After analyzing a lot of things I believe that Hillary Clinton was one of the most damaging politicians in US history.

I write this not to belabor a dead horse that Hillary is corrupt or see her go to jail even.
I do this for Democrats to consider that she has been the single biggest force destroying your party.  I think until Democrats come to grips with the evil and bad decisions and people that the Clintons brought to your party you will not recover power and you will forever be struggling to overcome the legacy she left.

The corruption of her greed and power grab

The Clintons were never particularly rich until after they held the office of President.  President Clinton faced lawsuits after his presidency was over and these resulted in him being disbarred from performing law and also forced him to pay $850,000 to parties he had sexually abused.   They claimed after they left office they were broke.

That didn’t last long.  The Clintons engaged in a massive effort at influence peddling.  In America influence peddling is generally legal unless you are a federal employee or in some other special situations.  Nobody is claiming that the Clinton’s selling the fact that she was running for President and would likely win so that people would pay them millions and millions is illegal. ( At least while they were private citizens and not government employees.)

Some president’s in recent times have done speeches and made a few million here or there.  Ronald Reagan spoke to a Japanese group and made $10 million.  We were told this went to his library and we don’t see evidence of more greed.   Jimmy Carter has a charity which has raised many hundreds of millions of dollars.  Few people have a doubt that Jimmy Carter’s purpose was purely charity.

The Clinton’s use of their influence to make 300 million for themselves in 10 years and billions for their charity is unprecedented.  Further, their use of a type C charity instead of the more standard foundation makes the transparency of the monies donated and their purpose obscured.  Using a type C corporation for their foundation is incredibly suspicious because auditing such an organization is far harder.

The Clinton’s did this because they didn’t just give money to other charitable organizations.  They intended to actually do charity work and thus their workers would be traveling all over the world, running organizations and sometimes making money, sometimes losing money.  Some people could be paid a lot of money.

Most charitable organizations can be audited for their efficiency as a charity.  The Clinton foundation could never be determined and nobody is clear what the Clinton’s did and what they spent and how efficient they were.  They could pay somebody who later provided a benefit to the Clintons.  Money laundering.  Money laundering would be a separate crime from all the others.

We might want to consider if we really want ex-presidents making huge money influence peddling.  In the past previous president’s have not sold influence like the Clintons.  It is reminiscent of 3rd world countries that people would make money this way.

Right now more than 14 years after the start of the foundation we are still investigating the foundation.  Besides the incredible suspiciousness of the way the foundation was set up, funded and the activities it has been involved in it has become a tremendous cost to the government to investigate everything Clinton did which had to be done because it was all so bizarre and wrong.

Particularly vexxing is that Clinton was hired to be head of the State department during Obama’s first term.  In the few years Hillary was in charge there were 100 meetings documented that were with people and governments who had given millions to her foundation and who were looking for dispensation from the state department.  It would be illegal for the state department to be making decisions on behalf of the US people based on benefits to individuals who work at the state department.

It is impossible to believe that all 100 of these meetings were completely free from bias.  Anytime someone is paid it raises the risk that decisions or behavior is modified.  In my experience nobody pays anyone a million dollars whether to a charity or anything without getting a well understood benefit in exchange.  Maybe some people believe some people have a lot of money and give money easily.  In my experience this is NOT true.  People do not give a million dollars easily under any conditions unless they expect something in return.

Thus the idea that there were 100 of these meetings and they were all completely above board is impossible.  Can I know this?  Not 100% but the chances that all these meetings were innocent is unbelievably small.  It literally approaches the certainty of physics that some of these meetings must have been a form of corruption,

One might compare Donald Trump’s staff meetings with Russians and say why aren’t those as suspicious?  One, it is not clear they had any more meetings than any other candidate did.  Two, there was no quid quo pro shown.  It is alleged but no money was transacted unlike the Hillary situations.  Three, any promises or benefits to any government are foreign policy of the candidate not benefits for the individual.  Four, without any quid pro quo it is perfectly normal for many governments to engage with politicians.  Five, no discussions of election was ever found even though we know the Trump campaign had FISA warrants and the CIA and NSA were listening in to every meeting even after Trump was president for 9 months.  Six, the President has withheld no records, deleted no records and not bitscrubbed any evidence requested by Mueller or other investigations.  All meetings and emails have been turned over as required by law and government policy.

