Over the last few years our source of news has been dramatically changing.

I have seen in other countries people live with highly propagandized information sources.  Sometimes this is engineered.  Governments will try to control information.  They always have.

The US was designed differently than any other country on Earth even today.  When the US constitution was designed people had a different set of concerns.  The founders came out of a period in which liberty was much discussed and thought about.  It was a heyday for the idea of human freedom.

Today people in the world seem more worried about their income or lots of different things and assume that the freedoms baked into our founding documents are immutable and will always be there.

For 250 years our constitution has  been a unyielding bulwark for freedom and lack of tyranny.  This was its main purpose.  The entire constitution was written as shown in the federalist letters and anecdotes of the time as a document to prevent the ascension of a powerful executive function as well as to prevent government itself from subverting the freedom of the people.

Multiple layers of protection was designed in.  The constitution of the US makes passing bills a gargantuan task.  Requiring the approval of 2 legislative bodies and a president as well as the courts there are multiple safeguards to assure that the government cannot take away our rights.

Ultimately the biggest protection was the creation of the Supreme Court which presided with the most power able to reverse any law or order based on 9 people’s considered opinion of how the law or actions of the government conflicted with the constitution’s basic rights.  Amending the constitution to change those rights requires a massive effort and seems impossible in todays world.  No greivance at this time seems so great that a constitutional amendment of any sort seems likely to get even a fraction of the votes required.  It seems we can assume our constitution is unassailable.

The very first right in the constitution outlined is free speech.  Free Speech is the center of rights.  The founders understood that people needed to be able to speak in order for democracy to function.  It was understood even in those days that the best way for ideas to win or lose was to toss them out there.

If there are white supremacists the best thing we could do is to let them speak.  By speaking all people can assess the merit of their ideas and decide.  When ideas get suppressed the founders understood they fester and become even more powerful.  The mere idea of suppressing them makes them attractive to many people.

You cannot know what a person thinks.  You cannot control their thoughts.  That is a central premise.  We will come back to that.  Yet the impulse of many people is when they believe something is to somehow force that view on others.  This is not easy to do and people think widely that they can force people to think one way by:

  1. Cutting off the source of alternate ideas
  2. Intimidating and punishing people who have those other ideas
  3. Endlessly repeating what they think is correct

There is no doubt that doing the above will make polls and public discussion more aligned with the ideas that people want to enforce but it doesn’t change what people really think and do.

People are really good at deception.  They will say they aren’t for gays and behind doors be enthusiastically gay.  They can say they hate pedophiles and do it behind the door.  They can say they hate Trump and vote for him in the election.  They can say they are against global warming and fly private jets everywhere 20 times a year.  They can say whatever you want them to say and do something completely different.

People are also poor at understanding the cause of things.  This is one reason for free speech.  Transparency is the idea that we strive not to have uniform ideas but we can freely express different opinions so we can figure out collectively what the actual answer is and truth is.  The idea we can deceive ourselves to success is stupid.

Do we want to succeed at anything?  Assuming you do or we do then the ONLY way to achieve that is to know what the causes for our failures are.  Fixing that and moving on.  To understand our failures requires admitting that something we are doing now is not sufficient or wrong.  Admitting that we are wrong is hard.  That is why we have fights.

Any attempt to suppress the truth is counterproductive and should be seen as wrong.  Any attempt to suppress opinion is just a way of trying to suppress the possibility of finding the truth.  Without the truth there is no way to make advances.  Thus our founding fathers understood how difficult finding the truth was.  They weren’t scared of the truth and they trusted ordinary people to have the ability to figure out the truth and make the right decisions.

We don’t see that faith in humanity from liberals.  The liberal idea is that individuals should be able to make their own decisions.  It is rooted in free speech.  That faith in people and their individual decisions is a central part of traditional liberalism.  Unfortunately, many liberals today assume the worst of people in America.


From the earliest times people have known that you can hide information from people.  This is not something new.  So we have lived with propaganda forever.

There are several levels of misinformation:

a) people are simply wrong about the truth and don’t know they are wrong

b) people are aware but for personal reasons lie about the truth

c) people are aware of the truth but lie because they are told to lie by someone

d) people are not aware of the truth because they are deceived by someone else and then parrott the falsity

e) people conspire for an end knowing they are producing false information to achieve what they think is the correct answer

f) people conspire for an end for deceitful corrupt purposes and deceive people

Propaganda is purposeful deceit.  Honest differing of opinion is free speech and is supported.  So, a) above isn’t propaganda.  Neither is b).   d) is not propaganda but can expand other forms of propaganda making it worse.

