Here is the background:

The US has been an extremely transparent country compared to almost every other country in the world.   Transparency is an incredibly important attribute that is promoted by our constitution.

When the US has had political scandal it has been minor as compared to other countries.

  • Bill Clinton was accused of having an affair in office something other countries wouldn’t consider an issue.
  • Nixon was accused of deleting 18 minutes of tape and lying about it and performing small scale dirty tricks on his opponent.
  • Other administrations have been accused of lying about international incidents and starting wars possibly on false pretenses. Again this is bad but it doesn’t represent an overt attempt to subvert our democratic institutions.
  • There may have been some vote rigging at the local level in some districts of Chicago or other states spread over a number of elections but the sanctity of our voting has never been challenged on the whole.
  • There is evidence of the FBI in the past becoming a autocratic organization but it was not accused of being especially partisan and working for one party over another.

These things above by almost any country in the world standards is evidence the US is among the least corrupt countries in the world and has been for a long time. It is a credit and maybe one of the most important if not the most important attribute.

The US has prosecuted rich people, brought companies such as banks, oil companies and others to bear for splitting up, we have had sanctions and heavy regulation of some companies and industry. The powerful in America have been brought to justice.  This has not crossed especially into the political partisan arena.

Things have changed

It is easy to understand with complete clarity that our government became corrupted. I can assure the most liberal liberal that the government was corrupted.

In a text from Strozek the main FBI man responsible for the Hillary investigation and was key person on Mueller’s team until ousted. He texted his illicit affair lover:

I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.

This text alone is enough to realize the corruption in the Obama administration

Senior FBI and DOJ officials were clearly in a plot to subvert and possibly oust a duly elected president of the United States.

You don’t need to know the details of how they planned to create a dossier and use a buffoon to let them spy on the Trump campaign, how they arranged meetings with Russians and the Trump campaign interviewing them before and after meetings, how they then tried to find evidence to nail Trump over and over. How they leaked information from the spying they did. You don’t need to know how they lied to the congress, obstructed getting documents over and over. You don’t need to know even how they purposely bungled the email investigation and made it so Hillary wouldn’t be indicted.

It is clear that top FBI officials were in a meeting discussing plans to prevent Donald Trump from somehow being effective.

It is unacceptable for any agency of the US government to be having meetings of senior officials discussion plans to subvert and oust a duly elected president against the will of the people. Least of all the DOJ and FBI. End of story. End of discussion. You really don’t need to know more to understand the perfidity of what happened during and after this election.

The FBI is supposed to be honest and transparent

The FBI’s mantra taught from the first day at Quantico is the idea that anything less than total candor or transparency is a fireable offense. Many many FBI agents have been fired not for lying to the congress or lying to courts or being less than candid about some case they were working on. They have been fired for far far less than issues surrounding the health of our democracy but for simply not telling all the truth leaving out important facts that aren’t strictly a lie but mislead. The FBI’s standard for firing and for behavior is not a legal argument of are you guilty of lying but simply did you not tell us the whole story as you knew it in total transparency.

The FBI and numerous top level agents violated this most precious of all commandments of FBI service. They will be fired and one hopes prosecuted where they actually broke the law like Andy McCabe, Strozek, Comey and others who lied under oath.

If Flynn and others under Mueller’s investigation can be prosecuted for lying to the FBI any FBI agent caught lying under oath to a court or the congress must be prosecuted or we have a complete breakdown of the ethics of the FBI and it will dispirit every agent that works for the agency and cause massive problems going forward with our law enforcement.

Let us look at several other things that are troubling to our democracy on a major scale

There should be a simple enough rule. You can’t spy on your competitive campaign during an election. If for some reason it is required to spy a way to do this using a special party outside the possibility of being tainted would have to be used. It shouldn’t be the case that half the White House should be able to look at communications of the Trump campaign.

