The media has turned into something very strange.  They have huge bias.  Harvard did a study and concluded 96% biased.

It is hard to understand what that means and what does their bias do to people and their interpretation of events. As I have described in previous posts that their intent is to place in your mind many negative images of President Trump that they want you to be unable to stop yourself from hating him. They repeat accusations over and over so that even if you don’t believe what you hear and realize it is only an accusation that your mind will associate negative things that you won’t be able to stop yourself from thinking.

It is similar to watching ads repeatedly and finding yourself singing the songs or knowing the words and repeating them in your head. The goal is that eventually you will believe something that they say and believe more easily that President Trump is bad.

For instance, last year a high school football team used a new banner which said they will Trump their opponents. Since their opponent team was from a majority black school district it was assumed this was a racist banner because we all know Trump is racist and even if you don’t believe that the constant repetition of it from liberals makes you immediately cringe understanding implicitly that it is a problem to use the word Trump like trump because it has racist overtones even if you don’t believe the president is a racist.

They have been saying incredibly bad things about President Trump for > 2 years.  You can turn on CNN, look at Google news, read facebook news or any number of publications and for 2+ years it will be loaded with all kinds of accusations against Trump. From the very moment you tune in you will find them spouting off on some criticism, accusation and assault. It’s always the same. Any time of day or night. Astonishing really.

It could be a trivial – James Comey like – criticism like his hand size is not right or he eats two scoops of ice cream not one. He eats fast food. Deplorable. Or it could be a serious issue like their criticism of his trade policies and how it will lead to a trade war, or his ranting about the N Korean leader and how it will lead to WWIII. They will accuse him of making friends with Putin, a horrible man, who has 3 thousand nukes pointed at us and could literally kill every last American in 20 minutes if he wanted. No we must antagonize Putin always. It could be about how Trump is a racist even though he has helped blacks disproportionately with black unemployment at a historic low never achieved before and food stamp use also at historic low.

It could be that we need to save the Syrian people from Assad even though we have spent > $1 Trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan and had 500,000 troops deployed and neither country is Democratic and terrorism and horrific incidents happen every day there even after 16 years of horrific war. But Trump is wrong to pull troops from Syria.

Trump is always wrong. It’s incredibly improbable. What makes it seem even more amazing he is always wrong and improbable is that things seem to be getting better in spite of the fact he says all kinds of horrible things and does everything wrong. Not only unemployment but key measures like the participation rate, consumer confidence, manufacturing growth, GDP growth are achieving things the Democrats said were impossible 2 years ago when Hillary Clinton was running and President Obama was in charge.

The crime rate is going down fast. You probably wouldn’t know that because mainly the media talks about all the black killings by cops not the thousands of blacks killed in the last 2 years of the Obama administration in the fastest increase in homicide rates seen in 40 years. You probably haven’t heard that business confidence is at a high and our Co2 output is going down faster than Europe or any other country in the world practically because of our switch to gas from coal and oil which produce more CO2. You have probably heard how Trump is a terrible environmentalist and haven’t heard that Flint Michigan got approval and funding finally to clean its water supply. President Obama was worried about big things like the eventual melting of the ice caps not water in Flint.  Hillary was opposed to using fracking and gas to make the US an energy powerhouse.

Wages rose the most in 10 years. This is a key indicator that the middle class is recovering finally after 10 years of being decimated. Even the participation rate has risen with 650,000 coming back to work after many years of being unable to find work and falling off the usual unemployment statistics.  Probably didn’t hear that on CNN or facebook news.

You may have heard the illegal immigration rate is down from previous years but probably haven’t heard that it doubled in the last few months as people below our southern border are hearing the US actually has jobs again and that Trump hasn’t been able to build the wall yet.

We are inundated so much with the negatives about Donald Trump’s presidency it is hard to believe that in actual fact almost everything in the country is moving in the right direction as opposed to during President Obama’s administration when crime, riots, terrorism, refugees were soaring, where we were saying Syria cleaned up all its chemical weapons wrongly and ISIS began and grew to 29 countries and couldn’t seemed to be removed. Donald Trump removed the caliphate from Iraq and Syria in 10 months when Obama couldn’t do it in 8 years.

You probably heard that manufacturing jobs couldn’t come back, that growth couldn’t exceed 3% anymore, that the participation rate had fallen 3% and would never come back.  The Democrats told us that these things Donald Trump lied about.  He’s already done it.  Hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs created.  650,000 increasing participation for the first time in more than 8 years.  Wages up and the growth rate now >3% for 3 quarters in a row now and the first quarter is expected to be > 4%, maybe even 5%.

You probably didn’t hear that the middle class if subjected to another recession would have been destroyed according to major economists and 100 million people might be on the streets, losing their homes and all their wealth.

You weren’t told about N Korea nuclear and missile programs were going forward or that Syria hadn’t destroyed its chemical stockpiles.  You probably didn’t hear that Brexit happened because of Obama policies.

No, everything was perfect and Obama never made a mistake. He made media cry with tears of amazement and the hairs stand on their arms and legs from the chills. The fact that everything in the country was in the dumpers and they were lying about it and not reporting it doesn’t mean they weren’t doing their job.