Propaganda is more than purposeful deceit and even corruption.  Corruption would be lying for the sake of benefiting yourself or your group but lying for your group to deceive   people.  So b) is not propaganda but it is bad usually.  Our constitution supports some of b).  It realized people are not perfect and gave people the right not to have to self-incriminate.

There is a lot of information put out that is simply wrong.  Deciding when such information crosses the line from being simply an honest mistake or parroting some other wrong thing is difficult.  What you need to see in order to say something is propaganda is a purpose to the wrong information.

It is important to know that we are always wrong.  It is very difficult to know the full truth.  A lot of people want to go around speaking as if the truth was self-evident but there is always nuance and exceptions. Blanket statements are always wrong.  People use them as a short cut to mean mostly.  It is hard to call out all the exceptions.

So, people accept generalizations even though we all know they aren’t correct.  The question is rarely answered if the generalizations apply and how much they apply.

I am talking about propaganda so I won’t go into a full explanation and discourse of all the properties of knowledge and deceit.

Propaganda is about purposely repeatedly deceiving to obtain an end result to convince people to believe something.  You may not even be aware if it is false but somebody knows it is a lie and purposely changes the facts to suit their purpose.  It is that fact that somebody does know it is false and then makes a concerted effort to propagate this false information to support the end goal even if the people who tell you the falsity believe it is the truth themselves.

Is Propaganda bad

The US called the Russian and communist information sources propaganda because they constantly distorted what we perceived as the truth for the purpose of convincing people that they were the future so they could ultimately take over the world with their ideology.  One could argue that many people were simply doing d) (Parrotting others false points unknowingly) in other words they didn’t know the truth and were told to say X.  However, somebody knew what they were saying was false and simply ignored it because they knew that knowing the truth undercut them and what they wanted to achieve.

I believe a critical element of calling something propaganda is that the untruth being told is repetitive and one-way.  In other words for a purpose.  It has to be to promote something.

Saying untrue things in random ways wouldn’t be propaganda.  The goal of propaganda is to persuade people of a greater theory.  It is part of promulgating a series of lies and misinformation for the purpose of supporting more than a single person.

Propaganda is subtle and can be implemented many ways.

  1. Outright lying
  2. Subtle lying (saying things which are partly true hoping people’s lack of information means they don’t realize the untrue parts.)
  3. Avoiding saying things or pointing out facts which negate your points.
  4. Saying true things that are irrelevant to the argument
  5. Hiding the facts which support alternate points of view

All 4 of these techniques are important.

Why is this bad?

North Korea creates propaganda internally because they don’t want their people to know  that they live horrific lives compared to virtually anyone else in the world.  The purpose of this propaganda is clear.  To keep the leadership in power and living a great life at the expense of the people.

Many political movements will use propaganda to promote their party people and the success of their party to gain power.

How does Propaganda work?  Can it be recognized?

The purpose of free speech is to counter propaganda.  As a single weapon it is not strong enough.  Even with free speech we have seen now that propaganda has become more and more prevalent.  It is harder and harder to find the truth.  In order for the truth to be known people need a plethora of sources.

We can hope for their to be a diversity of opinion and for free speech to exist but in spite of the internet and many many thousands of information sources we have seen that the liberals are trying to force a convergence of acceptable opinions.

Let’s take the illegal immigration issue as an example of how propaganda works

One side takes the argument that illegal immigrants are good for America.  They argue that statistics show that illegal immigrants are better than regular Americans.  They commit less crime.  They pay their taxes, they are seals in the marines and are doctors and lawyers.  They say we need to protect them from being sent away.  They argue Americans have always welcomed illegal immigrants and that any diminution of our immigration is inherently evil and evidence of malintent, racism and other evil ideas.

Surely, if you take people who would call for the death penalty for illegals or who accept illegal immigrants of one color but not others or one religion and not others would be evidence of some evil bias.

The reason this is propaganda is that almost all these arguments about illegal immigrants can be refuted easily based on readily available information that would be hard to doctor.  They must know or some people must know these arguments have major problems.

