I think reality is starting to leak through to the Democrats brains.

You don’t see evidence on the liberal media.  They are locked into pornstar updates and nonstop Trump hatred.  Today they are interested in why Michael Cohen was talking to Ford as well as other companies.  They spent 30 minutes on MSNBC hating on Donald.  Every single person had to express their profound hatred for Donald Trump over and over.  He is a man without any humanity and he never had any they claim.  They accuse him of stupidity. I am confused of the value of having a 30 minute segment of people just venting their hatred to Trump.  Is that healthy?

Trump cannot be stupid. He has made $10 billion and has had 3 successful completely different careers. Dumb people don’t do this. So, if one thing they say can be proved wrong of anything they say it is stupid to say he is stupid!

There seemed to be a need to always when referring to Trump to put a negative adjective.  Should republicans always add adjectives to every Democrats name:  Jerk Schiff.  Moronic Pelosi.  Criminal Clapper.  Should we all just call each other names?

Some will say that Trump calls people names but the media does this constantly 100% of the day.  They spew hatred and invective and accuse constantly.  The Cohen stuff is amazing.  So far, to my knowledge Cohen has not been indicted for a crime and I’ve not seen anything that is even close to a crime.  Yet they show Cohen in pictures looking like a criminal or something and with a headline beneath implying something he’s done is a crime.

(Since this was written it has been uncovered that Cohen seems to have failed to pay taxes on more than $2 million in income.   It’s only cost $100 million in Mueller’s team to do this.)

This is exactly like how they treat Donald Trump.  They accuse and accuse, call names, suggest possible crimes and then use anything they can find to suggest there might be something nefarious coming in the near future.  Although they don’t know what it could be all kinds of things and all we have to do is wait for us to finish looking into everything he’d ever done to find something to get him.

This is profoundly un-American. America does not investigate people and then when a crime is found charge them. We don’t speculate about what somebody might have done unless there is actual evidence of a crime. For Trump this has been going on for 2 years. A constant drumbeat of accusations and now for Cohen it has been a couple months.

It is the way the left operates now that is part of the way they think America works today. They don’t think anything of speculating endlessly about the crimes of people that might be found and that we have a right somehow to keep investigating people even though there is no crime or evidence of crime. This is the Alinsky America that needs to be destroyed somehow.

They also have taken John Kelly and because he said something rational about how we should have more qualified immigrants vilified him.  The people on CNN and MSNBC take his statement and turn it into xenophobia and hatred for immigrants.  He didn’t say that but that doesn’t stop them from turning it into a nonstop hate-fest.

Why is it the left can’t stop with the over-the-top hate mongering. Even Jimmy Kimmel said yesterday that Trump bashing is no longer funny. People are tired of it. Maybe it is that it finally is beginning to not ring true even for Democrats.

I just don’t see what anyone gets out of this kind of “bashing entertainment.”  It’s sickness.  It’s pure hatred and accusation that is frankly stupid.  It’s obvious that such rhetoric will not convince anyone. It’s beginning to look sad and sick even to liberals after the correspondents dinner.

Someone pointed out that we are talking about the elite reporters supposedly at the correspondents dinner. Do we see sophisticated humor bashing world leaders and politics with nuance and intelligence? No, we get nonstop Trump bashing that is plainly pathetic.

I think they are in panic mode.

The midterm election is looking weak.  When the election was going in 2016 the direction of the country poll showed 76% of Americans thought America was going in the WRONG direction.  This was over 90% of Republicans but over 50% of Democrats admitted things were going badly.  Now the direction of America poll shows 57% of Americans think America is going in the right direction.  That is a massive shift of 35% to the positive for Trump and how he is handling things.

In my opinion this is the most important poll to determine what will happen. People should not vote against the incumbents if they think we are heading in the right direction. It makes no sense. Why would you do that? The 57% number means that even Democrats have to admit things are going better. If they vote for a democrat it is more likely they will pick a Democrat who espouses Trump policies. The Democrats who have won if you look are not the Nancy Pelosi style democrats. These are gun toting conservative Democrats who say in some cases they will oppose Nancy Pelosi.

In other polls the news is not encouraging for Democrats. His approval ratings are at a personal high and while not amazing considering that the press spends 24×7 basically calling Donald Trump names this is astounding.

Some blacks and even Hispanics are moving to Trump challenging the most important bases of the Democratic Party.  Kanye West by himself has doubled the support of the President in the black community.  The President’s policies have been disproportionately beneficial to blacks and hispanics than anyone else.  Black and Hispanic unemployment have dropped to lowest in history.  It’s hard to ignore.  What racist would be doing this?  Why would Trump be proud of this if he was a racist? Why would he do it?

