There is incredibly strong proof that the Democrats tried to run a scam to take out a duly elected President

Lawyer says she has never been interviewed by Mueller

This article pretty much shows what was happening.

Why would Fusion GPS give the lawyer information THEY INVENTED to harm Hillary?

They were paid $9 million to discover information about Trump from Russians to harm Trump. Why give the lawyer fake information that was intended to harm Hillary?

So, how is it that this Russian lawyer met with Fusion GPS before and after her meeting with Donald Trump Jr?

This Russian lawyer was already known to have connections to soviet spies. Why was she let in? She was denied a previous attempt to get in. Today she can’t come in to the US. Somehow she got in for this meeting before the Trump campaign could have influenced such a decision. Fusion GPS somehow knew of her coming in and helped arrange the meeting with DT Jr.

Representative Schiff and many other democrats say the absolute proof of the Russian collusion is this meeting and the meeting with Papadopalous but the Papadapolous meeting happened with a person who donated $20 million to the Hillary foundation and also met with Fusion GPS before and after his meeting.

In other words the entire “collusion” story is based on these meetings and these meetings were all staged by Fusion GPS.

They were setup as a scam.

The Democrats staged a meeting with DT jr to feed him false negative information about Hillary. Why?

Is this the “insurance policy?”

If it is an attempt to overthrow a duly elected president of the US it verges on treason. If Hillary or others were involved in a plan to overthrow a president of the US it is likely treason.

The penalty for treason is death.

The democrats claim democracy was under assault by Russia but this proves that it was Hillary and her cronies at Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS with the help of the US state department, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Clapper and Brennan. These people all lied about the dossier and seem to be involved in this scheme to remove a duly elected president of the US.


Why wouldn’t Mueller investigate this woman at the very center of the Russian conspiracy?

It’s inconceivable that someone investigating the Russian influence and Trump collusion wouldn’t need to interview the people in the main meeting alleged to have been the primary evidence.

As she says it makes no sense. This woman is the center of what they claim is the effort and they don’t want to talk to her because that would lead to Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS clearly is the center of the entire effort.  They were the creator of the dossier. They setup all the meetings with Trump associates to frame them.  They provided the fake Hillary information for the scam.  They were the ones running the insurance policy.

Clearly if Mueller were interested in finding out what Russia knew, from who and what they did Fusion GPS is the key player.  Why aren’t their offices being raided?  Why isn’t the head of Fusion GPS being questioned?

Rep Nunnes, House intelligence Committee head, said yesterday that the investigation conducted by Comey and now Mueller did not use any intelligence to justify the probe. No conversation was uncovered.  No evidence of collusion.

Wouldn’t it be the case that if Mueller talked to the woman lawyer it would lead inevitably to wondering what Fusion GPS was doing with her. They clearly don’t want to go down the road of investigating anything to do with Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, Hillary Clinton or any Democrat. This investigation is an attempt to find things on republicans not democrats.

It is clear this entire idea that there was collusion was planted in people’s minds out of the fantasies of Hillary Clinton or her cronies and operatives in the deep state. There was no actual evidence of it.

Moreover the idea the Russians affected the US election is laughable.  Nobody changed a single vote because of anything Russia did.  Not one.

This is obviously concocted from the beginning as a scam intended to lure President Trump into something that could be blamed on him for the purpose of removing a duly elected President.

Fundamentally that is the problem with the Democrats activity. They didn’t change the results of the election with their dossier and accusing candidate Trump and spying on him and his campaign. Nothing they learned or did changed one vote.

However, failing that the democrats created a scheme to frame the president and try to get him impeached. This is unacceptable and means the Democratic party should be punished and everyone involved should be fired and prosecuted for leaking, deceiving the FISA court, lying to Congress, to the FBI and election law violations.

The Democratic Party has become a criminal enterprise.