Immune System Strength is Important

Your brain and immune system functioning well are key elements of quality of life.  I believe that my immune system was not good before I started taking supplements.  I admit I got sick frequently.  When I traveled it was especially noticeable.  If there was a cold going around on the plane I got it.  I had a lot of inflammation and runny nose.  It is totally different now.  This is the most obvious and clear impact of supplements I take other than the direct evidence from blood tests.

My personal experience in this matter is more subjective than other studies I have done on supplements because I am not aware of blood tests to determine a persons immune system strength.

Immune system health is incredibly important.  One of the primary causes of death is complications resulting from some relatively benign disease that overwhelms the immune system of the patient.  Repeated inflammation caused by viruses is known way to get some cancers.  Older people are known to have a very low response to vaccines and so one of the primary defenses old people have for disease doesn’t work very well on them.   As an example, people under 25 have the best chance of surviving Ebola at 50%.  People over 45 years old have a 94% chance of dying!!!!!   Proof that for most of us our immune system and recuperative powers decline dramatically even at a relatively young 45 our immune system function is seriously weaker.

Flu Vaccine

I have personally found that the cold flu vaccine is a kind of problematic.  If you take the flu vaccine and you have a strong immune system then it is pointless.  In fact they even say that people in the prime ages don’t need the flu shot.  On the other hand if you are older then your immune system will only respond marginally to the flu vaccine so again there’s not much point in taking the flu vaccine.   The flu vaccine depends on you having a strong immune system that responds to virus injected in you.  If your immune system is strong then you don’t need it, if it is weak then it won’t stimulate it much.  The bottom line:  Get a strong immune system!

If you want to get the flu vaccine by all means go ahead.  I am NOT saying don’t take the flu vaccine.  However, my point is that if you get a strong immune system you will be protected against ALL flu viruses not just the 3 that they put into the vaccine.  You will also be protected from numerous other things that may harm you or kill you and possibly things that are creating cancer or might stir up a small plaque in an artery someplace and cause a stroke.   So I suggest a MORE IMPORTANT thing than getting the flu vaccine is learning how to strengthen your immune system fundamentally.


There is some evidence and some theories that suggest things like Cancer and Heart disease may fundamentally be caused by infections.  We know some heart attacks and strokes are caused by them and we know some cancers are caused.   The jury is out if all heart and cancer ultimately can be traced to some bugs.  However, no matter how you look at it having a strong immune system is a huge benefit no matter what else you do.


Vitamin D3:  1000-2000ucg.   Vitamin D3 is truly one of the most important supplements everybody should take.  The evidence behind its benefits in numerous studies is indisputable.  Many people think they get enough D3 in food and sun but the type of D in most foods is not D3 and many people simply do not get sun frequently enough or long enough to have a consistent high supply of it in the blood.  Also, getting it from the sun means potential skin damage and premature aging.   Most people should avoid as much sun exposure as they can.  Always use sunscreen and shades, however doing that will cut your d3 production.   There is so much evidence that sun damage is the primary way the skin deteriorates, looks old and causes skin cancer.   Protecting it at an early age and for your life is important.  So, taking a vitamin D3 supplement is also needed.

Pycnogenol (Pine Bark):  150mg – 300mg.   Numerous studies have come out on this interesting supplement.   I personally feel it is the strongest thing I take to improve my immune system based on my personal experience.   The studies have not been done on it to my knowledge for immune system however pycnogenol has dozens of other studies showing lots of positive effects on heart health.   I can’t explain why but I have noticed that pycnogenol has had a tremendous effect on my immunity system.   There are many reasons to take this supplement but I take it to help my immune system.   I believe it works for that even if the science doesn’t back that up yet.

Resveratrol, Pterostilbene, Vitamin C, Coq10, other antioxidants : studies have shown effects of all these vitamins on immune health and strength.   I don’t believe they are major contributors based on experience and the results of the studies seem vague and not as factual as some.  Nonetheless I take these supplements above for other reasons so they have the additional effect of helping the immune system, great!   Pterostilbene is an analog to Resveratrol in other fruits, i.e. blueberries.   Pterostilbene has numerous studies similar to resveratrol arguing the same effects.   Taking both (easy since the supplement I use for Resveratrol from Biotivia already has Pterostilbene in it.   I don’t consider it essential as resveratrol.

Biotivia Immuneedge:  I have once or twice used this product.  There is science behind some of the claims for some of the supplements included.  I haven’t felt it made much difference yet there is some science behind it.   I believe the combination of other supplements I take provided sufficient benefit that Immuneedge didn’t help much.  If you don’t take other supplements this may be a good product for it’s purpose.

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