Everyone is biased. So, it is trivially true. However, there is a constitution and this is why we have the appeal system. Eventually enough judges hear a case that a difficult decision can be decided more fairly.

This approach is costly and time consuming but it can determine more likely who is biased and who is providing more dispassionate decisions.

In the US court cases are decided by precedent and by the constitution. Interpreting that constitution is a critical part of the higher courts mandate but all judges are required to consider it.

The Travel Ban

In this AP article even the press admits that judges are biased and political.

The article says that for the travel ban some judges decided to alter the president’s executive order. That is not totally unprecedented but the fact that many Trump orders have been taken up by liberal judges and turned down is a bit bizarre.

The argument provided by some judges has also been very bizarre. The idea that what the president said prior and not based on the law text itself is incredibly stupid frankly. No law can be interpreted by what the writer said. It has to be looked at by the law itself.

If people looked at what people said when submitting a law then there would be no end to challenges to any law. The idea is grossly stupid. I don’t say this lightly. The Supreme Court agreed and decided in a rate 9-0 victory for Trump that a good part of the travel ban was legal.

The President is now on the 3rd modification to the order. Each time the liberals bring it to court and some liberal judge blocks it on some stupid reason. I don’t know when we decide that judges that decide things on political ideology and not the law are not suitable to be judges but some people seem to believe their opinion trumps precedent, the constitution or any logic. They are right and they are a judge and they get to decide until they are overturned.

9-0 Decisions definitely indicate something is wrong

For me, when you get a 9-0 decision by the Supreme Court it implies something seriously went wrong earlier in the process. The Supreme Court is for cases that are difficult and need the ultimate time and expense of the highest judges. A split decision would be expected. Unanimous decisions implies that lower courts or the process was somehow flawed probably criminally.

There are several egregious examples of abuse like this. Weinstein, Mueller’s prosecutor who has gone after Michael Flynn for lying got a 9-0 ruling against him in the case of Anderson Consulting. Anderson was an accounting firm of thousands of highly paid consultants. The Supreme Court decided ultimately 9-0 that Weinstein and lower courts were wrong to convict them. The previous rulings were thrown out meaning the 10,000 or more people who worked for the firm didn’t need to lose their jobs. Weinstein has had other cases thrown out like this. Not as dramatically but he is a person who doesn’t care about the actual law.

When the court ruled 9-0 against the 9th district and Hawaii judge’s rulings it implies that these judges subverted the US constitution and made up the law. That should result in impeachment of the lower court judges as incompetent. No such luck. When it comes to politics democrats don’t seem to care.

The judge assigned to judge Michael Flynn was asked by Mueller for the court to delay his sentencing again. It is known that the judge is very skeptical of the charges against Flynn. He asked Mueller to turn over everything he did with respect to Flynn. Not just exculpatory information.

He asked Mueller to turn over stuff and not to make any judgement what to turn over. He is skeptical. It is highly likely in my opinion he will ask Flynn to reconsider his plea and once he has a not guilty plea dismiss charges against Flynn and then bring charges against Mueller and his team.

If I am correct this will demonstrate that Mueller and liberals have once again stepped over the line in their hatred. They have taken a 25 year general who served this country in dangerous situations and turned his entire life into a disaster over something that even Peter Strozek and James Comey said wasn’t a lie. It is likely the judge will see this and decide that Mueller and his team are going beyond the pale.

Is it just bias and we should expect this level of bias is normal?

No. In my opinion bias to the point of the courts interfering in the political process is extremely bad. The court is literally hurting itself. If the liberals go out so far on a limb like they have with the media and news organizations they put themselves in jeapordy like the FBI, DOJ, CIA and NSA of becoming politicized to the point of defeating democracy and defeating themselves.

People are not stupid. They see what democrats are trying to do. They see that they are trying to railroad people at all costs for some reason. They see they are trying to defeat the election of 2016. Media has tanked. The major media is now trusted by less than 10% of people. Far less than the distrust claimed for Trump. Democrats have even lower ratings than Trump again something liberals never mention.

Unless we have decided dictatorship is the better way to run governments like in socialist and communist countries the people are entitled to choose what the laws are and what the rules are. It is the press that is the place for people to argue the merits not through the courts. The courts should always simply enforce the laws.

When required the courts can look at the constitution and decide but this should be limited to clear precedent and clear statements in the constitution. If courts try to invent reasons then all our democracy is potentially destroyed. Anarchy could result.

The courts are the ultimate power in America. This may not be fully understood but the constitution is clear. The executive and legislative branches eventually are overruled by the courts thus if the courts suddenly invent the constitution themselves they are exceeding the authority and meaning of the constitution. We are in trouble.


Liberals are so filled with hate for some reason. I think it is mainly a mental state induced by their loss. They expected to win and they didn’t. They are so filled with hate they lost they can’t make rational decisions anymore.

What exacerbates the problem is the fact liberals continue to deceive themselves about so many things. They are literally going insane. I fear the election this fall if Democrats lose which I am certain they will will cause a massive simultaneous brain hemourouge.

Democrats are utterly in denial about the real state of America and any rational way of operating in this country. They have resorted to tactics and ideas that are beyond anything resembling democracy. The press has become a tool of the party. The Democratic Party. The members of Congress conspire with them and hide past crimes and lie constantly. The federal bureaucracy has been infected with highly political elements who hide and try to subvert elections without guilt.

We are in a massive crisis of democracy created by Democrats who don’t accept their defeat. I think this is almost as bad as during President Lincolns time of civil war. We have people who no longer believe in the constitution and whether by judges or calling for electors to ignore their constitutional responsibility or spying on their competitors or running a scam and plan to overthrow a duly elected president with made up crimes is okay. It’s all okay to get rid of Trump.

It has to end and I think over the next 8 months we will see the Democrats face the facts of their unconstitutional behavior and lawlessness. We will see courts finally turning over Muellers indictments. We will see the people reject liberals and give the congress more Republicans so Donald Trump can continue to clear the swamp. We will see the indictment and conviction of many high level Obama government officials.

The reality will come through the Democratic Party has gone seriously off the rails and no longer represents legitimate party. It will either have to reform or we will have to have the emergence of another party to replace the Democrats.