Since I am a mathematician I think of probabilities a lot. It is unlikely somebody is all bad, always wrong. Just from sheer probability it is nearly impossible to always be wrong, yet the media never give him credit for anything. They call it “doing their job.” They believe their job is never to present the President’s position but always the opposition to the President’s position whatever it is. Except during the Obama administration they to my memory never criticized him even though things went bad all over the world and the US. It was never his fault.  People are never always right either.

The probability DT is utterly wrong about everything and things are simultaneously things are going much better seems frankly hard to reconcile logically. However, if you are listening to MSM media you probably haven’t heard and don’t believe anything is going well. After all, he tweets horrible things about people. How could the country be doing better?

Even if you are a Republican if you have listened to this media which we all have to if we turn the television on or interact over social media at all we are being inundated with this constant negativity. What effect does this have on our assessment of the probability that he is evil, bad, criminal, sexist, racist, etc. Even if we admit his policies are working there is a residual feeling that he is icky.

Put yourself in Trump’s place for one minute

Imagine somehow you were the person the media unleashed this bias against.  What would people think of you?  How could you combat it?  What does it mean that so much of the media is biased and attempting to find anything, literally anything to hit Donald Trump with?

How would you react? Most of us would immediately stop being who they said and change under the withering intimidation of the 24×7 hate speech. We would comply with the liberal media and do what they want.

Donald Trump doesn’t so they keep pounding him. He’s a billionaire on a mission to save the middle class. Frankly, he is one person who doesn’t give a damn what the media thinks of him. He has his own idea of what is right and wrong and he’s telling us everyday what he thinks that is. He doesn’t hold back and is what is called transparent.

He is remarkably unconcerned with listening to pundits and other morons of the media tell him what to do , what to think. He has his goals and he is working to achieve them regardless of what every other billionaire and “donor class” globalist has in mind. This seems to irritate them endlessly. George Soros is spending billions to defeat Trump. Tom Stryer after having spent $100 million supporting his puppet Hillary who lost now has his own personal ad campaign to have Trump impeached.

The billionaires are out in force.  Putting their money behind their attempts to impeach and destroy DT.  They don’t want him to accomplish his mission to save the middle class in America and restore sane America First policies that bring fairness back to our trading partner agreements, to our immigration system and to get rid of stupid rules and fantasy fears that have held America back.

The rich class of Hollywood and music stars, industrial magnates are all globalists who want the whole world and America to become their playground they can move around between mansions easily and use cheap labor to expand profits to keep the billions flowing in.  Our system is corrupt with politicians getting payoffs from foreign countries and billionaires who don’t give a damn about America or its middle class.  They only want America to fund their Global Warming investments, keep America fighting each other and supporting their idea that every country is the same none being “Sh**holes.”  America is not exceptional.  They want to destroy American culture.  They want America to be reduced to every other country so they can manipulate it and its people like they do everyplace else.

You may not like who he is or what he thinks or how but there is no doubt that he is authentically telling us what he believes. In that sense, we’ve never had a president and maybe never a politician who actually says what he thinks and doesn’t filter it to sound good to others.

The media is dead set on creating in your mind an indelible impression that Donald Trump is bad.

Could everything you think or have heard about Donald Trump be wrong?

I want you to consider the possibility that since there is this bias in the media and drumbeat that everything you have heard about Donald Trump is a lie.  Consider that much of what they said is blatantly wrong.  So, is it possible ALL of it is wrong?  Could Donald Trump not be any of the things they describe? Could you be being brainwashed as the Alinsky method wants to do?

Yes, he has said things too and we will consider that direct evidence as well, but for now consider that the media has been trying to paint in your head this horrible image of someone. Accusing him of false things constantly.

Is it possible?  Is it possible that everything you’ve thought has been programmed in by media trying to make you associate Donald Trump with lots of negative ideas that aren’t true?

Consider that if they are so biased they have been trying desperately to make you think Donald Trump is evil personified.  Maybe you don’t believe that but consider the possibility that the fact they repeat it constantly and make these accusations is potentially making you have a negative impression of Trump that is wholly undeserved and wrong?

That is the purpose of their negativity  Obama’s teacher in college activism, a man named Alinsky wrote a book how to do activism and it lays out specific things to do. Chief among his methods is to associate in people’s minds negative images about the subject of your activism.   You are to yell and accuse constantly regardless of the truth in order to associate in people’s minds negative thoughts that will cause you to disbelieve and to discredit the object of derision even if you don’t believe the protestors.

The negativity will last and will undermine the opponent.  So, truth is not important according to Alinsky.  Debate of ideas isn’t important.  it is about propaganda and the constant attack and utter disregard for any possibility the opponent is a human being or has any points of merit.  This is the essence of the Alinsky technique.

It is what we see in our media, in the street protests we saw over the last several years.  If Obama isn’t coordinating this and doing it the media and the left has certainly copied Alinsky’s methods.

To prevent yourself from being suckered in and propagandized it is important you consider they are trying to program you.  You need to actively see what they are doing, why they are doing it and make sure to discount what you hear completely when you hear the programming.

Recognize Alinsky methods

The chief method is the accusation.  Accusations are un-American.  America is about due process.  America is about people being given the benefit of the doubt.  America is about innocent unless proven by 12 of your peers guilty, about meeting your accuser promptly and not having your doors broken down to get you or information from you.

America is also about science.  The scientific method is very strict and precise.  It requires you consider the facts, the raw facts.  It requires you to be able to reason from basics not to have people tell you the answer.  People can be wrong.  Science demands you have to look at the facts.