There are 2 sides to the argument.  Some illegal immigrants do indeed become seals and some become doctors.  Some do pay some taxes.  Blanket statements are almost always wrong.  If the other argument is that all illegal immigrants are bad people and don’t pay taxes or are criminals is made then that would be equally wrong.  The truth is somewhere between.

I have studied the statistics on crime for legal vs illegal and it is very clear that illegal immigrants commit far more crime than legal immigrants.  Sometimes propagandists conflate things using the low crime rate of legal immigrants and combining with illegals to produce statistics that are better.

The simplest way to see this is the incarceration rates.  25% of federal prisons are full of illegal immigrants.  Many people quote the number of illegal immigrants at between 3-5% of the US population.  Thus at the federal level there is much higher representation of illegals.   If we look at states the numbers are better.  Between 5-15% of state prisons have illegals.  Still this is considerably over the rate of other Americans.

Arizona did a recent study of illegal immigrants and showed that illegal immigrants were twice as likely to commit all forms of crime including violent crime.

No matter how enthusiastically you speak of illegal Americans they don’t pay all the taxes you and I do.  No matter how enthusiastically you support illegal immigrants they don’t become doctors and lawyers or start companies like regular Americans.  It’s impossible because they aren’t legal.  They can’t do things you and I can do.

Proponents for illegal immigrants conflate illegals and legals for a good reason.  They are trying to make the case people who are against illegals as against a race or group of people.  They want to make it seem like it is a general hatred for people who are different not because these people actually aren’t doing us that much good.

The fact is the immigration rate in America is at an all time high in percentage or absolute terms.  Over the last 15 years America has doubled the percentage of people in America who are born outside this country.  It is at the highest percentage since the founding of the country.  Also, America has varied the rate of immigration legally and frankly has never accepted the idea of illegal immigrants before.  Neither does any other country in the world.

Speaking of the world, the US is the most generous in immigration by a large margin.  The US has frequently accepted more immigrants (legally let alone illegally) than the rest of the world combined.  If the US cut its immigration rate by 90% we would still immigrate more people than almost any other country.  It cannot be Nazi to reduce immigration or illegal immigration.

Some will argue using economics and say even with all this illegal immigrants are a net plus.  We need young people.  Illegals are composed of more young people.  They say that we need those jobs done.  They say Americans won’t do those jobs and many other things.  They justify sanctuary policies on the basis that if illegals don’t fear deportation they will talk to authorities and that will reduce crime.

These things have an element of truth.  Many illegals are good craftsmen and are performing more than the jobs Americans won’t do but they not only do those jobs they excel.  There are many really excellent landscapers, su chef’s, hair cutters and other jobs that illegal immigrants are quite adept at and they produce output which is beneficial to America.  They do provide labor that is cheap that helps our farms produce cheaper food and people can get their houses cleaned more cheaply.

However, each of these points can be shown to have problems.   While these good and helpful people do exist they are operating in a “second class” world in America always at threat of being deported.  This means they suffer unequal rights.  This should be enough to demand some correction.  We should not have illegal immigrants.  We should either say we have open borders or we should deport them but having a second class citizen that can be abused by employers and others for fear of being deported is simply not acceptable.

It is likely some midway point can be come to which includes some immigration for labor purposes and some deportations.  However, the current state of affairs should be transparently wrong.

Moreover, another strong argument that even legal immigration may need to be cut is that the immigrants America takes in have become more and more through what is called chain or family migration.  70% of the 1.7 legal immigrants last year were of this type.  Some argue we should be more selective.  it is hard to say this is Nazi.  Virtually every other country in the world does this.

Nonetheless there is some truth to the argument that immigrants help America.  The illegals cannot.  There are too many problems with illegals and not enough benefits.  Many different positions could come about between the two positions that could be an improvement and would represent the truth.

Another argument that is difficult to argue against is that illegal immigrants tend to be uneducated compared to legal and even chain immigrants or regular Americans.  The number of jobs needed of this type of low skill labor is decreasing.  We can’t use so many low skilled illegals even if they were all perfect citizens.

There is argument that indoctrination in our culture and being able to get immigrants to fit in to our society is important and the legal immigration system is designed to facilitate this.  Illegals don’t.

