senator and congressman in the US is probably guilty for talking to foreigners and getting some information helpful to them. Advice, indirect support or whatever. This is as common as rain.

So, the first thing is the president is being investigated for a completely legal thing for him to do and no crime is specified even if he had done it. Hillary did it so spare me your vitriol and attacking our Democracy. After seeing our agencies being used to destroy a candidate no foreign influence or information could possibly be remotely interesting as a crime.

I also want to point out as I always do that the biggest thing that is alleged of Putin and Russia is the release of wikileaks. These were true emails. I have stated again and again that truth is NOT an attack on Democracy. If those emails were true which they are then it seems Putin did us a favor not attacked out Democracy.

Who wants only Russians and Chinese to know our officials crimes and corruption? Who wants Wikileaks to be put back in the cookie jar? Who doesn’t want to know how Hillary stole her primary or how they worked with the media or Soros involvement or a dozen other things? Putin did us a favor.

So, Trump was being investigated as Lisa Page admitted on a whim. They had nothing concrete to imply Trump or his campaign ever worked or knew anything about Russia in spite of having send spies, sting operations they had nothing. Yet they went ahead to get a FISA warrant based on documents entirely ginned up and paid by Hillary Clinton.

So what is Mueller supposed to investigate? How the President might have worked with Russians legally? There is no crime. Let’s say you accept the thesis it is an attack on our democracy and even if not a crime really bad if Trump’s campaign had worked with Russia or might have wanted. Couldn’t the Justice and other departments sit down with Trump and his campaign and outline the situation.

This is called a warning briefing and was done for Hillary when nefarious elements might be contacting her organization. With Trump no. The assumption was that he would be working with Russians and criminal before there was any evidence.  Even after working the case for nearly a year Lisa Page said they had zero evidence of actual collusion.  So, why did they continue and step up the investigation?  Why assign a special prosecutor against an allegation with not a shred of evidence except the propaganda produced by Hillary Clinton’s $12 million Fusion GPS’s invented garbage?

There was never any evidence but the Hillary bought and fabricated Fusion GPS allegations (Dossier) to spy on Trump and accuse him

They knew the only evidence they had was the stuff produced by Hillary’s $12 million.  No spy or any surveillance had been able to produce either evidence of conversations with Russians nor had they been able to lure Trump officials to contact Russians even with determined effort and offering money to Papadopoulis, Carter Page and possibly Roger Stone.  Even after enticing them with a Russian agency that might have the info.

They hoped that if anyone in his campaign was discovered to even mention the word election in the presence of a Russian it was a crime that needed the full resources of the house, senate, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ to try and frame him. Not to warn him that this could be a problem.   They actually tried to set him and his people up for the false charge that the Russians were trying to contact him and send him information.

They tried to set up this narrative numerous times. They tried first to find out if the Russians contacted Trump officials but with all the spying they came up empty handed.  Time after time they asked Papadopoulis and Carter if they knew of the Russian effort.   The spies reported back that they didn’t know anything about the Russian supposed effort.  In fact, Papadapoulis was confused about what emails Halper was telling him the Russians had.

So they tried to lure Trump officials to contact Russians and pay them so they could frame them. Nobody took the bait.

Failing to find any evidence of Russians or Trump officials contacting or telling each other anything they tried to engineer such a situation.   They tried to get Trump officials to contact Russians.

Mifsud and Halper did this. They informed Papadapoulis and Carter Page and others that the Russians had info. Mifsud and Halper offered money for Papadopoulis and Page to do work and get paid to eventually be able to argue they were paid to get info for Trump on Russia knowledge of Hillary.   Mifsud offered 10K in cash which Papadopoulis refused.  The FBI had customs agents ready to arrest Papadopoulis at the customs port when he entered the US.  They stopped him and searched for the money.  This means they planned it and knew it and then were ready to grab Papadopoulis.

If Papadapoulis or Carter Page had taken these offers they would have instantly brought credibility to the charges of the Democrats and the operatives in the FBI and other agencies.  Nobody would have ever known that the FBI framed these people.  Nobody would have known Halper or Mifsud were US spies paid to try and get Papadopoulis and Page.   Their arrest and charges would have been sufficient maybe to crush Donald Trumps campaign and he would have lost.

Filing that they arranged the Russian Lawyer meeting to frame DT Jr

Surprisingly none of this worked. For the first year of the investigation they were utterly unable to get anyone in the Trump administration to even take a meeting with Russians or make a call. So they arranged the Russian Lawyer meeting.

