I predicted this many times since this has started.

Flynn case will probably result in charges against Mueller

The judge in the Flynn case has asked for ALL the records that Mueller has about General Flynn’s investigation. Mueller may have had the worst luck when this judge was called.

Initially Mueller got the judge that Strozek had a relationship with and who met with for lunch and dinner hiding it from others. That judge had the sense to recuse himself THIS time. The case went into random selection and Mueller got a judge who has become an advocate against prosecutorial overreach.

This judge typically asks for more exculpatory information than most but in this case has gone so far to tell Mueller he wants everything about the Flynn investigation without Mueller making any selection or redactions.

Michael Flynn was a general in the US for 25 years. He served in combat duty in Afghanistan. He has put his life on the line and distinguished himself for a long career ending up at General.

Now his life has been destroyed apparently because of some “Russian thing.”He is indicted for lying to the FBI. A process crime in that he is not accused of other crimes but simply misstating something when being interrogated by the FBI. This had nothing to do with the election.

He was talking to Kislyak the Russian ambassador as was his role in the Trump transition team and he told Kislyak that he thought President Trump would be making changes in our Syria policy.

President Trump has made changes in our Syria policy. His conversation was picked up and uncovered because of the FISA warrant on Carter Page. This illegal warrant used to uncover thousands of conversations of the Trump campaign, then transition and later administration in office (nearly a year and 3 quarterly renewals) apparently picked up this conversation.

This was then leaked again illegally to the press as well as to the Vice President and president. When asked about the conversation apparently he lied in some way to VP Pence about the exact content of what he said to Kislyak.

Trump fired Flynn for not being totally truthful or not remembering accurately his conversation with Kislyak. Whatever Flynn said to Kislyak it is NOT illegal and yet Flynn is facing potential jail time and the people who issued the warrant, used it illegally and who leaked are NOT facing prosecution. Instead General Flynn’s life has been destroyed.

It should be noted that both Comey and Strozek testified to the FBI and the house intelligence committee that they didn’t believe Flynn lied to the FBI at the time but Mueller decided to go after him anyway.

Liberals are upset at Andrew McCabe’s firing and that he might face a 7 year delay in getting his 1.8 million retirement. They are worried enough about this man worth $11 million that they have a go fund me account to raise money for McCabe. McCabe who has never faced gunfire from Islamic militants and served this country at great profit to himself lied 4 times and did many things that are ethical violations.

McCabe was not fit to be an entry level FBI agent. Yet liberals are worried about his lot in life.General Flynn apparently had his children threatened by Mueller and sold his house to pay legal fees. His life ruined for real and facing actual jail time potentially.

The judge in his case has asked to review all the information. I believe he will find that Flynn is being railroaded and will ask Flynn to change his plea to not guilty dismiss the case against him and go after Mueller for overzealous prosecution.

Mueller’s team has asked the judge to delay his judgement on Flynn for 2 more months possibly because Mueller didn’t want to face the wrath of 3 judges in the same week rebuking him and his team’s absurd cases.

I hope Flynn can sue the federal government and rake in millions.

Manafort Case will be 50% chance dismissed or not guilty or assigned to state prosecutor who will not proceed as they didn’t before

It is much more difficult to know what to think of the Manafort and Gates cases. These were looked at by State level prosecutors in 2004 and 2010 but declined to pursue. Again Mueller takes up the case even though prosecutors years ago decided they didn’t have enough merit.

The judge in this case like Flynn seems to question the merit of the case. Manafort’ s judge has asked for an unredacted copy of the memo of authorization for Mueller to determine if Mueller indeed has the scope to charge Manafort.

When Mueller’s team said he couldn’t have it and he had the authority the judge rebuked Mueller’s team and said he would decide that. He also said he didn’t think there was a chance in hell that Mueller’s scope could cover the Manafort case which has nothing to do with Russia and predates the controversy by almost 15 years.

It is likely this case will be referred to a state level prosecutor and that they will refrain from prosecuting it like they did before.

Now the deep state operative Rod Rosenstein who is joined at the hip with Mueller is forced to turn over the unredacted version of Mueller’s authorization to the judge and ultimately to the public. If Rosenstein granted Mueller authority to do anything we will see and there will be problems for Rosenstein. If he doesn’t have the authority the judge will dismiss the case.

I believe Mueller and Rosenstein talk and are in league in this persecution of President Trump. The House intelligence committee has asked for text messages between McCabe and Comey and others. They have asked for Rosensteins text messages.

