Propaganda has been going on forever but liberals are taking it to a new level.  Here are the main points liberals have based much of their entire agenda on.  Each of these points is a complete fantasy.  It is remarkable but the fact these things are utterly without the slightest evidence supporting them is astonishing.  Even more astonishing is how liberals keep these fantasies alive even with evidence constantly coming at them that they are false.

  1. The DT Russia Collusion
  2. The Global Warming catastrophe
  3. The White Supremacy is growing in America
  4. The DT is stupid, unhealthy, corrupt, wrong on everything, unstable belief
  5. The illegal immigrants are super great for America (better than regular Americans)
  6. The Russia is our biggest enemy idea
  7. The DT wants to be a dictator idea and is subverting democracy
  8. The FBI, State, DOJ, IRS, NASA are all above reproach
  9. The identity Politics is good for America and Republicans and Trump are dividing America
  1. The DT Russia Collusion non-collusion

This is probably the easiest one to show.  Even if you don’t believe that there was an insurance policy crafted by deep state democrats it is apparent there was NO collusion with Russians.  The one meeting the democrats can point to of DT Jr talking with a Russian lawyer is no evidence of collusion.  DT Jr left the material about Hillary getting funding from Russians on the meeting room table and the campaign never used the false information.  DT Jr left the meeting after 20 minutes disgusted.   No offer of collusion was forthcoming nor provided.

What should be of concern to Democrats is that the meeting with this lawyer was arranged by Fusion GPS the firm which hired Steele and paid for the dossier from funds of Hillary Clinton campaign.  Fusion GPS worked with the Russian lawyer and interviewed and prepared her before the meeting with Trump and interviewed her after to see if they could pick up anything from their warrant they had put in place with the dossier.

Eventually all the information will come out that the reason that DT was accused of Russian collusion was entirely based on information provided by Hillary operatives Steele, Blumenthal and an Australian spy.  They used a relationship with a FISA judge that was hidden to prevent recusal problems and the false fabricated information they created to then get a warrant on someone that they deemed disposable.  Carter Page was never a Russian spy and actually worked with the FBI to uncover Russians.

They used the warrant on Carter Page to not to spy on Carter Page but to spy on hundreds of Trump campaign officials during and after the election looking at planning, strategy, everything looking for anything to hang on Trump.  They leaked all kinds of things to try and derail and then to get him impeached but nothing worked.

There never was Russian collusion and nothing has proved this more than the Mueller investigation.  They have destroyed Flynn’s life, a 25 year general who served with distinction for America.  They threatened his son.  They have gone after Carter Page and Paul Manafort but they have found nothing and these people have not turned over anything.  The biggest evidence they have come up with is the meeting arranged by Fusion GPS with DT Jr was a scam.

The entire idea that 13 Russians with $100,000 and a few rallies changed one vote in the election is a sham.  They didn’t change one person’s vote.  It takes a lot to change people’s votes.  We know this because Hillary and her $2.5 billion (including super pac contributions) and robbing the DNC produced a loss.

What is amazing is that they keep talking about this.  When Russia comes up I am surprised Democrats are not embarrassed because not a shred of evidence has been produced to support this.  It is clear that they never had any evidence.  It was completely fabricated and this must be obvious to anybody with half a brain.  Every time this is brought up the democrats go down in the polls.  Surveys show people do not want legislators fixated on Russia collusion or the 2016 election.  So, it is really in Republicans favor that they keep bringing it up.  They will never win another election with the fabricated Russia collusion story.

The Global Warming catastrophe non-catastrophe

For the last 30 years Democrats have been pushing the idea that CO2 is causing massive heat that will raise sea levels and kill most of the plants and animals on Earth.  Movies have been produced and the common theme we hear is that humans are destroying the planet with Co2.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Co2 is the most benign chemical in existence.  It is literally responsible for most life we see including ourselves.  More CO2 produces vast amounts of life.  In the last 30 years the excess CO2 has greened the planet 30%.  NASA has shown this in multiple studies.

The Democrats have predicted during this entire time that disaster was right around the corner.  Every single prediction they have made was wrong.   The biggest problem happened in 1999 when temperatures of the planet suddenly to their chagrin stopped going up.

Since 1999 temperatures around the planet have stopped.  They predicted the effect of CO2 was so impactful natural forces would be overwhelmed by CO2.  In fact, not only were natural forces not overwhelmed they have basically neutralized the effect of CO2 entirely.

I have shown that the catastrophe narrative depends on 3 independent things being true.  All three things need to be true or catastrophe won’t happen.  1) CO2 has to be produced at 6 times the rate it is currently produced for the next century without stopping.  2) CO2 has to have a huge effect on climate which it hasn’t in the last 70 years. 3) The effect of higher temperatures has to reverse its beneficial effect of the last 10,000 years and become hugely negative.   Each of these things is incredibly unlikely.  The chance all 3 are true is infinitessimal.  Thus the chance of global warming catastrophe is zero.