They planned this one well. They had to find a Russian official Spy. The adoption lawyer was known by Fusion GPS. They knew a person who knew an entertainer who knew DT Jr. They had this entertainer send a message to DT Jr to please take this meeting. The woman had information on Hillary. She didn’t. They would provide her with this information.

The entire time Fusion GPS is kept in the loop on this because they had access to all the spy logs and information the spies found out. Somebody had to get the Russian a visa because she couldn’t get into the US normally. We need to find out who did that. Then she arrives and has dinner with Simpson who arms her with the damaging Hillary information.

Remember that Fusion GPS is working for Hillary. Why would they give this lawyer information to damage Hillary? Because obviously this was a scheme to catch DT Jr. They sent a Fusion GPS associate into the meeting along with the entertainer friend and numerous other people. Manafort was there. After the meeting The Russian Lawyer went to dinner with Simpson again. Everyone had to admit the Republicans again didn’t take the bait. DT Jr didn’t have any interest in the supposedly damaging information. He left it on the table and left the meeting in less than 20 minutes most of which had been spent discussing adoption policies.

Ding 2. The Mueller investigation is premised on an investigation that was actually a crime itself.

The US government was trying to frame a presidential candidate and lure his campaign into something they could get them with.  So, they had no evidence of actual dealing which wouldn’t have been illegal even if it had been done but now they tried to frame a presidential candidate and after that fails they continue the investigation with a Special Prosecutor.

After the election the only purpose of the continued spying has to be the idea of leaking damaging information about the President and basically undermining him. The continuation of the Investigation in the form of the special prosecutor is a technique used for 40 years to attack a president. Unlimited power to go after the President, go into any matter on the pretext of some crime. In this case without even a crime present.

The fact that the investigation could never find collusion or even obstruction is irrelevant. Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe all did this to extend their ability to use the government against the President even after he took power. Mueller is the extension of their abuse.

Even though the person who started the original investigation was incredibly biased and started it without evidence and knowing it was all a Democrat party scam designed to frame Donald Trump they arranged for Rosenstein to start a special prosecutor when Trump fired Comey who was sheapording the original flawed and corrupt investigation.

Ding 3. The person who started the special prosecutor is fatally biased and violating rules of recusal

The Strozek investigation should never have started.   Strozek himself was found by Mueller to be biased and had said things like “get the president” or “stop him” etc.  Yet Rosenstein starts this new investigation using a friend of Comey’s.  A person who we know would never find Comey was the problem.  This is the essence of bias and why we have recusal.

Rosenstein had signed a Russia FISA warrant.  He was heavily involved in a politically motivated investigation.  He could not reasonably be running this investigation because if the scope of the investigation included the firing of Comey or obstruction of justice related to that or the actual investigation Rosenstein was involved.  Nobody could imagine that Mueller would be allowed to investigate Comey or the basis of the investigation.

So, Rosenstein had to recuse himself.  He also was close friends with all these people and could not be unbiased.  If we were going to have an investigation of the entire Russia involvement it had to be someone other than Rosenstein.  This is proof that Rosenstein is part of the corruption.  He has proven this with his efforts to circumvent and try to get Trump.  Rosenstein approved the invasion of Cohen’s law office which was interestingly approved just at the time the senate was considering impeaching Rosenstein.  How coincidental.

So, now we are told that the Mueller investigation is undermined by us knowing all this and knowing more about the scheme to frame Trump. This is exactly what we would expect Mueller should be investigating.

We should expect that Mueller should be interviewing the Russian lawyer, he should find out who got the woman her visa. He should be interested in talking to FusionGPS about the information they gave her on Hillary. He should be investigating itself and this entire conspiracy of the US government to destroy Donald Trump not the opposite going after Trump for nonexistent collusion which obviously can’t exist.

The FBI and NSA had tapped for a year every conversation of the Trump campaign, transition and presidency for the first 9 months. They had access to everything including spies. They had nothing. The idea there is a smoking gun of some kind of conversation or information Trump was getting from Russians or conversations that haven’t been uncovered is absurd.

Mueller is not investigating the actual attack on our democracy

There is zero possibility of this. Mueller if he was honest would go after the crimes on the table related to the Russia conspiracy which are all that Hillary lied about her spending money on Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS, the false application to the FISA court, the use of Hillary of funds that violated donation limits. The use of spies of the CIA on domestic election spying.