Rosenstein has produced 4,000 out of 1,200,000 documents requested by the house intelligence committee. For a year his team have been pouring over these documents and so far have processed only 4,000. The committe has threatened to impeach Rosenstein and now the full house and senate members have produced articles of impeachment for Rosenstein.

I think Rosenstein will be impeached. He will not be fired by Trump but he is joined at the hip with Mueller and is in a desperate ploy to save his careeer and get Trump he panicked and approved the order to raid Cohen’s law firm and house.

When the first impeachment call was made for Rosenstein Mueller came to his defense. Mueller told a state prosecutor to go after Cohen. We don’t know on what basis but the timing was peculiar. I thought that was speculative but now that Rosenstein has been threatened again with impeachment Mueller has said he wants to subpoena Trump.

Mueller and Rosenstein are clearly panicked. I believe this is direct evidence of their complicity in the effort to get Trump and that Rosenstein is one of the last deep state operatives. Once Rosenstein is gone the investigation into the Democratic scheme to overthrow the president will be free to proceed without impediment.

Rosenstein has resisted and stopped every effort to find the plan in the FBI. If the FBI is found to have conspired to overthrow a president the oversight and function of the FBI will be severely impeded. I believe there will be significant legislation to restructure the FBI and to emasculate its ability to operate in many areas. It will get more serious oversight. Numerous additional firings beside the 12 or so that have left will occur.

Rosenstein is adamant that he is simply protecting the FBI but the FBI is not a FOURTH BRANCH of government. They don’t get to decide what the house can see or the president can see.

Australian case turned out to be $20K fine and 1 month

The one success that Mueller has is an Australian lawyer who was fined $20,000 last month and given 1 month sentence. Is this the totality of the Mueller investigation? A $20,000 fine?

Russian cases are coming up empty

Mueller indicted 13 Russians along with these people above. I don’t think he every imagined those 13 people would ever show up in court to contest the charges. Several of these people did show up this week. To Mueller’s shock they plead not-guilty and Mueller’s team asked the judge to give them 2 weeks to pull their cases together. Really?Yup,

The judge denied Mueller and his lawyers. The judge said she wants Mueller and his team in court monday ready to go. This was the second rebuke of Mueller this week. Mueller asked the Flynn judge for 2 more months to make his decision. The Flynn judge is likely to present a huge blow to the Mueller investigation. In my opinion the judge will call Mueller for significant overreaching.

I believe Mueller and Rosenstein are in a panic. They have nothing and the cases are coming up empty. Judges are preparing to throw out these cases and even if they win some I think on appeal anything Mueller wins will be overturned. These cases are crap. Mueller has nothing on nobody.

Mueller apparently is not ready to prosecute the Russians. Are the charges here bogus too? Probably. Many of these Russians have apparently joked about the stupidity of these charges. Holding rallies supporting Hillary and Trump was useless. Nobody even showed up for the Trump rallies. Buying ads on facebook amounting to less than 0.01% of what Hillary spent on ads. The idea these ads or rallies made one voter change their mind is absurd. Russia may have technically interfered in our election but they didn’t come close to affecting anything. Nobody voted for Trump because of an accusation of a sex ring in a Washington pizza house run by Hillary.

No Cohen case

Mueller gave a referral to prosecute Cohen. Liberals have argued this is evidence that Herr Mueller isn’t a gestapo agent and isn’t prosecuting everything.

The facts are that the state prosecutors better have a load of evidence and a serious case to file against Cohen or they are in trouble. If Mueller gets rebuked a little by the Manafort judge one can imagine what will happen eventually to the Cohen case if it is found that the raid was done improperly.

When evidence is gathered improperly the process means that the evidence is excluded. It is likely that someone is in serious trouble here. Either Cohen if there is indeed some crime he has committed or the state prosecutors if it turns out they went and did some fishing on behalf of Mueller and Rosenstein.

It turns out Rosenstein approved the raid on Cohen’s law office and house. So, Rosenstein is implicated in trying to save himself and the deep state by making a last ditch effort to find something on Trump before Rosenstein gets taken out by impeachment.

I believe this is because Mueller is trying to save Rosenstein’s job. Rosenstein approved the raid on Cohen’s office even though the story says that the local police district performed the raid. Rosenstein approved it. He did so based on Mueller’s request. I don’t have proof of this but unless there are huge crimes for Cohen that we don’t know of there is no possibility this raid is legal. If the raid is determined to be illegal or overdone then it is likely the evidence will be excluded and Cohen will walk regardless of his guilt.

