1. Should Peter Strozek and Lisa Page be fired?

2. You said Peter Strozek’s and Lisa Page’s use of company devices and partisan texts were “terrible.” Do you think they rise to bias? Were they obstruction of justice? Should they have recused themselves from the investigations they were placed on?

3. Can you explain the granting of 5 immunity grants to Hillary Clinton’s IT staff and personal lawyer Cheryl Mills? Did you approve these immunity grants? Were they unusual? What was the rationale for giving 5 immunity grants? What were the conditions?

4. Why didn’t you storm Cheryl Mills office for information about the email scandal?

5. Why didn’t you storm the IT offices of Platte River to get the deleted emails rather than issue a subpoena given that they indeed did delete the emails? Did you ask them why they bit scrubbed the emails knowing that Hillary was under investigation?

6. Why didn’t you rescind the immunity grants when the 5 refused to testify to congress and pleaded the 5th amendment? Isn’t it normal practice that when someone is granted immunity they can no longer plead the 5th without invalidating their immunity?

7. Would Hillary have run for president if her IT staff were prosecuted and convicted of violating the subpoena?

8. Why did you not see that Peter Strozek was incredibly biased for Hillary and was giving her special treatment as was the FBI in general? Is it your understanding that political leaders who might be president should be granted special dispensation in investigations?

9. Isn’t it obstruction of justice to not recuse yourself when you realized you considered that Hillary would probably be president and wanted to give her the cleanest bill of health possible, that you wanted a job in the new administration.

10. Why did you not consider it relevant to tell the President that the charges in the dossier were all created and funded by Hillary Clinton? Is that not material especially considering the dossier was not verified and you had not made any effort to validate it?

11. Why did you approve sending the FISA application that was clearly not fully disclosing the nature of the material in the dossier and who funded it? Is this the best the FBI could do or was their an attempt to game the approval court?

12. Do you consider it significant that you were requesting the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA and others had access to spy on the candidate of another parties campaign during an election?

13. Did you think that spying on another campaign during an election might require special safeguards to insure no partisan accusations could be made?

14. Why didn’t you investigate the dossier’s claims if you thought it was relevant and important enough to gain a FISA application on the campaign of the current opponent of your boss? Did you consider the fact Steele professed to want to stop Trump at any cost relevant to the materials validity?

15. Did you know that part of the material came from Sydney Blumenthal a known political attack artist that Hillary used to get dirt to attack opponents?

16. Did you know that Mr Downer who accused that Papadopoulis knew of Russian knowledge of Hillary emails contributed $20 million to Hillary Clinton’s foundation?

17. Did you know that the Russian Lawyer who talked to DT Jr was interviewed by Fusion GPS one day prior and one day after the meeting with DT Jr?

18. Did you know that Fusion GPS interviewed Mr Downer before and after his talk with Papadopoulis?

19. Did you know that Hillary lied about the funding of Perkins Coie and the Steele Dossier to the FEC and to congress?

20. Did you know that Hillary Clinton had purchased the right to control all funding and personnel decisions of the DNC in 2009 and controlled the funds of the DNC to help fund the dossier?

21. Did you know as part of your Russian involvement in the election that Hillary had paid Russians though these mechanisms in violation of FEC laws against foreign involvement in US elections?

22. Did you impede the ability of the house intelligence committee to receive materials it requested from the FBI pertaining to the dossier, the FISA application, the investigation of Russian involvement?

23. Did you know that Facebook granted access to its entire social network graph to Hillary’s campaign and did not pay anything for this? Is this a violation of the campaign laws to your knowledge to give a candidate millions of dollars in information for free?

24. Why didn’t you prosecute Christopher Steele for lying about his disbursing the dossier to the media after he was told he shouldn’t? Why did you not inform the FISA court he was blatantly trying to use the material in a politically damaging way?

25. Why did you go after Carter Page to spy on Trump’s campaign?
26. Did you know all the uncoverings done under the name of that FISA grant?

27. Did you know that Bruce Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS?

28. How could you let Bruce Ohr work on the Hillary Email scandal and not recuse himself when you knew his wife worked for Fusion GPS on the dossier?

29. How could you let Andrew McCabe work on the Hillary e-mail scandal and the investigation of Russia when you knew that his wife had received $700,000 from Hillary?

30. Mr Comey, what do you consider “not giving the appearance of bias” requires of a director or his employees?

31. Mr Comey did you give Andrew McCabe clearance to leak information about the Hillary e-mail investigation?

32. Did you testify truthfully about your knowledge of the source of the dossier when you testified to congress?

33. Mr Comey to your knowledge was their an insurance policy ever contemplated about the possible election of Donald Trump?

34. Mr Comey did you know that there was a secret society of top FBI administrators who met to discuss how to hurt or remove President Trump as Peter Strozek and Lisa Page discussed?

35. Mr Comey what did you know of Peter Strozek’s relationship with FISA court judge Rudy Contreras? Did you know if Peter Strozek was influencing Rudy Contreras in the FISA application? Did you know they were arranging meetings with cover personnel so it wouldn’t appear to require Recusal?

36. Why did you use the Yahoo article written from the dossier as corroborating evidence for the FISA application when in fact it was derivative information based entirely on the same document?

37. Did you hear as you stated in previous testimony that you heard 2 senior White House officials discussing that Hillary Clinton would be safeguarded in her investigation?
38. Herr Comey, did you consider any of the discussions about safeguarding Hillary, granting 5 immunities, letting emails be deleted and bit scrubbed and the fact that Peter Strozek, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe were extremely partisan and biased against Trump and for Hillary obstruction of justice in the Hillary email investigation?

