I never liked the idea of having sex with a prostitute.  For me the problem is that if a woman doesn’t want to be with me for me then why would I want to be with her?  The whole point of sex is mutual attraction.

Nonetheless, prostitutes are popular and always have been.  It is a multi-billion dollar business probably more than $100 billion in the US alone.  The porn industry itself is multi-billion dollar.  Sex sells.  Bill Clinton engaged in sex with 2,000 women according to his own bragging.  He engaged in sex in the White House even with the security concerns this would entail.  After leaving the presidency being impeached and having his reputation sullied, having been disbarred, fined $750,000 he reputedly engaged in sex frequently on F***One the plane a rich playboy offered him to fly around the world.

In other words you cannot expect men or women no matter what the consequences are going to stop having sex and sometimes sex that isn’t within the confines of a marriage.  Is this a surprise to anyone?  We don’t consider adultery a crime anymore.  We frankly rarely prosecute prostitution much anymore.  The porn industry goes free to make its movies and stuff without any real limits.

So, if the president had sex is this impeachable?  No.  It wasn’t for Bill Clinton and it isn’t for Donald Trump.

Is it horrific?  Frankly, no.  I’m sorry.  We all have friends who have cheated on their partners.   Remember that every affair requires a partner and in court almost as many married women are accused of being untrue as men.  This isn’t even close to being limited to men.  Women cheat like crazy too.  Lots of women.  To deny that is to deny simple mathematics and facts.

When we have friends who’ve had affairs do we stop being their friends?  No.  We understand marriage is complicated and people’s decision are their own.

What Donald Trump did is not great but it also isn’t that bad or abnormal.  If Donald Trump is bad then virtually every man on Earth is bad.  If you think that then good luck with finding a society to run with “perfect” people.

My experience frankly is that cheating is on the LOW side of immorality.  There are MANY many things that are worse like the #metoo movement has shown there are creepy men who abuse women all over the place.

Our federal government had a $20 million program to pay for hushing women who congressmen were abusing.

The congress is hardly in a position to criticize the president if he was simply trying to hush a prostitute who engages in sex freely and with no implication of forcing.

Normally you shouldn’t have to pay $130,000 to keep a prostitute quiet about it.  A prostitute would find it bad for business if she advertised her clients.

What is the legal case Stormy has?

I have no clue.  She was paid $130,000 to keep quiet.  That’s quite a fee for sex for one night.  She should consider this an amazing fee.  So, why is she suing Donald?

She wants to get out of her hush agreement to sign a book deal and make millions.  She also finds her career is getting a second life because she is now known for having had sex for one night with Donald.

Who is the victim here?  Not Stormy Daniels, that’s for sure.  Donald Trump got one instance of sex.  It cost him $130,000+ and she is suing.

Part of her argument is that the agreement was not signed by Donald Trump. In that case, if the agreement is null can Michael Cohen get his $130,000 back?

He is suing her for the multiple infringements of the hush agreement.  As a result of the disclosures by Stormy she owes Cohen $20 million.  That should basically remove her profits from her book deal.

She is basically trying to claim to be the victim because why? She wants to get her book money?

She is also claiming she was told by someone to keep quiet about the Trump affair or suffer consequences.  Ohhh scary.

Donald Trump has gotten 12,000 tweets to have him killed.  So has every member of his family and the administration.  Democrats are so crazed with irrational hate and violent they are doing insane things.  Even Hollywood stars are saying they fantasize about beating Donald Trump to death with golf clubs and Griffin is spending her evenings fabricating Donald Trump heads with blood to look like Muslim beheading terrorist victims.

People like Joe Biden want to beat up the president with their hands.  Two Hillary campaign officials hired thugs to go into Trump campaign rallies to beat up Trump supporters.

Women all over the world are constantly threatened by husbands who say they will kill them if they don’t do this or that.  Those are real threats because women are killed every year by men who freak out about them cheating or almost anything.

What exactly is the crime Donald Trump or Cohen committed?

One charge is that Donald somehow committed election fraud because he didn’t report the income represented by Cohen’s $130k bet on Stormy.  There are so many holes in this argument its pathetic.

However, even if guilty such a situation is at most a fine, not even a misdemeanor.   If it were more of a crime half the members of congress would be in jail.  But Donald Trump didn’t commit election fraud because DT paid for the fee through a retainer scheme.  So, it was not a contribution.