One wonders if black people will become woke to the fact the government can never save them. It is up to themselves to save themselves and the private sector is the way blacks can gain true freedom not the government, not Democratic largesse.

The less useful poll called the generic ballot shows a 16 point decline for the Democrats in the last 4 months.  Obviously the Democrats are NOT going to gain seats in the house or senate if these numbers hold up.

So, Democrats should be concerned to say the least that in spite of non-stop hatred to Trump and accusations has made ZERO difference to the American people. The polls are moving against them like they did in 2016 in spite of all the social media, intimidation, hollywood elites bashing Trump, all the disinformation and schemes to hide nothing is working. The American people don’t believe them.

I have pointed out the media and social media have far less impact than they think.

Nonetheless I think a bigger thing is hanging over the Democrats heads that is very disturbing if I was a Democrat.

My position has been that Democrats by lying about the fantasies and these accusations are playing a very stupid and short-term strategy.  The problem is if their accusations don’t pan out people know and it discredits them whether they admit it or not.

For instance when the house Democrats in the Intelligence committee tried to prevent the release of the Nunnes memo they took a short term strategy to lambast Nunnes and republicans but they must have known that eventually Nunnes would get it released and when he did everyone would see they lied and were obstructing. There was NO national security issues in Nunnes letter which means they deceived the American people. The Democrats think everyone is too dumb not to notice these things. They think social media can paper over reality. That if they keep misdirecting and changing topic that we will forget that they were wrong and committed crimes or lied to the American people over and over.

There are so many things they say that are short term lies. Lies that will be exposed shortly and they believe apparently nobody will notice they are wrong over and over again. The investigation into the corruption of the deep state will happen. If they think they can stop it or hide they can’t. It’s short term thinking that will fail and leave them worse off.

This is what is happening now. Finally, the SH** is hitting the fan. The truth is coming out that the tax cuts to help everyone. That higher growth encouraged by lower taxes will help the middle class more than high taxes will punish rich people.

Mueller Investigations

They have been betting that Mueller’s investigation is valid and that he will be coming up with some serious stuff to damage Donald Trump.  They keep referring to him and what he has protecting him because without Mueller I think the Democrats would be incredibly depressed and despondent but maybe not.  They seem to be able to keep the invective alive even when all the facts go against them time and again.

I think this Russia and Mueller investigation doesn’t help them and that speaking of Russia collusion and all this talk of impeachment is hurting the Democrats. They have been saying they need to de-emphasize impeachment and talk about the economy but their base is locked into the fantasies they created earlier. They have trouble redirecting their base after they have programmed them so strongly so they find it hard to switch tacks away from Russia.  Many people have noted that it will be hard to win votes with a policy of hate and the dead Russia story, with threats of impeachment.

It is my belief that over the next 3 months the Mueller investigation is going to become clearly failed and destroy a lot with it.  Mueller will either abandon the investigation or be forced even by his allies to stop. Before I explain how this is going to happen and why the Democrats and Mueller are screwed, let me say this:

If the Democrats want to look into the scum of Washington influence peddling this is something I can go along with!  Let’s do it.

I am perfectly happy to look into influence peddling.  The problem is I don’t think that Democrats want to really do this.  Hillary and Bill Clinton were broke when they left the White House but were worth $300 million 10 years later.  They don’t make goods.  They don’t have incredible business ideas.  They made $300 million in influence peddling selling the future things they could do for people when Hillary became President.  They also got billions flowing into their money-laundering foundation all because of favors granted as part of her state department role or in the future when she became president.

If you are sick of lambasting Hillary then what about looking into the billion dollar contracts Joe Biden’s sons got when they came with him to China. It would be illegal to give Biden money directly but the law does not prevent China or other countries or companies from benefitting their children. We need reform.

If that isn’t so exciting we can look at the money flowing into NeverTrumper coffers and the billions that flowed into the Democrats from the billionaires who have bought the Democratic Party.

If what you want to look into is the influence peddling I AM 100% behind that.

I believe we need extensive election reform and I think influence selling and the billionaires have to be expunged from having so much influence on American politics. We need to look into foreign government influence on our politicians. I am 100% for all that but I think we won’t get to it till after 2020 and Trump’s second term.

I also think that like many other things the Democrats are only interested if they are talking about a Republican being the object of derision.

My biggest problem with the Cohen investigation and pornstar updates is that so far I have not found a single piece of evidence of a crime.

We live in an Alinsky America which is an accusation America.  Today, if you know a Russian you are a criminal or likely.  If you like Donald Trump you are a racist and evil and mysogynst even if you are a multi-platinum millionaire black music celebrity.