We should be able to find out if these Clinton donations to the charity were pure by  seeing that the money was spent purely on charitable purposes and two examining all the public emails and conversations of Hillary.  However, Hillary Clinton chose to keep all her work email on a server in the basement of her home.   She never used her state department email account.

The state department and other government organizations require that all work emails be archived so that should people want to find out if some state department or other person might have violated corruption laws we can get all the emails.

All employees are required to keep these records archived in government servers.  Hillary avoided this.  Not only that when questions were asked and a subpoena was issued to recover archived records from Clinton’s server Hillary Clinton’s IT department after learning of the subpoena immediately scrubbed all the deleted archived emails using a spy level bit scrubbing the server.

This is a felony for violating a subpoena.  Her IT department was given immunity and none of them were prosecuted for eliminating such records.  Hillary also had her phones smashed with hammers and the SIM cards in her phones smashed.  This made recovery of any information from these devices impossible.

Such incredible subversion of laws written to prevent corruption are all crimes and violations of government rules and regulations.  Clinton avoided following the laws of the US government and this should make her claims of innocence unbelievable.

To me it is shocking that Hillary Clinton would be able to run for president considering that she had violated so many rules of the government, given that she was under such a cloud of corruption for 100 meetings and investigations for her email server and her staff.

Her staff committed clear felony and they were never prosecuted.  I think if they had been prosecuted Hillary could not have run yet they were clearly guilty.  They admitted they deleted and bit scrubbed the emails after getting the subpoena.

Clinton claims the deleted emails were simply yoga class information and emails over her daughter’s wedding.  Using spy level bit scrubbing technology and IT staff committing felonies to protect yoga class emails is not believable.

I do not even go into detail here about the 110 secure emails classified top secret and the 1,000 emails the FBI said she should have known were secret but weren’t classified.  Having classified emails on the server is a crime.

We also know that Hillary’s server was compromised.  Forensic evidence proved that a copy of every email on her server was sent to a third party government but nobody has identified who that government was.

We now know a Chinese corporation got the copies of all her emails which means the Chinese probably have copies of all her deleted and other emails. When people say Trump could have been bribed by Russians do we doubt that the Chinese could have extracted their pound of flesh from Hillary if she had been president.

So, not only were classified secret emails on her server but we know they were sent to another government compromising the security of the US in fact.  Yet in spite of all this Comey said she didn’t commit any crime.

What is the great crime here?

The idea that former presidents of the US and their spouses who seek the presidency or anyone for that matter engaging in such blatant disregard for the rules and doing behavior which is so suspicious is not what we expect from Presidential candidates.

Making hundreds of millions, maybe billions from influence peddling is not what we expect from politicians.   It is the kind of behavior we see in corrupt third world countries.

Hillary at the minimum even if she was innocent should have known that all she did was extremely suspicious and doing things which are incredibly suspicious especially violating laws makes it hard to believe she would be more respectful of our institutions if she became president.

I believe the fact that she had so many meetings that were both expecting a favorable treatment from the state department and that she also got contributions from, the way she hid her email server, had emails bit scrubbed and constructed the foundation to make it non-transparent all point to the real possibility that nefarious activity was happening.  They seem to point to a scheme to prevent us from seeing what she was doing and in violation of state department policy all points to a massive disregard for the rules, regulations and laws of the US government.

I believe that the chances all this are true by happenstance and pure innocence is nearly as impossible as quantum mechanics producing wrong results for a standard 2 particle collision.

