In the 2016 election Hillary and her Superpacs spent about $2.5 billion. Donald Trump and his superpacs spent about $500 million. Essentially Hillary’s campaign spent 5 times the amount.

We also know the media spent the equivalent of billions essentially trashing Donald Trump 24×7.

Yet, we all know Donald Trump won and the Republicans generally slaughtered the Democrats in very unexpected way. Over 900 legislative seats were lost by the Democrats and they lost more seats in the house and senate.  This implies the loss of the presidency was not so much about the Russians as it was about a general consensus in most of America for change.

This should tell you something. The media seems to have less impact than is commonly thought. Even though the media unleashed an onslaught on DT and accused him of horrible behaviors, lambasted him with stories of prostitutes and peeing, abusing women and being a failure as a business man. He was accused of racism and white supremacy. It was widely suggested that he was a dictator who would violate the constitution and in one debate when the candidates were asked if they would accept the results of the election Donald Trump said he would wait to see what happened.

The thing is that Hillary laughed with scorn that DT said he would wait to say if he would accept the results of the election and the Democrats went bananas for the next week claiming DT was a dictator, anti-democratic and this was an attack on democracy by not accepting the results. She said, of course she would accept the results of the election. Yet we all know it was the Democrats who challenged the results of the election in every way they could. They went to nearly unprecedented extremes in calling for electors who were representing 600,000 votes by voters in this country to perform a Russian style dictatorship and decide for themselves who should be President instead of the 600,000 people who voted.

After the election Democrats argued that Donald Trump was obviously mentally unfit to be president and the 25th amendment which said in some cases a President could be removed if they were unable to perform the duties. Yet DT’s physician who also was Obama’s physician said the President passed the most difficult mental acuity test he had with flying colors. Apparently they were wrong about that and wanted to remove a president under false pretenses. In addition, Democrats and their media have suggested all kinds of crime that DT has done, none of which has any evidence for them and asked for him to be impeached. Many have even suggested they could impeach him just because they don’t like him. These are unprecedented assaults on our Democratic system. If they succeeded and the Republicans did them when they didn’t like a candidate our Democracy would effectively be destroyed. Yet, Democrats amazingly don’t seem to see the utter idiocy of doing this and destroying this country.

Literally everything Democrats said about Donald Trump has been wrong. Blacks, Hispanics are doing better under President Trump than they ever did under President Obama. There is no evidence he is a racist, dictator. They simply don’t like his tweets and apparently are insanely convinced he is some kind of devil even though the results of his presidency so far have been remarkably positive.

The media is continuing to engage in a massive 24×7 negative attack

We see on the news of the major media a constant berating of the President’s every move. He is inciting war by attacking N Korea in tweets. He is Putin’s puppet. He will create a trade war. Every single thing that Donald Trump does and says is routinely every day predicted to cause enormous horror, is stupid and will end the world.

They deride the presidents personality, his every statement, his every move, his dress style. They accuse him of malice in everything he does. They are unrelenting. They accuse him of crimes constantly. The media shows bias.

Even Harvard has concluded that the media is 96% biased.

Yet the president’s approval rating has hit a high. I am not sure if you can believe any polling done these days since we know they faked the polling during the election. Polls one month prior to the election showed Hillary had a 20+ point lead in many states that she ended up losing a month later. They predicted a landslide victory for Hillary 30 days before the election with up to 400 electoral votes. She got 200. It is very entertaining to see these media celebrating the huge impending victory and the massive 20 point leads in many states that she lost a month later but the media told us she won all the debates.

Today, the media tells us that Trump is historically unpopular but we know the media is engaged in an unprecedented biased hate campaign against Trump 24×7. It would not be surprising that the constant attacks by the media and the Democratic Party would produce lower popularity but given the problems Democrats have had with demographics and polling in the past I have no idea what the Presidents real popularity is but I do believe that even if I don’t know what the absolute level is we can be pretty sure it is heading up.