This is the same thing that has happened with the Democrat inspired “Russian Collusion” investigation.   They violated the law and hid their spending on creating a false dossier which was used to implicate DT with Russian Collusion.  There never was a scintilla of evidence that any collusion was done.  Yet we somehow have an investigation into collusion anyway. Even when collusion is not a crime. We have a special investigator spending millions and millions. An investigation that has been going on for nearly 2 years.  One year under Comey and one year under Mueller.  Not a single piece of evidence has been found in 2 years and yet they continue to repeat the same accusations over and over.

This is the Alinsky America.  I hope Americans rediscover our history.  We are not people who spy on competing campaigns.  We were not about accusation politics.  We believed in innocent until proven guilty but today liberals are convinced that mere accusation is as good as convictions.  Indictments are convictions.  Bank records can be uncovered.  There is no privacy anymore.

Given that this won’t happen and the liberal media will continue to play this Alinsky America we need to have a reset in America and I am becoming more and more confident that this all is coming to a head.  I think the Democrats are going to find this accusation strategy failing and this mode of behavior coming around full circle eventually. There is hope. Read on.

Overview of the situation

The entire thing started with a need by the Hillary campaign to generate a negative impression about Donald Trump because she was less than stellar person herself.  (A strong defense begins with a strong offense and Hillary clearly believed that Democrats needed to paint Donald Trump as pure evil so she would be an angel by comparison.).

She was in the middle of an investigation into a pay for play influence peddling scheme that had netted the Clinton’s 300 million personally and billions into a charity that was under investigation.  So, Hillary or someone in her campaign paid $12 million for an insurance policy to impugn Donald Trump by accusing him of working with the Russians among other accusations.  There was never any verified or known evidence of this but they made it up.

There never has been any evidence of this idea.  So, it is completely a fantasy invented by the Democrats and Hillary and yet somehow even though it is merely an accusation without any evidence has turned into a 2 year investigation and special prosecutor.

The problem for Robert Mueller is the same problem the Democrats have with their Michael Cohen accusations so far.  There is no evidence. He has diligently (possibly) rabidly might be another description tried to find anything to pin on Donald Trump. Astonishingly, he has not been able to find anything, collusion or otherwise.

Does Robert Mueller have a case that Russia modified the results of the election and Donald Trump or his team were involved in any way?

Did the Russians also win the state legislatures and governorships for Republicans? Was that part of the scheme? Because as I pointed out earlier the Democrats lost at all level of government.

This is the easiest way to see that the Russians didn’t cause Hillary to lose. If that were the case then she would have lost but Democrats would have won elsewhere. They didn’t.

This says that the 76% who thought at the time the country was moving in the wrong direction was the real reason Hillary lost and Democrats across the country.

Did the Russians try to affect the election. They did and we do it to them and to everyone else and the Chinese do it by bribing American officials and all kinds of perfidious is going on. Russia influence from a miniscule facebook ad campaign didn’t change one vote. It’s hard to change people’s votes.

The media completely misunderstand how people decide and think.This collusion fantasy was created by a dossier written and paid for by Democrats but it was never actually true.  Consider this.

Maybe I am wrong and Mueller will find something and you want to believe that.  Go ahead but all things have to come to an end.  At some point there is either evidence of wrongdoing or not.  The American judicial system will eventually conclude this. This is coming to a head.

The American constitution will play out and even though we see many things that are unconstitutional and worrisome the American constitution is resilient.  Donald Trump won the election.  This is evidence that the constitution is incredibly powerful so don’t lose faith that even with the Alinsky America and all the uneducated Democrats attacking our constitutional processes they are going to win.

The democrats accused Donald Trump would be a dictator and ignore the US constitution and our democracy. The fact that many actually thought this demonstrates to me a gross lack of understanding of the constitution.

The constitution was written solely to be a bulwark against dictatorship. The checks and balances and the limitations of power of each branch all designed to make it hard to do anything. Liberals who thought this have a profound misunderstanding of our constitution and its design or are outright ignorant. I fear it is the latter.

I believe the court cases are finally coming to a head.  The accusations have to turn into convictions or not.  The system is working its way through this.  Also, the House is enforcing its balance of power between the 3 branches of our government.

The FBI and DOJ believed they were a fourth branch or at least had a fantasy that they did.

This is coming apart.  Due to the Mueller special prosecutor and Democrats accusations Donald Trump could not go near his DOJ and FBI and provide the normal oversight that would occur.