When someone makes an accusation they have not given you any facts.  They have made an assertion but if they give you no facts to back up the accusation you need to actively discount 100% the accusation.  That is the responsibility we have.

The perfect accusation

James Comey accused the President could have had prostitutes pee on beds.  This is the perfect Alinsky accusation.  It paints a President who is a pervert. Who is base and crude. Even if you don’t believe it your mind creates this image of DT and the media uses this.

They say: “We can’t believe we are talking about a president of the United States hiring prostitutes to pee on beds.”

There is NO evidence of that.  You have to consider this is part of a campaign of destruction paid for by Hillary that is utterly without the slightest merit and is meant to deceive you.

The evidence for the pee accusation is in the Hillary Clinton dossier. She paid $12 million to a law firm who paid a firm to assemble hearsay from people who heard stuff from people who heard stuff. In comparison rumors look like solid fact compared to 3rd and 4rth level hearsay. So far nothing but the most basic already known facts that are at best circumstantial evidence that wouldn’t be admissible in a court of law are verified.

The fact of a meeting is not evidence of anything. Somehow the media has turned having a meeting with Russians present is a crime. We are talking worse than McCarthyism. This is a new level of paranoia. Any meeting with a Russian immediately makes you a suspect in a crime. It’s insane.  The Steele document fabricated meetings many of which have been proved not to have happened.

You have to flush such accusations from your mind, to put the spite on the person making unfounded accusations as the evil person with evil intent to deceive you not who they want you to hate.

So, the pee controversy was created and paid for by Hillary Clinton.  The reason we are talking about peeing by prostitutes in Moscow is because Hillary paid $12 million to her law firm Perkins Coie who hired Fusion GPS who worked with various sources including Sydney Blumenthal, a Clinton crony for decades who invented the Muslim garb photo of Obama.

Christopher Steele said he would do ANYTHING to defeat Donald Trump and paid Russian propagandists from the Hillary money.  It was entirely a creation of Hillary Clinton.  Every accusation and evidence in the dossier is 3rd and 4rth level hearsay. The only reason we even suspect Trump had collusion with Russia is blatantly and plainly because of Hillary.  She paid to create the phony propaganda that alleges it.

Circular logic and recurrent logic

You see the use of faulty logic with the propagandists.  They assume their allegations are true and then riff off them to even greater heights of insanity and allegation.  This is how they say:  “I can’t believe we’re talking about a president who XXXXXX” because they alleged he did XXXXXXXX and then because of XXXXXX this is also true (NOT!) and then this is true (NOT!).   Lawyers call this fruit of the poisonous tree.  The idea is if the root idea is wrong then nothing that follows from it can be right.

The FBI used this in its FISA application.  They used the article in Yahoo by a journalist who read the dossier and included it as corroborating evidence that the dossier was right.  No.  The propagandists use people’s laziness to deceive them.

There is not a scintilla of independent evidence that Donald Trump or any of his campaign ever contemplated, had a conversation with a Russian about the election or used Russian propaganda to hurt Hillary or peed on beds or anything.  It’s a fact and for some reason the FBI has not spent a penny to validate the claims or invalidate them.  Even James Comey recently said:  “He could have hired prostitutes to …” Yeah, you could have too, James.  If Hillary paid $12 million to write things about you you would be as guilty of bizarre things as Trump is supposedly.

It was completely fabricated.  The story from the beginning was completely fabricated from the beginning. Downer the Australian who said he talked to Papadopoulis in the London bar is a Hillary crony. He paid $20 million to the Hillary foundation. He was totally in her pocket as was every other contributor to the dossier.  He worked with Fusion GPS and met with them.  It was all planned.  From the beginning the entire scam has the fingerprints of Hillary.

The Russian lawyer met with Fusion GPS a day before the meeting with DT Jr.  They provided the Hillary accusation she was getting money from Russians.  Everything was created by Hillary to attack Donald Trump. They sent her in with this false information to lure DT Jr to take it and run. They were listening in using their FISA spy privilege and hoping someone in the campaign would take the bait. DT Jr left the false propaganda on the table when leaving the meeting disgusted with the woman.

There is not a single scintilla of evidence now or ever that Donald Trump or anyone in his campaign ever talked to any Russian about the election.  This is in spite of the fact that they used the fraudulently dossier to get a FISA warrant so they could listen to any conversations of DT’s campaign for a year even after he won and was inaugurated they kept spying looking for any evidence they could leak.  None.  Not even with thousands of conversations uncovered by Obama administration officials, the work of the CIA, NSA to listen and search.

Consider that if the Democrats and media can get 50% of Americans to believe that Donald Trump colluded with Russians that it’s possible that virtually everything you’ve heard about Donald Trump is similarly being manufactured.

Frankly, Donald Trump was too busy trying to win the election to consider distractions of the Russians which he knew could have zero impact on the election.

Who is the real Donald Trump?  Yes, he says things everyday that people hate.  However, what you hear mainly is people interpreting Donald Trump.  Are their interpretations of what he is saying correct?  Besides the outright fabrications of accusations that are evidence-less could almost everything you hear about Donald Trump from the left be utterly wrong?