The idea she didn’t know this all pointed to a pattern of corruption and potential corruption that violates practices and laws points to a huge ethical violation that Democrats seem to have a blind-eye to.   They frequently seem to think that somehow because they are liberals they can’t be racist, they can’t be corrupt or that they can be unbiased when they get paid $700,000 (Andrew McCabe) unbiased when they were clearly biased, that they feel free to leak national security information points to this attitude that the laws and ethical constraints either don’t apply to them or that they will never be prosecuted or held accountable.

Hillary Clinton has the air of corruption and the feeling among a large fraction of the US is that she was not treated as any other US citizen who did these things.  This unequal treatment under the law in my opinion is the most serious of all the crimes.

I believe the US depends on this idea that the powerful are just as liable to be prosecuted and brought down as the weak is essential to everything we think of as American.  Our society depends on transparency and the rule of law.  The idea that some are above it or the constitution is incredibly damaging to what the US is.  Even if we kept every other part of the constitution and our system but this would continue and people lost faith in this I think would literally be like throwing  80% of the value of America out of the window,

I say this because I think this is why America is so productive.  We bring down banks, oil companies, executives, politicians.  This insures our economic system and our political system continues to function with efficiency.   Lack of following this most important principle means that the powerful can protect their power and money.  The result will destroy America.  Most people may not understand this.

The corruption of the DNC

The Clinton’s in 2009 struck a deal with the “donor class” and political class who gave Hillary the nomination in 2016.  In effect the DNC’s primary was a sham.  It was decided who the candidate and the democrat party people never had a chance to choose their candidate.

I say that it is impossible for the Democrats to say they care about democracy if they don’t care about the fact they never had a legitimate primary.  What’s the point of voting for a candidate if the whole thing is rigged?  I have seen very little fretting about this most basic point that invalidates everything Democrats say about democracy.

It is also the case that the influence of the “donor class” on the Democrat party has become overwhelming.  It weighs on every aspect of the party decision making and policy and puts question if Democrats control their party at all.  I think not.

Hillary was the darling of the “donor class” as they named themselves.  After losing $2.5 billion they gave Hillary in contributions and SuperPacs she lost.  They demanded more control of the party after this.  Did they get it?  Some think so.

Hillary gave the DNC a $9 million loan in 2009 and bought the DNC.  The loan agreement stipulates in exchange for the $9 million she would make all decisions.  This fact was kept secret from everyone apparently.  She had control of every dime spent by the DNC and every person they hired.  She selected Wasserman to run it as well as Donna Brazille.  She decided to give 98% of the DNC’s donations to her campaign not the other Democrats.

I do not know if this agreement remains in force today.   Hillary put in place her cronies.  Cronies which reflect the lack of ethics she herself has shown over and over again.  Wasserman engaged in stopping Bernie.  Wasserman hired a Pakistani spy ring that ended up possibly compromising at least 10 house members email accounts.  The full copy of all their emails was transmitted to an internet public storage server called BOX which is used to share information.   The Pakistani spy may have compromised the DNC emails and even Hillary’s email.  We don’t know yet.

Lastly the pakistani spy was caught finally after he apparently presented the FBI with a fraudulent disk dump.  We don’t know if the disk dump hid his crimes or the crimes of others but this is what alerted the FBI to his activities.   The type of disk dump the DNC provided to the FBI and CIA from CrowdStrike instead of sending the original servers and disk drives to the FBI and CIA.    This is why the lack of sending the actual machines used in the crime of the century by the Russians is so problematic.  These disk dumps can be forged.

Hillary hired Huma Abedin who’s husband turned into a sex pedophile and also copied 650,000 emails from Hillary over the years.

Hillary met with Weinstein the sex pervert and accused multiple rapist a few days after the loss of the election.  He had given millions to Hillary over the years.  Bill her husband has said he slept with 2,000 women.  Whether this is all true the Clintons are involved constantly with low lifes who infect the party.  John Podesta, Sidney Blumenthal, the Australian spy Downer, Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson and the whole bunch are Clinton cronies.

