Virtual Reality

I categorize virtual reality into these 4 different types.   They are progressively more difficult technologies but each will progress independently.   VVR, VAR, VFR, VER represent the 4 ways VR technology can be used.   VVR is about creating false worlds or artificial computer generated worlds.  VAR is about transferring ourselves in the real world virtually.  VFR is about using using VR for functional purposes like building things.   VER is about extending our perception to new senses and new environments that require our brains to adapt to these new senses.


Ten years ago people at home frequently had thousands of bits/second to their home and their phones or data communications over wireless was practically nonexistent.  If you had it, very slow at hundreds of bits/second.   Ten years later cell phone 4rth generation LTE is common which allows communication at 10s of millions of bits/second…

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