39. Did you believe that Michael Flynn lying about the discussion with Kislyak about Syria was a prosecutable offense?

40. Do you think you were antagonistic and biased towards President Trump from the beginning?

41. Do you think you gave Hillary Clinton a pass on the email scandal considering all the lying you admitted she did to congress and the FBI and the fact she allowed her emails to be deleted and bitscrubbed considering she was a state department employee and under requirements to be transparent and to release all emails to the department on demand? Did you consider this odd at all?

42. Do you think your feeling that Hillary Clinton would likely be President influence your decision to grant her leniency?

43. Do you think you were predisposed to Hillary considering you wrote her exoneration months before you had finished the interviews of staff and the emails had been fully reviewed? Does this make your decision flawed?

44. Should you have turned the email investigation over to a grand jury to make an independent decision or do you still feel that the never before action you took to have the head of the FBI exonerate her and to weigh in on an investigation was the correct action?

45. Are you upset that the organization you left behind appears to be filled with partisan hacks who didn’t follow the rules of candor for which the FBI is renowned? Do you think the FBI is worse off under your leadership than any other leader of the FBI in the last 50 years and why is that?

46. Do you take any blame in not knowing that key senior leaders who were involved in major political investigations were incredibly politically biased? Do you think their apparent bias has any effect on their judgement?

47. Do you think Robert Mueller storming lawyers offices and going after Flynn for lying to the FBI differs in how you assessed and handled Hillary Clinton in the email and other scandals she was involved in?

48. To your knowledge did any of the emails or dealings of Hillary using a private email server make you wonder if she was doing pay for play dealings on the computer? What was your understanding of why Hillary wanted her own server?

49. Do you think Hillary was informed that her emails were the property of the US government and that attempts to delete or bitscrub them would be considered illegal and wrong under State Department and federal government policy?

50. Did you dismiss any pay-for-play investigations that were charged against Hillary?

51. Were you aware of any accusations that Hillary was paid in exchange for threatening a Bangladeshian man’s son of IRS audit to get him to drop charges against a Clinton donor?

52. Were you aware of any payments made to Hillary Clinton’s foundation related to Uranium One corporation?

53. Were you aware of any discussions or talk of the Uranium One purchase of US uranium supplies?

54. Do you consider that you should have spoken up to President Trump about reservations you had about his guilt or involvement with Russia?

55. Do you think it is appropriate for an FBI director or any FBI personnel would be focused on a President’s hairstyle, hand size, his marriage to his wife rather than to the actual facts of law and the need to remain completely impartial at all times and to have candor at all times?

56. Would you have done anything differently considering what you know now?

57. Do you know why the FBI didn’t subpoena the DNC computers that are the heart of the claim of Russian interference in the US election? Why didn’t you?

58. Did you know that James Clapper lied about the funding of the dossier to the congress of the US?

59. Did you know John Brennan lied about the funding of the dossier to the congress of the US?

60. What do you know about the IRS scandal and the loss of documents in the IRS about the partisan auditing of US persons?

61. How do you explain that when the FOIA requests for information about the TARMAC meeting were fraudulently incomplete? How do you explain that the DOJ found no documents before the election and 500 after many of which have FBI personnel listed? Did you know that such discussions occurred about the TARMAC meeting? Were you involved in those discussions?

62. Are you aware of any effort to hide or lie about information the FBI or DOJ might have pertaining to the Russian Investigation, Email Scandal, Pay for Play scandals of Hillary Clinton, the IRS scandal or the Fast and Furious scandal?

63. Did you know that Loretta Lynch had an alternative email she used?

64. Exactly how much would Hillary have had to do to be guilty and for you to rewrite your exoneration letter?

65. Do you think you acted the way most FBI agents act or are supposed to act? Do you think you helped the FBI appear to be the independent completely non-partisan organization that goes after rich and poor equally? That the FBI under your leadership represented what the people of the US expect of both parties and beliefs?

66. Do you think your hateful and partisan views of President Trump are appropriate for an FBI director or employee to speak publicly about? Does this bring the FBI credit or reduces its credibility? Do you think other FBI agents should express their political views about the president and his possible guilt of this or that?

67. Since you say the President lies.  Can you specify some examples of this?  It is pretty strong language and an FBI agent should be able to rattle off very convincing and very clear examples.  The lack of such examples are pretty non-FBI-like.

68. Since you accuse the President could be guilty of actually hiring prostitutes to pee on Obama’s bed, that Russia has something on Trump, what is the basis for these accusations?  Why shouldn’t we say the same thing about you?

69. Why do you consider the leaking of your memos to your friend at Columbia University is legal?  Do you expect to be prosecuted for this leak or do you expect to have “some high level forgiveness” that General Flynn was not supposed to get?

70. What else did you leak?

James Comey acts as an innocent watcher of events. He is the man abused.

James Comey is exactly as Donald Trump has accused: The worst FBI director in history. He is grossly incompetent, completely unaware and a hand puppet at best of malevolent deep state corruption. We demand better of the least FBI agent than James Comey exhibited. One should wonder how he was selected by Obama to run the FBI considering his blind loyalty to the Democrats and excusing of every crime they commit, every partisan exploit and illegal act. James Comey was the clueless buffoon and partisan hack that makes all FBI agents look bad.