The hate colors objectivity – everyone understands this

First off, its apparent they hate him.  The bias is mean spirited and very petty at times. He doesn’t wear his tie the way they like or his hair or his handshake.  They don’t like how he eats, how he has 2 scoops of ice cream.  They are hateful.  They boycott his children even the women.  They joke about killing him and his family.  They tweeted 12,000 times to have him killed.  Celebreties daily like to say they fantasize beating DT with a golf club or beating him up with their fists.  They attack his wife and criticize her mercilessly.

It is evidenced by the constant stream of negativity but also by the sudden exclamations of excitement, happiness and thrill when something goes wrong for him.

This proves their hate more than any other thing

On the View when the hosts got the news that Trump jr got some emails about Wikileaks before others implying there was collusion the crowd went into a spontaneous cheering and whooping.  The glee was incredible.  They were so happy.  It was Christmas.  Evidence that could maybe impeach Trump is met with gushing happiness.

If that isn’t hate then I don’t know what is. The spontaneous excitement and happiness at hearing something damning was proof. 100% proof they hate him beyond anything seen in politics before. They are insane with hatred and nobody who hates this much is capable of rational thought or sane actions. The Democrats are certifiably bonkers. I don’t say this lightly. I say this with absolute 100% surety.

They are the epitome of the hate they ascribe to Donald Trump.  They are obsessed with their hatred and its obvious even as they claim “I don’t dislike him,” or they are “fair and balanced”.  Even Harvard concluded they weren’t fair and balanced.  They are utterly unbalanced and its obvious.

You can turn on the television any time of the day or night and watch CNN and there is a constant stream of Trump derision.  It’s constant.  No, they aren’t biased!!!

The thing is they say they aren’t biased.  Fox and the commentators are usually biased and make no bones they are republicans and are biased.  However, even with this admitted bias Harvard said Fox News is only 50% biased compared to other media at 96%. Fox News is actually the balanced news organization.  They criticize Trump, some of them.  Some are supporters but even they have sometimes criticized him.

I listened to NPR who criticized DT for half an hour.  They brought up Sean Hannity and how he is biased because he apparently asked Cohen a couple questions here and there and therefore you should disbelieve everything he’s said.  He didn’t tell us he sometimes asked Cohen lawyer questions related to real estate and never paid him a dime.

There are many Corportate lawyers. These are lawyers who are paid entirely by the firms they work for. Cohen is essentially like this for the Trump organization. He claims more clients but in fact considering Trump has a $10 billion empire their needs for him can easily fill his time. Hannity never paid him a dollar. I think Cohen listed him as his 3rd client and unpaid because frankly, he makes all his money with Trump Int’l.

At least Hannity is honest he is biased.  He tells you upfront when you listen to the show that he is biased, that he is pro-Trump and he is presenting Trump’s side.

You don’t have to listen but the honesty is refreshing.  The fact is the media are more biased than Sean Hannity and they try to tell you they aren’t.  That is the deception you need to really watch out for.

CNN says they are trusted and the very first thing they tell you is a bald face utter lie. They are biased, even Harvard says so.  They can’t be trusted to give you facts.

They deceive themselves

What their hatred and bias means is primarily that liberals again are deceiving themselves.  They must have been disappointed when the story that the View audience cried and cheered them so much turned out false.  DT Jr got a message from Wikileaks sent to thousands of people and was no special notice to him or Trump Sr.  It was a lie. Just like the lie that these meetings are suspicious or that Trump hired prostitutes to pee on beds. It’s just hearsay and outright lies.

China Trade war will destroy America

Let’s take a bigger case of misinformation that is quite a problem.  For the last 4 weeks or so DT has been saying he is imposing trade sanctions on China.  It is perfectly reasonable to think these might not be good.  In fact, in general many economists think trade tarrifs will reduce total trade and work against everybody

The media made short shrift of the facts that China has abused trade horribly.  That is a gross and big problem that many don’t understand the depths of the problem with Chinese bad trading practices.  To get an inkling how these things affect us in agriculture alone please watch some of the series “Rotten” on Netflix.  It is an excellent documentary program series that shows how China systematically tries to defeat our trade restrictions that try to protect American agricultural interests.

The media will spend countless hours telling you about DT’s Russia connections and inspecting his ice cream consumption, leaking some conversation with a foreign leader and anything they can find negative or spin negative.  What they won’t spend any time on is telling you how the middle class suffered or how China is abusing trade.  If they did nobody would complain about trade tarrifs and would realize they are being deceived.

China will send products to 3rd countries who relabel it as local to avoid Chinese tariffs.  They will do anything to produce at low cost including child labor, but in one case with the garlic trade a Chinese person was able to go into a prison to see garlic shipped to US was being shucked by prison inmates who were worked 16 hours a day and had to use their teeth to strip the garlic of its peels because their fingers lost their nails.

This is the merest tip of the iceberg of how China has gone completely bonkers to export like crazy and similarly to avoid buying anything from America while simultaneously stealing over $50 billion/year in IP.  It’s amazing that this is not more in the news.  What you see in Rotten consider this is how EVERYTHING the Chinese export is handled.  Whether high tech products, cutting out facebook or twitter.  They work 100% in their interests and steal everything they can.

If you are an American it is hard to understand how people can excuse China and why more of this hasn’t been made before.

Why? Why has the media not made a big deal about the abusive practices of the Chinese?

