Who can make the most ridiculous fear rattling than all?  Gerry “Moonbeam” Brown clearly.


Governor of California predicts that 3 billion will have fatal “heat events.”  One billion will have “vector diseases.”

6 months ago the head of BLM stated that Donald Trump has a plan to exterminate all black people in America.  I thought that was pretty much the ultimate goose-stepping threat.

Moonbeam is either incredibly paranoid or his Tesla and carbon trading businesses are going belly up.  Maybe its the fact his $100 billion railroad to nowhere is dying.

It’s so important for Moonbeam to keep working on global warming.  Caring for the poor in california or the housing crisis is so much more boring.  Trying to stop illegals crossing the border not interesting.

CO2 emissions from America have been declining for several years due to our tremendous uptake of gas energy over oil and coal and other forms.  So, I don’t know how much more Moonbeam wants us to do.

The fact is that global warming is a myth.  The fact that people like moonbeam have to come up with insane fear mongering to get anyone to pay attention is proof.

In 2006 France suffered a heat wave.  15,000 people died according to them more than usual.  In 2009 a worse heatwave hit and 10 people died.  The difference?

By 2009 the French had instituted such incredible safeguards as warning older people to go someplace cool or with a fan during the heatwave.  Drink more fluids.  This incredibly costly and difficulty mitigation resulted in 99.9% mitigation of deaths.  It helped that this heatwave didn’t happen during the migration of French to the south coast leaving the older people in their homes to die.

In any case, the kind of heat related deaths described here is virtually unheard of in the US because we have air conditioning far more distributed in hot places which are much much hotter than Paris ever gets.  We have places that get hotter than Paris ever did every year and nobody dies.  This kind of heat stroke related incident is easily mitigated if you try at all.

Unfortunately, cold is a much more reliable killer.   A Lancet study done 10 years ago showed that 23 times more people die for every degree the temperature falls vs rises.  Also studies show 15% more people die in the winter than summer months.  Overall a significantly larger percentage of all people die in the winter.  Pneumonia, heart disease, lung diseases and other ailments are exacerbated by cold and increase death massively.

Further it is widely known that it’s a lot more unpleasant to live in the cold which is why the fastest growing areas in the US have always been the warmest.  People love the hot weather and so do most living things.

I watched a show that is unfortunately not as good as I hoped called “One Strange Rock” that I hoped had some interesting science but it’s pretty much a rehash so far of a lot of stuff that everyone knew.

I did catch one show that Will Smith who is the speaker for the show where he called CO2 a deadly dangerous chemical.

I found this astonishing.  I didn’t think anyone could characterize CO2 which is the most beneficent chemical in the world and is responsible for almost all life on Earth could be cast in such a dark light.

In this show I saw the typical misinformation campaign I find so bizarre.  For instance Will brought up how deadly “Venus” is because of its CO2.  Actually Venus has a lot of chemicals but it is many factors that allow Venus to be 900 degrees on the surface.  The problem with characterizing Venus as so horrible is that it is the only other planet in the solar system which has much hope of having life on it.  Virtually every other planet, asteroid, moon or whatever is barren cold atmosphere-less surface with no chance for life.

It is cold that kills and while 900 degrees is way too hot nothing else in the star system known as sole is close to being able to support life either.  We hope with terraforming of mars bringing the temperate up probably with the help of greenhouse gases like the massive amount of Co2 in the poles that eventually we could make Mars warm enough to support life.

I just find it comical to see these writers trying to vilify CO2 the main chemical responsible for life.  It’s like a suicide wish by these people.  Let’s vilify the most essential chemical on Earth for life.  Why?