Here is the story.

It is surprising that this article was even published.

Notice the following things about it;

1) the article says the effects of global warming may be 40% less than previously predicted. What the scientists actually say is that warming is 40% less than they predicted which means the effects are virtually nil. This is because the effects they predict are nonlinear. That means that a small temperature change will produce little negative effects or even positive effects but as temperatures go up 3 or 4C(8F) worldwide the effects become much more toxic. In fact at lower temperature change as these scientists suggest the impact is actually positive. Meaning that the world will benefit from the warming as it has generally in the past.

So this article says the effects will be 40% less but 40% less temperature change means the actual effects are completely different. They aren’t negative at all. Global warming will actually be positive.

2) The article talks about coastal areas like Ireland and Spain that have seen massive sea level increases. The problem is none of this can be ascribed in any way to global warming. What that means is we could spent $100 trillion trying to combat global use of fossil fuels and it wouldn’t affect the coastal erosion these regions are seeing one inch.

Parts of the world are sinking and some are rising. For instance many islands the climate alarmists said would sink (Tuvalu) are actually bigger than they were 30 years ago. The reason is complex involving detritus from the ocean, runoff from mountains and hills, movement of tectonic plates and isostatic movement from the melting of the big glaciers 10,000 years ago. Parts of the crust are still bouncing back from the weight of the glaciers that used to cover these areas and more.

In fact, worldwide coastal area has expanded by 30,000 km NOT decreased in the last 30 years. In other words everything you hear about sea level rise is moot because in spite of all the sea level rise the coast area is increasing.


If you’ve never heard any of this before it’s because like the article above the press is pushing one of the fantasies that the media does. They do everything they can to ignore contrary news, minimize contrary news, quote statistics out of context to give you a different reality.

Of course the article will be discounted as well because the people who wrote it are hated scientists because they don’t agree with Michael Mann and the “team” who promote and enforce the climate doctrine.

It’s ridiculous that the media and scientists keep pushing these discredited fantasies like the global warming catastrophe, the Russia collusion, the Donald Trump is an evil dictator, the illegal immigration is good for us fantasy.

Lots of unexpected things may happen. The world has a way of surprising us. The real problems are more important than the fantasies to fix because these are real.

Keep working on mitigating storms and barriers to the sea because these things will happen even if we succeed in reducing global warming. That’s why we have reduced the death rate from natural disasters by 99.5% in the last 110 years.

Let’s deal with problems as we see them. There are no problems related to co2 today but there are lots of problems. Let’s work on real things and wait for whatever eventually is a problem because we’re never right and nature always surprises us.