The FBI and DOJ thought they could keep refusing and hide everything. They didn’t have to show Trump and they didn’t have to show the house or senate. They were effectively their own branch of government wholly unaccountable to anyone but themselves. Rosenstein and possibly Mueller and Comey seemed to think this.

So, guess what?  Our constitution thought of that.  The House has an ability to oversight the executive branch.  So, they are pushing the FBI and DOJ and uncovering massive malfeasance.  Already a dozen or so senior executives of the DOJ or FBI have been terminated for criminal acts and we have an inspector general report coming out.

The house has issued referrals for prosecution of a dozen other people including senior former DOJ, FBI, CIA and NSA officials with specific crimes discovered. These investigations and prosecutions are just spinning up.

It is very clear the Obama administration and possibly President Obama himself may face criminal charges.

This extensive corruption of our most basic law enforcement and national security agencies has never been seen. Nothing even close. Massive disclosure of abuse of FISA is coming.

If Rosenstein doesn’t cough up promptly everything he will be removed by the senate and house. We will get oversight. The FBI and DOJ are NOT a fourth branch of government. They can’t just hide whatever they want that is embarrassing.

Robert Mueller’s supporters will claim that he has got 17+ indictments.  However, the fact is these indictments are a little flaky.  He’s in trouble in court on all the indictments.  In just the last week 3 judges have abused Mueller’s team saying they are guilty of over-reaching their authority, pettifoggery and they have had to ask that judges hold off on sentencing people.

It is very clear if you aren’t looking that the judicial system is skeptical that these indictments are valid. Again, checks and balances at work. The constitution preventing the overreach of DOJ and FBI.

The problem for Mueller is that there never was a Russia collusion case and none of the indictments have to do with Donald Trump and his campaign.  It was a fantasy. A fantasy like many fantasies that turns out wrong. There is only so long that Mueller can keep the fantasy alive. It is collapsing.

The judicial system is seeing that his indictments are garbage. If Mueller keeps trying to push fantasies on the court it won’t work. He will be rebuked and disgraced by the judges.

His investigation will come crashing down as false and he will be disgraced and possibly charged himself.

These are manufactured indictments lacking in evidence and facts.  They were brought to simply scare Flynn, Manafort and others into spilling the beans.  The problem is apparently they have nothing to spill the beans about.

So, now we are seeing the cases are finally coming to bear and Mueller is doing everything he can to delay the cases and the convictions.  He asked for a 2 week delay from the Russian indictments and didn’t get it.  He asked for a 2 month delay in the Flynn sentencing and got it.   He has been forced to cough up secure documents because the judge is convinced a 14 year old case having nothing to do with Russia let alone Trump is within the authority of Mueller to prosecute.

Mueller’s investigation is falling apart

I am 95% certain in 2 months (6 weeks now) when the Flynn judge makes his decision he will ask Flynn to change his plea, when he does he will dismiss the case against Flynn and then issue court orders against Mueller and his team.   I think this judge may actually bring charges against the Mueller team.

The Russian indictments judge has told Mueller he is guilty of pettifoggery.  The judge has said that he filed an indictment.  He has to be ready to prosecute and can’t delay.  This judge is upset at Mueller. You can’t indict someone and not be ready to prosecute. Either these are real indictments with real evidence and real crimes or this is an affront to our judicial system.

The judge in the Manafort / Gates case has said that there is not a chance in hell that Mueller has the authority to prosecute Manafort as these are charges from 15 years ago that were looked at before and dropped against Manifort.   I think there is very high likelihood that the judge will dismiss the case against Manifort and refer it to a local prosecutor.

Local prosecutors looked into the charges against Manafort.  They dropped them twice.  To our knowledge Mueller has uncovered no new information so what are the chances that he has the needed case to convict Manafort or Gates?   What difference does it make anyway?  This has nothing to do with Russia or Trump.

It is a no win situation for the democrats.  If the Manafort judge finds the Rosenstein orders for Mueller are too broad it will expose that Rosenstein is in league with Democrats on a witch hunt and that this is an investigation gone wild.  If he doesn’t have the authority then Mueller’s investigation will be discredited and he will lose the Manafort case.

Let’s go back to Flynn.  Flynn is a 25 year general of the US military.  He served in Afghanistan.  The charge is that Flynn lied to the FBI about talking to Russian ambassador about Syria.  This has nothing to do with collusion.  No implication of any benefit for helping during the campaign was made.  Further in new evidence we have uncovered from Rosenstein trying to cover it up, Comey and Strozek said there was no evidence Flynn lied. How can a judge sentence Flynn when the FBI was found to have covered up evidence it never believed Flynn lied?

In other words a 25 year veteran General of the US has lost his house and his family is destroyed because of a bogus charge of lying that the FBI never thought happened.

