One of the centerpieces of the Democrats claims is that the DT Jr meeting with the Russian Lawyer was treason by DT Jr and proof the Trump admin actively sought info on Hillary and conspired with the Russians or at least wanted to.


  1. Donald Trump Jr
  2. Glenn Simpson, CEO Fusion GPS
  3. Natalia Veselnitskaya, Russian Lawyer former Russian spy and lives in Germany today
  4. Goldstone, Media Entertainment artist friend of the Trumps
  5. Emin Agalov, Russian Singer and self-declared collegue working partner with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS

Sequence of Events:

  1. Emin contact Goldstone indicating that the Russian Lawyer would like to lobby the adoption bill that stopped adoptions between Russia and America.
  2. Goldstone emailed DT Jr saying that this lawyer had info that would be very valuable against Hillary Clinton and wanted to talk about adoptions.
  3. DT Jr accepted the meeting by his friend Goldstone
  4. The Russian Lawyer gets a visa to the US somehow, arrives and meets with Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson for dinner before the meeting with DT Jr.   They discuss the Hillary information she will give to DT Jr, involving improper contributions somehow to the Hillary campaign.
  5. The meeting lasts 20 minutes.  The information is discarded by DT jr and no further action is taken with it.  Goldstone, Emin, the Russian Lawyer and other people from the Trump campaign attend the meeting.  All give similar testimony.
  6. The day after the meeting the Russian lawyer meets with Glenn Simpson again for dinner.
  7. Democrats leak that the meeting happened
  8. Numerous Democrats say that DT Jr is guilty of treason and evidence of a Russian collaboration or at least Russian intent to help Trump and Trump’s desire to get Russian help.

The first and most glaring logical inconsistency of this is:

Why would a person who is a working with Simpson and Fusion GPS to destroy Trump give information harmful to Hillary to the Russian Lawyer to give to DT Jr?

Fusion GPS is working to destroy Donald Trump.  They are paid $9 million to do so.  They have hired Christopher Steele to fabricate Russian allegations of collusion with DT and dirt on DT.  Why would they offer information damaging to Hillary to DT Jr through the Russian Lawyer?

Who got the Russian Lawyer her visa?

It is well known now that the Russian lawyer was a former spy.  She was not able to travel to the US.  She somehow got a visa.  This had to be done by the Obama administration.

My guess is someone at the FBI, possibly Bruce Ohr who had done something like this for other people.

Why did Emin request Goldstone to setup the meeting?

The reason claimed is that he was interested in the adoption issue too.  Maybe he was.  However, the working relationship with Simpson suggests that it is likely that Simpson when hearing of the Russian Lawyer realized they had a possible avenue to frame Trump.

Simpson must have told Emin or he realized because of their relationship that arming her with Russian “fake” propaganda about Hillary would facilitate this whole meeting and the setup.

Simpson was in the process of creating the dossier that alleges Trump was working with the Russians so why would he setup a meeting with a Russian Lawyer spy and DT Jr?

The question is facetious.  Obviously the whole point is to frame Trump and show that Trump Jr took a meeting to discuss Russian information on Hillary.  Except that the information didn’t come from Russians.  It came from the Hillary campaign.  So, DT jr never even received Russian allegations against Hillary.  They got made up allegations by Glenn Simpson that was false.

Before she comes here the premise that she has info on Hillary is established but the Russian Lawyer says she had no negative information on Hillary.  This is why she needed to talk to Glenn Simpson to get this information to give to Trump.

What was the goal of this meeting?

It’s pretty clear the goal must have been to at least show that Trump was interested in Russian dirt on Hillary.  It wouldn’t prove collusion.   For collusion they needed DT Jr to use the information and leak it out.   They needed DT Jr or someone to then initiate communication with the Russians to get more information.   They needed to at least uncover communications between Trump officials discussing the information and how to use it.

None of that happened.   More important the Democrats plan was clearly that they wanted to leak anything like the above things to the press.   If they had any of the things above then they could have effectively blathered that DT was working with the Russians or wanted to work with them.

However, he didn’t.   That is the amazing thing.   When Adam Schiff heard there might be naked Trump pics he jumped at the chance.  Hillary actually paid Russians $9 million for allegations about Trump.   They definitely did what they accused Trump of doing.

Why this focus on Russia?

