(Mandelbrot Set signifying the alarming simplicity and yet powerful possibilities of some simple math)

The Blockchain is useful for financial, legal and other applications in general not just for Bitcoin.    It is a new enterprise grade technology that disrupts a lot of existing trust and transactional  systems.

Properties of the Blockchain:

1) You have a unique code which nobody can fabricate themselves from anything you do.  They can’t “be you” without stealing it from you.

2) Other people have a way of determining that you and only you have the code, so assuming you haven’t lost it, other people know you are who you say you are.

3) When you do a transaction (buy something, send someone money, vote, sign your will, sign a contract) the information recorded on the blockchain in an indelible manner and copied hundreds/thousands of times.  The blockchain is publicly viewable by all proving that…

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