Probably the biggest hype these days in aging science is based on the Nobel prize won in 2009 for discovering telomeres in DNA were like a counter and seemed to have something to do with longevity.

One of the only ways to increase the number of Telomeres in your cells is to produce more telomerase. There is no way to deliver telomerase to cells so in cases where we can’t directly stimulate things like this we find a pathway we can enhance that encourages more production of the chemicals we want.

The Astragalus root was found to have precursurs to telomerase and a promising way to increase it. The problem is that Astragalus root has an infinitesimal amount of the desirable chemical and supplements of Astragalus would have to be consumed in the tons to give you any significant amount. Thus new supplements have come out that concentrate the chemical and one company called TA65 produces a patented formulation of this. Other companies offer what appears to be a similar product but it is unknown whether they can actually raise telomerase in the body.

TA-65 has gone through a number of studies and several have shown that it did increase telomerase and that positive health benefits were found.

This review summarizes some of the information on Astragalus and the science to date.

Review of Astragalus root compounds

The science says something may be there. Another study I saw recently also showed that it reduced inflammation and restored stressed endothelial cells.

TA-65 is extremely expensive gambit.

The desired dose to increase telomeres seems to be around 15mg of TA-65 daily.

The key chemicals are “Cycloastagenol” and “Astragaloside”. In one test both chemicals were tested and produced identical results.

The products I’ve found that you can buy that claim these chemicals are:

CrackAging: 10mg, 90 capsules, $168 = 0.18/mg = $1.87/day (10mg/dose)

CrackAging: 25mg, 90 capsules, $327 = 0.14/mg = $1.81/day (cutting pills in half 12.5mg/dose)

Terraternal Astragaloside: 40mg, 30 capsules, $63 = 0.05/mg = $2/day(40mg)

CrackAging Astragaloside: 40mg, 60 capsules, $71 = 0.03/mg = $1.2/day (40mg)

RSA Cycloastagenol, 25mg, 28 capsules, $70

TA-65 Cycloastagenol, 8mg, 90 capsules, $500 = 0.70/mg = $5.55/day (8mg/day proprietary blend)

Luxiv Astragaloside: 50mg, 180 capsules, $217 = 0.024/mg = $1.2/day (50mg)

These are expensive supplements but the good news is that all the manufacturers seem to be extremely thorough in their testing and use independent labs which they provide documentation from. The only proven supplement is TA-65 in tests and it is way more expensive. The Astragaloside has the advantage it isn’t tied to TA65 and was used in lab tests with endothelial cells and showed the same results Cycloastagenol plus it is half the price roughly of Cycloastagenol.

The various companies suggest Cycloastagenol of 5mg/day for people under 50, 10mg/day for people under 70 and 25mg/day for those over 70.

I have decided to try these compounds in my next cycle. If I find anything definitive I will let you know. I have also done telomere testing.

When I looked at the telomere testing I found some disturbing information. One reviewer found 2 companies that did the tests. They did the tests with both companies and found wildly different results. One company said they had short telomeres and another said they had long. This implies that the reliability of the test is suspect. Both companies when asked said their results were all scientifically valid. One uses a swab of the mouth and the other uses a blood test through a prick of the finger.

If I were to take my test again would I get vastly different results? I was obviously hoping like in the blood tests that I do that I could take the supplements and see if they made any real difference but the fact the tests themselves seem to have questions is a problem. I will continue to work on this as I think this is the most promising area at this time.