I rarely give things a zero probability.  It is far more likely that Trump is a Soviet agent than it is that the world will experience global warming catastrophe.

Something incredible is that all our efforts over the last 30 years to “stop” global warming has resulted in almost zero change in co2 output.  We are producing a lot more co2 than we were 70 years ago at the end of WWII.  Yet this is 1/6th the rate they need to produce the CO2 to cause disaster if you believe all the other lies they put out.

The only thing that has worked is that co2 scammers making companies that feed on the global warming frenzy have made huge amounts of money.  I think we see here the real purpose of the global warming conspiracy.

I have realized in watching the global warming scam being promulgated how the liberal propaganda machine works.  Each of the false narratives you see documented here  has repeated the strategy of success.  I will show at the end how these schemes work, how the Democrat deception machine works and how they build their filter bubbles to deceive America.

I have asked over and over in many forums:  “Provide any evidence that anything global warming advocates or scientists have said has come to pass.”   I have asked this over and over and nobody can reply with a single fact that they predicted.  The temperatures have been way under what they predicted.  No storms have increased.  No plants or animals extinct.  No sea level rise acceleration.  No loss of skiing.  Nothing they said happened and yet in spite of the failure of everything they ever said they continue to claim:  “It’s worse than ever.

The White Supremacy is growing in America

Each of these canards when first promulgated seemed to have an element of truth.  That seems to be part of the technique of the left is to take a sliver of evidence and turn it into something huge and then manufacture the evidence to keep the narrative going.

There never was evidence of any growing white supremacy movement in America.  After the 1969 convention of the democrats when the racist Democrats who were the real racists in America were eviscerated from the party racism has been on a massive decline in America.

Every evidence is that blacks have become more and more successful in America.  Maybe this is not as fast as some Democrats would like but I would debate why this is taking so long.  Nonetheless America is the least racist country on the Earth.

The United States celebrates diversity and republicans are as much of this as anybody.  We (all Americans) have welcomed people into America from all over.  Personally I have watched in the San Francisco Bay Area as 11 immigrants mostly from Southeast Asia have become billionaires.  No country allows recent immigrants to come in and be billionaires and welcomes people like America.

Almost all immigrants are not white.  Less than 2% of immigrants are white.  That makes no difference.  The highest paid highest earning segment of immigrants is black people from Africa. Legal immigrants are truly a blessing to America.  However, over the last 10 years or so the number of immigrants coming in through what is called chain migration has grown dramatically.  Last year 70% of all immigrants are not the ones coming in through student visas or other programs but through the fact they simply were relatives of someone already here.

The white supremacy canard is primarily another DT fantasy.  Based on the false idea Hillary lost the election because of racists the idea has been that DT is ushering in an era of more white supremacy.  With the curricula being taught in most college campuses that America is a white privilege country where blacks have no chance of success and are weighted down by persistent rich whites who have to do nothing to succeed and are handed a pathway to riches on the backs of black people and hispanics in America the idea that DT would increase white supremacists is locked and loaded in many and most liberal people’s minds.

However, facts are a difficult thing to swallow for some people.  There is no white supremacy movement in America and there are virtually no white supremacists.  Most Republicans are not racist any more than Democrats.  The scandal is that with zero evidence liberals continue to produce a hateful narrative scaring many black people that their hopes for success in America are hopeless.

The only guy I’ve seen mentioned that is realistically some kind of white supremacist is Richard Spencer.  He has a ragtag group of 50 or so followers.  He’s so poor he couldn’t pay the security for the event in Charleston.  In fact, his check bounced.  Is this what blacks are told to fear?  Richard Spencer is no threat to anyone.  There are random wackos like the kid who dresses like Hitler.  There are always demented people.  In the past the real white supremacists had real power.  They were Democratic Senators and congressman.  They were rich people.  They could do things.  There is nothing like that and no sign anyone thinks like that.  There is no evidence and every time they call someone or something white supremacist when we look into it it turns out to be false.

Every time DT issues a statement it is interpreted as some attack on hispanics or blacks or women or … One could say they are oversensitive but it’s more nefarious than that.  They intentionally try to interpret everything DT says in the most negative way possible.  DT is NOT a racist.  He simply is an equal opportunity criticizer.  He calls it as he sees it no matter if you are white, black , hispanic, asian or whatever.  He attacks women, men and homosexuals equally.  He simply is transparent. He is not racist. He is honest.

There are so many of his comments taken out of context but let me try to explain one to show you the problem.  Trump said that some countries that we accept refugees from are s***hole  countries.

