I am about to do another recipe for the next 4 months.   The last recipe was awesome.  I have felt a difference that is significant in terms of lots of things and my highest HDL reading yet.

Unfortunately, it is hard to quantify which supplements are doing what outside the easy to measure effects on blood measures.  I had another blood test just a couple months ago confirm the lipids and other systemic indicators.

My new recipe is below.

Longevity Supplements

Elysium Basis or NAD+

It is clear that most of the supplements that have found to be related to longevity are hard to identify if they are working.  We don’t have a good way of measuring if the body is going out of balance or losing some battles.  One of the new supplements is not that impressive as it sounds Elysium.  This is a supplement promoted as an anti-aging recipe from MIT and from professors engaged in anti-aging research.   The primary ingredients of Elysium are: nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, resveratrol and pterostilbenes.  NAD  has been in a few studies and its main effect is in improving mitochondrial function.   Mitochondria are the energy producing smybiots our cells acquired a billion years ago or so.  It has been seen that as we get older our mitochondria are fewer and function less.  Since energy is a key resource in any presumed process of maintenance of the body necessary to destroy, ferry and basically perform all cellular functions it is common sense that if the energy is lacking for the body to maintain, function and do the things needed there is a serious problem.

This assumes that the body knows what to do with the energy.  If the genetic program that runs our aging process is not reversed then providing more energy could be potentially negative by somehow providing additional energy to whatever aging process that is crippling the body.   If on the other hand the lack of mitochondrial function is a result of aging and supplementing it would forestall aging then it would be good.

There is evidence that NAD+ effects the sirtuin gene expression.  These genes are thought to be part of the aging process, that is retarding aging as those how live over 100 show much higher expression of sirtuin genes.  NAD+ seems to have an effect on these genes.  If NAD+ does both it might be very positive.  It’s worth checking out but is not a proven theory at all.

NAD+ is not a cheap chemical.  I have used it before unsure of its results and because of expense not continued it but Elysium Basis has a number of things in it and it is not that much more expensive than other sources of NAD+.  I am going to include it in my recipe for this 4 months and see if I notice anything.   I don’t expect to and don’t suggest anyone else try it yet.

Other Longevity Supplements

There are a lot of supplements I take that are in the category of what I call longevity. I consider any supplement which  effects hearing or vision, urine flow or just in general seem to be associated with longer life or improving quality of life I consider longevity.    I consider things which improve the quality of older age even if they don’t extend life as good for longevity so things such as joint supplements would also be considered longevity in that sense since they reduce the pain and general effect of aging substantially even if they won’t  lead to a longer life.

I took no glocosomine or chrondroitin in my latest recipe and I have noticed a definite increase in joint discomfort all day.  I will definitely include them in the new recipe.

Sometimes things such as Vitamin D which can be shown to have a measurable impact on overall lifespan or Aspirin could be considered longevity as well.   Since these things specifically seem to affect cancer or heart disease they also are in those categories.

Some of the other more pure “longevity” supplements are:

Resveratrol and Pterostilbene
EGCG (green tea)
Pycnogenol (Pine bark)
Omega3 (FIsh Oil, Krill Oil)
Longvida (bioavailable Tumeric)

Astragalus is a supplement that is being tested for extending Telomeres.   Unfortunately it is not known if this is good or bad and if Astragalus actually gets into the blood or does what is expected yet.  It like NAD could be really significant.

Resveratrol has been known for some time to increase Sirtuin gene function.  It is thought that certain recipes of this might perform better.  Similarly Pterostilbenes (other fruit chemicals associated with Sirtuin stimulation) are potentially good because if they stimulate these genes they will do whatever the body does in people who live to 100 to forestall heart disease and cancer.  These chemicals have been in many studies and have generally been pretty reliably found to help diabetes, heart disease and other things.

D3, Omega3s, EGCG, Exercise are here simply because they are so important for improving key other diseases that affect overall lifespan.

Some of these things are here because of associational studies.  Melatonin is known to reduce as we get older.  There is no study that shows you will live longer as a result of taking Melatonin.

Pycnogenol is generally associated with a lot of symptom improvements of old age from tinnitus to general energy and many other effects.   I consider Pycnogenol to be one of my long term proven supplements and I use it consistently because I believe it has also strengthened my immune system as well.  No studies seem to verify that Pycnogenol improves immune function but I have noticed repeatedly over the years that lack of Pycnogenol means increased colds.

Longvida is a the new bio-available form of Tumeric.  Tumeric has been associated in a lot of recent studies with lots of positive longevity related effects.  I strongly advise considering this one as well.

This leaves Carnosine, ALA, PQQ, AMPK.   Carnosine is associated like NAD+ with better mitochondrial function, ALA and diabetes,  PQQ with brain function, AMPK the least well studied for brain function.  Each of these has been shown to have more than one effect on other parts of the body.

My next recipe:

Multi-vitamin Rainbow Light Rejuvenage 40+ Morning
D3 NatureMade Morning
Resveratrol, Astragalus Elysium Morning
Pycnogenol Source Naturals Evening
B12 Kirkland Morning
Ginkgo Rainbow Light Morning
EGCG Fat Burner Morning
Omega3 Kirkland Evening
PlantSterols Cholestoff Evening
Aspirin Excedrin Morning
NAD+ Elysium Evening
Soluble Fiber yerba prima Evening
Glucosamine/Chondroitin Kirkland Morning
Niacin 500mg Rugby Morning
Omega3 Krill Kirkland Evening
Plant Sterols Benecol Evening
PQQ Naturally Evening
ALA Doctors Best Evening
Cialis Morning
Melatonin TraderJoes Evening
VitaminC Cream Moisturizer InstaNatural Morning
Garden Greens Apple Pectin Windmill Consumer Products  Evening
Garlic Natures Way Evening
Ginger Natures Way Morning
Flaxseed Oil TruNature Evening
Nettle Root Solaray Morning
Baking Soda Hammer Morning
Serene Dream Serene Wellness Evening
Longvida Now Evening
Ultimate Ashwagandha Swanson Evening