I don’t think there is a chance in hell that a federal judge will give Flynn a sentence.  It’s embarrassing, frankly.   Mueller will be lucky to get away with a handslap.

While Manafort doesn’t deserve the same absolution of innocence the facts are nobody knows if Manafort did the things accused.  2 prosecutors refused to bring the case to court before.  I somehow doubt that it will actually result in conviction but I don’t believe the judge will agree that Manafort has the authority to prosecute a 15 year old case that has nothing to do with Russia, Trump or collusion.

Mueller’s cases are collapsing. He will be lucky if in 2 or 3 months he himself is not charged with crimes for prosecutorial abuse.

Avenetti being investigated, Cohen is being exonerated

Last week I was astounded that the prostitutes lawyer Avenetti was on Anderson Cooper going through Cohen’s private bank records.  The Treasury IG is now investigating how Avenetti got these records.  We have also discovered Avenetti is in arrears at least $1.2 million to the IRS in a pump and dump scheme.

While listening to this I was frankly astonished that a citizen’s privacy was destroyed and somehow the media didn’t seem to care. Our constitution again being abused by liberals by leaking and nefarious methods of spying. The massive abuse of the FISA court will be another part of this reset. We need serious reform of the FISA law.

I would love to find out how Avenetti is being paid.  I would like to see his bank records.  Why not?  He has Cohen’s bank records.  Why shouldn’t we have Avenetti’s?  We should find out who is paying for him because it is not likely to be Stormy Daniels.

The Avenetti charges are the latest examples of the lying of the media.  They said that the information was about Cohen but it was about a different Cohen!!

We also learned that Avenetti turns out is a criminal himself. How surprising.

What is Cohen accused of?

Mueller gave this up to a local prosecutor which means he doesn’t think there is a Russia connection or Trump connection.

We have learned however that ATT and Novartis as well as a firm that CNN claimed was associated with a Russian apparently tried to buy influence with Donald Trump.  These charges were all proven false and irrelevant.  However, listening to the media you would have no idea that none of these are criminal charges.

I don’t know if Cohen if guilty of anything.  This is very strange.  In the Cosby case we know he was accused of raping women.  In the McCabe situation we know he was guilty of lying and ethical violations.  In most cases other than Trump or Cohen there are accusations of what was done illegally and some evidence of it.  But no charges or illegal activities only accusations have been put against Cohen or Trump.

This is against the US constitution.  The US constitution is clear that people can meet their accusers in an expeditious manner.  That people have privacy.  That you can’t be broken into (or your lawyer) and you don’t have to testify against yourself, that you are entitled to presumption of innocence and that 12 people have to agree you committed a crime not a single woman screaming you abused her 35 years ago.

One of the stunning things is that the Democrats accuse Donald Trump of influence selling through Cohen.  Except that Trump wasn’t influenced.

ATT did not succeed in buying influence and Donald Trump is still fighting the ATT merger with Time Warner.  Influence buying didn’t work.

Novartis terminated its payments with Cohen when it said it wasn’t getting the influence it hoped to get.

The firm with Russian connection said in a public statement that they are an American company and made their own decision to hire Cohen and Victor (the Russian oligarch)  had nothing to do with it.   In any case, influence buying didn’t work.  Victor is on the list put out by Trump of Russians who are part of the sanctions.  He’s screwed.  Influence not peddled again.

Donald Trump clearly doesn’t listen to anybody because of money.  He’s worth 10 billion dollars and doesn’t take anybodies influence and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him.  He’s worth $10 billion.  He doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care about Russians and he doesn’t care about other billionaires.  He threw one of the Koch’s and his friend off his golf course.  He didn’t take any money in the campaign from any other rich people.  He can’t be bought.

This is probably the most stunning thing to come from all this.  Cohen tried apparently to gain some influence but it didn’t change Donald Trunp’s opinion one iota if Cohen even tried to talk to him about it.

Donald Trump proved to be immune to influence peddling.

Democrats accuse Donald Trump of going to the Russians to get information to hurt Hillary. Rep Schiff heard there might be nude pictures of Trump with prostitutes and sent his aide to get them. In other words the Democrats are guilty of the very things they accuse DT of. DT is not. They are. They do influence peddling buy they accuse the president with no evidence. We know that the Democrats have sold their party to foreign globalists and billionaires.

What’s amazing is that in 100 cases of meetings Hillary Clinton had with governments and individuals that gave money to her foundation the state department issued positive dispositions on these governments or corporations which means that it is at least possible that they bought influence. In fact statistically almost impossible that she didn’t sell influence.

