In a previous post I started taking Elysium in a recipe. My recipe’s typically go for 4-5 months.

I produce a morning and night recipe which I preload into containers.

Some containers are the following:

I use the bags when I am out at a restaurant or on trips. At home it is easier to use the divided compartments. This allows me to be consistent in dosing over the recipe period and to therefore analyze the effect over a reasonable amount of time. It also drastically reduces the work required to take your supplements. You just have to spend an hour or so loading up the containers ever few months. I used to pay my kids to help me.

My current recipe contains a lot of the ones I have proven in previous times to be useful. It would take a long time to reproduce the reason for everything but in the last year I have had my blood tested 3 times. These tests verify that the supplements are doing what I expect and nothing is going wrong.

Part of the process of these recipes is to try different things. One important thing to do was to verify the supplements were indeed causing the benefits I felt they were. I do that in a number of ways. I have been taking these supplements for 15-20 years and have evolved them over time to work for me.

I caution people not to take what I take just like that. Add things one or two at a time and notice any effects. Get frequent blood tests to make sure your parameters are improving.

However, it is useful to stop taking things too. This can verify that what you were taking does what you think. So, I decided to basically reduce my recipe about 1 1/2 years ago to see if removing the supplements had any impact.

About 1 1/2 years ago I reduced my intake of supplements

As an example, I reduced my niacin intake and generally cut all my supplement dosages in half. I did this by taking them at half the rate of before.

Did things change?

They did. I got more colds. I found my top finger joints were experiencing some swelling indicative of the RH that my family has. I also found that my hypothyroid condition reflected more deterioration of my thyroid gland. I needed to up my dosage. I was finding my testosterone levels had fallen to a lower range. I also found my glucose level went above 100 for the first time and that my cholesterol results were worse than the stellar numbers I had before. I may have felt like my memory wasn’t functioning quite as well.

These are all signs of aging. I had cut my supplements in half for a couple of recipe periods and noticed all these things. In the last year I have moved back to my former recipe’s with some other modifications. I list my current recipe at the bottom.

One of the things I have been trying to figure out is if Elysium by MIT (my alma mater) was making a difference. When I wrote my first article I was unsure.

I am sorry to say I am still unsure if it is positive but I am sure it isn’t negative.

I have not found the perfect recipe yet for me.

I can say this because I still see signs of some aging. Examples of this are:
1) Some looseness in my neck skin
2) Increasing dosage of thyroid medication needed
3) A persistent shoulder injury rotator cuff that won’t repair
4) Slightly lower sex drive
5) The onset of the RH symptoms in my top joint of my fingers
6) My eyesight showed more presbyopia requiring higher correction.

This is evidence that the process of aging continues. So, I have not found the recipe to stop aging. 🙂 I don’t expect I will.

Restoring the recipe has definitely worked

I instituted my recipe in the last 2 periods and this period there has been remarkable improvement in several things.

1) I have seen a complete absence of cold symptoms anymore like I had before I did the reduction in supplements.
2) I have seen the complete remission of any RH symptoms in my fingers.
3) My cholesterol levels have returned almost to my best numbers of before
4) My memory feels sharper than ever especially short term
5) Improved sex drive
6) Glucose levels and all other blood levels are in an optimum range as usual.

Of course many things could be responsible for these things but the coincidence of removing supplements and then putting them back does give a strong indication these things are causing these beneficial factors.

I think one of the most impressive things about the recipe was about 1 1/2 years ago the inflammation in my top finger joints of all my fingers. It was painful. My father and all my brothers experience symptoms of RH so it is not surprising. I fully expected this was a permanent change. When I started taking the supplements again to my shock over 6 months my RH symptoms entirely have disappeared. I no longer feel any pain from movement of those joints and I have flexibility. Which supplement do I think caused this? It could be the Elysium but I didn’t have symptoms 1 1/2 years ago either before I reduced my supplements. I don’t know which one has done this.