Because Hillary apparently believed the Russians hacked the DNC and they knew this even before the FBI or CIA because they waited 10 months to send the server dumps to the FBI and CIA.   During those 10 months they tried to figure out how to mitigate the leak of the true emails about the Democrats corruption and it is clear they concluded that if they could pin Russia on Trump they could make the Wikileaks go away and possibly even turn the story into a story against Donald Trump.

Another reason is undoubtedly that they couldn’t leverage the FBI and other organizations using domestic spying investigation.  This would be seen transparently as illegal.   By utilizing an intelligence investigation they were able to use the FISA court which Strozek had a friend who was a judge.  The fact that Russia was foreign meant they could keep this in the intelligence angle and claim national security as a firewall for everything.

It’s rather neat strategy when you think about it.  It allowed them to spy on a domestic election campaign for President on the pretext that Trump was looking to leverage information from Russians who they could at least implicate were the source of the Wikileaks.

Another question might be was even this fabricated?  It could have been the Russians or not.  If it was all I’ve written is 100% valid.  If it turns out that it wasn’t Russia that leaked the documents from the DNC server then they fabricated this too which would increase the number of crimes and nefariousness of what they did but it is isn’t necessary to establish that the Democrats were committing an unprecedented unimaginable attack on our democracy far worse than what they allege of Russia.

I always need to point out that the DNC emails leaked were true.  Nobody has disputed any of them.  How can Russia attack a democracy with truth?  Are we supposed to be scared of Russians attacking us with more truth in 2018?  2020?  I hope so.  I hope they release more corrupt politicians emails.

There are still missing holes in the story that could prove very important

How the Russian Lawyer got her visa could be crucial information because it would expose the FBI or other deep state person who was working with Fusion GPS to do this frame up of Trump.  This is why I suggest Bruce Ohr because we know his wife worked with Glenn Simpson at Fusion so she undoubtedly knew about this meeting and that a visa would be required.  She could have communicated this easily to her husband who either with his own connections or indirectly could accomplish it.

There may have been another path possibly through the CIA or even Strozek or McCabe.

Summary – The Democrats did have a conspiracy to defeat Democracy in America

The Russian Tower story you hear on CNN, MSNBC is utterly pure propaganda. It is constructed lies that actually represents the exact opposite of what it says.  It wasn’t DT Jr that was colluding with Russia.  It was Hillary and the meeting is proof of their conspiracy!!!

They frequently still bring up the DT Jr Trump Tower meeting.  They still say it is evidence of Trump collusion or at least intent to collude.  They say that receiving information from the Russian was a crime.

This is blatantly all lies.  Every word.

DT Jr did accept the meeting and even said that the information would be good to have.  So, at least as far as listening that is true.  DT Jr did listen to the information.  He did accept a meeting to listen.

However, listening is not a crime.   The information didn’t come from Russia so it would not be considered from a foreign country.  Lastly, regardless of all that even if DT Jr had used the information and it proved to destroy Hillary it is not illegal.

The Democrats are referring to a Federal Election statute that says benefits cannot be gotten from foreign actors.   What this regulation was clearly intended to prohibit is foreigners helping candidates financially or things that translated directly to money, such as bonds, stocks, promises of money.  In other words FEC rules relate to financial transactions.  This is typical law speak for those kinds of equivalents to money.

No value can be placed on listening.  Listening cannot be a crime.  Free Speech and Free listening is not a crime.  The truth can’t be a crime.  It’s utterly absurd to think that getting information on Hillary or Trump is illegal.   The Democrats themselves have said oppo research even if coming from foreigners is not a crime.

What the law is about is money transfering in or out of a campaign for foreign participation or help.

If DT jr had heard something truly damaging about Hillary and used it that still would not be considered “payment” even though you might try to ascribe a monetery value to the information this kind of information exchange happens ALL THE TIME.

To prevent anyone from talking to a foreigner because they might give advice or information that might help you is insane argument.  It would prohibit anyone from talking to any foreigners at all during a campaign and make every single politician in Washington DC republican or democrat into a criminal.

It’s impossible that FEC regulations are prohibiting people listening or talking to foreigners and why would our democracy not want any information if it proves true?

The hacking of the DNC is illegal however, revealing the information may be a violation of privacy but it is NOT an election violation.   It’s literally stupid and anti-democratic to suggest that the voters must be kept from information that is true and damaging about one of the politicians.