This is not a partisan issue. Any person with a modicum of intelligence must see that spying on the other campaign could be used to create unfair conditions and subvert our democracy. It should be undertaken only within the strictest guidelines of cause and should be handled with extra care.

In December 2016 after the election Director Brennan was brought in for a review of FISA applications as a result of an inquiry by Mike Rogers a Republican congressman. The result was a scathing indictment of the FBI and security services use of FISA. They pointed out that 200+ uncoverings of personal information was done without a FISA application at all. They noted that the number of uncoverings tripled from the prior year. They didn’t mention that applications had been applied for which were lies and that uncoverings were done using the warrants unrelated to the warrant itself. They also didn’t know that Samantha Powers, US Ambassador to the UN had done nearly a thousand uncoverings herself with no motivation apparent and they didn’t know that she would insist that her name was forged on the uncovering requests.

There are so many felonies and irregularities with the FISA program its apparent this thing is a monstrosity of abuse.

We have learned that Peter Strozek, the same guy in the FBI responsible for Hillary investigation knew a FISA judge who was used to decide the application on Carter Page. Strozek texts uncover that he was having conversations and was friends with this judge yet the judge and Strozek did not recuse themselves from the matters. Strozek’s texts show a clear pattern of trying to hide these communciations with the judge. We have an idea how such a fallacious application against the “other political party” was so easily approved and renewed.

However, maybe the FBI under Comey and McCabe and others under Obama didn’t need to go to such extremes as distortion and special relationships to get the FISA application approved. It is known that > 99% of FISA applications are approved by thecourt. It is a rubber stamp if ever there was one.

Peter Strozek appears all over the place in these partisan investigations and corrupt procedures

Peter was apparently part of a group that Lisa Page his lover referred to as a secret society. We should find out who was part of this group but it seems clear Andrew McCabe was one of them. Peter Strozek was involved in the Hillary investigation in a major way. From what we can see he was responsible for almost every aspect of it. He interviewed all the principals and wrote the decision by Comey. He was involved in reopening the investigation and then whitewashing the results of that. He then migrated to the Mueller investigation when Comey was fired. We don’t know what Comey found out when he moved Strozek to HR from his investigation but it could have been the texts or something else.

Strozek interviewed Flynn and other principals for Mueller as well as the Hillary email team.

Strozek was found to have texted to Lisa Page also that he hoped when Hillary got in office she would recognize it was him that saved her.

During the Hillary probe the FBI did something that is again of unbelievable corruption. They gave immunity to 5 of Hillary’s closest people including the team that committed a felony by destroying the 33,000 emails she had deleted after a subpoena had been issued. They didn’t issue immunity for Flynn and Carter Page. Would Hillary been allowed to run for president if her IT team was convicted of felonies of violating a subpoena? Probably not. Immunity for them was necessary to keep them quiet and to reward them for saving Hillary from federal crimes herself but also for Hillary to run for President.

Numerous incidents like this are above the pale. America has not been doing things like this in the past. As I point out the US has a history of transparency and almost no partisan bias in criminal prosecution. Sure, the house and the senate have done all kinds of partisan things but I am unaware of things done that are so overtly political in the past.

This is not the only evidence of the US government being corrupted

Obama administration seems to be a change

The accusations being leveled at the Obama administration are indeed something never seen in history in America before.  Outright political bias and machination by large number of government institutions on a scale never imagined.