Corruption and Bias in American politics may have reached a peak in Obama admin

I want to believe it isn’t a matter of corruption in America but is simply a matter of honest intellectual discussion about the merits of tarrifs and such.  They actually never present Trump’s side or if they do in 5 words or less immediately shot down as wrong.

Consider, Joe Biden went to China in 2015 with his 2 sons.  His sons got billion dollar trade deals from the Chinese while he was there.

Does China use bribery even of US officials and companies to get people to look the other way?  No doubt.  It does seem we have a problem, folks.  I don’t know specifically if the deals that Biden’s kids got for billions were legitimate.  However, there is a difference between an accusation that has no evidence and an accusation that has at least some evidence.   Even if they were legitimate it looks bad.  We have laws to avoid things looking bad.

What I worry is not only that the media is avoiding talking about important issues distracting you with hate filled propaganda at our own leader but that they avoid talking about and giving fair balance to issues like this.  Is this because of corruption?  I worry that the evidence of corruption is incredible.

Other third world countries have enormous corruption but the US always took down the strong and powerful.  We went after powerful if they violated the laws.  That’s what I believed.  I no longer do.  It’s apparent a massive number of things went wrong in the Obama administration.  The Clinton’s made $300 million personally.  Never before have president’s gone after money so intensely after office.  Using their influence they somehow made almost a billion dollars.  On top of that they got billions into their charity organized as a type C corporation avoiding scrutiny.  Why?

But the Clinton’s are not my worry as egregious as all that is the problem is I worry that many republicans are paid off and that the democrats are utterly bought and paid for by billionaires.  It’s an incredible problem we need to have focused on but the media has ZERO interest.

Because corruption is a problem we have rules like recusal and laws that prohibit public officials taking anything from foreigners.  These rules don’t say your kids can’t take gifts.

The election laws prohibit what Hillary did by using Russians to fabricate phony accusations.  The idea is that officials should not even have the appearance of being in a biased situation.  So you need to recuse or not accept that gift even if you think you are objective and even if you were objective because it might appear your decision was colored.  If you have an interest in an issue even if you think you can ignore it the right practice is that you have to recuse yourself so that there is not even the appearance of bias.   This has been ignored totally during the Obama administration.

McCabe’s wife got $700,000 from Hillary. They said they kept “distance” never talked about her election.  How can anyone think Andy McCabe could be completely unbiased when his wife got $700,000 more than the combined money for all her opponents in the race? Even if Andy McCabe is the most unbiased person in the world the mere fact his wife got $ 700,000 makes it look like he might not be unbiased so this is why we require our officials to recuse themselves.

Andy McCabe didn’t recuse himself. He was involved in all the partisan cases at the FBI. He was at the center of the Hillary email scandal, the Mueller and Comey scandals and the Russia investigation. He obviously was not unbiased. He sought out these cases or was put on them and he never objected.  The IG and professional ethics office have accused McCabe of lying 4 times.  Purposely lying with full intent not like the Flynn and Gates or Manafort process trick lies.

Half a dozen senior officials of the FBI and DOJ have been fired already.  The house just issued and the IG for the DOJ just issued referrals for criminal prosecution of more than a dozen officials in the Obama administration.  These include Comey, McCabe, Strozek, Page, Brennan (head of CIA), Clapper, Ohr and others.  Each of these people is accused of at least 5 violations of serious laws.

The Democrats good ole McCabe will get his pension delayed.  He’s worth $11 million but a fund has been created to help poor Andy while he has to wait 7 years for his pension to start instead of getting it right away at 51 because he was fired early.  Of course, unless he is convicted.  Then he’ll lose his entire pension hopefully.

Corruption exists in America.  The Democratic Party took billions in donations from ultra rich “donor class” people as they call themselves.  The Democratic Party is PAID FOR by billionaires and large corporations worldwide.  George Soros, Tom Steyer, others give hundreds of millions in donations and provide lucrative speaking and other ways.

George Soros just transferred $18 billion to his media matters and other entities who constantly stage riots, fund media and undermine the US promoting an extreme globalist agenda with open borders.   They are trying desperately to get the election reversed.

These are facts. They are not accusations. Andy McCabe was fired for lying 4 times. They didn’t even mention the recusal issue which is even worse in my mind. All his lies were intended to help himself and the Democrats. He was biased.

We need to reform our election laws.  We need to strengthen our laws against things like Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton did to get billions funneled into their charity.  Maybe AFTER they are out of office completely but even then people should not expect to make hundreds of millions of dollars by being president or Vice President?

Some things we should be able to agree on.