Some people have said bank fraud because Cohen got a loan on his house to pay the prostitute.  This is absurd as well.  If people got prosecuted for bank fraud for misusing loan money half the country would be in jail.  Are you saying you have never taken a loan and either not told the bank or not used the money precisely as asked for in the loan application?  It’s not a crime and its not something the US should be worried about.

We are inundated continuously with absurd coverage of this prostitute’s lawsuits as if it was the most important thing in America. I am blown away that democrats consider these things to be damaging to Trump. They aren’t. Nobody cares.

The US constitution is being abused by Democrats and we are all being abused by them

The US constitution precisely states the president can be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Having sex with a prostitute?  Campaign law violations?  Colluding with Russians IS NOT high crime even if it happened.  In fact its not a crime at all.  Its called foreign policy.  Nothing that Democrats have come up with as potential crimes even come close to high crimes.

Even worse they have no evidence for the charges they have. Some of the things they accuse aren’t crimes at all. They have a way of repeating them and saying them with enough derision to make you think they are crimes.

Some have said its terrible the President lied to the people of the US because he knew about Cohen paying for the prostutes silence.  Well, in fact this hasn’t been proved either.

It is likely that Cohen and Trump had an agreement not to talk about things like this. So I doubt he knew Cohen paid Stormy although he might guess that he did since that was his job.

Lying is no huge surprise to the American people especially democrats.

Hillary Clinton had secure emails on her private server and Comey said she lied to the congress and the FBI about those and other things.  We all know that Hillary lied constantly.  I remember one liberal reporter said he liked Hillary but wished she would stop lying.  Good luck with that.

We have now seen that McCabe and Comey have lied to everyone multiple times.

Did Obama lie?  Did Susan Rice or Clapper lie to the American people?  If lying was impeachable so many would be criminals nobody would be able to survive in office 2 weeks.

The framers said that Presidents should not be serving at the pleasure of the congress.  They discussed the crimes they were thinking about and they were severe.  Treason for instance.  Corruption was not considered severe enough.

A president can only be impeached with HIGH crimes and needs 2/3 of the senate to agree.  This will never happen to Trump and all that Democrats do with their constant searching for reasons to impeach Donald Trump and using the most absurd and ridiculous charges is only making Democrats look stupid.

What is more important is that Democrats are using all these absurd non-crimes and hyperventilating just to try and distract and create a negative impression of DT.

The way democrats are doing this is absurd.  The things they are accusing Donald Trump of are things Democrats do in spades.  They cheat on their wives, see prostitutes, lie like sieves.  Everything they say DT is evil for they were famous for the last 40 years.  Whether you agree with that or not the fact is these are not reasons to impeach a president or frankly for wasting the American people’s time compared to the issues of the day that are VASTLY more important than any of this.

One guy said he didn’t think the American people will re-elect a Presdient who lies.  This is laughable.  The people of the US re-elected Bill Clinton knowing he lied about having sex in the White House.  Americans don’t care about this crap.

What are the real crimes?

We just heard today that the FBI 6 weeks ago had released a redacted discussion from the FBI interviews with Comey.   After 6 weeks of effort the house intelligence committee got some of the transcript un-redacted to show that Comey and Strozek never thought Flynn lied to the FBI.

Why would this be redacted?  There can be no reason.  These are NOT national secrets.  Why are there redactions of anything related to this.  We are talking about an election of the US.  A domestic election.  The American people deserve to know the truth of the election and what happened during this last election from both parties.

We have people’s lives being destroyed because of accusations that Democrats have made.  We have concerns our fundamental institutions were involved in a plot to overthrow a duly elected president.

The Mueller attacks and the FBI hiding information is fundamentally abusive of our constitution and to the idea of justice in America.  This is far worse than the absurd claim that the Russians could affect the results of a US election.  People who think that are insane.  Nobody voted based on something that Russians said.

On the other hand we have incredible violations of the rule of law.  Accusations of crimes with no evidence.  Violations of lawyer client privilege.  People’s lives being destroyed.  The privacy of ordinary Americans being abused thousands of times unlawfully.  Lying to judges.  Breaking the oath of the FBI over and over.  We are talking about the Democratic Party gone insane and committing crimes insanely without ever being prosecuted.