CNN has said and liberals in general have spent an incredible amount of time accusing the president of lying. The president accuses CNN of lying and the liberal media in general.

Here is a screenshot of CNN’s top stories on the front page and prominently displayed is the accusation that President Trump lies:


Does CNN lie?

This is indisputable. If you listen to CNN at all and are aware of the real world there is no doubt. Harvard said that CNN is 96% biased in their stories. They present only a negative perception of Donald Trump. They do this so consistently it would be impossible not to notice which is why CNN has the lowest rankings of all networks likely but also why trust in the media has declined to far below Donald Trump’s.

In recent polls CNN is trusted by less than 10% of the public. Everybody knows they lie. We are presented with this constantly. Just a few days ago I watched an hour of Maddow (MSNBC – same as CNN) and she spent the entire hour telling viewers about the “questions” the Mueller team has constructed for the president.

It was plainly obvious to me that Mueller’s team would not leak questions and also that the questions themselves were not the questions a prosecutor would ask. These were not the questions Mueller would ask. I knew it was a lie. It turned out of course these questions were practice questions put together by Seculow who speculated to some extent based on conversations but were NOT the questions the Mueller team was planning to ask.

In other words the story on CNN and MSNBC was for an entire day completely wrong. Everybody who listened to CNN and MSNBC all day was being lied to. Maddow went off as they always do on a speculative fantasy that this meant that Mueller knew these bad things about Trump because they were going to ask this or that. She then would speculate about what bad thing they might know and then follow that to some other insane lie.

All night for an hour we had a science fiction like experience of Maddow fantasizing what the Mueller team had on Trump and what he had done. This is a prime example of how liberals lie to themselves and as a result produce bad results for everyone including themselves.

When it was disclosed the next day that the NYT story that was said to have been leaked from the Mueller team “undisclosed source” was discovered to be from Trump’s team of course no mention or apology was made for the false story or the fact they had lied the entire previous day all day about the president.

I hate to use this analogy but it is the closest I can come to the orgy of fantasy and lies that CNN, MSNBC and NYT engage in daily but it is almost sexual like how excited they get, how they take their fantasies and embellish them with possibilities and dirtiness. Everything is so salacious. Stormy Daniels is simply a perfect combination for their near purely sexual delight in lambasting the President on false dreams.

I am always reminded of that View episode when Joy Behar reported to a cheering audience that it was shown that DT Jr had access to Wikileaks before others and therefore proof of collusion maybe. The audience was in tears. It was like a religious fervor. A mental explosion of laughter happiness that juxtaposed against their crying and crying at losing the election just a year earlier.

CNN, MSNBC, NYT lie constantly. Turn on the TV at any moment and you see what Harvard couldn’t deny. 96% bias. Never ever ever a word of praise for anything DT has done or does. A constant barrage of lies and hate and invective delivered by talking heads that combined have an IQ of 100 over maybe 10 of their “reporters.”

I say this because of so many observations and because of the problem that these networks have in admitting their failures. Joy Reid sat there on one CNN interview asking if the President would give up to officers at his door wanting to arrest him. Joy Reid is a moron. I say this because everyone should know that this is IMPOSSIBLE to happen. The president cannot be arrested like this. The president is immune as are most legislators to prosecution for all but the most serious crimes. This is in the constitution if you bother to read it. I think all liberals are completely unaware of the constitution because they constantly make these kinds of stupid mistakes. Yet no one on CNN corrected her. She went on in her lustful fantasy of President Trump surrounded by police trying to arrest him. Everyone nodding their heads. Nobody telling her she was a moron. Typical. Absolutely typical of everything that is said on CNN every day. Moronic crap that violates the constitution or is innuendo based on innuendo and liberals clapping their hands with glee at their latest fantasy of DT demise. It’s dirty and bizarre.

Every day we are presented with facts that if you had listened to CNN or MSNBC or NYT the week before would be false. Every week they expect their viewers to believe the next salacious thing about DT and to disregard the fact that DT is not being impeached, is still in power and everything keeps going his way even though just yesterday they told us the President was on his last breath, that Mueller has the goods on him, that this will crash, this will go wrong, that will go wrong, war will ensue, the stock market will crash, black people will die or whatever their latest bizarre self-imposed fantasy is.

So, whether DT lies or not consider that these networks lie CONSTANTLY 100% of the time virtually. They almost never go back and admit what they said or the prediction they made was wrong.

So, when you read anything by these people like the above page you have to consider that nothing they ever said is true and that it is very likely that everything on this page is a lie and innuendo intended to make you hate DT like they do.