It is possible that there are terrible things Cohen did.  But the question that is so odd is that like in the Trump situation there is no idea what the crime is and there is no evidence.  The charges so far alleged are stupid.  Cohen cannot be indicted for influence peddling. No.   Can he be indicted for bank fraud?  Not a chance.   Can he be indicted for FEC violations?  Not a chance.

So what is Cohen supposed to be guilty of that would justify breaking into a lawyer’s office and destroying client/lawyer privilege?   It better be huge because this is not done.

In the entire 2008 banking crisis with thousands of banking executives making millions and all the fraud and criminal accusations not a single lawyer’s office was broken into.  Yet Cohen was broken into. Why?

I believe this is evidence of panic by Rosenstein and Mueller

Rosenstein saw that the house and senate were preparing to impeach him. He went scrambling to Mueller.

“What can I do? Once I’m out the whole conspiracy will be open. They will see how we worked this all out beforehand. They will know about the spy we planted. They will find out about the Fusion GPS sting. We need a big distraction. Do you have anything to get Trump on anything yet, Bob?

“No I don’t. But, don’t worry, Rod. I can tell my friends in Ny state to raid Cohen’s office and home. Send a letter of approval to do this to the ny prosecutor office authorizing a raid on Cohen. There must be something he has. We will have some new sympathetic agents who will leak stuff they find to us and then we can strategically get this out to the press or maybe to that lawyer avenetti which will provide cover so you can keep this all under wraps.”

“Thanks Bob. I’ll send the authorization for the raid. ”

Schneiderman is kaput – taking out a key left resource

The New York AG is gone.  Someone who has filed more than 15 actions against Trump and his administration was a key attack dog for the left.  It turns out he is a person who apparently threatens women.  How shocking.  90% of abusers of women are turning out to be Democrats.

Yet the media used the fact that their main attack dog on Trump is a perverted violent abuser of women to accuse Trump who the democrats had to pay $50,000 each to 16 women who mostly have retracted their claims after the election.  They never mention this.

Rod Rosenstein has been uncovered in obstruction.

The redactions that have been removed from recent disclosures by the FBI have been shown to be pure ass-covering and Trump hating.  Rosenstein tried to hide the fact that Comey and Strozek admitted that it seemed Flynn didn’t lie obviously making Mueller’s case against Flynn look a little shaky.   They have tried to hide all the lying by FBI officials like Comey.

It is not acceptable for the FBI to redact documents to the house and senate oversight committees in order to cover their ass.  They are supposed to be protecting the American people not themselves.  Rod Rosenstein will be impeached.  He has to be.  He is a criminal like the rest of the deep state trying to hide their collusion in the 2016 election to destroy a duly elected president of the US.

The FBI and DOJ are not a fourth branch of government.  They do not get to decide what the house or the president can see.   The democrats say the President can’t see or involve himself in the FBI or DOJ and the FBI and DOJ have asserted they are able to redact documents and be unresponsive to the house and senate.  This leaves them as their own kingdom.  This is the definition of deep state.  We are in trouble folks.

Our entire democracy depends on the house to do its job of checks and balances built into the constitution.   We have 3 branches and they are supposed to check each other.

The FBI has gone rogue and can’t investigate itself.  The proof is the redaction evidence.  A special prosecutor has to be appointed.   This is a case where a special prosecutor needs to be appointed because obviously the FBI and DOJ have destroyed any credibility they ever had and when the leader of the FBI and DOJ are attempting to hide and the President can’t control them then we have to have a special prosecutor and the FBI and DOJ leadership has to be investigated.  We need to find out why and how all this corruption has been going on and how long.

When Rosenstein was threatened with impeachment before he panicked and talking to Mueller they came up with the idea of raiding Cohen’s office to get information that might get Trump.


Let’s look at the things likely to happen in the next 3 to 6 months. These things are driving the Democrats to panic.

The polls are now decisively showing the Democrats WILL NOT gain seats in November. They will be in a minority position and the republicans are likely to have more power in the senate allowing President Trump to complete his agenda easier. There is strong evidence that candidates who are more aligned with Donald Trump are winning and those republicans called NeverTrumpers are losing power.

The Mueller and impeachment case for the Democrats is falling apart.

That deep state collusion and plan to unseat the President is uncovering deep problems in our government and corruption. President Trump is becoming a “victim” and getting sympathy of getting unfair treatment.

That the economy is moving ahead and growing faster and faster and that hispanics and blacks are benefitting disproportionately.

These things crush the liberal narratives proving that everything Democrats have said was wrong.