So, the statements of CNN, MSNBC experts can be transparently shown to be utterly abused and false.   Are they too stupid to know this?  Possibly.  So maybe some part isn’t a lie just stupidity but I would hope that you would recognize that if the DNC related propaganda networks like CNN and MSNBC are this stupid about the law that you shouldn’t be listening to them about anything or trusting them one iota.

Wait.  Nobody does trust them.

The real implication in this is that the conspiracy by Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, the FBI actors is REAL.   These people set this meeting up.  They conspired with the government to make it happen.  The FBI was clearly involved.

Hillary’s team set it up.  They clearly were intending to use the FISA grant to then spy after the sting to pin Donald.  The whole thing is clearly true.  It’s not a conspiracy theory.

This meeting proves it and is the most damning proof that the Democrats conspired with foreign government to destroy a candidate in a presidential election something that is almost beyond belief in its audacity but the facts are there and irrefutable.

They were set up to get the information if Trump used the information from this meeting.  They would be able to see it in their uncoverings they had authorized with the Carter Page warrant.

The Carter Page FISA warrant was clearly engineered by the deep state actors working with Fusion GPS.

Here is something that hasn’t been talked about much:   Fusion GPS was also allowed to see the results of uncoverings and of the physical spies that were sent in.  That is shocking.  A third party non-government company was allowed to get secret information for some reason.   This is reportedly not normal that third party companies would be included in getting spy information.  Simpson needed to know everything.

They clearly were hoping that none of this came out.  Bruce Ohr referred to firewalls.  What he meant by that was barriers that would make it impossible for people to find out his involvement in the scheme.  He fretted that the firewalls might not hold when Comey was fired.   Storzek assured him they would.  They didn’t.

They wanted the FISA warrant so they could catch the Trump campaign and later transition or later the President in some use of Russia or collaboration but when that didn’t happen I think they kept it going simply because if they got anything damaging they could leak it.

They did.  They were able to nail Flynn on his conversation about Syria and get him fired and then to prosecute him on a technical lie to the FBI which they originally didn’t even think was a lie.  Only Mueller seems to think it was a lie.  Strozek and Comey both said it didn’t seem Flynn lied.  But somehow Mueller did even though he wasn’t there.

What’s amazing?

The Democrats have done everything legal and illegal to find something to nail Trump with.  They have even setup sting operations to frame Trump.  They spied on everything he did thousands of times using an illegal FISA warrant.  They have leaked his conversations with foreign leaders and anything they can.  They have raided his lawyers office and looked through millions of documents searching for anything to nail Donald Trump.

They (lawyers affiliated with Hillary or SuperPacs) paid 16 women $50,000 or more each to claim Trump touched them.

They have belabored his allegedly having sex with prostitutes.

They have taken everything they can out of context to attack him.  They have called him every name in the book.  They have investigated everyone affiliated with Donald Trump like they were all criminals or Donald Trump.  They have destroyed people’s lives.  They have cried and screamed and demanded impeachment without reasons if they can’t find a reason.

They have subverted the law, they have destroyed our finest security and justice departments, the proud FBI, used the CIA and NSA and violated privacy laws by the thousands.

They are in the process of destroying democracy in America with their insane hatred and desire to stop a duly elected President of the US.

They did all this and they didn’t find anything to nail on Trump.  Think about that.  Could any of us withstand such withering attack?   People in his administration haven’t been able to.   Trump can’t be that bad.   If he was so evil they would have found a hundred of things he did that were criminal with all they’ve done.   This is actually proof Trump is pretty amazingly clean.

Second, it is pretty clear that DT was never interested in Russia information to win the election.  He never believed anything Russia could do would change the election.  He was utterly focused on his strategy to gain votes of the American people.  You have to give him credit for having the right mindset, the right motives, the right goals.  If you do that you have to question many of the Democratic narratives of how dumb DT was, how nefarious, etc…

Yet they have failed.  Utterly failed.

They have not even slowed Donald Trump down much.  He has still accomplished enough that it staggers the mind.

Hillary spent $2.5 billion between herself and SuperPacs to win.  She lost.  Donald spent 1/5th as much.  He won.

They have almost destroyed every institution in America trying to get their way.  They actually asked the electors to ignore the 600,000 voters who voted for a candidate to ignore those 600,000 people’s wishes and vote for Hillary instead.

You tell me.  Who is destroying Democracy in America?

If you think Hillary did this then you have to wonder if all the other accusations about her are so wild.