The hockey stick of reference here is the famous one made when the IPCC published their first analysis.  On the first page of the report highlighted was the graph that showed for 1,000 years a solid line followed by a straight practically vertical takeoff of temperature for the last 100 years.

The graph was within a year pulled from the report and the science behind it rejected because of a scandal that showed it was based on a single tree and that the scientists had pasted on temperature data from thermostats at the end because for the last 60 years or so trees have not been showing any increase in temperature.

This was uncovered by the digging of a retired Canadian dendrology expert trying to reconstruct the graph.  He was resisted and resisted.  He wasn’t offered the data.  He was discredited and accused of things.  Not the scientist who had done the fallacious work but the critic who had uncovered the fallaciousness.

Later somehow the emails of some of these scientists was uncovered to show that they had worked in a “team effort” to hide the decline but also that they were working together to discredit some scientists who disagreed.  It was called climate-gate and was simply the second of 3 major scandals to rock this science.

A third scandal appeared a few years ago when the tampering with the temperature record of NASA was uncovered by a whistle blower who said the formulas and data that was used was unreliable and had not been tested.  That the algorithms were unstable and produced dramatically different results depending on how you slightly modified them.

The fact is scandal has followed this science and always in one direction.  The climate scientists are ALWAYS adjusting and for 32 adjustments 30 of them have been to accentuate climate warming.  Like the hockey stick the improbability of 30 of 32 being in one direction would invoke calls of fraud in any other science.  In climate and environmental studies it is par for the course.

Science and Politics mixed do not produce good science or good politics

18 grossly wrong predictions made by politically motivated eco scientist warriors

In addition I have my own blog with 50+ missed or false predictions of Climate Science specifically here.

What you can see in these lists is politics using science to push a narrative.  It discredits science and politics.

The biggest impact of the last 20 years of climate advocacy has been billions of profits for scams in global warming companies profiteering off a fear they create out of whole cloth.

I realize a lot of scientists use whatever is the “hot button of the day” just as entrepreneurs have to be cognizant of the hot areas to invest in to have a successful startup there is a lot of science that suggests “this will cure cancer maybe” or “this will save people in 2100 from global warming” or whatever the latest hot button is.  I don’t know how many of these studies could be different if people simply said: It makes sense to invest in studying the Earth’s climate.

The problem is that when they do things to destroy other people’s jobs or frighten people unnecessarily they cause more deaths than they save.

I am an environmentalist and like a lot of people who have a slightly more right opinion they are cast in a broad swath as anti-environment.  That is simply wrong.  This is the exact same thing as casting conservatives as white supremacists when there are black people who are conservative, many gay people and others.  In fact, it has been pointed out by so many that conservatives are not any more racist than leftists.  Everybody is racist including black people or other people of color.  It is a condition endemic of everyone to generalize.

So, leftists and environmentalists want to put down people who think the private business of capitalism is essential and we need to keep it healthy for the benefit of everyone.  That doesn’t mean they can traipse all over the environment.  However, we have to understand what real environmental problems there are and not ones invented to scam the public and create radical views that divide us.

Banning DDT was one of Ehrlich’s major achievements.  It has resulted in uncounted millions of deaths of people in Africa.  You may disagree but DDT has proven safe in fact. Nonetheless, for the west the impact of banning DDT has been negligible. Other products took its place.  For others it has been a disaster.  History can argue the merits.  Spending trillions on Global warming is going to be disastrous for many people and for the world.

Moderates have tried to express viewpoints that are in between.  For instance, I count myself a “warmist”.  That means that I acknowledge that CO2 may raise temperatures some but far less than the IPCC and global catastrophe predictors do.

I am sure of my results.  I believe the probability of a catastrophic result from co2 is nil.  I have proved this half a dozen ways.  I believe these are proofs that are beyond dispute by any scientist.  They are proofs that in some cases don’t even require us to argue about the math or the science much.

What this means is that we are being spun up in a fear campaign like the Russia conspiracy fear campaign, the white supremacist fear campaign the left has become the party of accusations and fear mongering spouting hate rhetoric to gain votes.  They tell black people that there is white supremacy that makes any effort on their part to succeed hopeless.

The hate of the left and these fantasies epitomized by me with global warming are all intended to do the same thing.  Stoke fear and funnel people to their causes which are not the real problems with America or the world.  The result is things get worse because we don’t work on our real problems.

We see this everyday on the news.  They talk about so many things which are not actually problems in America but are fantasies.  In the process they deflect from the real problems.  For instance, after the last 8 years we had a desperate middle class in America.  Not racist middle class but black middle class, white middle class, hispanic middle class and none of them was particularly racist.  Even if they were a little racist they could not create problems for anyone.  These are the desperate people with no power with 3 jobs at the same time trying to get by and have a good retirement if they ever can.

The fantasy spinners want you to discredit these people who drove the last election because of their anxiety, increasing death rates, increasing drug use and disenchantment with America and focus on global warming, a problem that will have no impact on anyone for more than 100 years if ever.  They want you to focus on your guilt for being white or some other fantasy problem instead of cleaning the water in Flint, Michigan as President Trump has done.

They want you to focus on fantasy issues with President Donald Trump whom they hate than the things he is doing to help America every day.

I consider myself unbiased.  I will readily lambast white people, black people, whoever or credit them depending on their success.   I believe that we judge people by the things they do with their lives not based on the immutable characteristics they were born with like their race or ethnic heritage.  What good did you do?  Don’t tell me what race you are.  I don’t care.  Don’t tell me what ethnic group or sexual orientation you are.  Tell me the facts of what you believe, what you have done with your life.  That’s how I want to measure and judge people.

That’s the only way to have a just and positive society.  I think many liberals may believe the same thing but are spun up to unbelievable hatred by a press and others whom I cannot be sure of who are trying to incite people to get them to do their thing.  Impeach Donald Trump, investigate Russia.  It’s sickening to me that America has become like this.  I never thought it would get like this but we have become insane as a society.  Large fractions of our population believe false completely provably false conspiracy theories about white supremacy, the environment or Russia when our real enemies and problems are banging on our doors.