The Destruction of the DNC base

Hillary Clinton took a strategy to emphasize identity politics, to abandon the middle class and emphasize issues such as global warming, white supreamacy and free trade and globalism over the traditional middle class.

The result is that the Democrats have lost a huge middle segment of their party that leaves them damaged until they can reformulate a winning strategy.

Hillary’s plan was based on the idea of radicalizing identity groups like they had done with blacks to basically get a larger percentage of these groups by blaming everything on white middle class and elite America.  The traditional middle class of the democrat party was considered not worth keeping if they could get these identity groups to vote 70, 80% for them by calling Republicans out to get them them.

As more and more immigrants poured in legally or illegally they would eventually gain a permanent advantage in the polls.  They saw that many traditionally red states would be converted and the Republicans would never be able to elect another president.

The plan hinges on radicalizing blacks and other identity groups to think that Trump meant to hurt immigrants, blacks and hispanics.  The problem has been of course that Trump in helping the middle class has helped the black and hispanic and other identity groups the most.  Trump’s support in black community has doubled to the highest ever for a Republicans.  In a similar way hispanic support of the president is approaching parity with native born hispanic.

The idea of trying to pin hateful stereotypes on Republicans is dividing America by pitting group against group.  It is not Trump that is dividing America.  It is Democrats who day in and day out incite hatred to whites and to the middle of America as well as Trump.  583 hate crimes have been committed on conservatives since the election.  12,000 tweets to kill the president.

Nancy Pelosi’s own polls show that middle class now think by 35% that they are served by Republicans more than Democrats.  They finally completely destroyed this large and loyal part of their base.  They did this by policies that destroyed the middle class and they won’t recant.  This can all be tied to Hillary Clinton and possibly some to Obama.

By aligning with Free Trade above all else and Globalism and free borders they have killed the middle class in the last 20 years.  (Yes, Bush didn’t help) .  They have aligned with Republicans and I don’t see anyway for the Democrats to get them back because as long as they are for free trade above less trade deficit, unlimited massive immigration and special interests like Global warming fanatics they are pitting the middle class against the elites.

The Democrats have aligned themselves with the donor class leaving the more left part of the party in limbo.  The left now comprised of Bernie and others are thinking of leaving the Democrat party or trying to stage a comeback but they are losing bad.  The elite interests are dominating and these people have bought the democratic party with Hillary and her cronies help.

Socialism and Globalism are at odds.  You can’t be for ultimate free trade, ultimate fungible labor and be for the middle and lower classes in America.  They will be crushed by all the people in China willing to work in prisons, 20 hour a day jobs for $1000/year.  So the Democrats now face a massive fissure.  By removing the middle class they have left a gaping hole between two utterly opposite sides they cannot keep together.

In effect I think the Democrats are in for a long time of figuring out who they are.  In my opinion this is the result of Hillary utterly being sold out to globalists.

Incredibly bad  Foreign Policy

The Clinton State Department worked with Obama to institute one of the worst foreign policies in the history of the US.  I don’t know if this was only Hillary or Obama and Hillary but she clearly was involved.

We were sent into governments all over the world to disrupt and cause chaos.  From Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, … the Obama administration sowed tremendous chaos which resulted in 65 million refugees and eventually forced the BREXIT movement which caused the first separation of the EU in 60 years.

1,000,000 people died around the world and terrorism climbed by 500%.

We gave (granted it was mostly their money) Iran $170 billion which they have used almost exclusively to foment terrorism and to kill Americans.  The agreement also gave Iran the ability to develop nuclear weapons legally after 2025.

The N Korean dictator was allowed to develop missles and nuclear weapons unstopped.

China stole at least $500 billion in US IP and destroyed millions of US jobs through bad trade practices and Hillary said that a “buy American” clause in the agreement be pulled in exchange for a payment to the US government.

I don’t believe Obama and Clinton can point to a single foreign policy success in his entire 8 years and Hillary was called back to consult and her people were riddled throughout the Obama administration.