Does Trump lie?

I’m sure he has lied. This is different than being wrong. Lying is intentional wrong. CNN and those networks I have proved do this. They are absolutely lying to produce a point which is the destruction of President Trump. They show it in their emotions they can’t help expose and their consistency.

Has DT been wrong? Yeah. Does he intentionally lie?

I don’t think so. Donald Trump is the most transparent President we’ve ever had in our lives. He may be wrong but in my opinion he never lies. He may be wrong on some things but he is not purposely trying to deceive people unlike the networks.

Transparency is a tough thing to take. Most people don’t like transparency that much. In fact, liberals in general seem opposed to transparency lately. They prefer we don’t say anything bad about anything or anyone especially of color or in their own clique. Identity politics essentially is about lack of transparency. Let’s lie to each other to make each other feel good and blame other people for our failures.

I grant you Donald Trump is not one to admit his own failures easily. However, he wins and being right and winning is some proof that you are/were right.

1) Donald Trump said he was being spied upon. He was. Hugely.

2) Donald Trump said some Mexican immigrants are rapists. He was right. Some are. He also said some aren’t.

3) Donald Trump said bad things to N Korean leader. Democrats said this would lead to nuclear war. Donald Trump was right. It leads to peace.

4) Donald Trump said China cheats on trade. He was right. The networks ignored the point and only talked about how bad a trade war would be. China is signaling they will concede some trade issues. DT was right. The networks were unhelpful if not seditious.

5) Donald Trump said many of the refugee countries were “shi*****s.” They are terrible countries. 30% of a population wouldn’t leave if they were great countries. They wouldn’t have refugee problems if these are great countries. It’s not a racist issue. It’s simply a fact. These are crap countries. This was proven again by liberals own comments. When asked why the Honduran refugee seekers didn’t stop in Mexico we were told by liberals Mexico was a “Shi******” country because they have 57,000 murders and so much violence and problems that the Hondurans couldn’t stop in Mexico. Which is it? Are Mexico, Honduras, Nigeria, Guatemala shi***** countries or great countries being maligned?

The last case is kind of symptomatic of the kind of thing we see from the media and liberals that is the problem. They deny the truth that Donald Trump spoke. These countries are sh******* countries. That is absolutely true. It can’t be denied. They are. They don’t like the fact it seems insulting. They then interpret and fantasize DT is saying something racist he isn’t saying and didn’t say.

What is remarkable is that a lot of blacks and hispanics are getting DT’s message. DT support among blacks especially black males has risen dramatically. Some polls put up to > 20% of black males now support DT. 46% of hispanics voted for DT in the election. (This is US born hispanics). His support has risen as black and hispanic unemployment has reached historic lows month after month breaking previous records.

DT said he could bring back manufacturing. Last month an additional 40,000 manufacturing jobs were created on top of the 300,000 earlier. Overall Donald Trump has made a remarkable and what we were told by pundit after pundit on CNN, MSNBC and Barrack Obama himself was IMPOSSIBLE. Obama asked how? How could we get these jobs back? It’s impossible he said. No it isn’t.

In this case, Obama was being transparent. I think he really thought it was impossible to bring back those jobs. He had no idea how to do it. Is that lying? No. He was simply mistaken. Like a lot of things he was mistaken. I don’t know if Obama lied whole cloth as the media does today but he certainly was wrong about a lot of things.

The US is gaining in virtually every measure. During Obama’s term unemployment supposedly gained but actually due to the lowering of the participation rate unemployment was high when he left office. We were still at close to 8.5% unemployment after 8 years counting the drop in participation.

In the last quarter Trump has employed 650,000 of those “non-participating” triggering a big increase in the participation rate not seen in 10 years. He has also raised wages for middle class something Obama didn’t do.

Trump has decreased the crime rate which Obama increased by 30% in his last 2 years. Trump has decreased the terrorism which Obama saw increase by 500% in his terms. Trump eradicated ISIS from Iraq and Syria in 10 months which Obama created and was unable to stop in his 8 years.

Every measure of US performance is getting better. So, if DT is lying is it relevant? Is it true? What DT says happens. (Not the wall yet, not healthcare admittedly but a lot is happening and the media has never said it would or admitted it.)

You have to understand that the media and democrats have said Donald Trump is the devil and pure evil. They said he was an extraordinary danger to America that allowed them to go on their hate campaigns and even circumvent the law and to do things that are incredible to see. They asked for electors to give up democracy because DT was extraordinarily evil and wrong.