  • The IRS has been implicated in performing audits on thousands of Republicans based solely on their party identification. Records have been lost and people have been accused although the Obama administration did very little to prosecute anyone involved. The IRS agency leader left and we never knew the whole story or truth of what happened.
  • The FBI seems to have participated in a fraud on the FISA court deceiving the court about the true nature of documents it used to obtain an extraordinary warrant to spy on a former campaign aid.
  • The fisa warrant was used to uncover more than 100 people in the Trump campaign and transition. Thousands of instances of uncoverings have been identified.  This essentially represents spying on the opposition campaign.
  • More than 200 of the uncoverings have been without any warrant at all to justify their use.  (FISA court in December 2016) chastised DOJ officials and NSA for using information without even seeking FISC approval.
  • Susanne Powers the ambassador to the UN claims that the nearly 1,000 uncoverings under her name ( more than once a day for a year) were forged and she didn’t look at these documents saying someone in the Obama administration essentially forged her signature performing hundreds of felonies.
  • The Hillary Clinton campaign paid foreign actors to produce dirt on a candidate then used that dirt on the campaign trail, publicizing it through various sources while denying that they funded the document and all Its allegations. We have discovered that everyone associated with the dossier was a Clinton crony.
  • The Clinton campaign denied that they funded the dossier to multiple federal agencies under oath. They lied to the Federal Election Commission.
  • The Clinton campaign worked to create a scammed primary process.
  • The Clinton campaign may have severely violated other FEC rules including contribution limits by having ownership of the DNC which doesn’t have such limits and then using the funds in the DNC account to fund campaign activities including the dossier.
  • The Clinton campaign has 2 employees who were found to have hired thugs to go to opposition rallies.
  • Wikileaks disclosed that the Clinton campaign had numerous illegal and unethical relationships with the press including disclosing questions for the debates to Hillary before the debates. Showing the Clinton campaign writing articles for the press and approving press articles.
  • The Clinton campaign paid foreign sources for information to disparage Donald Trump in violation of FEC rules and then lied about such funding.  They also trying to hide it from the FEC, congress as noted above.
  • Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration specifically the DOJ and FBI are accused of having bias in their investigation of Hillary and her handling of secure emails.
  • Hillary Clinton is accused of numerous charges of essentially running her state department position to funnel money to her foundation. Her foundation is being accused of being a money laundering operation.
  • The CIA/NSA and security services are accused of producing intelligence that is false to support the narrative of DNC hacking by Russia.  There is evidence and accusation that Assange did not get the emails known as Wikileaks from the Russians. The CIA/NSA depended on the third party company called Crowdstrike to produce the evidence the NSA used to make its determinations. They never sought the DNC servers or original hard drives thus meaning we really don’t know what happened.

Along with all these chargeable offenses are literally hundreds of other charges. For instance felonious leaks of secure information possibly by Andrew McCabe, director of the FBI, James Comey head of the FBI. There are also charges of incredible bias and poor handling of everything from Wassermanns emails, Huma Abedin’s husband’s having access to 650,000 emails from Hillary and other people.

Obstruction and lying by Democrats on the intelligence committee for the sole purpose it seems of defending Democrat operatives. The behavior of people such as Comey, Brennan ( Director of National Intelligence) and numerous other supposedly unbiased people has been found to be extremely partisan.

Democratic congressman and senators have rushed to block any inquiry or request for information under the most ridiculous and probably false pretenses. The various involved agencies have blocked and not responded to the house intelligence committees requests for information.

Nunes was then accused of false charges by Democrats which were proven false. When he came back from ethics and wrote his memo the Democrats said it shouldn’t be released because of national security. When it was clear there was no national security issues in the memo nobody seemed to hold Democrats responsible for lying.

At every step Democrats have been acting like guilty parties hiding and obstruction evidence collection.

Strozek had a relationship with the FISA judge responsible for approving the spying on the Trump campaign. He conspired to hide meetings with the FISA judge.

They opposed on numerous grounds for months finding out who funded the dossier. Only after a third party organization filed in court and won an order for the companies involved to disclose their sources was it discovered that it was Hillary Clinton and her puppet DNC who paid for it and that it was paid for through a law firm and a third company.

We have learned things such as the lawyer from Russia and the Australian spy who claim the Russians were talking to Trump people were Clinton operatives in some cases and were interviewed by Fusion GPS before and after their meetings with Trump officials.