  1. Rosenstein is facing new calls for impeachment as well as Jeff Sessions.  I don’t think Jeff Sessions will save Rosenstein.  Rosenstein will either resign, be impeached or be fired in the next 3 months
  2. The IG report will come out implicated Comey and others of criminal activity.
  3. It has been discovered that a spy was inserted into the Trump campaign by the Obama administration.
  4. The house has issued referrals for investigations and investigations and indictments are in the works for up to more than a dozen former Obama officials including the director of the CIA, the NSA and DOJ and FBI.
  5. The country has reversed the “direction of the country” from 76% negative under Obama to 57% positive under Trump.  This is the most reliable predictor of elections.
  6. The Democrats have lost 16 points and gone to parity with the Republicans on the generic ballot.
  7. Blacks have doubled their support of Trump while not large this takes 4% of the Democrats votes away from them.
  8. Flynn will be exonerated and Mueller will be castigated again for overreaching and abusing a former General of the US.
  9. The Manafort judge will disallow Mueller to prosecute the case and refer it to a local prosecutor.
  10. The Russian judge may dismiss the case against the Russians for insufficient evidence.
  11. Carter Page will win his case against the government for spying on him illegally.
  12. Indictments and convictions related to FISA abuses will be brought up that will show that Obama officials massively abused the FISA court
  13. Further disgrace will be brought on the FBI for injecting a spy in the Trump campaign.
  14. Michael Cohen will win his case that his office was invaded and information taken improperly.  This will mean that all information removed from his office and home will be unusable in any case against him,
  15. The Republicans will remain neutral in the house and gain seats in the senate.
  16. Mueller will either resign or be fired or impeached after all his cases are found to be fraudulent and going nowhere and guilty of abuse and overreach outside his authority.
  17. Comey and other Obama executives will be in court defending against prison terms
  18. The scandal will spread to President Obama and what he knew about the effort to overthrow a duly elected President.
  19. Hillary Clinton will be prosecuted.
  20. More than half of Americans believe the president is being railroaded in a new CNN poll!
  21. The Economy will be accelerating for the next year and wages and jobs will get better and better for everyone especially blacks and hispanics contrary to the Democrats arguments.

Whether you believe all 21 things above will happen or 10 of them or 3 of them the situation is dire for Democrats. Everything is moving against them.

Reality is winning.

The US constitution is winning.

Panic is evident

I believe strongly that the break-in to Cohen’s law office and home was a last gambit by the Mueller, Comey and Rosenstain alliance to find something to get Trump with.

The clear goal of this panic attack was to find something, anything to get Trump with.  It is clear the Mueller investigation has found nothing to get Trump.  They are facing disgrace.  Rod Rosenstein sees that his career is coming to an end.  He approved the raid. They hoped they could leak something they found to take the attention off their failed investigations and the obstruction they have been doing to divert attention from the crimes they committed.

This break in is evidence of panic.

The media is going nuts.  They are getting even more hateful.  Like I started this article the media is going into panic as Trump wins and the country is moving away they feel powerless so they are going to more and more craziness.  Nothing is working.

Donald Trump is not fit to be president because one of his staff insulted John McCain.

The tactics of the Democrats are short term not working and longer term are destined to fail.  The democrats have lived off the idea that nobody remembers the failure of all their previous predictions.

When the elections happen and the Democrats Blue Wave goes away and Republicans solidify their gains there will be an incredible problem for the Democratic Party and their adherents.

I am seriously worried.  They have nothing.  When they lose more seats they will undoubtedly find a way to survive but this could be historic.  I think the Democrats will have to change once they realize all these techniques are not working.  They will HAVE TO abandon “resist.”  They will have to abandon the incredible hate campaign.  Networks will have to reconsider their coverage.

Why?  Why would they change?

The Democrats were destroyed in the 2016 elections.  Something that is not mentioned much is that the Democrats lost 900 seats throughout the country.  This is part of the evidence that the Russian story is absurd.  Did the Russians win these 900 seats all across the country too?

They have won back 40 or so seats in the last year and a half but that leaves them 860 short of where they were in 2016.

The Democrats don’t have power in 32 states governorships, 33 state legislatures.  They lost the senate and the house, the presidency and the Supreme Court.  The democrats have not digested that their policies are rejected.  The simplest way to see this is that 57% now say the country is going in the right direction.  2 years ago 76% of the country said the country was going in the wrong direction.  Americans largely agree with Trump on policies.  End of story.

The left claps their hands on their networks.  They continue their hate campaign.  They go around like Jim Comey making contradictory and stupid statements smiling.  They pretend like everything is going well while they are proven wrong every single day and people see it.  It’s obvious.  Some blacks are starting to question the idea they are being served by Democrats who care more about illegal aliens than them.  The shift in the right direction is because of many reasons.