Impact of Media unclear

The net net of this is that all of the blockading of CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, Facebook suppressing conservative content, Google suppressing content does not seem to be producing anything other than a lot of bloviating.

During the campaign obviously the Russian facebook effort of $100,000 in ads is incredibly insignificant in comparison to the 24×7 efforts and billions spent by the media in general.

It is a fact that the total regular audience for news TV is measured somewhere around 10-20 million voters out of 130 million. Most people don’t watch the news or even read the news regularly. Most of the 600,000-3,000,000 who watch the various news programs are the same people who watched them yesterday. So, the news ability to reach the majority of voters is considerably overrated.

It is extremely likely that the same 600,000-1,000,000 people are watching CNN in the evening every night and they are already programmed and listen nodding their heads because they believe precisely the same thing.

It is hard to change people’s minds or to change a vote

This is something I have written about before. In my personal life and discussions I have tried to take a very analytical approach to changing people’s mind about something. Even when the issue is straightforward and the people I talk to are rational intelligent people who profess openness it is very hard to convince anyone to change their mind on political issues.

This is probably how Hillary can spend $2.5 billion and lose even outspending her opposition 5 : 1.

I think people in the media tend to believe their own spin. They want to believe they are convincing people, otherwise why do their job? Clearly commercials work. Companies do it for a reason and spend a lot of money so talking must have some impact.

I think media can make people aware of an issue but convincing them to buy or to change their vote is much harder.

If someone thinks that some Hillary voter read an ad on facebook from some Russian or some story of a pizza parlor with sex ring and changed their mind to vote for Trump I can tell you that this is absurd.  If people think a Russian sponsored rally that nobody virtually showed up for or even Wikileaks changed the voters to Trump you need to consider that the democrats lost 900 seats across the country at every level of government.  The defeat was staggering and huge and completely unexpected.  Not because of Russians but because the media had deceived people.   I have written about this here.

There are many reasons people resist changing their minds.

1) Their political views are tied to their support network and changing a view means potentially changing their position negatively in their support network

2) Their political views are tied to their sense of who they are as a person thus changing means changing what they think of themselves

3) Their political views are tied to a lot of complicated related views that would require rethinking lots of things

4) The point you are making is not significant and other issues override their reason why they take a position

5) People are hypocritical and can sustain saying one thing and doing another.

6) Sometimes people can be intimidated and say one thing and do another.

We saw evidence of these last few points during the election where polls may have demonstrated that people wouldn’t honestly disclose their thinking. The election showed that there was 3 times the normal “undecided” voters, yet when they voted 80% of them voted for Trump. Were they really undecided or simply unwilling to say they were a Trump supporter?

Democrats believe their own stuff and believe the media can actually change people’s minds

I think the Democrats generally have a higher opinion of the importance of influencers like the media, hollywood, music performers, high school students, facebook, etc than may be the case.

I don’t think Hillary’s having her stars on the platform produced one vote change for her out of the 130,000,000 votes. I think you would have a hard time identifying any person who actually said that Jayz saying this or that “changed their mind.”

It is obvious the media has very little impact because if anybody believed the media at all that them saying Trump was a racist, dictator, idiot, unhealthy bla bla bla then how could that person vote for Trump?

Obviously very few people believed any of the media bloviating. Nothing they said changed the mind of anyone that wasn’t already going to vote for Hillary.  This is not a conclusion based on conjecture.  It is a fact.

Similarly, all the Russian facebook ads, the bots and liking of this or that almost certainly had far less impact than liberals think.

Liberals seem to think that people listen to an ad or go to a Russian sponsored rally and robotically do what they are told to do. If so, then Hillary’s $2.5 billion spending would have produced a slaughter.

Hillary Clinton said that women voted for Trump because that is what their husbands or male children told them to do. Wow, she has an idea about women that is far less respectful than me. Personally the women I have known even if they aren’t the brightest bulbs don’t just change their vote based on anything their husbands say. I say this with quite some confidence. Further, I don’t know how any man telling a women to vote a certain way would actually affect her decision because once she got into the booth she could obviously vote anyway she wanted and the man would never know. Knowing how difficult it is to change the way people think I doubt many men convince women to vote one way or another and Hillary should understand that having a vagina doesn’t automatically put one into a club of people who vote the same or think the same. One might say that anyone that thought that was sexist but how could I call Hillary a sexist.

