The ironic thing is what the house intelligence committee concluded recently.

Devin Nunnes said:

The only collusion we saw in the 2016 election was the Clinton campaign using Fusion GPS to get information to damage Donald Trump’s candidacy.

The Clinton campaign paid $12 million from their campaign and the DNC (which Hillary purchased in 2009 when the DNC nearly went broke.). The $12 million went to a law firm Perkins Coie who paid along others a company Fusion GPS which paid Steele a Clinton operative and passionate Trump hater who had serious Russian connections. He found and paid for numerous Russians to give him heresy information of 3rd and 4rth party accusations of Trump doing things in Russia and other people. Much of this information has either proven utterly wrong or unverifiable allegation with no evidence whatsoever. Fusion GPS then arranged meetings with the Trump admin and Russians which they coordinated prepped and debriefed after the meetings. Steele’s Russian information was supplemented with information Sydney Blumenthal a longtime Hillary confidante who for instance came up with the photo of Obama in Muslim garb that Hillary used in the 2008 campaign. Sydney is an accomplished hit job artist produced additional hit material to allege against Trump.

In other words if Hillary Clinton had been elected president she would have had to be impeached because clearly she used information from Russians to damage Donald Trump’s candidacy and steal the election. As it was Hillary lost the election even with the help of the Russians.

Does anyone think the Democrats would have been as “freaked out” about Russia or wanting to impeach Hillary if she had won the election?

The facts are clear.

1) Russia didn’t impact the election in any substantial way. 13 Russians with $100,000 in facebook ads didn’t change one vote.

2) Donald Trump did not speak to Russians or have any belief the Russians could win the election for him. He did not follow up or pursue any of the morsels the DNC and Hillary’s corrupt campaign tried to lure them into taking.

3) The Hillary campaign and operatives in the government worked with her to try to “insure” that Trump didn’t win and if he did win to get him impeached using the Russian dossier and the spying they got using a corrupted FISA judge to authorize.

4) The FISA program is utterly corrupted program that has widespread abuse that the court itself acknowledged. The FISA court itself in December 2016 found the Obama government violated the FISA regulations 200+ times in the last year and that doesn’t even include the massive increase in uncoverings under the Trump / Carter Page spying FISA application.

5) If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency she would have had to be impeached because she is the only one who actually conspired with a foreign government to win the election.