The recipe so far has not affected my hypothyroidism, which is also indicative of general auto-immune disease that my family generally has. The fact it got worse about a year ago around the time I reduced my supplements could indicate that the condition worsened without the supplements but I have not returned to the previous dose. My thyroid essentially has stayed the same for years but in the last 3 years it has needed 2 adjustments. I can’t be sure why. Nonetheless my supplements are not completely halting the progression of all diseases or aging.

My eyesight has not been affected by the recipe. I continue to feel my eyesight and presbyopia worsens. According to my understanding Presbyopia is a consequence of the growing of the cornea as we age. Apparently the cornea keeps growing. The result is more and more constriction on the ability of the eye to bend the cornea to see objects closer. Nothing in the supplements is stopping my cornea from growing apparently.

While people say I am 10 – 20 years younger looking than I am I cannot say that all visual impact of aging has been mitigated. I think that it is helping, but it is not a panacea. My hair has gotten a little greyer. This apparently is a result of melanin destroying process again related to auto-immune disease. The autoimmune disease in the scalp causes the melanin producing cells to die.

What about Elysium?

I feel that several physical effects since taking my newest recipe which includes Elysium have improved.

One thing I find very encouraging is brain function. I feel that my memory and thinking clarity is still excellent.

I find that I feel less pain in general. Part of this is the almost miracle removal of the RH symptoms in my upper finger joints but also I never get headaches, muscle or other pains even though I work out regularly. I take aspirin every day for the inflammation reduction effects but I don’t take it because of occasional aches as I used to.

I remember having lower back pain. Use of orthotics has definitely been a major factor but I don’t believe it is the only factor. I have used orthotics for some time now and they clearly work but I still had some residual back pain sometimes.

I think that somehow the supplements seem to reduce general aches I sometimes felt. I can’t explain that.

Along with Elysium my newest recipes contain Circubrain which is a Tumeric Longvida type version. Longvida version of Tumeric is enhanced to be absorbed in the bloodstream 7 times more than normal Tumeric. I strongly suggest you find a version of Tumeric with these added components.

Tumeric has been shown to have many beneficial impacts so it is hard to correlate whether it is the Circubrain or the Elysium or just longer term use of orthotics has eventually somehow reduced these aches I would sometimes feel after standing for a long time or doing certain activities. This seems suspect but I have no other explanation yet.

I like the science behind Elysium but unlike my other supplements which can have measurable impacts it is hard to say if the Elysium is really making a difference either in blood work or in symptoms because of complicity with other supplements. Nonetheless, it isn’t hurting. I wish I could say more but I am going to continue Elysium in spite of its high cost because the science seems promising.

Elysium helps stimulate the sirtuin genes. These genes are responsible many believe for keeping the body younger and generally involved in extension of life by simulating starvation. :). Elysium is also associated and part of a critical pathway in ATP production. ATP from the mitochondria produces the energy used in almost every function of the cell and the body. As we age mitochondrial function is known to decline. This cannot possibly be good. So, Elysium (NAD+) should be good.

Some things are about solving specific measurable things and some things are unknown

Many of the things
n my recipes are specifically to affect blood levels or have specific effects, like improving immune function which can be felt and even measured. Silymarin in the Rainbow light is important to reduce liver enzymes and works. I can see it and measure it.

Other things like Longvida Circubrain, Elysium have no specific effects I have detected yet. I can only say my mental acuity lately could be partly related to one or both. Some of the supplements are related to general longevity which is hard to know until of course longevity ceases or the onset of disease. Those are bad signs and fortunately I do see some benefit compared to my brothers for instance who are older than me. However, there is still a progression of some things which shows me that there is not a cessation of the aging process. Not that I was expecting it.

I want to be clear that I have no doubt the supplements make a huge difference not only because of the experiment at reducing them but through blood tests and symptoms.

The latest recipe

I have reduced Astralagus out of the recipe
– Astralagus
There doesn’t seem to have been any negatives from taking the Astralagus out but I didn’t think there would be as it is a long term benefit of potentially reducing the loss of Telemeres. It occurs to me there is a new company that will measure your telemeres. I could do a test and then take the Astralagus and see if it adds any but I seriously doubt it. I don’t think there is a way to get enough in the bloodstream to make a difference.

In my latest recipe’s