  1. Any situation which might arise that requires a FISA application or spying to occur on an opposition candidate in an election should be considered “special” and handled by an independent group of people beyond suspicion of bias.  Not by Andrew $700,000 McCabe or Peter “insurance policy” Strozek or other partisans.  The fact the democrats don’t see that this is wrong from the very beginning to consider the FISA application the way they did regardless of how flawed the application was or what they did after they got the spying order.
  2. We need to minimize the role of billionaire “donor class” to elections and improve the public funding of elections.
  3. We need to strengthen laws about transparency and oversight by the congress, the FISA laws need to be re-examined for flaws and we need to understand how 99% of FISA applications are approved.  We need to fix the serious problems in this program or eliminate it.
  4. We need a special prosecutor like Mueller to investigate the hacking of the election by the Democrats and the 2016 election in general.  There were so many problems it is incredible.  Hillary Clinton purchased the DNC for $9 million in 2009 and was in control of it and how it spent every penny and who it hired.  Is it any wonder the primary process was a rip-off?  It also meant that Hillary could direct money to Perkins Coie for the dossier and to subvert campaign finance laws on size of contributions because there is no limit on how much can be given to national parties.  Besides the insurance policy and the people involved we need a thorough investigation of Fusion GPS and what meetings they had with who and why?  We need to know what James Clapper and John Brennan knew about the dossier and when.  We need to know what FISA judge Rudy Contreras and Peter Strozek discussed in their meetings at dinner.
  5. We need to get to the bottom of corruption in America.  This includes new laws that make it more difficult for politicians to game or sell influence.
  6. We need to prosecute leaks, lack of using recusal when it is obvious conflict of interest, like McCabe, Ohr, Contreras, Peter Strozek, Lisa Page and others.
  7. We need new laws on if media colludes with political parties.  They must maintain a hands off like Superpacs.  No giving questions or doing joint fundraising or having stories written by the candidate appearing to be media stories.
  8. We need to understand how 2 of Hillary’s senior campaign directors hired thugs to go into Trump rallies and beat up people.
  9. We need to outlaw anything but normal foundations for people in office and former senior government elected leaders.  NOT the C type corporation the Clinton’s formed which can too easily launder money and avoid transparency.

Back to Who is Donald Trump?

First off, Donald Trump refused to take any money from billionaires.  He actually not only didn’t take money from the Koch brothers.  He threw one of the Koch’s and his friend off his Mar a Laga golf course.

Donald Trump doesn’t listen to many people and he doesn’t listen to billionaires or the press or anyone.  If anything is obvious it is this.  The media is right when they say he doesn’t listen to many people.  He’s pretty sure of himself.

I believe he is utterly on a mission to help the middle class and clean up Washington.  He is on a cultural mission to reshape thought about things like identity politics and to restore America’s natural self-interest in its own people and country.  You may disagree and think he is on a path to make America white again but at least for a second consider that its possible you are being propagandized and consider the evidence and disregard accusations without evidence.


So far, Donald Trump has worked incredibly hard for the American people.  Sometimes I think he is the only one who seems to work in Washington.  Everybody else is on vacation so much, can’t get anything done.  He is working simultaneously on dozens of issues.  This takes incredible mental agility frankly.

Things he has done has generally resulted so far in good things for America and the world.  To my knowledge there is no specific thing that anyone can point to that is a bad thing that DT did that is clearly evil since he has been in office.  I am not talking allegations of bad, I’m talking about actual results.

Lots of allegations are made but factually speaking nothing bad has happened yet.

This is a huge part of the problem I have with the propaganda of the attackers.

They presume to know the consequences or agenda of Donald Trump when we have seen they don’t.  They are almost always wrong about what his goal was or is.  They criticize him based on these made up arguments.  They say the stock market will crash when he is elected.  It soared.  They said we would be at war with N Korea, we are talking peace like never before.  They said he would create a trade war and the world would plunge into horrible economics.  China just caved on tarrifs.  I can’t think of a thing they said would be horrible or bad and how it has turned out.

If nothing else, consider withholding your judgement until actual results.  They have jumped the gun so many times and been wrong.  Consider that you should wait like we always have in the past to see what happens before we launch into criticism.  The Democrats and media started their criticism of DT before he took office.  A year before.  They haven’t stopped to look at any consequences.  They are so busy constantly prognosticating badness they never look to see if anything they said before was right.  It wasn’t.

The hate the left spins up constantly is a sickness.  It is reflected in their own mental sickness.  They are crazy and they can’t talk rationally anymore.  They are spun up on ridiculous fantasy fears.   They are making their followers crazy with their hatred and I worry it will result in some terrible consequences.

We are already seeing that their hatred blinded many in the DOJ and FBI to things they were doing that have discredited these organizations terribly.  We are just starting to see all the badness that results from the hate generated by the left.  They ignore all this.  They excuse everything they do that is hateful.  That is not America.

They said he wants to make America white.  There is nothing happening.  They said he would kill blacks.  Blacks are doing better than ever in America.

Consider that it is possible that he isn’t evil, but that they are saying he will be evil before he had done the evil things.  Wait until you see the results.  If you don’t like his tweets or think his tweets are wrong or evil still withhold judgement till you see what actually happens.

This is the way democracy is supposed to work.  We evaluate how people have done after 4 years and then vote if we want to continue or change.  This is how we do it.  It has worked well.  Consider that we have enormous protections to prevent abuse and that in spite of that there is corruption and lots of things that need fixing. Throwing out Donald Trump won’t immediately solve those problems.  Let’s consider what the real problems of America are and see objectively how is Donald doing before we rush to judgement based on accusations by people who are propaganda against him.


Is Donald Trump a criminal?  Possibly.  Frankly, we all are.  It is hard to believe that in all these years of running a multi-billion dollar company and all the deals that nothing bad has been done at some point.  I defy anybody to claim they are perfect.

If the goal is to find out if DT has committed a crime then I have the answer.  Almost certainly.  So has everyone else.  Our laws are written so broadly that many have pointed out besides me that nobody is without any guilt.

The American system precludes taking out Presidents except for high crimes.  These are things like grand larceny, crimes of significant violence, treason.