So many crimes he could go after but instead he is focused on a 14 year old tax evasion of Paul Manafort. In the process he gives immunity to Gates and to Podesta who also worked with Ukraine. Gates stole millions from Manafort. Gates did the actual tax evasion fraud. He goes free. Manafort is guilty but Gates and Podesta go free.

The special prosecutor was a friend of Comey and Rosenstein. Comey actually briefed and worked with Mueller before he did his testimony before the house and senate and when he leaked the memos to his academic friend.

Rosenstein signed one of the FISA orders. He was directly involved in all this. He cannot be the one to pick Mueller. He is incredibly involved and can’t possibly be unbiased because he is guilty in the whole probe himself. He is friends with all these people. Rosenstein is the one who wrote Comeys firing letter and therefore is a witness in any obstruction and involved in it if you believe that is possible. The idea that somehow Rosenstein is able to be unbiased is insane. He was involved from the beginning. He is trying to hide everything.

Mueller was hired to investigate something that wasn’t a crime even if it was done and with no evidence of any crime. He is tasked with trying to find the impossible. Obstruction of a president to stop an investigation which he let continue and which isn’t even a crime to begin with. He can’t obstruct something when there is no crime and when he is the executive responsible.

Mueller was hired to restore credibility in the FBI because it was supposed to the case the FBI couldn’t investigate Russia in an unbiased way. Yet they aren’t investigating Russia. The accusations Mueller made against 12 Russians and 15 Russian companies were all uncovered by the house and senate intelligence committees a year before. He had done no interviews of Russians and has no information on that. He is borrowing all that based on work done by the house and senate, CIA and other bodies NOT himself.

He is investigating it seems anything to get DOnald Trump.

That is not surprising because we now know that fired agent Strozek started the investigation with no evidence excpet a Democrat paid attack document. The FBI even paid Fusion GPS to get Donald. They then conspired to leak the document. They used a yahoo writer to corroborate the dossier who only had the dossier to work from. Then they claimed this was further evidence.

So when Comey is fired he leaks stuff to the press which he claims and Rosenstein claims DEMANDS a special prosecutor. Yet no charges and no evidence. Mueller should not have been the guy and the evidence is the first thing Mueller does is bring in Strozek who is incredibly biased. When he find the texts he relegates Strozek to HR but his friend Weinstein the prosecutor was also involved in the attempt to frame Trump and that he is as biased as Strozek he doesn’t fire him.

We are told Mueller didn’t ask Strozek what his texts meant. Like the insurance policy. The “get Donald Trump” text. Mueller had no interest if his lead investigator and the person who started the original investigation improperly was out to get DOnald from the very beginning.

Fruit from a poisoned tree

Talk about fruit from a rotten tree. We are talking about an investigation first started by a corrupt and fired official on false information generated by the opposition and paid for. We are talking about an investigation with no charges and no evidence. We are talking about corruption and bias that is unbelievably rampant and ridiculous and the American people are supposed to believe this is a valid use of our monies?

This is nothing but a government paid for attempt to kill Donald Trump. Mueller is not looking for the truth. He is not interested in going after Russians or the truth of the attack on Democracy in the 2016 election.

In the process Mueller has destroyed a lot of people’s lives and given free reign and cover for real conspiracy.

MSNBC claimed that the government had already reviewed and decided the stuff couldn’t be released.

This is of course based on the idea that the FBI and DOJ can be trusted to decide what is secret. I have already documented how NOTHING has come out from any of these documents that represents anything close to stuff that can’t be released. Its about a domestic election. Everything should come out.

They have claimed national security. Of course that was the pretext for the scam on Donald Trump from the beginning. Call it an intelligence investigation so it has the primatuer of secrecy so they can keep their crimes under cover. So of course they use this every time they can.

The problem is that fundamentally as I point out no foreigners are involved and this is a domestic election. Nothing can be secret.

When we have seen what they redacted it NEVER is secure information. It has been information damaging to Rosenstein and the entire crew responsible for these crimes. There is no secret information.

Another thing they are supposed to keep hidden is information related to investigations. In other words Muellers investigation and their own IG investigations and other investigations of Comey and Strozek being used to say they can’t disclose more stuff damaging to those people.

In a normal situation you might be willing to allow this excuse but for the fact that they have not been honest so far. The FBI is not a government unto itself. It doesn’t get to make decisions of this nature.