Now this is transparently true because if they send refugees here it means the countries are being run by horrific dictators that abuse and threaten their people.  That much is certain.  They are s***holes and their leaders are the scum of the Earth and their countries suck or we would not be taking refugees from them.   Does this mean that he is racist?  It has nothing to do with that.

If people are not sure consider he did say that Sweden was a s***hole country too at one point.

Liberals will argue that it is not coincidental that Trump picked out black countries.  He didn’t.  He picked El Salvador, Guatemala, Nigeria and other places to complain about.  These are hispanic and black but 98% of immigrants to America are like this.  We don’t get immigrants from Sweden anymore.  Every single immigrant to America (98%) is not white so if Trump was racist he would want to stop ALL immigrants not just ones from 6 failed states in the Middle East.

What did Trump really mean with his comment?  It’s obvious if you assume what Trump has said and understand his goals.  First, it is transparently true the countries he called s***holes are actually in fact s***hole countries.  Besides the obvious fact we are accepting refugees from them saying that their leadership is horrible in some cases we have taken 25-33% of the populations of whole countries into the US.  That’s right, the US has taken 25% of the population of El Salvador, Guatemala and 33% of Mexico. What country could be considered a great place when 33% of its people have decided to abandon it?  When 33% of the people picked up their families and everything because it’s so bad.  Why don’t liberals ever mention this?  Instead they defend these obviously s***hole countries and corrupt evil dictator leaders and try to make out like these are great places.  If they were so great then why are people leaving and if they are so great then it should be no big deal to send them back to those countries.  So, the liberal argument makes no sense.

Trump’s argument is that the US is getting a raw deal.  We don’t want to get people who are poorly educated, who get to come to the US simply because they claim to be abused.  He wants people from those countries that are educated and prime people, not the lowest.  Many of these refugees could be okay and even “good catches” but without any basis other than they are refugees we don’t know.  Why should the US take the burden of these people all the time?

The US is a generous country, more generous than any other country in the world by far. Trump is simply saying that at this time with us rebuilding our economy and with needing to get wages up and more people employed we can’t be as generous as the past.

We have to look out for American interests too.  It’s the same message he’s been saying for other things.  It’s a theme and it underlies everything he does.  Why ascribe a racist epithet to something that has a simpler and more consistent explanation?  Trump isn’t a racist.  He’s simply saying, we shouldn’t be suckers and take in every sob story that comes our way.

Further, Trump would not want to laud and brag to his supporters how black and hispanic unemployment is at historic lows under his administration if he were a racist. He would not be protecting the lower class with tariffs and immigration restrictions. These things mainly benefit the middle class and lower class not the wealthy globalist “donor” class.  Everything Trump does cannot be explained as just working for the wealthy class.  He is helping everyone.

Obama tried to hurt business by taxing it enormously.  He actually hurt middle and poor people more as business didn’t hire as fast and didn’t hire as many full time workers and hired mainly part time or temporary workers.  By cutting taxes to competitive rates internationally he increases the growth rate.  That is the real goal not handouts from the tax plan.

People talk about the tax cut and how it was biased to the rich.   First, the main purpose of the tax cut was not to give benefits of taxes to the middle class although time has proven that it does that.  The main purpose is to bring the tax rates of the US in line with world tax rates bringing the US into competitive balance with our competitors.

Obama had raised taxes massively to punish the rich but actually all that did was to punish the middle class and poor.  Studies have shown that after the Obama recovery the wealthy recovered all their losses from the recession but middle class and poor Americans were still decimated.  They made less and they had fewer assets and they were struggling, committing suicide more, more anxiety and angry.

The goal of the tax cut is to raise the US growth rate which has averaged the lowest in the last 100 years over the last 10 years.  We are in a massive economic doldrum that has produced enormous pain.  One very important expert I rely on said the same thing I have.  We were literally one recession away from having 100 million people on the street and the US being turned into a 3rd world country.

During the election claims were made DT was a white supremacist and 20 times during the election democrats brought out stories of white supremacy.  Islamic woman accosted on train by whites. Black church burned down with swastikas and pro-trump symbols painted.  People claiming they were harassed by whites in dorms or over email.  Every single case was tracked down by authorities who took such charges seriously.  In every single case it was proved it was a democrat pretending to be a republican supporter of Trump that committed the hate crime.  Every single case. I couldn’t believe it.  Every single case done by a democrat not a republican.

Over the course of the election and after democrats accused every republican imaginable of white supremacy.  They accused Breitbart of white supremacy.  I checked it out.  I couldn’t find any articles ever written by Brietbart staff that could be considered racist.  I then saw who breitbart was composed of.  it is run by a jewish guy and his main editor is a brown skinned former muslim.  This is the white supremacist rag?  Milo was called white supremacist.  He dates almost exclusively black males.  He is the white supremacist?  Over and over the accusations are made that someone or some organization is white supremacist but when you look at it you see the argument is incredibly false.

