I take supplements based on scientific analysis.   I can’t justify these 100% by science alone.  Some of it comes from the experience I personally have and from blood tests I do.

I have researched hundreds of articles (maybe thousands) on supplements and health.  I categorize the studies based on the quality and the results.  I utilize sites such as Examine.com, Consumerlabs.com, Eurekalert.com  and other sources of information.

In the last few years I have had a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder.  I have tried numerous things most recently including physical therapy.  The injury is not severe but is annoying.  I have been able to reverse a lot of problems with supplements but I don’t expect supplements will cure this.

After I found the physical therapy did not really change the rotator cuff I decided to try something I had done before.  I went to a chiropractor I had used before who was known to be very good.  So far, chiropractic has not really changed my rotator cuff but while at the chiropractor he had an acupuncturist there who also specialized in nutrition.

I couldn’t resist getting tested and seeing what she had to say.

The Zyto Electrodermal Testing

The zyto is a small hand shaped device that you rest your fingers on.  During testing it sends a small current apparently to the fingers and this somehow connects with your meridional points and sends current to them.   The varying current causes some kind of feedback which can be detected by the device.

This seems too good to be true.  The amazing thing doesn’t stop there.  The idea that  thousands of dollars of tests could be performed by such a simple unobtrusive method is an astonishing leap of faith.

As a scientific person my first thoughts are that such a test probably is not repeatable.  I also wonder if it diagnoses anything.   The claims of the machine are incredible.  It detects allergies, the state of my organs, even my mood and mental stress.  It detects what my supplements are doing for me or not.

I was able to find one study which 200 people with known conditions were put on the Electrodermal testing and it diagnosed according to the study the actual known problems with very little false positive or false negative.  So, at least as far as organ health it was able in one study that I couldn’t examine the quality of that it showed efficacy.  That is astonishing in itself.

Needless to say a lot of work would be needed to show this machine to be efficacious.  The obvious problem is that if thousands of dollars in tests could be replicated and in some cases improved upon by this simple cheap machine this would change a lot.  The fact there aren’t more studies suggests it doesn’t work as hoped.

Let’s disregard whether it likely will work and the other logical problems and see what it says.  For me it was not bad.  Not exceptionally good, but it surprised me in some things it  picked up.  For much of its test results I am not able to interpret the meaning very well.

The test said I had a lot of stress.  I am an easygoing person and don’t perceive a lot of stress.  Nonetheless maybe I’m hiding the stress.  It detected problems with my thyroid which I have a mild hypothyroid condition.  It said overall that I was overworking my digestive system whatever that means.

It said I had a problem with my immune system.   This I found to be a problem.  My immune system functions at a high level.  I know this because I see how resistant I am to various bugs.  This was not always the case.  One thing I struggled to understand was whether the machine was detecting my problems before supplements and therefore didn’t know that I took thyroid medication or things to strengthen my immune system?

For these reasons I am still studying this.  The machine conveniently is able to produce a list of supplements which will bring the results of the tests into range.  This is similar to the idea that acupuncture and chiropractic is based on that the body needs balance and this system suggested what I needed to make my particular results go into line and stop reporting problems.

In my case it suggested a combination of inositol and some resveratrol and other herbs.  This is not bad advice actually.

I can’t tell you to take this test or to follow its advice.  I can’t tell you it doesn’t work.  There is something going on.   I am going to take the test again to see if I get repeat results and to take some of the supplements because I think they are decent ideas.

My biggest problem with this is the lack of scientific evidence of anything.  I don’t know if this machine diagnoses anything.  Even if it did I don’t know if the supplements will make any real difference since the tests using the machine would be circular.

I need science which says this supplement did the following in people.  The problem with this kind of science method is that detecting small imbalances and restoring health is not something that science is good at.  Science is good at detecting when things have corralled off the rails hugely.  By that time it is too late.

My method works on the idea that the body needs a lot of different resources to keep itself in repair.  Even with all the right materials we are genetically programmed to die.  Part of preventing diseases that are programmed in the system is not only to let the body fight and fix what it can every day but also to stimulate the genes that will produce proteins that are associated with long life.  Genes that otherwise might not be active.

There is no scientific evidence that this method would produce this longevity or balance. The means to verify its results scientifically are limited.  We don’t understand yet what to look for in the body to detect problems brewing.  What if my liver or digestive system is under enormous stress?  How could I determine that from other tests?  Well, science has liver enzymes but mine are normal and it is hard to say if slight variations indicate some problem brewing.

The Zyto measures things that seem impossible.  Moreover it detects things that have not been scientifically proven to represent anything.  I have no way of determining if a particular supplement or behavior is really restoring balance or helping in any way that will improve my quality of life in older years or extend my life.

Thus I don’t suggest you do this test unless like me you are simply curious.