Economically illegals give a large fraction of their income to people outside this country.  Repatriation may be a great way to aid foreign countries but it doesn’t benefit this country.

Fox vs CNN/MSNBC and liberal sources

When you look at the conversations on the news sources such a balanced opinion that shows the pluses and minuses is rarely seen.  Never seen.  Fox clearly is propaganada on the right and the rest of the media on the whole is on the other side.  There is nobody who is in the middle actually presenting a more balanced view of truths.

You can see by looking at the debate on a point like this how propaganda works.  When you listen to the debate on these topics on each source you don’t get the other side.

Democracy works by having both sides be able to state their opinion but where democracy isn’t being served is when balanced opinions get drowned out.  When it becomes impossible to tell what is true because there is so much contrary information and the other side will never admit they are wrong how do you figure out what is true?

Harvard did a study recently and determined that CNN and other liberal media were over 96% biased whereas Fox was 50% biased.  What they were saying is that the liberal media was more consistently giving a message tainted in one direction whereas Fox seemed to have more diversity of opinion.  Of course many believe Fox is tainted but Fox doesn’t deny this.  The main opinion sources on Fox say they are that.  They don’t pretend to be journalists and independent.  The biggest problem with the other media is that they claim to be news when they are actually more propaganda than Fox according to Harvard.

The propaganda is doing something new creating filter bubbles

A new phenomenon of sorts has arisen in America.

The combination of the newly propagandized major media combined with social media on the internet and other internet sources has produced a wall of propaganda that liberals are clearly trying to turn into a monopoly.

The liberals have largely abandoned free speech.  That is not necessarily a problem because as long as the constitution guarantees it we will have alternate sources.  They may disdain people speaking and produce a culture of shame to try and force people to say in public the things they want them to say but this doesn’t work.  As the election of Donald Trump shows people are able to rise and vote however they want and ignore the media and the propaganda.

The 2016 election in a sense was a refutation of the idea that filter bubbles could overwhelm democracy.  The media engaged in a 24×7 52 week a year nonstop attack on candidate Trump and lost.  Nobody apparently believed them except for the puppets who already believed the liberal propaganda.  They made no difference and it showed that free speech works.

This is probably why liberals now are against free speech (at least many seem to be).  They are in a covert and overt way trying to limit the ability of people on one side to get their message out and to dominate and shame the people who have alternative viewpoints.  It is becoming apparent that Facebook and Google and Quora and Medium and other digital media are in a concerted way trying to eliminate alternate opinions on their platforms.

They are trying to tighten the filter bubbles.  The New York Times admitted after the election that the filter bubbles were leaky.  They complained that too much alternate information was getting out allowing people to believe things that they hadn’t programmed.

Since the election they have been tightening the noose.  For instance, facebook allowed democrats to suck the entire social graph of facebook into their computers.  Every person and all the public information on them was available to be copied and they did.

In the meantime the republicans hired a firm that claimed it had access to millions of profiles through the use of an app that a professor had created to provide personality analysis.  The press treats the latter as a crime and facebook says so.  It seems the reason the latter was a crime was that it was used by republicans and the former was used by democrats.

To give perspective facebook claims it is disallowing all access of this type now supposedly but at the time the people on the democrat side said that facebook was on their side and was willing to let them get everything.  Only when facebook saw that republicans could find a way to get the information too did they scream.

We will see if they are going to be fair in the information but it is transparently clear like with other sources that these companies are biased in their news reporting and in their eliminating certain people from their network and not others.

It is more than liberal television and radio media.  There is a liberal effort to crush alternative opinions on the internet.

I have personally seen the bias in virtually every media on the internet.  Even google has been shown to be persistently biased and the stories of how they are trying to restrict sources based on various schemes has been shown to be transparently biased.

Facebook at one point said they were going to use “fact checkers” to restrict which stories get promoted but looking at fact checkers it is apparent that they are biased themselves.

Another attempt was to use various liberal sources like the southern poverty law centers list of horrible actors to restrict but on this list are many legitimate right wing sources.

Google has been doing similar things trying to find ways to limit the sources that show up in searches.  The social media sites such as twitter, medium and others are banning conservatives far more than liberals.

The liberals attempts to limit speech is having an effect.  The attempt to shame conservatives and conservative opinion is having an effect of making people less willing to express vocally alternative views.