Why would liberals need to make up false charges against organizations or people as white supremacist if there were so many white supremacists?  Why would they need to fabricate and fake hate crimes if there were hate crimes happening all the time?  It makes no sense.  Where are the white supremacists?

They make charges against Richard Spencer.  I haven’t heard of Richard Spencer before but he has a ragtag of 50 followers.  They are all poor.  Richard Spencer bounced a check to the Charlottesville police department for the security.  He is so poor he couldn’t pay the bill.  This is the white supremacy movement in America?  50 pathetic poor moronic white people who can’t affect a single black person in the country?

Where are the white supremacists?  There aren’t any.  It is made up fantasy of liberals to inflame blacks to get their vote.  These people don’t exist.  It is a lie.  All of these are lies.  Lies that are said over and over and over NEVER with any evidence, constantly shown to be false and yet they keep repeating these lies and hope that people are so stupid they keep believing the lies.  They keep using tactics like shaming and accusations using Alinsky taught techniques to spark fear.  The entire liberal agenda is a fantasy based on false premises designed primarily to line the pockets of globalists and keep America moving to anarchy.

The “DT is stupid, unhealthy, corrupt, wrong on everything, unstable” belief

DT is supposed to be unhealthy.  It was quite shocking to liberals when DT’s physician could not identify any problem saying he was perfectly healthy, not about to have a heart attack, not demented, not showing signs of Alzheimers, not having denture problems or problems from eating 2 scoops of ice cream.

DT was supposed to be stupid.  Yet he won the election.  Beating Hillary who had 7 times as much money to spend.  He made billions in his business and became a top reality star.  People who succeed multiple times in different professions are not stupid.  If you think so, you are stupid.  We should all be as stupid as DT.

He has not caused the stock market to collapse but the opposite. Consumer and business confidence are at ALL TIME highs.  Black and hispanic unemployment at historic lows.  Food stamp usage at near all time lows.  over an over and over we are confronted that DT’s policies work.  They are not stupid.  They work a lot better than Obama’s policies and it has only been a year in office.

Illegal immigration has plummeted during DT and the result isn’t disaster.  He has proposed letting 1.8 million DACA in the country and 11 million of their relatives over the next 17 years.  How is that racist? Over and over every single thing they said was wrong.  War has not ensued after DT in office.  He was not a dictator.  Black people have not been killed.  Nothing they said has come to pass.  Everything they said was wrong.

They are fixated on criticizing everything he says and how he eats ice cream, wears his tie, tweets about this or that.  The criticism never stops.  They claim they are doing their job but journalism is about a lot more than pure criticism.  It is getting to the truth and the media has failed miserably.  The truth is DT is doing a decent job against ALL their predictions.

Yet everyday you can turn on CNN and hear how some flunky newsman or speaker knows better than Donald Trump how to do everything.  He shouldn’t tell Putin congratulations.  He shouldn’t say that to North Koran leader.  He shouldn’t have given that or taken that or eaten that. His handshake is too long, heats too much ice cream relative to others.  He is racist, mean and wrong about everything except he did get spied on by the FBI and secret service illegally just as he said.  Over and over.  It’s so sad how our media has become so corrupted, such a puppet of the democratic party and its corrupt leaders.

The illegal immigrants are super great for America (better than regular Americans)

Illegal immigrants commit twice as many crimes as legal Americans.  Arizona just announced a study showing this.  It was obvious.  25% of federal prisons are illegal immigrants.  5-15% of state prisons are illegal immigrants.  You can look the numbers up yourself on numerous state and federal web sites.  For some reason not clear to me liberals constantly lie about this.  This is not to say every illegal immigrant is a violent criminal or whatever.  It just says they are more criminal on average than average Americans.  That’s bad.

Illegal Immigrants send a substantial portion of their income back to their home country which doesn’t benefit Americans as much as you and I do.

Illegal Immigrants don’t pay as much taxes as you and I do.  They don’t.  They may in some cases pay some but they don’t pay as much.  Nobody knows how much but when you don’t know you can bet it’s a lot less.

Illegal Immigrants use social services at a higher rate, don’t get insurance of any type, car, life, disability etc.  This means they are more of a social burden.  We don’t even know the extent of their use of the safety net but since they pay few taxes this is a big drain on the system.

Illegal Immigrants can’t start businesses or hire thousands of employees.  They don’t get Nobel prizes.  They are lower educated on the whole.  In general because of their illegal status they cannot do things many Americans and legal immigrants do.  It’s just a fact.  Elon Musk starts companies that employ 10s of thousands of employees.  Illegal immigrants can’t do this because they are illegal.  They can’t win Nobel prizes because they are so poorly educated.

The idea that illegal immigrants are some great benefit to America is poppycock.  No serious person can argue that they are better than regular Americans.  But they do in some cases add good stuff to America.