I think Democrats think that the media can really change people’s minds but I wonder if it is the underlying facts that change people’s minds and the media is just a reflection of underlying facts? When the media is not a reflection of underlying facts is when we see a disconnect that is precisely what we saw in the 2016 election.

Many times during the election media concluded it was over for Trump

There must have been a dozen times when the media declared that Trump was done.  He would withdraw and it was over.  From the first days and the controversial positions he took on illegal immigration through to the NBC locker room tape, the 16 women who came out to say Trump touched them and the Non-acceptance of election results the press declared President Trump done.

Yet his polls almost never changed significantly.  It was only at the end of the Republican national convention and the very last week of the election that Donald Trump closed to within a few points of Hillary.  None of the media declared “end” of Donald Trump ever turned out.  People don’t change their mind easily.

How do people make decisions and change their mind?

I believe people make the decision of who to vote for based on a combination of personal bias that is almost impossible to change and their personal situation and the information in their own life. In other words, the election is decided by the actual situation in the US of the 130 million voters and their families not the bloviating of the media. The media can choose to find out the personal situation of the 130 million voters and reflect it or not. If they don’t then we end up with the 2016 election.

I have a strong mathematical background. I look at statistics and they mean something to me. When I see that average middle class wealth has fallen 40% I understand that not as some abstract number but that means there are millions and millions of people who are more anxious, who have had to worry and take jobs they didn’t necessarily want to or cut spending or face the idea of a vastly reduced or impossible retirement. I see why lifespan of males declined for 3 years in a row or why they are committing suicide in higher numbers. These things make sense when you realize the angst felt by real people.

The Filter Bubbles are overrated

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were convinced by their own media, their own elite messages that everything was fine. They lied to themselves. They seemed to believe that just screaming it loud enough, consistently enough from enough venues that everything was fine would erase individuals worries about the future. This is proof that the filter bubble doesn’t work as they hoped.

The NYT admitted this in January 2017 they published an editorial saying that the filter bubbles were too porous. They concluded that they needed to shut up the alternative information sources so that the filter bubbles were less leaky. People were getting too much information.

Thus they have worked with Facebook, Google and the other media for instance, Quora, Medium and others to crush conservative media. The latest attacks by Facebook cut conservative media ad revenue by 2/3. Diamond and Silk revenue nearly collapsed entirely. YouTube is silencing conservatives. Medium is kicking off writers of conservative views. Quora doesn’t take facts of conservatives and ejects them if they are conservative. This is easily documented and known. The media tries to suppress the fact they are even doing this denying it.

Will this work? Time will tell. Clearly conservatives and other need to have some avenues to circulate information. My guess is the more they try to stifle open speech the more they screw themselves. Alternatives will arise that will eventually be believed more than the other sources.

Drudge rose from nothing to being the biggest hit site for news on the internet in a couple years. Even though Google never will point to Drudge or Brietbart, Gay Patriot and numerous other conservative sources they survive. Liberals have constructed numerous new ways to try to stifle speech.

Fact checkers say that conservatives lie 3 times as often as liberals. I can say that is absurd since almost everything liberals believe is complete fantasies like Russia collusion, White supremacy fantasies, Trump is unhealthy, dictator… bla bla bla virtually nothing liberals say is factual these days but according to fact checkers conservatives lie more often.

For instance Politifact concluded Donald Trump lied when he said that caravans of Hondurans were coming to our borders. They said it was one caravan, so Donald Trump lies. Not caravans. This is typical of the fact checkers. That’s how Diamond and Silk are “dangerous terrorists hurting the community” but Antifa is not. Google is using SPLC list of “racist and hate organizations” as a filter. Brietbart and maybe a hundred run of the mill conservative sites and organizations are branded hate and either completely eliminated or vastly reduced in viewership. Facebook is saying they will use fact checkers to edit and determine who can see posts.