The reason of Rosenstein approving this is thus panic. They hope that something turns up in the documents that someone can find and leak. All they need is a chance to look and find another girl like Stormy to fill the headlines and confuse everyone so they can go about their deep state crap. All they need to justify their malfeasance and violation of law for another day is another accusation they can leak from somethin they can find in these documents. Thus this is pure panic. They realize that Rosenstein is on his last breaths being able to protect the deep state and keep the attacks on DT going. They need a new scandal. They need something to keep attention off Rosenstein’s obstruction of justice and keep him in the government so he can keep the deep state alive.

I believe the attack on Cohen was a last ditch effort to get dirt. Let’s see if it works. In the end I think it will fail. They may get something salacious but in the end the legal tactics and strategy of the Democrats and left is bankrupt and will result in their own destruction.

Carter Page will bring suit

It is likely Carter Page will bring suit against the government for wrongful spying on him. I think he will win that case. There never was an argument that Carter Page was working for the Russian government in any capacity as a spy or anything else. Carter Page is innocent of anything approaching this.

He worked to expose Russian spies before in his work as an oil expert. He was a dupe used by the cabal of deep state to enable them to spy and uncover 100s of people in the Trump campaign and transition and later in his first term.

His warrant to spy on him was renewed 3 times without cause or merit. Carter Page deserves to become rich and for people to go to jail for abusing our privacy laws, intelligence services.

Carter Page’s FISA warrant was used to get numerous leaks they lambasted Trump with in the early days. It didn’t work. The goal of the deep state here is the belief that the media really make a difference and that if they keep digging dirt even if they acquire it illegally they can use this dirt to get Donald. In the end we will all see that is they who went off the rails and abused everything about democracy and our constitution. I believe in the constitution and that we will win in the end.

Sometimes this belief flies in the face of what liberals want to say in what seems an unbelievable way. I said Donald would win. I said the polls demographics during the election were manipulated to give Hillary an 8 point advantage for most of the election. Up until the last 2 weeks this gap was huge. They said Hillary would win in a landslide but 2 weeks before they adjusted the demographics. I saw this. I said it. I wrote about it. I believed that our constitution and democracy would prevail but it was a close call. The result was brain damage for liberals who had convinced themselves they would win based on lies they did to themselves. The same kind of lies they tell themselves today about their chances in November.

The facts are people will not vote on hate. Hating Donald Trump will NOT get them more seats. Will not win them the presidency. They can hate him and turn the news networks even more insanely biased. They can make all the accusations they want. They can fudge all the polls they want. It will not change the fact that voters will not vote the hate ticket in america.


The current state of affairs reflects a serious set of crimes being committed in the US.

These crimes are not crimes Donald Trump or any of his administration committed. They are far more serious crimes committed by the Democratic liberals. In an attempt to get Trump they fostered a plan to entrap the candidate and then president elect and then president of the US.

They conspired to get faked evidence on DT to use against him. They conspired to leak this information and to have DT “briefed on the report” to get it out there. They conspired to get an illegal FISA order on a subordinate who was not a spy and never was.

They conspired to entrap the president sending Russians and operatives to try to get the campaign to say something to show a desire for collusion. They failed. Failing that they then spied on the Trump campaign looking for any dirt to hurt the president.

The deep state now is in massive coverup.

They are resisting every effort to produce information damaging to the main players. These include the head of DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, the White House and the Hillary Campaign, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS who all were aware of different pieces and worked on the plan. The plan involves at least 2 dozen people and involves hundreds of documented serious crimes.

These crimes include conspiracy, leaking secret documents and information, violations of the FISA act and americans privacy rights. They include lying to congress, to the FBI and to the public. They include massive incredible ethical violations with various senior officials having no sense of when it is required to recuse oneself from a case.

There are more than a dozen referrals from the house intelligence committee from prosecution. We have IG (Inspector General ) reports due out in weeks.

Many of Mueller’s cases are falling apart, possibly all of them. The deep state is going to be impeached, exposed, fired and prosecuted.

This is the biggest crime against our democracy ever committed. We have so many crimes that are being looked over. I never ever thought I would see the day that a party of the US was conspiring in such a blatant and extreme way to remove a presdient of the US. It is unbelievable and it must be prosecuted and reforms must be made.

The falling apart of the Mueller cases I predicted. These cases were crap from the beginning. It was obvious. None of these are going to go as the left and deep state want. They overestimated their power and the success of their conspiracy.