We see many good su chefs, landscapers, builders who are illegal immigrants.  However, they are illegal which means they are second class citizens.  This means they get abused, they are paid lower wages.  They run and can’t be stable to raise families.  It is a form of slavery.  Rich liberals like having cheap housework and globalists like the depression of wages from low income workers.  However, it is NOT good for America and it is immoral for us to have a second class citizen persecuted as they are frequently taken advantage of because they can’t complain as easily to authorities.

Do we really want to extend this immoral and abused class in America?

The left speaks with such authority and moral disdain but they really are lying about so much.  They accuse anyone who isn’t for Illegal immigrants of being racist.  They conflate illegal and legal immigrants trying to lump good legal immigrants who work years and spend thousands to come to America legally with illegals who just walk across the border and could care less about America.

Liberals may be surprised that the immigration narrative they push may be their worst issue.  Many people see through the absurd lies no matter how many times they repeat them.

The Russia is our biggest enemy idea

For decades Democrats were happy with Russia and tried to carry water for them.  Now suddenly because of the Trump collusion non-collusion they have become more pissed at Russia than anyone ever.

Today, speaking to a Russian is virtually a crime.  Liberals constantly refer to people who even have a meeting with a Russian as a co-conspirator with Putin.  This is worse than mccarthyism of the Republican Party nearly 70 years ago.  Democrats are trying to create a war with Russia from what I can see.

Russia is the only country in the world with 3,000 nuclear bombs that could end and exterminate every person in the US in 20 minutes.   For 50 years the US waged a cold war with Russia that cost trillions.  We believed Russia wanted to spread a counter philosophy of socialism and communism around the world.  We fought them and it cost trillions.  We were at a moment’s notice of extermination.  The world was on the precipice of extermination.

Liberals seem to want to recreate this world.  We have spent the last 20 years trying to make peace with Russia.  Now, suddenly we are told that is impossible.  We must treat every Russian contact as working to destroy our country.

It’s absurd.  Russia no longer has an ideology it is trying to spread to counter the US.  It isn’t trying to take over or convert the world.  At most it wants to take back a couple of states of their former empire.  This is not something we want to happen but we need to find a way to avoid restarting the Cold War.

During the Cold War Russia did not really kill Americans.  They haven’t really done so since the end of the Cold War, certainly not in any big way.  We have enemies such as Islamic Terrorism that almost every day is killing people around the world and in the US.    They killed thousands and thousands of Americans brutally and they threaten us with trying to develop nuclear weapons.

If Islamic groups got nuclear weapons they might use them.  Russia never did.  Russia in spite of its “war” against us was rational.  They wanted to survive.  It is not clear with the Islamic insanity and religious zeal that some wacko would use a nuclear weapon if they got it.  The danger is actually much much greater of nuclear assault on the US from one of these countries than it EVER was from Russia.

America is fighting Islamic terrorism and fighting against Iran and other countries that are killing Americans everyday and have no compunction to kill Americans.  Why are liberals focused on Putin who at most is talking about countries in his back yard and has not threatened America?

Okay, so liberals argue Russia attacked us during the 2016 election.  First, they were attacking us before like that.  We also attack them.  The US has interfered in elections all over the world.  Asking the Russians to stop hacking us or our elections is an absurd thing on the face of it.  We do the same thing.  This is similar to nuclear weapons.  If we want to stop hacking we need to engage in some form of mutual discussions and stop our side from trying to get into their systems at the same time.

We have learned as Mueller has shown that the extent of the Russian hacking consisted of 13 Russians who apparently organized some rallies and posted $100,000 in facebook ads.  It is very hard to change people’s votes.  They also engaged in bots on twitter and possibly other social networks.  These would be considered less than the dirty tricks of the Hillary campaign against the Trump campaign.  Hillary had 2 operatives in her campaign that hired thugs who went to Trump rallies to instigate violence to make it seem like Trumps rallies were full of violent people.  Hillary’s campaign made up a dossier of faked accusations published it and then spied on the Trump campaign using a illegally obtained warrant on a non-spy they claimed was a spy.  There were > 20 hate crimes committed by Hillary supporters trying to make it look like Trump was fomenting hate.  All of these were studied by police and discovered to be faked crimes committed by liberals.  We know that Hillary’s campaign not only got questions to debates and got them to Hillary and not to Trump or Sanders but worked with reporters and the press writing stories for them, approving others.  Hillary and her cronies used demographics wrongly to fake the polls and make it look like Hillary had a huge advantage she didn’t have.

All of these things and more were huge violations of our election law.  The democrats violated so many election laws I don’t know where to stop telling you.  They lied about the funding of the dossier to the congress and the FEC.  Hillary purchased the democratic party in 2009 with a few million dollars and was able to circumvent campaign funding restrictions by having people donate to the DNC.  Hillary used all the DNC money giving only 2% of it for local campaigns.  The democrats hacked their own primary and elections.  Complaining about the Soviets facebook purchases and Macedonian bloggers is absurd.   Even Mueller stated that there is no evidence any votes were changed by the Russian efforts.