One commentator on CNN asked if the President would succumb to arrest if the Marshall came up and wanted to arrest him for some crime the liberals fantasize about that he has committed now or in the future.

This is a bizarre idea.  No prescient in the 44 prior to him has been arrested.  The constitution of the US actually makes legislature and the president immune to the normal criminal justice system for most crimes.  They can’t be gotten for traffic violations.  They can’t be gotten for small things.

The reason the constitution did this is that in previous times a dictatorial leadership would essentially catch the opposition politicians on crimes, jail them and prevent them from voting or acting on the people’s business.  Thus an easy way for dictators or one party to silence another was to make criminal everything they did.  After jailing them they have control.  So, the constitution set out rules for impeachment.

In a real sense you can’t arrest the Presdient of the US.  If a Marshall came in to arrest DT the question is under what authority and under what statute because for almost anything likely the president and most of congress is immune to normal prosecution.  It would have to be a serious crime not for instance colluding with the Russians which isn’t a crime in the first place.

I don’t know of crimes DT has done.  I don’t know him to be corrupt.  I have seen no evidence he had taken money, built hotels, set up a pass through money laundering foundation to funnel money to himself. (He has a foundation and some accusations have been made) But none rise to the point that anybody has any real attacks against him.

If they did we would know about it.  The fact he isn’t.  I’m sure Herr Mueller is looking hard.

I will address the sexism complaints and sexual issues below.


He is accused constantly of being a person you don’t want to work with and he says mean things.

The phrase has frequently been used about DT that he is an equal opportunity criticizer.  He criticizes black, white, hispanic, women, men, whatever.  Some people think this is mean.

He is transparent.  This is refreshing in a President.  For once we have a president we know how he thinks about you and others and issues.  He may not be right but there is no doubt what he thinks.  He is not the only transparent person I’ve met.  Over the years I’ve worked with lots of people like this.  Transparency is a good quality actually.

Being nice doesn’t always work.  Working is more important than being nice.

I’ve said as have others that the Presidency is not a popularity contest.  The President has a solemn duty to protect and preserve the US.  This rises above insulting and mean comments.  Sorry.  In my opinion it is vastly more important the President be right than be nice.

Obama was nice but I believe the country suffered enormously under his leadership.  The entire world I think shares that view.  Things didn’t go well in the US or the world under Obama.  I could elaborate that but leave it for a different article.

It was always and is always more important to actually do good for the US and its people than it is to be nice to people.

Is he mean?  If you are the subject of his wrath you undoubtedly think that.  It is lonely at the top and only he can be responsible for some things.  I think we all should have more empathy for the difficult things he is trying to do and give slack.  We gave Obama slack for 8 years.  In my opinion it didn’t turn out well and that’s why we have President Trump.

The system works by incremental change.   Donald Trump gets to try now.  If the result is bad then so be it.  We will move on.


This is an easy one to prove utterly false.  He is worth billions. He may have gotten a leg up from a father but he did well.  He wanted to be on TV and became a big star.  He wanted to be President and won on his first try.

Whatever you want to say about President Trump the idea he is demented or stupid was only proof of your own stupidity or dementedness.  Succeeding at 3 different things in life is non-trivial and stupid people cannot possibly do this.

If I were liberals or his opponents I would consider this carefully.  No matter what you think of his speech patterns, what he says or does consider this.  He has been successful more than you.  Lots more.  Its better to learn from him and its better to spend a little time trying to understand what he is saying because he’s not stupid.

His doctor told us this but when you hear all these people come away from the White House and say the President is unhinged or stupid or … consider maybe this is more a reflection of themselves than him.


Racism seems to be in the mind of the person.  I don’t think there is anything I can say to convince anybody who thinks DT is racist that he isn’t.  I will simply say I don’t believe DT is a racist.

I think what he is saying is that we should focus less on our unchangeable identity, things like race, ethnic origin, sex and sexuality.

Donald Trump and I are saying that you can’t be proud of your identity in this way. You had nothing to do with being black or hispanic.

What is important is who you have become. What do you believe in? What have you accomplished? What are your goals? How hard do you work? What difference have you made in the lives of other people?

These kinds of things are who you are not your color. We have to kill identity politics and everything Donald Trump is saying is absolutely consistent with this.

Frequently the media will pull DT’s words out of context to accuse him. They will say he called all Mexicans rapists when he called “some”. They will confuse illegal and legal immigrants to make it seem racist when he is really against illegal immigration.

People need to understand that 98% of legal immigrants are non-white. If Donald Trump was trying to America white he would cut ALL immigration.

When Donald Trump spoke about “s***hole” countries it was in context of our refugee program not our general immigration system.

Refugees come from countries classified as having societal problems. He was talking about countries such as Honduras and Guatemala and Haiti who have sent 25% of their population to the US. Any country that has 25% of its population come here is a “Sh**hole” country by definition. Any country that is a refugee country is a “Sh**hole” country. Donald Trump was transparent and truthful. It was not racist or even mean.

What we need to talk about in my opinion is why these countries are refugee countries and why 25-33% of their population is leaving. Donald Trump was not saying he wanted all white immigrants. We get 98% non-white immigrants. He agreed to let in 11 million DACA and their family to America in exchange for stopping the programs which have hurt America. He did not propose limiting non-white immigrants which would be ridiculous.