What they need to understand is that no amount of this social engineering will actually help them in the end.  As long as people have access to information and can share it they will find a way to get the truth or alternative views out.

As long as we have democracy people will still elect people based on the facts as they find it.  The liberals will have to pervert and destroy democracy by for instance impeaching the president for no reason or manufactured reasons.  Oh wait they are doing that.

Are we careening towards dictatorship?  Maybe so but not for the reasons the left states

In essence my conclusion is that liberals are in a concerted effort to both force us into a society that doesn’t have free speech where you are programmed by the media to think and understand facts as they say they are.  They want to undo elections that don’t go the way they want.

Our democracy may survive this assault but we should all be aware that an effort to destroy American democracy and replace it with a Democratic Party inspired dictatorship is happening.  I don’t say this lightly.

I know the left in America is saying exactly the opposite.  They are saying Donald Trump is trying to be a dictator.  I have seen zero evidence of that.  He has not attempted to prevent the media from saying anything.  They have their filter bubbles.  He hasn’t stopped so far any effort by the media to crush the opposition.  He has expressed his own viewpoints and attacked the people who attack him but he has done nothing close to 1% of what facebook, the media in general are doing daily to coerce people into a one state thinking.

If you look at these media they rarely if ever give people of different viewpoints 2 seconds of airtime.  The same argument could be made of Fox but Fox doesn’t say it is journalism.  They don’t claim they are unbiased.  The other media is arguing they are truth and unbiased as they spew a transparently biased propaganda that even Harvard studies showed was obvious and gross.  Harvard showed the media bias in the MSM was far far worse than Fox bias and Fox doesn’t claim to be news.

What is more important is that the other media don’t report facts that don’t fit their narrative and they are constantly supporting the democrats line regardless of the truth.  There is an obvious bias that if you listen only to these sources you will become like North Koreans.

I point out frequently that many liberals only listen to liberal media.  The result is that frequently not only are they indoctrinated in the liberal thinking but they literally have no idea what the other side thinks.

Conservatives don’t have this problem.  Conservatives are inundated with liberals opinion because of the historical connection of the entertainment media with news.  The effort of the liberals to make the liberal voice pre-eminent has meant that many liberals don’t bother to hear any alternative viewpoint and thus conservatives are the only ones making the choices in society.   Liberals are acting like automatons programmed by their media.

When on talk shows with liberals you see a sort of robotic response to questions with talking points.  They can’t debate because they literally have no idea and have never argued the other side they have never thought for one second if some other viewpoint could be correct.

I never thought indoctrination to this level was possible and I don’t know what the consequences for our society will be from having millions of people who are convinced there is no alternative opinion and see no need for one.

I think that is a recipe for dictatorship.

Frequently I have noticed that what the left accuses the right of turns out to be exactly what the left is doing.

When the left claims DT is trying to crush the news it is actually the left that has boycotted Fox News for a decade and tries to shame people into believing them and only them.  Trump can be said to at most simply copying their tactics by shaming them for their own mistakes and bias.

When the left claims DT got help from the Russians to win the election it has become apparent that DT never solicited that help from Russians.  Only Hillary Clinton got information from Russians to use against Trump.  These facts are hard to absorb for liberals because they have becomes so heavily indoctrinated.

When they claim DT was trying to be a dictator he was doing nothing of the sort.  In fact, President Obama is the one who has done things that are well outside his executive powers.

Probably the biggest reason to worry about the state of our democracy was the politicization of our government far more than usual

The first inkling something different was going on in the Obama administration may be the IRS scandal.  During this affair it was uncovered that thousands of Republicans were unfairly targeted for audits purely on a partisan basis. During the investigation somehow nobody ended up being guilty and the information on the parties involved was “lost.”

This by itself would be disturbing but what we have learned and seen since then makes all this incredibly small part of the puzzle.

The DOJ and FBI, NASA, Energy department, US State Department, CIA, NSA and other cabinet level departments have been seen to be incredibly politicized at the top level.  This is most disturbing and evident in our justice departments.   The reason the IRS got away with its corruption has now apparently become more obvious.   The DOJ and FBI were corrupt too and politicized.

It is coming out and we know the outline of it already to a large extent.  Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and many others were working in a plot of an insurance policy to bring down a duly elected president of the US.