So, why are we at war with Russia?  Because of Crimea?  Because it killed someone in Britain recently?  Maybe they are not the world’s best country but it is not worse than Islamic threats and frankly their hacking is far less damaging than the Chinese hacking.  Chinese hackers to our knowledge haven’t taken the same strategy or maybe they have.

The Chinese have done things like have Joe Biden come to China with his kids and while there give the kids billion dollar deals which makes them incredibly rich.  They are trying old fashioned bribery to gain political advantage.  Russia did the same.  Russia paid Hillary $140 million to try and get a deal to own 20% of America’s nuclear stockpiles.  Frankly, it’s pretty clear to me that the reason that Democrats love the globalists is because they are being paid to do so.  They are the corrupt politicians even as they claim Trump is corrupt.  They have taken hundreds of millions, billions from foreigners.

The Chinese with their hacking steal $50 billion of IP from America EVERY YEAR.  They do not buy American goods.  They hollow America.  We buy their cheap goods but they don’t buy our products and services leaving us with no jobs but cheap goods.  That may be good for globalists but the middle class and poor are decimated in America.  The solution is not war with China but to get China to buy American and stop buying American politicians.

If you watch the series “Rotten” you will see how China tries to subvert every effort by America to make trade fair.  We must stop this.  This is vastly vastly more of a threat than Russia.

Russia is 2% of the world’s economy.  They are weak except for nuclear weapons.  They don’t have the resources to do things the Muslims can or China.  Diverting our attention to Russia is evil because we cannot afford 3 huge enemies and it is a distraction.  We should be trying to coddle Russia.  There is no reason to believe that Russia couldn’t be made into more of a friend.

The strategy I believe Trump would like to employ is what we did against Russia many years ago.  We used China against Russia.  We created a situation where we made friends with China putting Russia in the middle of both us and China.  It was incredibly effective.  The opposite strategy would be interesting to try.  Can we engage with Russia to put pressure on China.  Can we help Russia reform.

I don’t believe Russians are against the US or enemies.  I may be naive but there is no point.  They are rational people and all they want is to be successful like China and the rest of the world.   The world puts up barriers maybe justifiably because of Crimea or other acts but it is not the election hack that is the fear.  Russia made no difference in the 2016 election.  It’s a fantasy created by liberals and it is damaging for us to believe the false narratives of the liberals.


DT wants to be a dictator idea and is subverting democracy mantra

Over and over we have heard DT is a dictator, wants to be a dictator and is against the press.

DT has done nothing challenging the US constitution.  Like the Russia collusion non-collusion this is completely fabricated nonsense repeated endlessly by drones of the Democratic Party.

We are now seeing the extent of the deep state and the way the Democrats were trying to create a dictatorship of the left.  The infection spread to the DOj, FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS, State Department, NASA, Energy department at least.

We are seeing the plots of the Obama / Hillary era start to come apart.  Discovering the dossier was a fabrication of the Hillary campaign and the texts of Strozek and Lisa Page have started to unravel the conspiracy.  This conspiracy is beyond belief.  I literally never imagined this level of corruption was possible in America.

It should be obvious.  The DOJ and FBI sought a warrant to spy on their opponents.  This should be considered impossible.   In our democracy how is it remotely reasonable to spy on your opponent regardless of the reason?

If it was determined with hard evidence that some malfeasance was occurring it should be of the highest form of complete objectivity and distance to do this spying.  This should have invoked massive recusals.  The fact that highly partisan players like McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Brennan were in charge is crazy.  The fact that Susan Rice, Samantha powers were uncovering Trump communications by the thousands during and after the election is beyond belief.

Even if Trump had colluded or there was evidence this is NOT how this should have happened and ANY FISA judge should have known this.  We cannot have one party spying on the other during a campaign.  End of Story.  End of Discussion.   If such was necessary a huge effort should have been made to do this in a non-partisan and hidden way from the Obama administration.

So, regardless of whether you believe there is a conspiracy by the Democrats or how bad Strozek’s behavior or Comey or Clapper or any of the other partisan hacks was the sheer fact that a FISA warrant was sought is WRONG and evidence of dictatorship, corruption and deep state.

There are many ways to look at how the Democrats have tried to destroy our Democracy this last election.

The electoral college is 540 people who are told who to vote by the 600,000 voters who they each represent.  Democrat Hollywood stooges tried to get electors to reverse the election results and vote against the wishes of the 600,000 people who they represent.  I don’t know where to start with how undemocratic and stupid this is and how it would have damaged our political system if it had happened.   These are dictators saying things like this.

