I spend about $1200/year on supplements or $100/month.   That may seem a lot but consider the cost of:

Health insurance:  $1000/month

Disability insurance:  ??

Deductible for Health insurance:  $500-$1000/year

Typical Medical procedure:  $ thousands!!!

Diabetes:  $100,000

Cancer:  $500,000

Heart Disease:  $250,000

Car insurance:  $1500/year

Car Maintenance:  $300-2000/year

Can you really say that $1200/year if it will delay onset of some of these diseases, improve your quality of life is expensive?  I don’t think so.

A lot of people are less worried about the number of pills or the process but are simply concerned with cost.   If you don’t work carefully to examine your options you can spend easily another couple thousand a year more on supplements than you need to.

In the past I compared dozens of providers and ordered each supplement from the place I found it cheapest.  This has become much easier because Amazon and Costco have jumped in and seem to have consolidated the market and provided best pricing.

I have found that Amazon provides a huge variety of almost everything as well as Costco and for everything else I have some specialty providers because I like that companies recipe.

Here are some things to think about:

1) Compare prices from Costco, Amazon and even Google shopping.   Costco has amazing quality and prices on many supplements.   They are highly reviewed by consumerlabs.

2) Frequently you can reduce the price by buying in bulk or using subscribe and save plans.   Amazon subscribe and save allows you to save an additional 15% if you do it right.   Biotivia not only has a subscription plan but also a point plan that you can use to lower cost.  Ordering in bulk can cut costs in half sometimes.

3) Check out and join this service.   It is a great service and they give awesome advice on selecting which supplements have what they say they do, don’t contain impurities or bad things in them.   They also provide great information on supplements.   They also compare prices and can give you confidence to buy something that is inexpensive.   Well worth the small annual fee for the service.

4) I buy at least 3 months and sometimes 6 months or more to get cost down.


I like BioSpan+:  It contains Astralagus, Resveratrol, Circumin and Silymarin.  These are all really great ingredients and Biotivia is one of the best respected companies in this business.   If I order from their website as I used to it is 34.99 for a single 30 day supply.   I have to order 10 to get the price down to 27.99 which also wouldn’t include shipping.    If I use amazon subscribe and save I can get the bottle down to 23.79 which is more than 30% off the single bottle price and free shipping (with prime.)

This is one of the most expensive supplements I use.   Something like B12 is best at Costco.  They sell 300 pills good for a whole year for about $10.  Trader Joes has a great Melatonin pill for $10 for a 3-6 month supply.   If you look around these things don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  Nevertheless  I believe that the cost is worth it.