This will undoubtedly cut conservative viewership and fulfill the NYT message of pruning the leaks of the filter bubble. They will limit free speech reaching as many people but will they actually end up winning?

Liberals think there is one truth and they have it

Essentially the goal is to make sure people believe what they want them to believe is the truth. They say this in many ways. Hillary Clinton calls 50% of America deplorable because they think differently than her. She assumes its racism. Even though these same people voted twice for Obama.

The liberals convinced themselves there was no middle class angst and millions of voters in the middle class switched to the Republican Party over the last 2 years.

They intimidate constantly. Nobody is better at this than say Cory Booker a representative from New Jersey who can scream and intimidate like no other. Liberals do this on all the media constantly. They like to accuse. Racism is their favorite. Everybody is a racist. White supremacist was big for a while. Not sure why that stopped. Denier. When labels and accusations like that are not enough they eventually start calling Trump for instance worse than Chinese dictators or North Korean dictator.

The idea is to shame people by their moralizing and virtue signaling that they are superior. This doesn’t work even if they were better but they aren’t. They are as racist, womanizing, dictator as conservatives and very possibly much worse. Those that scream the loudest are frequently the most guilty. That’s what I’ve learned in life. We saw 98% of the womanizers the #metoo targeted were democrats. As usual all their proclamations of supporting women are bull. Facebook has no problem attacking black Diamond and Silk and robbing them of 3/4 of their income. Liberals have no trouble demonizing and boycotting Ivanka Trump. They don’t support women, only liberal women. Other women can F*** themselves.

The hypocrisy is obvious to the stupidest person and that is the problem with the filter bubbles and all the attacks on the free press, the intimidation tactics. In a free society like ours these things are eventually doomed to backfire. You can’t convince anybody with intimidation. You can’t convince anybody by saying it a million times. You can’t convince them to change their minds and actions. You might get them to lie and say they agree with you but you should be aware that behind the scenes these people are likely to be voting the other way or doing the exact opposite of what they said.

It is REALLY hard to change someone’s mind. They are convinced mainly by their own circumstances. By their own personal experience and also their predetermined biases that have evolved from their group identity and ego.

Liberals are wrong to think that the media can really do much to change people’s minds. They overestimate the role of media in general and rock stars and Hollywood. They believe their own crap and part of that is telling themselves that they make a difference by simply propagandizing people with their point of view.

This is a message for conservatives too. It is not easy to change liberals mind. No amount of failure seems to change their mind. Day after day they say some prediction and somehow in their minds they can ignore the fact they were wrong. I find that particularly astonishing.


International Trade misinformation:

We have been told for weeks for instance that Trump was starting a trade war. We were told that China was retaliating, that they would withdraw their cash in US treasuries, that global trade would collapse. They warned, prognosticate, called Trump stupid, evil, wrong. They claimed this war would be more damaging to the US.

China seems to be caving. We will see if they cave but they have to. This is something the media don’t tell you.

Liberals are either ignoring these facts or are unaware:

China only buys what it has to from the US and other countries.

They will still buy from us because they only buy what they have to. Even with Tarrifs they are far more likely to have to buy those things and pay those taxes. On the other hand the US buys from China simply because it is cheaper. If tarrifs go on our people can decide to buy less, not at all or switch to a different country trivially.

Our trade balance is so hugely one sided that China imposes $2 billion in tarrifs and we impose $60 billion.

They impose $20 billion and we impose $100 billion more. They can’t match us because their surplus with us is $360 billion and we only sell $50 billion to them. They can’t come close to matching our tarrifs. It will kill them.

China steals $50 billion/ year in IP and has done so for 16 years without the US or the world impeding them. They only buy what they can’t steal. We cannot live with trade where they steal everything and they must be made to agree and nobody will agree they can steal. They have gotten away with it because they were a “poor” country for a long time but their abuse is criminal and they avoid our trade laws in criminal ways. They are not acting like fair traders. They are acting as pirates in the world trading. That simply cannot continue. The liberal press needs to acknowledge the problems with China are 100 times greater than problems with Russia.