Immediately after he was inaugurated Democrats insisted he be impeached.  With no reason simply because they didn’t like him they wanted him impeached.  The last call for this got 54 votes from Democrats.  They say if Democrats do get the house or senate in 2018 they will impeach Trump.  No reason is given.  No reason is needed other than they don’t like him.

If Republicans would do this the next time a democrat president got elected you can see the point of elections would be destroyed.  Why vote if the party that has a majority in the house and senate can simply impeach the president-elect and put in their own people?

Again we are faced with a movement which is dictatorship.  The Democratic Party and their followers either are incredibly naive about how democracy works or purposely wanting to destroy American democracy.

I will give you even more examples.  Besides the effort to unseat Donald through a fabricated dossier and spying and all the election scams and dirty tricks the democrats have been arguing against free speech, a cornerstone of Democracy.  Obama exceeded his constitutional authority and did things like DACA which people know if it were to get to the Supreme Court would be overturned.  He paid insurance companies hundreds of billions illegally exceeding his authority to spend money the congress had not authorized.

The Dictators are the Democrats.  There is nothing even close to these things that DT or Republicans have even hinted at.

The FBI, State, DOJ, IRS, NASA are all above reproach

We have seen that in the past the Democrats have been highly critical of all these agencies.  They have leaked documents, violated security of the US.  It is traditional frankly for liberals to be distrustful of government.  That is actually the definition of liberal so it is remarkable that Democrats are now telling us that these agencies are sacrosanct.   Is this because they have their operatives in there and don’t want them removed?  Is this because they don’t want secrets of collusion and corruption exposed?

Since when has any agency of the US been above oversight?  Where do the liberals get such stupid ideas?

The identity Politics is good for America and Republicans and Trump are dividing America

Identity politics is an evil movement in America promulgated by the left as a moral cause.  BLM, women’s rights, all these groups fighting for equal results without facing the effort of putting in equal effort or culture.

A lot of difference in results in our society is a result of culture.  It is not in dispute.  Having neighborhoods with endemic high crime, low complete families, low education lead to poor performance.  You can’t really make the results better without fixing the culture that promotes the wrong behaviors.

Identity politics preaches exactly the opposite that America has been preaching for decades.  Since Martin Luther King and the movement to eliminate the vestiges of racism  the goal has been to create a color blind America.

Louis Farrakhan had a different goal than King.  He wanted to separate blacks from whites.  He wanted to create an independent black culture and be proud of it.  This is tempting.  Why not have a separate culture and let blacks have more autonomy?

The reason should be fairly obvious.  America is rich country because of its culture.  Not because it is white.  All kinds of white countries have failed compared to America.  It is our system that is successful.  Louis Farrakhan has a right to seek his own culture and promote it but if it is not accepted by America he needs to seek a new place and try it.  If people want to move there great.  My guess is that like other countries that have failed to compete against America they will fail.  They will probably be poorer than blacks in America today.

Such a viewpoint and goal is divisive by definition.  Identity politics preaches many similar ideas.

The idea of identity politics is that the white male generally is responsible for the plight and underperformance of all other ethnic groups.  However, the blame game is expanding as I expected it would.

We started with Black Lives Matter marches.  The claim was that white cops were racist and killing black people without cause.  However, 2 studies done one by a black economist at Harvard showed that there was no evidence white cops were racist.  They pulled guns 20% less on black suspects than white suspects for instance.  Black Juries and judges did not convict white cops even in egregious cases.  There was no evidence presented these cops ever murdered people or spoke or acted in a racially biased way before.  Nonetheless the movement continues.

Obama called white cops racist and said they needed to apologize and admit they were racist.  None did because they weren’t.  Hillary said white cops needed to do better but since the remedies proposed by the Obama administration involving standing down white cops the death rate and murder rate in the US has climbed 30% in the last 2 years of the Obama administration.  Troublingly a spate of murders of white cops looking like ambushes tripled the white cop death rate.  Morale of policemen dropped and it became difficulty to staff police departments.    Yet Colin Kaepernick and BLM continue to attack white cops as racist.

The problem is that in black neighborhoods of inner cities like Chicago, Baltimore etc the crime rate is horrific.  This is where the crimes are happening.  if you live there you are much more likely to be accused of committing a crime.  Nothing will change this but changing the inner city dynamic.  Making white cops less aggressive won’t stop the crime.  If it did then we could argue that Obama was right.  It didn’t.  Instead the murder rate soared at the fastest rate in history with thousands more black people killed.  The irony that the movement to foster thousands more dead black people was called Black Lives Matter is lost on most liberals.

Since the election Hillary has blamed white women for her loss.  She goes around telling other countries America is a country full of racists and women haters.  These are countries that are certainly even more racist and mysogynist than America.  Spreading the idea that the white man holds back all other people makes these other people mad and give up.  Why try to achieve anything if the system is rigged against you?