During the last year Donald Trump’s programs have disproportionally affected black and hispanic and minorities more than other races. Unlike President Obama who presided over the near destruction of the middle class and Hillary claiming middle class people deplorable racists President Trump has done everything he can to help middle class and it is working unlike Obama’s rhetoric. Black and Hispanic unemployment are at historic lows ever recorded. Wages are rising for the middle class.

Donald Trump didn’t plan to limit the benefits of his programs to white people. Minorities are doing disproportionately better under Donald and he is proud of it and talks about it every chance he gets.

No, I don’t think he is racist. Even a little.


Consider that the women who attacked Donald many of them were paid by the same lawyer woman who defended Harvey Weinstein. Up to $700,000 was negotiated for these women to speak as long as they claimed Donald abused them and they said so before the general election. That was the condition for the payments.

This is unlike the #metoo movement where women voluntarily without being paid came forward.

Since the election 13 of the 16 women seem to have disappeared. We know the woman who claimed he raped her recounted her story. She no longer says she was raped.

Does this mean DOnald Trump is not a sexist? No. He was clearly a playboy.

Do we elect leaders because they are perfect? No. We want them to negotiate trade deals with China. We select them and give them extraordinary power to do things for us. This isn’t about selecting someone who is perfect. It is about selecting the person who will do things for us.

Should we put up with playboys? I don’t know. I think sex should be fun. I think men are constrained by biology like women. I am sorry but an unattractive woman will not get men’s attention no matter how much people try to change the narrative. This is biology.  Some of this has gone overboard but in general it is good for men to get scared to be too forward or assuming.  Whether it will change anything I am skeptical.  Like I said it is biology to an extent but it is not biology to be a mean person or to hurt someone.

I am not at all suggesting that rape or non-consensual sex is in any way okay. I am simply saying that trying to make men into sexless people who don’t look at women’s physical characteristics is no different than lying to yourself like liberals like to do. It’s impossible.

This gets to the intimidation tactic of the left. You can try to intimidate but in my opinion all you get is people hiding and lying about what they think and do. Good luck with that. I think we learned in the victorian era that constantly trying to suppress sexuality may result in the opposite.

I don’t think based on the accusations DT is sexist or like all of us I think he is trying to be better.  The fact he has successful women daughters who say great things about us is evidence that he probably isn’t that bad but before you rush to judgement of him consider if every man you see around you doesn’t think the same thing and many women have great lives with men who may be sexist a little.


Does Donald Trump say “mean things or lie all the time?

I hear people, even republicans saying they don’t like Donald. They are appalled at what he writes.

I think it’s very important for liberals or others who get triggered by Donald to consider if they are misinterpreting what he is saying.

His intentions and goals are honourable and worthy of us all. When he says that he wants Americans to like and love each other he is NOT saying that we should accept NEo-Nazis. He’s saying something quite profound actually. He is saying that we shouldn’t focus on identity. If you have trouble and interpret Donald’s tweets negatively you may need someone to translate them.

James Comes said that Trump is wrong to consider both parties in the Charlottesville equally bad.  He didn’t say that.  He said both were wrong.   In America we don’t presume someone is evil before they have a chance to meet accusers or have lots of proof.   All we know about these people in Charlottesville is that some have espoused ideas of inequality.  We don’t know if they ever beat up a black person.  Do we get to beat up people just because we don’t like them?  No.  Not in America and therefore both parties were wrong.  Trump was absolutely right to call out Antifa and BLM for bad acts too.

We don’t elect leaders to be nice people but I honestly think Donald Trump is a nice guy. There are a lot of anecdotes of things he has done for average people. He is actually very sensitive and concerned person. He is devoted to helping the middle class. This is a critical and ultra-important goal.

There are quite a few stories I’ve heard how Donald Trump has helped people in need.  If you look you will find these stories.  The media will never tell them.  That’s a problem.

America cannot survive as only rich and poor. We need the middle class to be strong and bigger. Donald is making America stronger every day.He is a workaholic. Sometimes I think he is the only one working in Washington. That is a very positive characteristic.He is not corruptable. He will not do others bidding. He will do what is best for the American people in his eyes. If you don’t agree that is fine. But he is doing what he thinks is best.

He is transparent and there is no hidden agenda he hasn’t told us. It’s all out there. He cannot be bought by the Koch brothers or any other globalist or rich person. He paid for his own campaign largely and took no money from billionaires. He threw one Koch brother and his friend off Mar a Laga golf course.

Donald Trump loves his family and has raised amazing kids who are productive, smart, successful and good role models for lots of people. He can’t be that bad if his kids think so much of him and say so many good things. He also can’t be that bad with women if his girl children are so well raised and supportive of him.

Donald Trump is transparent and may be the most authentically honest President we’ve ever had. That doesn’t mean he isn’t wrong but it means he is almost certainly not intending to deceive. He may at times have facts off but he tells us what he thinks.

It’s up to you to decide what to take and what to throw away.He is absolutely very intelligent. There is no doubt someone who has succeeded in 3 different professions as much as him can’t be an idiot.

We should all be so lucky to be as stupid as Trump.Donald Trump truly cares for the average person. There are many stories. He relates to average people and many have said this.Consider all these things when you hear the horrific news that paints him as a sexist racist mean evil person.


Consider if it is possible that you are being lied to in really gross and determined way that has led to a completely opposite impression of Donald Trump than the man he actually is.