Liberals are not giving the American people good information about the trade situation and relative merits

They are telling people Trump is some evil dude for talking to China about trade and imposing sanctions. They are ignoring the facts as well as ignoring the likely outcome that the US has to win because of the asymmetrical trade relationship. They set themselves up for failure because they should have known China had to cave or has to cave. They can’t win a trade war with the US because they have 10 times the selling to us than we have to them.

They are also more vulnerable. If their economy tanks which a trade war with the US would do 100s of millions of Chinese would be out of work and their leadership would face massive revolt.

The Chinese have a 300% debt/GDP ratio. The US has a 100% debt/GDP ratio. China will cave. They cannot afford to have their biggest trading partner cutting off trade. Why did liberals never tell their viewers this? They lost. They were wrong but they don’t admit it. They don’t say why they lost. They seem shocked when they lose but then they move on to the next prediction with certainty even thought they failed miserably at the last.

I have asked that whenever the media puts on one of their spokespeople and opines about something we should have what they said before and what happened so we can judge their prognosticating merit.

Before telling us about Syria, let’s see how good were you predicting what would happen in Syria before. This is important because apparently a lot of people don’t realize that just a couple days ago almost all these people were wrong about everything they said about Trump or Trade or North Korea or the election or the ….

Months ago these people were telling us how much of a moron and mistaken Trump was to do this or that. Then it turns out he was right and they never go back and admit they have egg on their faces.

The Mueller Investigation

Where are all the people who laughed and scorned at the idea that Trump was being spied upon? Now we see the FISA court is lambasting the Obama administration for massive FISA abuse and we know that they spied on hundreds of Americans under a completely fabricated political document.

I realize the typical liberal response to these comments is to point out some irrelevant pseudo facts like Mueller has indicted 17 people. This is the kind of politifact data that is so flawed and stupid as the caravans vs caravan argument. Mueller has not found any evidence of collusion. Trump is right. That is horrific and condemning because we have spent $50 million at least because Democrats leaked and told us that there was definitely evidence. But there is none. After all this they are desperately trying to hide why the investigation was started in the first place. Because it’s apparent there was no real evidence of any collusion. It was a fantasy concocted by their own filter bubbles and hillary clinton who paid $12 million to put out the idea to discredit Trump and now we’ve spent a year investigating a fantasy and discovered that it is a fantasy but they still refuse to admit it by saying 17 people indicted.

Isn’t 17 indictments proof? No. None of these indictments has anything to do with collusion and 13 of them have to do with Russians who can’t be prosecuted in Russia and didn’t collude with Trump or any Americans. They bought ads on Facebook or ran rallies which nobody showed up for.

Interestingly, the ads and rallies were as much against Trump as Hillary. Mueller hasn’t shown the Russians were favoring Trump. He also couldn’t show that these people affected one vote. The other 4 have nothing to do with the election at all. 2 of the 4 are process indictments. Another is a 10 year old money laundering charge. The one conviction Mueller has gotten is an Australian lawyer who got 1 month and $20,000 fine and it has nothing to do with Russia or collusion.

The kind of information the liberals are suppressing in their filter bubbles is the fact that the judge in the Flynn case has asked for Mueller to provide everything that was done and said to Flynn during the investigation.

The judge was specific he didn’t want Mueller or his lawyers deciding what was relevant. He wanted everything because he didn’t trust Mueller to decide or his team.

It seems that the judge may ask Flynn to change his plea to innocent, then dismiss the charges against him and then pronounce charges against Mueller and his team. That is likely what will happen. This will probably kill the Mueller investigation because it will show it to be the farce it is and has been.   You don’t read that in the liberal media who say that the judge is just

I predict this. Let’s see what happens. Will I be right like in the election, like the trade war or 100 other things that liberals have stupidly deceived themselves with?