People know the economy is accelerating.  Jobs and wages are climbing producing more job security.  People are coming going back to the labor force raising the participation rate for the first time in 10 years.  Black and Hispanic employment has reached historically high levels.  Food stamp usage setting low usage records.  Terrorism is down. Killing of cops is down.  The crime rate is falling again after rising 30% in the last 2 years of Obama’s term.  We have destroyed ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  We have started negotiations to end N Koreas nuclear threat.  We are making efforts to redress the Chinese abuse of trade.  We have faced reality in the Middle East and made new powerful friends.  We have Saudi Arabia and Israel cooperating.

Virtually everything that was going to shit under Obama is reversed. That is why the “going in the right direction is happening and shifted by 35 points.”   Nancy Pelosi did a poll this year of middle class and found that the Democrats have a 35 point deficit now with the middle class.  The middle class do not believe the democrats are truthful about their interest in the middle class.  Why?  Because they refuse to give up any of their positions which were clearly killing them. (Literally – males dying earlier for 3 years in a row)

If the democrats lose support from blacks and Trump has the power to enforce immigration laws, end the Obamacare debacle and build the wall as well as everything else and democrats are totally out of power everywhere then even they have to admit they are screwed.  Their entire platform is discredited.

I also believe that once Democrats are actually convicted of crimes and it is not a fantasy protected by a complicit state that supports their crimes against prosecution they will have to start taking seriously the crimes they are committing.    They will have to start talking honestly.

Comey, Schiff and numerous Democrats have been defying honesty.  They have been avoiding debate and virtue signaling.  The FBI has been hiding and the democrats have been trying to pretend they do nothing wrong.  They have been accusing people without facts.  They have been name calling and threatening.

After this loss and the convictions, the falling apart of the Mueller investigation we are talking about an epic collapse of Democratic memes.  Everything from how they fund their campaigns (billionaires) and how they conduct debates (not) and their objection to free speech, their constant attacks of racism will be in trouble.

I think there is a chance that the next year will see the biggest successes of Trump.  The entire Democratic platform and party will have to go through a major rethink.  I think this is the time we can finally get Democrats to stop their hateful violent ways and start to recognize America and how it works and why we have lasted 250 years with democracy.  The constitution will win.  I am becoming more and more confident.

The Democrats have imposed the most severe challenges to our constitution possibly in our history.  They started this by running a sting against a candidate against them.  They inserted spy into their campaign and spied on them using the FISA court.  They have manufactured an entire conspiracy.   They have hurt the US.  Anybody can see this.

We see widespread disrespect for the constitution of the US.  We see widespread lack of knowledge of the constitution.   We see people who are completely unaware what America is about or why.  I don’t say this lightly.

After the election they first tried to get electors to violate their oath to vote for what the 600,000 voters they represent voted.  They failed but if they had succeeded they would have destroyed American democracy.  They then have been trying to impeach the president with no reason, except accusations.  This again would destroy democracy in America.

They did these things because I believe many of them knew that if DT was allowed to stay as president it would be discovered all the illegal activities they engaged in over the last 8 years.  They then used the full power of our incredible spy capability against a candidate in an attempt to create an insurance policy to unseat a duly elected President.

This nightmare scenario has run its course.  All their accusations are coming to a head and there is no there there.  (Strozek even admitted this.) Instead what is happening is we are starting the long and constitutional process of convicting the criminals, the Democrats.  We will see but I certainly believe there is copious evidence of massive criminal activity by Democrats.  Not accusations, evidence.

The IG, the house investigation have all issued judgements and more is coming.  Lots more.  The Mueller investigation on the other hand is falling apart.  The democracy worked.

The electors rejected the entreaties of undemocratic moronic Hollywood elites.

The congress hasn’t impeached the president on accusation.

The congress has been performing oversight.  The IG and other people are investigating and discovering the crimes and perfidity.

In spite of every attempt to control information by the liberals it has failed.  57% saying things are going in the right direction is a 100% affront to the daily barrage of hate by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Google, Facebook, etc.   The American people like in the 2016 election completely ignore the propaganda machines of the left.  They are only lying to themselves.

The election in 2018 is reflecting what rational people would want.  The best interests of the US as evidenced by the right direction poll will drive the election.  The democrats are going to have to face the fact all their attempts to destroy the US constitution have failed and they are being prosecuted.  They have lost and will lose.  Democracy is prevailing.

Our founders produced an amazing constitution.  250 years later it is battling against a corrupt enemy of democracy, the US and winning.