This makes these meetings look like sting operations organized by the law firm Hillary hired and Fusion GPS the firm they hired to hire Steele who produced the document.

We have learned that everything that is the basis of this accusation that Trump colluded was sourced from Hillary Clinton’s operatives such as Sydney Blumenthal and people who gave $25 Million to the Clinton Foundation. We have learned that Hillary Clinton foundation received 140 Million from Russian interests to distribute HIV drugs to third world counties.

We have learned that all 5 of Hillary’s IT staff were given immunity from the felony of destroying emails that were subpoenaed by the FBI.

We’ve leaned that Wassermann IT staff person was charged with falsifying a hard disk dump subpoenaed by the FBI.

We’ve had DNC chairman and chairwoman fired one after another as corruption and illegal activity charges are exposed.

What is remarkable is that in spite of this unprecedented and incredible list of charges all of which are backed by substantial evidence that the focus of the media is on Donald Trump.

No amount of corruption or malfeasance seems to concern the mainstream media as long as it is from Democrats. On the other hand even a meeting with a Russian with no evidence of any discussion of the election produced hours and hours of damning debate and assumptions of guilt.

Somethings wrong in our political system. It’s apparent the Democrats have been and are guilty of unprecedented corruption of virtually all parts of the executive branch. Everything from the IRS, FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, Department Of State and others are embroiled in inexplicable obstruction and ethical violations, leaks, corruption, lies, scandal of incredible scope unseen I American politics in history.

This corruption culminated in an incredible effort to defeat DT as candidate and to eject him once he won.

The corrupt agencies:

  1. The FBI.  Comey and Mccabe, Strozek, Lisa Page and possibly others conspired to exonerate Hillary Clinton and her staff from any indictments.   The same people then engineered a FISA warrant actually helping to pay for a democratic document to attack DT.  They then used the totally unverified and false dossier to obtain a warrant and then abused the warrant to spy on hundreds of Trump people and thousands of conversations regarding the campaign, its operation and plans.   The FBI also seems to have flubbed the IRS investigation. They conspired with a FISA judge to get the warrant issued.
  2. The DOJ worked with the FBI to exonerate Hillary, helped craft the plan to defeat DT .  This includes Loretta Lynch the most political AG in US history likely.
  3. The CIA/NSA cooperated in political ways to support the Obama administration and worked to try and implicate DT.  They also have lied about their knowledge and surety of intelligence surrounding Wikileaks.  They lied about their knowledge of the source of the dossier.  They did not follow through to get DNC servers.
  4. The State Department has operated as a pay for play organization for Hillary Clinton helping direct national policy to support whoever paid the most to the Clintons.   The State Department also worked to help Clinton with the dossier.
  5. The IRS targeted Republicans for audits.  Thousands.
  6. NASA and EPA as well as Energy Department have promoted false global warming theories and science
  7. The Hillary campaign engineered a sting operation on the Trump campaign using the law firm Perkins Coie and the firm Fusion GPS producing a dossier using foreign sources and paying them to collect this information. They then got a warrant using this fabricated dossier. They then arranged meetings with Russians and spied on the campaign to catch them in the act.

This explains a lot of the Democrat insanity and desire to oust President Trump

It’s apparent the Democrats especially Hillary refused to accept the Donald win and worked to have him ousted IMMEDIATELY before he could clean the swamp.

Since the Democrats had committed so many crimes during their administration it is apparent why they were SO determined to win.  It is obvious that the record of their crimes, the lies and the horrific things they did to our democracy had to be hidden.  They had to win so these things and the corruption of our government was never known.  That’s why Trump HAD TO BE DEFEATED at all costs.  That is why the out of control propaganda, that is why the need to impeach him.

We have a massively corrupt party composed entirely of cronies of the Clintons who have no ethical base and operate to win and cheat to get their objectives regardless of the will of the American people. It’s obvious.  Now all we need is for Democracy to do its job and prosecute the criminals and clean this all up.