You can’t win when you deceive yourself

This is my basic premise of why the liberal filter bubble effort will ultimately implode and fail. The biggest effect of the filter bubble is on liberals themselves who end up believing the lies they are told. They then believe the wrong things and all kinds of bad things result from that.

This kind of backfiring of their own fantasies has happened a lot.


The Election

John Podesta told the media how they could game the polls in the election to dispirit Trump voters and to energize Hillary voters.  It goes perfectly with the typical intimidation tactics of the left.  They could use this during the entire election to lambast how stupid and hopeless Trump was and therefore anybody who supported him.  They could proudly say they were ahead by 12 points and Trump didn’t have a chance.

In actual fact, Trump had made huge inroads in the Democratic Party before the general election happened.  There were also assumptions about black people and young people voting that were wrong.  The polling agencies used 2012 demographics to adjust their polls.  Yet in 2016 it was clear blacks were not nearly as enthusiastic about Hillary as they were with Obama.  He had gotten unprecedented black voter participation never seen before.  It was incredibly unlikely the same number of black voters would show up. The same with young people.

Yet the polling agencies defended their demographics assumptions until about 2 weeks before the election.  Coinciding with the Comey announcement of a new investigation the polling agencies adjusted their polls down 8 points through restoring the polls to closer to the demographics of the actual voters.

This means they had given Hillary an 8 point advantage during the election.  They deceived themselves about the polls.  Key people knew this but the vast majority of people in the Democratic Party didn’t know they were gaming the polls.

The result might have been their undoing.  Many people apparently might have decided not to vote thinking that Hillary had it in the bag.  It also may have pushed many republicans knowing every last vote would be necessary.  It also set themselves up for a huge disappointment when they lost.

James Comey said he decided to start the second investigation because he thought Hillary had it in the bag and would assuredly win.  He thought when she got in it would be good to show he had vetted her.  She would appreciate it later.  Apparently, nobody told Comey that Hillary wasn’t actually 13 points ahead in the polls.

I don’t believe Comey’s decision had anything to do with the results of the election.  The reason is that the drop in Hillary’s polls just prior to the election were coincident with this adjustment by polling agencies and when Comey announced she was innocent and vindicated she got no bounce.  It is extremely unlikely that if the Comey announcement caused a drop that most or all would not be reversed when it was known that she was vindicated.  Therefore, it’s obvious that the Comey announcement had no effect.

Since people were convinced it was Comey much has been made of Comey and his decision that is irrelevant.  We have wasted a huge amount of time on a bogus theory put forward as active deception by the Democrats and it didn’t change the results of the election but I think it has caused massive damage to the Democratic Party.

Deceiving themselves about how far they were ahead has left them asking the wrong questions, coming up with bad answers and stupid reasons.  I come back to the central point.  The Democrats lost at all levels of government from local to state to federal.  It was a massive defeat.  The Democrats lost 900 seats across the country.

It seems the democrats didn’t want to face reality that people didn’t want them.  They are focused entirely on the federal election and fantasies of Russians and Trump collusion rather than the real problems their party has connecting to average Americans.

Pelosi’s own polling recently showed that Democrats now have a 35 point deficit in the middle class.  They have lost the middle class for a generation.  They have nothing to replace the middle class vote with other than illegal immigrants and new voters.

Does lying to yourself help you face the problems you have and fix them?  No.  Over and over the Democrats are fighting fantasies and lies of their own creation only to find they lose because the problem doesn’t exist.

They convinced themselves of the Russia collusion even without any objective evidence.  They have fooled themselves.  Again this has simply distracted the party from fixing its problems.

Let’s look at Syria:

Obama went into Syria like he did in many other countries in the Middle East and destabilized it by trying to overturn or kill leaders and supporting some group in the country. He didn’t succeed like he did in Libya of killing KHaddafi. He did support a Kurdish group and enabled the de facto partitioning of Syria into 4 states one of which was ISIS controlled califate. Like in the rest of the Middle East his actions proliferated ISIS and made it stronger. It also caused 65 million refugees and nearly a million people killed in Syria.

