I have been confused about the need to increase Testosterone and what effect it would have.

As a naturally aging human our testosterone levels fall.  This is among other things we’ve noticed as people age not clearly bad in all respects.

A normal male has testosterone in the range of 200 to 1000 according to some scale.  The scale is unimportant.  It would be useful for you to get tested just to find out if you are below normal if you have any doubts.

Positives of Testosterone:

1) It boosts libido in both males and females

2) It boosts growth and muscular capabilities

3) It may lower cancer risk or other risks of older age and reverse some characteristics of older age

Negatives of Testosterone

1) It could boost libido to undesirable levels

2) It may increase cancer risk and other risks like heart disease

So, your own personal decision to consider taking testosterone depends on your personal situation.

A) Are you in a relationship with unequal sexual desires or are you wanting to have increased sex then yeah, might be worth it.

B) Are you physically frail or want to boost your physical fitness regime.  It will definitely work.

C) Do you want to minimize cancer or heart disease?  We don’t know if it helps or hurts.

Now the problem is that even if you fall into the camp that believes you should boost your testosterone there is a lot of misinformation and difficulty doing this.

The surest way to boost testosterone is to get it injected.  However, this requires you convince a doctor of your need.  It is also pretty inconvenient to have to go for treatment regularly and dangerous using needles in my opinion.  I would not do this unless it was an extreme case.

There are many versions of extremely expensive supplements that supposedly boost testosterone.  These things cost $30-60/month and never work.  Maybe some do but they are incredibly expensive and my testing has showed they don’t work.  The ones I’ve tried are totally ineffective pretty much at boosting testosterone.  I’ve tried individual supplements of different supposed compounds and none of them seems to work and more importantly they usually made me feel bad or ill.  I am highly skeptical.

There is one thing that works and is incredibly cheap.


What’s amazing is that baking soda works.  I’ve noticed a consistent increase of 20-50% in testosterone levels from baking soda.  It is actually noticeable.  After a day or two you will feel it.  If you doubt it, do a web search for yourself on “baking soda and testosterone.”