We have striven over the last 40 years to do the exact opposite.  To tell everyone America is a level playing field and to do your best and you can do anything you want.  The result has been a black president among other things like many many black millionaires and successful people.

It worked but now liberals are saying no.  White man wants to hold you back. This creates the exact opposite attitude and creates division.   In other words over the last 3 years or more Democrats have been preaching a more and more divisive message at blacks, women, hispanics.  They are telling them to rise up, riot.  Your problems are all because of the white male.

The problem is it isn’t because of the white male.  I don’t know of any white males who have any racism in them.  We would all like to see a color blind society.  We don’t want to see people attacking us anymore than black people want people attacking them.  The solution is not to blame everyone else for your problems but try to achieve what you can and when you run into a block fight it and let everyone know.

Like the white supremacist canard pushed by liberals above the existence of racism by whites is absurd.  The racists Hillary alluded to in the middle of the country are weak, unemployed in many cases struggling white people.  They are in no position to harm black people.  The white supremacists such as Richard Spencer is a weak person with maybe 50 followers who can not affect any black person.

In the 1900’s between 1865-1969 the Democratic Party had TRUE racists in its party.  The leaders of the KKK were actual members of the US senate and congress.   Powerful people were racist.  People with money.  People with power.  Today it is the opposite.  The racists are the nobodies not part of any party and disaffected loners who cannot affect black aspirations or women’s aspirations.

Hillary says it is Republicans and the voters who voted for Trump who are looking back.  Trump doesn’t reptresent any racist movement.  As described in the above canard the idea DT is racist is absurd.  Saying truths or criticizing individuals is not racism.  The truth is free speech and we need it.  We need the transparency to fix our problems and debate our problems.  Stopping the debate with racism baiting just prolongs the problems.

Identity politics is all about division.  When Democrats accuse Trump of dividing America this is transparently wrong.  The Democrats are dividing America and doing it on purpose from what I can see.

They started doing this before Trump was even a candidate with BLM and other movements. It accelerated during 2016 and they have continued to try and push hatred of one group against another.

The Division in America and the destruction of our Democracy is happening before our eyes

Constant pointless marches of hatred to DT make no difference.  They have no goals, no messages and no policies that can be true.  Everything they say is lies.  How is it possible they push all these ideas above without a scintilla of evidence?

As you can see in the above issues the Democrats and liberals are pushing ideas which are transparently false and have no basis.  They accuse constantly false things that are shown to be false and yet they continue saying it anyway over and over.

Propaganda and Alinsky is the strategy

As I”ve shown above liberals employ a consistent technique with promulgating these scare and hate stories.  Each party has “hot button” issues they use to scare their base into action.  Republicans have traditionally used abortion and guns as rallying cries.  During elections they stoke the fear liberals are going to take our guns or keep murdering babies.  The Democrats did this before.  Both of these issues were decided by the Supreme Court and were not the pervue of the legislative or executive function meaning they could perpetually be used as callying cries to propel the troops during elections.

Now we see something different with liberals.  They have created these filter bubbles.  Using their near monopoly of traditional media and the social media they have created a wall of information that if you didn’t seek an alternate view you would be hard pressed to resist.  This is what we call propaganda.

The left programs people to think a certain way and to believe certain things.  They use various psychological techniques not facts to do this.

  1. Constant repetition of the charges without debate.  Just keep saying and be unswayed by any argument.  Scream.
  2. Accuse accuse accuse bad things.  Call them racist, evil.  Make the word and the name or person stick together so people can’t forget even if no data supports it the connection.
  3. Never debate but keep using your talking points.  Never admit being wrong,  Keep moving on to another point to deflect from the fact you were proven wrong on the last point
  4. Crush anybody who deviates from the talking points mercilessly
  5. Never admit an opponents point.  Always just keep using your talking points.
  6. Assert that science, the majority, that morality, that you are right no matter how wrong or that it makes no difference that you are wrong because the other side is evil.
  7. If the opposition gets some points made just appear shocked anybody could believe such poppycock and say it is WORSE THAN EVER.  This is key.  It is worse than ever. It always is.

The democrats use these strategies in their filter bubble to crush the opposition insure compliance and belief and to prevent people from speaking alternate views.

Using this approach they keep alive wholly fantasy theories that have literally zero evidence.  They create fear and hatred for the target.

The problem with this is it isn’t 100% effective because the filter bubbles are too leaky.  Too many people can get alternate information.  The NYT pointed this out after the last election.  Since then there has been a concerted effort by Democrats to shut off alternate sources using their organs of disinformation they are now filtering, removing conservatives, conservative views and articles.  They are trying to craft a more perfect filter bubble to insure they can get more people programmed.

Will it work? Maybe.