The corruption of the Government

It is now clear that an incredible array of top officials of the Obama administration were complicit in corruption.

Things such as :  the IRS scandal of attacking Republicans and then covering it up

The FBI and DOJ have had their reputations destroyed.  16 top level officials in the Obama FBI, DOJ have been fired.   More have been implicated in serious ethical lapses and are pending termination.

2 more IG reports promise to destroy the CIA and NSA and the FISA court.

Rod Rosenstein has been in massive coverup mode that is obvious to anyone who has watched.  Everything is redacted in a domestic election on the premise it was secret.  This is a domestic election.  The corruption of the top of every government agency is incredible and reflects a gross level of corruption and bias which caused officials to commit crimes that has destroyed these agencies legitimacy to this day and continues as they blatantly try to cover up all the crimes committed.

This is going to go on for years.  The pain on the democrats for all the revelations of the things done by top officials is going to be an unending constant stream of scandals for years unless Democrats come clean and admit this happened.

The CIA and NSA IG report on the Russia investigation will show that Brennan and Clapper were part of the Steele dossier scheme to destroy and unseat Donald Trump.   Brennan and Clapper were both involved in the Steele dossier, assigning spies to the Trump campaign and spying on a campaign of the competing party.

The FISA court was massively abused.  In the last year of Obama’s presidency over 2,000 uncoverings of Trump officials occured under the Carter Page faked FISA order.  Total uncoverings in 2016 doubled and tripled from previous years.  A review of records shows that Samantha Powers alone did 1,000 uncoverings except she says they were all forged.  Hundreds of uncoverings were done without any warrant.  The FISA court itself has excoriated Brennan for some of the abuses.  The damage to the court is extreme.
The FBI lied to the court and they approved the faked applications 4 times.  The real problem was that this was then used to spy in a massive effort on the Trump campaign, Trump transition and even the Trump presidency.

The worst dirtiest most corrupt election in US history

Hillary Clinton knew her reputation was flawed.  She determined that liberals needed to accuse Donald Trump of everything under the book to make her look good.  Everything she was accused of Donald was accused of and more.

The Democrats did more dirty tricks this year than ever before by far.  They claim it has been for a good reason.  To stop Donald Trump the most evil man in history.

Except he isn’t.  He has so far done nothing they expected and in fact led to consequences which everyone would have to say is among the most incredible positive unexpected things we could have imagined.

So all their narratives were lies.  Lying is part of campaigning some may say but Democrats took it to a new level calling for the death of the candidate and calling for his family to be killed. Hanging his head ISIS style bloodied.  Dreaming about clubbing the president Trump with golf clubs.  Calling for impeachment without a reason and even asking electors to violate the oath to 600,000 people they represent to vote on their own.

They did 23 fake crimes to try to paint Donald as a white supremacist or encouraging white supremacists.  They had 2 senior Hillary campaign officials hiring thugs to go to Trump rallies to instigate violence to make them look violent.

They worked with the press to create a 24×7 attack Trump in the press.  They released questions for the debates to Hillary.  They had the campaign write stories for the press.   The press in America was weaponized like never before and turned against one candidate.

They got illegal funding from Facebook to get their entire social network for free.  Now they are banning conservatives from media and trying to cut off free speech and have companies fire people who are conservative.

Many of these things above were crimes.  Many are ongoing.  I think the Democratic party is sick and the disease is out of their control now.

Each of these things was a decision in many cases by Hillary and her cronies and donor class allies.  The Democratic party needs to decide who they are.  They’ve been destroyed and the longer they entertain the idea that Hillary Clinton wasn’t the one that destroyed them the longer to recovery.

I implore Democrats to take apart the Clinton legacy and recognize the evil it has contributed to the Democratic party.  You need a fresh start.

I believe that the 2018 election will show more than anything else that the establishment Democrats lose.  I expect there will be many many new faces in Washington on the democratic side.  I think the people in the democratic party know this and will vote for change.