What was the goal? To partition Syria was the goal. Break Syria into 4 pieces permanently I guess. We are told we must protect these Kurds. They are supposed to be good. Yet, syria is a soviet vassal and Assad doesn’t want a muslim extremist segment in his country. The reason there was ISIS in Syria was only because we destabilized Assad and left open the vacuum. Every day we keep destabilizing Assad we leave open the possibility of reemergence of ISIS there. The only way to guarantee ISIS doesn’t retake parts of Syria is to put in a strong government which will resist Islamic extrmists. Assad will do that because the Islamic extremists will never let Assad run the country. They will fight him like Palestinians fight Israel and the only way he can stop them is to kill them ruthlessly. I don’t suggest he use chemical weapons but however he does it he has to fight them. He doesn’t have our weapons or technology so he will have to do it as he can but he will and the Russians will support him.

What does the US gain from trying to keep the country partitioned? The health of the Kurds? Unlikely. They will be forever held in horrible situation like the Palestinians. It will by necessity have to weaken Assad to the point of allowing a resurgence of ISIS and extremist radicals who we will then have to fight ourselves again after we defeated them last year.

Why does the liberal media not present the honest and true horrible situation of Syria and the difficulties of any policy? Why do they always believe that we have to follow one strategy that is a failed strategy that Obama crushed the world with? A strategy which led to massive death, pain, refugees, maximum muslim immigration into Europe which has increased terrorism there by 500%. Why do they never admit these things? Instead they go on these programs and spout the same lines which got us into the hell hole in the first place and which can only lead to the continuation of hell in Syria, the rebirth of ISIS and never ending death and fighting?

Sometimes its not a matter of opinion. There are facts. The situation is not good and it is clear our policies were unbelievably stupid and horrible. Just as with the trade situation and the other fantasies liberals create lying to yourself leads to problems. Sometimes those lies lead to ISIS and death and terrorism and sometimes to lost elections and sometimes to the middle class losing 40% of It’s wealth and suicide rate and life expectancy declining. The consequences of lying to oneself is not just a filter bubble game to win elections. It has real consequences when liberals believe lies they are told. Even if half the adults in the country know the truth and the liberals never regain power there is no good coming from liberals believing fantasies and lying to themselves.



I think you can see that liberals believe the media is much more impactful than it is.  They really believe their own lies.  They tell these lies ostensibly to convince conservatives that they are wrong but in fact they convince no conservatives of this.  They lost is the biggest proof.

Hillary spent $2.5 billion (with her Superpacs), 5 times her opponent.  The media conspired with the Democrats, they performed a 24×7 campaign to villify Donald Trump.  The Hollywood and Music industries lambasted Trump non-stop.  The academics’ and all the government employees leaked and gave out information like crazy.

Trump still won.

Was it because of Russia?  Don’t be absurd.  The Democrats lost 900 seats across the country besides the Presidency.  Did the Russians do that?  If Hillary were defeated by the Russians you would expect the non-stop attacks on Republicans would have produced a positive outcome all over the country.  It didn’t.

In spite of an all out attack it made no difference.  The media said that Donald Trump was a “special” situation for our democracy and that this called for them to take the strategy they did of attacking Trump non-stop and seeking to undermine him any way they could.  They put a full massive effort into defeating him.  Combined with Hillary’s $2.5 billion and the combined influence of Hollywood and the entertainment industry the net result.  NADA.

Democrats still lost 900 seats including the Presidency, Senate, House, (Supreme Court as a result), the state legislatures and Governors.  The Republicans are one statehouse away from having enough votes to run their own constitutional convention.   They have 33 statehouses and 34 Governors.

The people utterly rejected everything they said.  Polls of trustworthiness of media has dropped to single digits in some polls.  Literally 90% no longer believe the media.  They have completely destroyed their credibility making any further pronouncements or things they say worthless.  Their attempt to gerrymander the election left the Democracy in the worst shape in nearly 100 years and the media in shambles.