breast cancer cells

My brother, mother and father all got cancer.  My mother and father ultimately died from cancer.  My brother has survived.  This is practically a miracle.

Numerous things are associated by nutritionists with low cancer.  It is hard to know how good much of this information is.  A lot of it seems essentially “common sense” but is not backed by real science.   One of the early things people talked about was anti-oxidants.  This theory is very general and there are many anti-oxidants.  What I have learned is that there are numerous states that an ionized chemical goes through in the body to be “anti-oxidized.”    A Stanford professor explained that to me if you have too much of an anti-oxidant good for one stage of the process it can actually increase the problem if you don’t have the other anti-oxidants available.  He said that coq10 was the anti-oxidant used by the body in the last stage of getting rid of oxidized materials.  He said this is the one that is safest and most likely to be beneficial.  The science of these anti-oxidants isn’t that well supported by studies and one study showed early that Vitamin A was associated with increased cancer risk for smokers.   This confirms the Stanford professors theory that paradoxically some anti-oxidants can actually increase cancer risk or not help at all.

The good news is that there are some studies with other supplements that show dramatic cancer reduction and improvement of prognosis and longer life expectation.

Aspirin: 250-325mg (not more): Dramatic impact on cancer from Aspirin because the main cause of cancer is repeated insults from inflammation.  Numerous studies have shown this is one of the primary vectors for cancer.

Vitamin D3: 2000ucg (not more) has been shown to have incredible results on reducing cancer incidence and reappearance.  In several studies Vitamin D has been shown to reduce cancer by 30-50% and similar increase in the time or the incidence of repeat cancer.    This is probably the most important thing you can do.

Fish Oil (400-800mg EPA) – Omega 3 has been shown to have positive impact in numerous studies on cancer.   I use the green omega from Biotivia because it is made from Krill which studies have shown produces twice the blood level of EPA in the blood as Omega 3 from Fish.

Green Tea: (200mg ECGC) has been associated with reduced incidence of cancer along the entire gastrointestinal tract from mouth, throat, stomach, colon.

Calcium (200-600mg not more)  also has been associated with Vitamin D for reducing cancer incidence.

Resveratrol.  (200-500mg not more) Red Wine and Resveratrol is related to long life which is associated with lower cancer rates.  Resveratrol seems to stimulate genes which reduce the incidence of cancer somehow.

Rejuvenage 40+ Rainbow Light: Lutein, Circumin, Ginger and numerous anti-oxidants including COQ10.

I like Rainbow Lights multi-vitamin because it contains a wide variety of anti-oxidants and numerous other chemicals that are associated with brain, immunity and other diseases or problems.  For instance, this multi-vitamin includes Silymarin 32mg, Milk Thistle 40mg.  I highly recommend this multi-vitamin as a tremendous way to get a lot of the things I talk about in a set of pills.

Cancer is scary because there is really no good measures or way to know you have it.  I can’t get a blood test today to say my “cancer cholesteral is high.”  So, I have no idea if the stuff I suggest in this article will in fact do anything.  I have no blood levels to see if I am making progress or really helping myself.  I may still die next year from cancer.    It is one of the two biggest killers and killed  my parents and threatened my brother already.    I don’t know if these things will work but it is the best science I have found and the best supplements I have found to impact the likelihood of prominent cancers.   Good luck.


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