We have 3 parts of government. The President can decide what is secret, what can be disclosed. There are generally rules about these things but they are not 100% and the President can change the rules anytime. They cannot keep this material redacted if the President wants it unredacted. They can give advice. They can warn him of consequences but they cannot withhold it.

What damage would such information represent to the cases in question? Would the Comey case be damaged by information leaked? I have no idea how this information could possibly damage these cases. I doubt it severely and so do the American people. Our right to know the truth trumps all claims of the contrary. We must see this stuff. We must know what happened.

Democrats frequently say the President should talk to Mueller because if he is honest what risk does he take? The argument is that the President might be caught in a conflict with someone who has said something different and an aggressive prosecutor could prosecute even if the President was right.

What we are talking about is evidence of stuff done in the past. This is not new testimony. This is what happened in the past. If the Democrats know that these people all did good things to save this country from a horrible attack on our democracy how could they possibly be opposed to its release? It is only if they believe that this will undermine their narrative that the only crime committed against Democracy is by Russians and Donald Trump somehow.

The fact is quite apparent. There is ZERO evidence that the Russians attacked Democracy or that they worked with Donald or that Donald sought or got their assistance knowingly. Even if he had it is not clear it is a crime unless it was of a financial nature. As democrats point out oppo research is legal. I will also add conversations are not illegal even if you discuss how Hillary Clinton is a crook with foreigners. It simply isn’t. Our freedom of speech is also a freedom to listen.

On the other hand for a year we have seen huge piles of evidence that serious incredible malfeasance has been committed in the CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA attacking our Democracy for real and our institutions have been severely damaged in trust because of efforts by deep state operatives to use the power of the federal government against a candidate to the US presidency. This dwarfs by 6 orders of magnitude the severity and importance of the Russians investigation.


The idea that releasing information is damaging to our security coming from the people who constantly leak information damaging to this country is absurd beyond absurd. What is new is that the deep state is SO deep that even these people steeped in information would see it in their interest not to see information which damages Democrats.

This tells you that these organizations are deeply involved in the Democratic Party and supporting it. They are literally willing to damage themselves and the currency they deal in “information” to support their party. This is the very definition of propaganda.

This is not simply bias. This is not simply editorial decision making. They have purposely downplayed and put off reporting anything that is damaging specifically to Democrats. They are working to protect Democrats and hiding information damaging to Democrats in contradiction to the very purpose of their “news” organization.

You can’t trust these organizations at all. They are literally working to hide information from you. They are withholding key information, not just spinning it in one direction. They are keeping it from you and arguing for you to have less information.

They have argued against free speech. They have made so many accusations against Trump its incredible.

Listen to Hannity vs Brian Williams. Hannity doesn’t go into the brain of his opponents and say they don’t care about this or that. Brian Williams team was saying that Trump has no loyalty and impugning he is a man who has no loyalty. This is character assasination. Why can’t they stick to the facts? Why do they need to constantly call Donald Trump names and accuse him of being this or that.

They are constantly putting out false news and then spending a day or two attacking the president over the false news and then never acknowledging they were wrong. Everyday they make accusations and they never retract them. We are lucky if they ever admit they were wrong.

We have heard for going on 3 years that everyday is the President’s near last day. This is the thing that will get him. This is the most outrageous thing. The most chaotic.

Except that the lot of the American people keeps getting better. Everyday not only our economy gets better but we are crushing ISIS in the field. We are not losing friends internationally we are increasing Americas security. Terrorist incidents in the US have nearly dropped to zero from a 500% increase under Obama.

Donald Trump’s support among African Americans in recent polls has climbed to 36% from 8% during the election. Hispanic support has risen to 39% and maybe higher. Hispanic incomes in the US have hit an all time high. Crime rates in major cities are falling. We are finally dealing with trade issues which have crushed this countries middle class.

If the president was so chaotic and so pathetic leader how is this all happening considering the great one Obama led us into the morass of massive increases in terrorism and the near bankruptcy of the middle class?

How can you decry this president every day as unbelievably bad if he is doing 10 times better than Obama? How can his management style be so poor if he is getting done the American people’s interests? How can anyone say that there hasn’t been a concerted effort to destroy Donald Trump when he is doing nothing but good things for the American people?

We have had 3 years of warnings about the evil of Donald Trump. Where is it? Where is the evidence of consequences? Has his attack on the press stopped Brian Williams from attacking him everyday? Where is the dictator Donald we are told when he releases information? I don’t know dictators who release information. Dictators HIDE information like Rosenstein and MSNBC.