The insurance policy consisted of constructing a dossier of false information that appeared to be sourced from intelligence sources that could be used to get an order to spy on the administration and induce a narrative that the DT campaign used Russia as help during the election.  The dossier served several functions.  It produced false information used to damage DT.  In addition it was used to get a warrant to spy.

Using the warrant the idea was to plant Russians offering help and trying to solicit a desire for this information that could be leaked and then used to impeach the president.  The components of this scheme to literally destroy  US democracy are now becoming clear.

The dossier which consisted of intelligence gained from Hillary Clinton operatives Steele and Blumenthal, together with an Australian spy was paid for by the DNC which Hillary had owned since 2009 and her campaign.  The FBI appears may have contributed as well to paying for this political trash heap.  The dossier was then used to gain a warrant.

The Clinton campaign and DNC paid a law firm Perkin and Coie which paid a firm called Fusion GPS to conduct the sting operation.   Fusion GPS hired Steele and produced the document and then arranged meetings with Russians and Trump officials to the extent it could.  Fusion GPS met with the operatives days before and after meetings with Trump officials to learn of any progress.  They then expected to be able to pull some intelligence using the illegally obtained warrant.

The number of FISA uncovering tripled under Obama’s last year.  Thousands of uncovering were performed of maybe 100 or more DT campaign officials.  The way they did this was to abuse the warrant on Carter Page they had obtained to uncover virtually everyone in the Trump campaign.  When information didn’t come forth of DT falling for the trap they continued reapplying for the warrant over and over even AFTER DT was elected.

At no time during the warrant of the “dangerous spy Carter Page” did they really look at Carter Page.  They spent thousands of uncovering on others.  When they reapplied they never charged Carter Page.  He has never been charged because he was never a spy and there was no good reason to spy on Carter Page because he didn’t even have all the meetings they accused him in the dossier of having.  Carter Page cooperated with the FBI earlier to spy on the Russians.

The fact that Fusion GPS knew of all the meetings with Trump is proof that they were likely getting intelligence on the spying effort.  The FISA court approved 3rd parties to get some of this information.

Peter Strozek is probably a key player but not the mastermind of this plan.  I don’t know who the brilliant Democrat who came up with the Sting operation but it was discussed with Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page in a meeting with Stroke and possibly others.  It was called the insurance policy.  A deliberate plan to try and get the president by our law enforcement.

The purposeful exoneration of Hillary Clinton is a minor infraction of our now highly totally politically politicized federal agencies.  This plan utilized Brennan and Clapper who had to know about it.  These 2 operatives of the Democratic Party ran our intelligence services.  We know this because it is obvious from everything they’ve said since that they are utterly part of a deep state politicized government that is destroying American democracy or at least attempting to do so.

The FBI and DOJ as well as National Security are supposed to be unpolitical unbiased

The mantra we hear from FBI agents is that from the first day at Quantico agents are taught that being less than fully transparent is the most important fireable offense they will face in their career.  They must not only not lie they must provide both sides and everything they know about an investigation.  If they fail even if it doesn’t constitute a lie they will be fired.

We know that Andrew McCabe, James Comey and others in the FBI and DOJ are extremely political and lied to the congress and to courts.  They leaked information.  They worked against the president of the US trying to bring him down.  They hid the source of the dossier.  They did not check out its accusations for fear of discrediting them.  They did not mention how Steele lied to them.

During the interrogations and testimony of Clapper, Comey, Brennan and others it has become obvious they are political animals.  They launch diatribes and factor information to bias towards the left.  This is obvious.  Every statement they make proves the point they were never the unbiased sources we expect from our senior law enforcers.

The lack of alternative news or facts is incredibly damaging

The propaganda machines of the left are damaging America in some really important ways.  They are ignoring news that is critical to the success of America.  It is still possible to get some of this but it is hard.

I was able to figure out how the Democrats futzed the polls during the election.  John Podesta was revealed in Wikileaks how this was done but I had figured it out ahead of that.  It was obvious the democrats were using false demographics to force the polls to show a huge advantage for Democrats.

They lied to themselves.  Distorting the polls only hurt them in reality.  They thought they were being clever and would dispirit Trump supporters and encourage their voters but it did the opposite.