Yet today there is no evidence of that. We are more than 1 year into his presidency and he is remarkable for being not bad for the country. Quite the opposite. Not one thing they predicted has come to pass. Quite the opposite. Thus when they say he lies 4,000 times you have to take into account that that probably means they lied 4,000 times not Donald Trump.

Did Donald Trump lie about knowing if Cohen paid for Stormy Daniels? Maybe. We don’t know. CNN and the media as usual have gone on an orgy of accusation and hedonistic glorying in the fact that Giuliani admitted that Trump paid for Cohen.

The arrangement Trump had we are told is that he paid a retainer of $35,000 per month to Cohen for years. He was expected to take care of things like strippers and people who could harm Donald. The whole point of such a relationship is that Trump doesn’t know what Cohen is doing.

The US congress has paid $20 + million to hush up women who congresspeople abuse. Hush money is apparently quite normal. It seems dozens if not hundred congress people may have paid it to silence their accusers. (Actually we paid to silence them through our taxes.)

Donald Trump didn’t pay Stormy Daniels the prostitute to say that she wasn’t abused or to quiet her abuse like congresspeople. Cohen simply paid her to not talk about the single instance of sex they had. Consenting sex. This is about as benign as you can get. Yet the media want to talk about it 24×7. Is this the worse they can come up with?

It is likely Trump didn’t know the exact amount or conditions of which Cohen would use on whoever. He didn’t know if it was Stormy or potentially other prostitutes or women he had sex with. We don’t know and frankly don’t care to know. This was all consensual and more of an issue for DT and his wife not the public. It has nothing to do with his job performance now. He is not sleeping with women now in the White House like previous democrat presidents. This is about something he did a long time ago.

So, the media has jumped to the conclusion that this retainer agreement with Cohen means he knows all about the stormy payoff. No. He may or may not have known but in any case it is not election fraud. President Trump didn’t send ruffians into democratic rallies to create violence like hillary. He didn’t pay $12 million for Russian intelligence to smear Hillary like Hillary did for Trump. He didn’t seek to get naked Hillary pictures from Russians like Rep Schiff recently did with Russians. Trump didn’t game his nomination like Hillary did. Trump didn’t have CNN leaking the questions before the debate to him like Hillary.

During one debate Trump said he wasn’t sure if he would accept the results of the election until he saw them.

This is true and honest statement. He spoke the truth. Hillary said that she would and for a week she and the media went on a rampage telling us how Trump was the anti-democracy candidate unfit to be president. However, as we saw it was Hillary and Democrats who didn’t accept the election results and tried everything to destroy democracy they could to change the results of the election including asking electors to forgoe the 600,000 voters who voted for them to place a vote for Donald and instead vote their conscience like they do in Soviet Russia. As Maxine Waters is fond of saying impeach him. Why? Who cares. Just get rid of him. If not impeachment get rid of him. How would that be? Kill him like the 12,000 tweets and the fantasies of violence inciting liberal hollywood elites like Jim Carrey the beat him to death with golf clubs, Griffith the muslim style beheading supporter or other people calling for DT’s death?

No, we see that everything the democrats say is actually about themselves. Whether Russian collusion (they did it,). Violence (they do it), hate (they are about hate) lying (they are 100% liars) mysoginists (90% of abusers found so far to be democrats) democrats have too frequently been found to be or to do the very thing they accuse DT of.

So, a question above “Do you care about Trump’s lies?” Is incredibly facetious and the kind of orgy of hate the left likes to do. They set up the story. Trump lies. Based on false information and accusation they create. Then they go on an orgy of fantasies and speculation and innuendo based on their fantasies like the DT Jr knew before about Wikileaks or the Mueller questions lies.

Does it bother you that Trump eats baby children for breakfast? This is the kind of question CNN asks. When Jim Ocasta asks questions it is: Will Donald give himself up to the prosecutors today? Will Donald Trump resign today because of the crimes he’s committed? These are the kinds of questions that CNN asks during press briefings. “How many children did Donald Trump eat for breakfast today Sarah?” This is what democrats want to waste everybody’s time with, not real issues in america.

So, CNN headlines today aren’t surprising. This is the same absolute crap that you see in Google news, MSNBC and the liberal media. A constant stream of lies and innuendo based on unnnamed sources always wrong and always negative to DT that even Harvard had to say is 96% biased.

We need to end the innuendo and accusation press. We need to demand that nobody makes accusations without true facts, real facts that are on the ground facts, ie. Facts based on hard reality not on what a pundit or unnamed source says or innuendo based on innuendo.