They refused to let statistics showing that the Obama economic recovery was less than complete.  The participation rate fell by 4 points during Obama meaning that the 4.5% unemployment claimed was really 8.5%.  We lied to ourselves.  Did that help?  No, the unemployed and underemployed knew what the facts were and voted that way.  The democrats tried to convince them that they were deplorable and shame them into voting for democrats but it didn’t work.

Time after time democrats have used their media and their attempts to shame and virtue signal to force the American people to elect their people. It didn’t work.  Time after time they have attempted to lie to the American people about immigration, about jobs, about what America stands for and what Republicans are to shame people into voting for them but it didn’t work.

The people who voted for DT voted for Obama 2 times.  The people who won the election for DT were the same people.  They weren’t deplorable any more than Brennan and Clapper are.  Maybe less.  They are simply looking at the truth.  The truth that America wasn’t performing for them.  They voted as all Americans have voted when unhappy with the current leadership.

Hillary  Clinton goes around the world lecturing the people of the world that the US is composed of 50% racists and horrible people who hate women.  The Democratic Party tells black citizens of America that they are against almost insurmountable white privilege that they need to riot against.  They tell hispanics and others that illegal immigration is great and tell everyone they can come to America.  It is good to have open borders.  American culture is nothing special.  Come bring your culture don’t bother assimilating.

Even though no other country has anywhere near the same immigration as America does legally they insist we need millions of illegals too.

Since DT has become president the participation rate has climbed again.  650,000 workers were taken off the non-participating lists and put on the participating lists.  Wages have started to climb after 10 years or more of decline.  Blacks and Hispanics are benefiting the most from DT policies.

The lowering of illegal immigration has combined with higher demand for labor to produce outsized benefits for blacks and hispanics looking for those low skilled jobs.  You will never hear information like this on CNN or the filter bubble networks and social media.

Some of the misinformation sticks

All along during the election we have heard that DT is a criminal, racist, white supremacist, dictator and many many other things.  We were told the economy would implode, the stock market collapse, that blacks would be killed, that there would be mass deportations.  Over and over every single accusation has been proved false.

One of the biggest was the Russia conspiracy that the Democrats unleashed as an insurance policy.

Repetition does work in that it does put into ones mind these ideas and makes it difficult to disassociate the ideas that have been promulgated.  What you need to consider when thinking about the propaganda being unleashed on the American people is can you trust what you have read for the last year or two?  Everything they said was wrong and you probably know this in the back of your mind yet it is hard to remove these things and a lingering skepticism of all things DT.

You need to consider if you have been programmed and what you can do to undo this programming because it isn’t the truth.  It isn’t reality.  Maybe what I’ve said is partly wrong but everything that the liberal media has said is wrong.

When you think Russia you think Trump.  Trump had nothing to do with Russians during the election.  Only Hillary worked with the Russians.  They thought that they could lure Trump into a trap but it didn’t work.  Trump actually could care less about the Russians.  He didn’t fall once to even discuss with the Russians information.  The DT Jr meeting he ran out of the room and never took the information offered.

It is amusing that Rep Schiff was scammed by some Russians recently.  A radio call in show punked Schiff by calling him and saying they had pictures of DT nude and information on DT that was negative.  Schiff unlike Trump fell for it hook line and sinker.  He said he would send his secretary over to pick it up.  They want to use the Russians to harm DT.  They are so hungry they fall for the same thing they accuse DT of.  Nothing could be a more fitting example of the disinformation, hypocrisy of Democrats and the left and the filter bubble insanity than this example.   The main guy on the intelligence committee accusing DT of collusion with the Russians is caught red handed trying to collude with the Russians just like Hillary did.  You can’t make this stuff up.

But there is a serious side to this disinformation propaganda of the left.  It is destroying America and there is a risk that people will fall for one of their false lines.  They accuse 13 Russians of changing the election but the fact is they were the ones to use Russians to try to remove a duly elected President of the United States not the other way around.

They participated in a conspiracy to subvert democracy just as they tried to get the electors to do so in January when they had to vote for who they were designated.  They have tried to undo this election and subvert democracy and they hide the fact they are doing this using propaganda.

Today, this information is not commonly understood.  At least I don’t think it is.  I don’t know because we don’t really know what people think because liberals are pushing a shaming 24 hour a day campaign of hate against the President.  Nobody can talk for fear of being labeled carrying the water of DT.  Even liberals are accused of this constantly who say one thing to defend any point DT wins.